Penis Size by Race

Is the big black cock myth real? I've heard across the internet that it isn't but I need proof to believe it. Most surveys researching this topic are self-reported which leads to people feeding in inaccurate information. I recall seeing something a couple months ago that had a third party measuring dicks, and blacks where among the smallest. I would love to find that source, but everything nowadays is ((buzzfeed/slate/saloon)) feeding into racist stereotypes rather then facts.
Where does this myth even come from? I have heard numerous reasons, including that it was started to further dehumanize slaves. That seems most likely as I can't believe that the most hated community could ever propagate something so positive just by their own word of mouth. I guess there could be other explanations, such as their confidence, or unhappy women misjudging size, but I really want proof of the slavery thing.
Pic related are all of the graphs that I have a hard time believing.

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I just want to learn about the validity of this stereotype.

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I've never seen a study on penis size that didn't rely on self-reporting. There was another (((scientific))) study that showed that homosexuals had larger cocks than straights, but it relied on self-reporting. Niggers and homosexuals are very bad at doing simple tasks like measuring an object with a precision device and accurately reporting those numbers.

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I'm actually writing a review of Grow House, a trash nigger film that came out on 4/20 and I'm trying to destroy the scene where the white woman claims black men are bigger and better.
You know, the scene that is in every movie like this.
I think I did a pretty good job without any sources, so I'm probably not going to reply to anything else.

In self reported studies, blacks are biggest. In ones where researchers measured, by pushing a ruler into the pelvic bone for a standard base to measure from, whites were biggest.

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Another thing to note about self reporting: where the base of the dick is can be pretty subjective. As mentioned as I was writing this post, the base is generally considered to be the pelvic bone. but you can easily add 2-3 inches if you measure from the underside as much of the shaft is visible through the scrotum.

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The only response needed is to say whites are smarter. Anything they say in response is a refutation of their own point as much as it is your own.

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nigger average is the same, their dick isn't magically bigger on average.

however, they have more blacks with big dongs that other races.

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i suspect that the graph labelled BMJ had too small of a sample size to be statistically relevant, judging by the shape and lack of smoothness to what should be bell curves

Ask a female relative. Possibly even a male relative.

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This is the only one I could find. It should be easy enough to continue your search based on the sources.




I'll admit in my trip to Europe people thought I was Italian but no way in hell common chileans/argentinians look like americans.

It comes from white paranoia during and after the abolition of slavery and failed attempts at artificial selection.

During slavery's hayday having a big dick actually wasn't seen as something desirable, the dick fetish is a relatively recent thing as it only takes 4-6 inches in order to really get the job done, the rest is overkill. However, psuedo-science stated that as a byproduct of having an enlarged penis that you were sonehow more potent. As a result, slave masters attempted to breed larger dicks into slaves to increase offspring production.

After slavery was abolished there was a fear campaign led by proslavery individuals. This built up the persona of a savage black beast with a huge dong coming to rape your white women (which is ironically a fetish today that has been acknowledged at taken advantage of by the porn industry.)

Not a shred of evidence exists to suggest that american blacks on average have larger penises than their white counterparts. Nor is there any evidence to suggest that white people in general around the globe are outmatched by even the purest of bloodlines from africa. Although on average it is said that the congolese have the biggest dicks in the world, it is only half an inch larger than the whites of Iceland. If half an inch matters that much to you, ok. However I doubt there is any difference felt by those on the receiving end.