Increase in pedo posts

Holla Forums has had a few rises in pedo-related posts in the past. It's increased a bit lately.

Friendly suggestions:

thank you.

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OP is a fag

Think again, faggot

They're only pedo discussion and if cp is posted viewing it is THEIR fault and i exit immediately and I global report it

Pedo discussion is a gateway to illicit posting.

Rule breakers are banned and it's their own fault and I hate them.

fuck off, authoritarian faggot.

Report this cuck

Elaborate cunt.

I'm not a pedo.

You're a rule lover. You love rules and to obey them. You love being owned by someone and following their rules. Did I elaborate enough?

Ignore him. Literally do not respond to any pro-pedo posts.

if they don't bring this place down, we'll be lucky.
there must be serious measures taken against them.
I know kikes are behind much of it as they seek to destroy only, but we'll fight back.

global reported without watching this time. New record. if you want to trick me you're gonna have to make it more subtle, sick cunt.

I agree OP.

right on the spot this time

Stop making this ""anti"" pedo threds yous stupid closet pedos

fuck off you fuckin goof. I'm sick of goofs like you posting CP.

Global Reported. MODS

CP wasn't allowed even with designated pedo or hebe underage boards though.
You're deluding yourself like they are.

The only reason Holla Forums keeps going to Holla Forums is because faggots like you keep creating threads on Holla Forums to complain about Holla Forums


Better shut it down.

dumbass fucking goof. You don't even know what you are talking about. You're just spitting out goofy rhetoric and accomplishing nothing.

What's wrong with cp, apart from the fact that you don't like it and it's illegal? If you want it deleted just because you don't like it, i should be able to delete all of your posts. If you want it deleted just because it's illegal, maybe you should hop off the government's cock and start thinking for yourself.

It's made for goofs, like you. I hope you all die in hell.

This thread was made to bring attention to the fact that we are seeing another fluctuation in pedo posting.

While this has happened and settled before, the mods should be a bit more aware right now because the gay niggers are a little more brave currently.

So what's wrong with being a goof? Honest question.


you'd have to be pretty goofy to not know.

Calling NN "CP"and banning for "Dost" is fucking bullshit and you know it

If the CP keeps away the reddit horde I'm glad of it

Yeah, I'm about as goofy as they come. You're going to have to explain it to me.

I'm glad 8ch is now a safespace for us and all our new 4chan friends


Am i doing it right ?

nigga have you noticed that most of the cp here gets posted in these "anti-pedo" threads.
stop making these endless "GET OUT PEDOS" threads everyday and that way you can reduce the amount of cp here.

but i guess you dont actually want that you silly closet pedos ::::—-))))))

I figured. Only goofs don't know why they are goofy.

goof detected

I make anti-pedo threads for discussion only. I'm putting my foot down, you fucking cunt. Shut the fuck up.

I'll stop spamming CP if you start banning people for announcing reports

Your move

Okay I'll stop, I'll just silently gobble report it

These threads do manage to make discussion- interestingly, they also seem to split people heavily as being in either the pedo camp or the non-subhuman camp.

It's actually really funny to see pedos using the Jewish-style misdirection tactic of "you make this thread so people would post cp!!!11!!".

Reminder to avoid responding to pedo bait. It's what they want.

I myself don't give a damn about pedo posters as long as the website permits it. In this case 8ch does not. If this keeps going then you'll have this website will get shut down. I suggest you guys go to a friendlier alternative such as masterchan.

thats exactly what a closet pedo would say you closet pedo

Roughly 20% of all men show a greater physical arousal response to 5-13 year old children than 20-25 year old women. Meanwhile, 99.1% of all men claim to have no sexual attraction whatsoever to anyone under the age of 16.

This means that a very substantial portion of the population is repressed pedophiles who can't admit their attraction even to themselves. Their empathy for children combined with the dominant narrative on how dangerous sexual knowledge is for children means that they're likely to be the most vocal pedo-haters. Then again, a lot of pedo-haters don't give a shit about kids and are just looking for a safe target for bullying that no one cares about.

