Would you fuck this?

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hell, I've done it with pigs

real, no-foolin' pigs

Jim, why did you kill Hotwheels? He did nothing wrong

what make you think i havent?

fuck pig thread.

I don't really want sex that bad. I could've fucked a pretty good looking girl last week–instead, I decided to get drunk and shitpost 'cause I didn't want to have to make conversation.

post more fuck pigs.

sure you could've

So, you don't think I'm cool?

well, you're posting on Holla Forums, so…


Motherfucker, I am cooler than your gay ass will EVER be! Do you even realize how many pussies I've smashed? Of course you don't. Well, let me tell you: I can't even remember how many bitches I was with YESTERDAY.

I've never even heard of Holla Forums. This isn't even me right now.

she has nice preteen titties, the rest is trash tho

LiveOMG Periscope

Other whales?

Got a hole and a heartbeat? I'm good to go!

There are a few Anons here that will tell you to keep away from plumpers and try shaming people for liking thick/fat women. Fuck those guys, they don't know what they are talking
about. Thin girls are good but they have that sharp that nails you in the frontal-pelvis region when you are nailing them from behind. Big girls have a ton of grip areas, they are really comfortable fucks, and you'll find that they are really appreciative of sex. More often than not, a plumper won't have as much sexual experience as a thin-to-medium sized women, meaning that her vagina is probably cleaner than any thin girl you find. You don't wanna stick your dick in a dirty woman, most of the stuff you contract won't leave you and whats worse is that you spread that stuff to other partners.

Nah. Even if she was good looking, I am incapable of finding short hair attractive.


I would only to see if I can make her cum. I got a fucked up personality.>>7283357


That image is an insult to pigs.

Fuck I was under the impression I was the only one. Girl can be 10/10 but if she gets her hair cut short like pigwhore in the pic it's suddenly 5/10. Everyone I told this always replied 'you crazy, nigger'.

Bump for interest.

I prefer small/skinny girls, but her innocent eyes and face is interresting… Would definitely punish and hatefuck her ass after a few beers.

Pussy is pussy

Her specifically?
I'd fuck her just cuz of the certain circumstances surrounding her. Meaning she is rich and has ever woman following her and wanting to be in projects with her. So I'd fuck her due to the person who she is.

A regular girl with her body type? Not likely. I'm a virgin so I'd ideally want to but girls like that are usually whores with some form of STDs. If I could guarantee that she was a virgin I'd fuck and cum inside her just cuz I want her to be mine regardless of her physical appearance but that is in regards to any virgins.

Dear God, no.

There is a reason why i am not a virgin.


prostitutes are cheap where you live?

I wouldn't. FAR too skinny.

This. If every user lowered his standards, you'd all be getting laid.
if you're a 4, expect a 4 in return, dudebro






Would smash



Good size…The things I'd do to those two beauties

allready did, my gf looks like that, only with less boob, if only she wasnt a nynpho ill try my luck somewhere else

I love chubby girls but id rather hammer a nail through the head pf my dick that fuck that vile cunt!