That's it get your fucking ass over here

Anti-pedo threads are usually a guise to start a general pedo discussion because bigoted mods are more likely to let an anti pedo thread stay up than a pro or neutral one tbh.
Pedo spam is a direct result of unfair censorship imo.




No. I'm an anti-pedo.

So what's the alternative option? To ignore it all together? Guess what, the pedos will still come and post CP. There is no way to stop it you fucking cuck. Imageboards have always been flooded with pedos, just get used to it.

Now you're getting it

Deleting /hebe/ was a BIG FUCKING MISTAKE

So am i. Hence why am i agreeing.

They should, it's a mental disorder.

Nah it's a preference

It's not. Homosexuality is a disorder, same with pedophilia and hebephilia. You should only be attracted to women.

Can I get some help? I'm mad at myself for letting myself slip. Little girls aren't supposed to be attractive… I never did find them attractive. It's propafuckinganda

At first I thought this was pretty bait-like, but in some ways I agree.

You can't really get rid of pedo posters, not with the tools this site has. The best you can do is isolate them.

Claiming that anti-pedo threads are veiled pedo threads is a diversionary pedo tactic.

The only solutions I can think of are carpet-banning and containment websites.

Unfortunately for you, they are

It's too fucking weird and I'm pissed off right now


Which picture gave younthe funny feels ?

I can find some more if you'd like to take the red pill

You are a pedo in denial.

i don't see how that's problem unless kids are the only attraction

It's not any specific fucking picture. I gues the girls in my town are just small. Especially the 7th graders. That's what I notice atleast. Can you people help me somehow?

It takes many years to get to that point.

At first you notice that every roastie has a tattoo
Then you see the whorish clothes they all wear
Then you see the makeup, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails fake everything
Then you realise that unless you're a chad they only want to leech off your money and status
Then you see that the white(representing purity) wedding dress they lust for is a fucking lie because they all get dicked when they turn 14
Then you consider how many cocks they've already sucked/had nut inside them by the time you meet them
Then you're told you should feel lucky and if you're a REAL MAN you will pay her way

Eventually after significant internal strife you disregard adult women entirely.

One day you wake up and they all look like farm animals from that point onwards.

maybe if you got laid, the colors of your life would be different

What exactly do you want us to do? We´re not shrinks. We´re pedos.

accept all sides of yourself and continue living

having those feelings does not mean you become molester

Have a seat. That's what you notice because that's what you prefer

You sound like one of those pedos who gets other pedos to convince him to fap to kids.

If by some miracle you aren't, then just look at a kid. If you are legitimately attracted to them, something is wrong with you.

People used to say the same hing about faggots. Now see where are at. Faggots can marry each other and even adopt kids in some places. Wich makes me belive there is still hope for us.

I was expecting some sort of advice from anybody.

That sounds easy and I've considered it before. I'm just afraid my brain will degrade if I fully try to convince myself I'm attracted to kids.

I notice adult women too

There must be something wrong with me. I don't know what exactly, but I know it's messed up

fuck off sjw, faggots are mentally ill

Imagine this: most men are mostly attracted to youthful but sexually mature women in the 17-19 range. However, that attraction doesn't suddenly come out of nowhere: it starts off low, and then increases as the object of attraction matures to peak fertility. So, you end up with a bell-curve shape representing normal male arousal patterns: 18 year olds are highly arousing, 5 year olds and 30 year olds are not as desirable.

Now, consider this: that 5 year old has reproductive value in her latent fertility; she will grow up and eventually reach peak fertility, while the 30 year old is a poor investment in terms of reproductive value; as she's well past her prime and never getting younger. So now we weight that original bell-curve towards a preference for younger partners, where even a 2-3 year old has some reproductive value, but a 50 year old has none.

And then we take into account that we're generalizing preferences across entire populations, not comparing individuals. Almost no one has preferences that span from infancy to old age. Rather, each individual has preferences that span maybe 5-10 years. So most men are primarily attracted to ~16-22 year olds, many are attracted to 7-15 year olds or 22-28 year olds, some are primarily attracted to

I notice adult women too
This right here proves, there is nothing wrong with you, user. You´re not exclusive. Plus, it depends on the age range, you are attracted to. For example, if you feel attracted to toddlers, then there is something wrong. Sorry.
But if your age of attraction is 12-13+, that is perfectly normal, as that is the age women start to develop.

The anti-gay sentiment is still strong with most. Largely, however, it's a worrisome acceptance due to immense social pressure.

What actually bothers me is the pushing of the envelope. This is what's allowed the transgender trend to advance to its current form.

Legislation must not falter.

Find some place in the middle and all the while, just don't do anything dumb or illegal.

More than anything, don't come to a place like this for advice. You can't verify who anyone is here, and the people who use registration-only forums are deluded assniggers. Talk to someone you know personally, and trust. Even take what I say with a grain of salt- you don't know who I am.

That's for damn sure. But it doesn't matter because your advice can be great. Right? Thanks.


Stay safe.

Literally impossible. You might want to read this:
It's at the point where just living is practically a crime in the US. It's the legal equivalent of original sin. You can't avoid it, you can only hope that if you're a good goy and never question anything, they might let you slide despite it.

Thanks for the advice man im am copletely cured and pured.

lel keep telling yourself that. You are cured untill such day, you see a cute loi in a more revealing outfit, and lo and behold, you have a boner,

Valid counterpoint, however-
How likely do you think you are to be arrested for frivolous shit?

It's more important to avoid things that WILL cause waves. Of course, you already know that. Your response tells as much.

The people who could do with a good reminding are also the ones who should burn. Example: people who have creepy pictures of kids saved.

Don't think I'd be in that situation.

everyone has dark side
question is what you do with it
try keep actively denying it or accept yourself as whole

I actually agree. Theres always the middle ;)

It's pointless to try to avoid committing any crime ever. Instead, the best you can do is to not piss off any cops or lawyers. In that sense, legality is irrelevant unless you get caught, so go ahead and do illegal things all you want.

Now that that's out of the way, I'd be more than willing to have a discussion on the ethics of when, where, and how to navigate adult-minor relationships.

I not goofy, u goofy!
. \ | / _\|/_ .' ' ' '. ___ _.|.--.--.|.___.--'___`-. .'.'|| | ||`----'"` ``'` .'.' ||()|()||.___..-'.' / \`----'"` / .-. \ (.'.(___).'.) `.__.-.__.' jgs |_| |_| `.`-'.' `"`

path is made upon walking it, and by no means you must nourish your "dark side".


I'm a pedo who switching back to anti-pedo.

jeez that's what kikes really wish for, it is a definition of "hell's gate open". such path wouldn't lead you to pure love.

i don't quite follow you

ill follow you ;)

why are you following me dear



where are you gonna take me daddy

OP is a newfag, pedos have always been here and they will never leave


t. newfag

t. pedokike

thats what the average american looks like so not an argument





"I slept with my neighbours 12-yo daughter last night"


"I slept with my neighbours 12-yo daughter last night"
I bet her parents will be excited to find out how she managed to get herself pregnant.


What's the fucking problem about pedos?… I don't get it. Why are you so afraid of them?…

after we win

fug i accidentally posted before finishing :( why cant i delete?

You can't change your mistakes… They are in the Records.
Everything is on the Records.

No shit, this site is how I personally communicate with the FBI. Nice group of jokesters they are. F

Oh my! Is this alloud?

Dumb british cunt :p They're always the pedos. No, it's not allowed. Fuck you. Post something better ;)

fuck you, this is now a nepi tread

Fuck you! This is now a fuckyou thread!

No, it is not.

cardboard boxes


Good thread.