Child Photography

I am taking a photography class and would like the theme for my next project to be children.

Is this a good idea or is everyone going to think I'm a pedo?


You're fine
Either creepy or very heroic and brave and a good male role model

So yea
Just keep it varied on ALL CHILDREN and you should be fine

saying photography and children in the same sentence is a bannable offense.

dubs confirm
but then you get banned

Then we're all getting b& moralfag. Part of the ship, part of the crew.

Depends on the context of said photo(s)

several children playing in a park on a summer afternoon?

Okay bro, you're good to go!

A preteen in a sexually suggestive position?

Do not pass go, do not collect your 200 dollars!

Nothing to worry about OP.

Only if you acronymize it.


Bullshit, I've said it before. And it sucks. There I've said it again

this tread will soon be deleted…

Because of you?


gas the anti-pedos

all of the world's problems are caused by anti-pedos. pedos only offer solutions.


dubs of truth


phew I was scared for a second with each picture


Thanks user, you wrote the 2 magic letters that automatically kill any thread on 8chit.


No, it wasn't me, it was that guy who said the threwd was gonna be deleted

phew For a second I thought that was a long erect pensis



Trying to normalise sexting to under age girls. Fuck you, only pathetics

underage girls sext all the time


I'm talking about you sexting to these babies. It's pathetic.

im not into sexting tbh

Put that hip back, young lady. And lower that heel over there, you. Don't you know how much trouble I could get in for photographing you in "unnatural poses"???

It's called posing and has to do with nothng you're thinking

i want to have sex with a minor.

Fuck you


But it's true. I admit it. What now, bitch? I'm a perfectly sensible human being. Troubled?


You can be only one of those things, asshat

i want to have sex.

Same but aoc is lower than 18 so…

Possibly legal

you can do it just dont tell anyone and you'll be fine

but how do i stop the minor from finding out that i'm having sex with her?

Mr. A: "Wow, that 15yo girl is attractive!"
Mr. B: "Eww, no she's not. Only disgusting pieces of shit find 15yo girls attractive!"
15yo girl: "Wew, Mr. B sure is an enormous asshole!"

Woman would start shrieking in agreement with Mr. B and slap Mr. Asshole. Then Mr. Asshole gets arrested.

Mr. A converts to Islam to prevent jailtime and wins underage pussy.
Woman applauds Mr. A and calls Mr. B a racist.

Freudian slip?
I don't think the "woman" would appreciate being told she isn't attractive and that ppl are wrong to think she is, genius.

Mr. A needs to show evidence his entire life built up to his decision converting to Islam besides getting underage pussy

who let a woman in? we're talking about men being attracted to girls who have not yet become hate-filled, bitter roasties who only want to ruin everything for everyone else.

Asking to show that would be racist

The feminist woman.

Catch 22 ain't it?

I meant to call her a little girl. Sorry.

You would realize that 15 year olds can be attractive if you leave your house once in a while user. Being attracted to 15 year old isn't illegel but acting on those desires is if you're a burger.

let me stop you right there nigger

Don't let your dreams just be dreams user

I wouldn't recommend it either but at least the feminists won't bother you anymore

I'm not a pedo but feminism pisses me off

the only reason you're prohibited from fucking 12 year old girls is because feminists want to force you to financially support an old lady who should be able to support herself.

I think I'll sit here, Mr. Hansen, thanks.

I'll respectfully direct you to this thread

i disrespectfully decline

that thread looks a bit empty

I'm trying to make sense of your post


makes you think

That didn't trick me cunt. I'm serious, it didn't. Saw the body first and just knew it was a child. Fuck you man.

why you're so angry? :^)

I'm not angry. Just disappointed, that's all. Why would I be angry?

Degenerates out

Non-degenerates back to halfchan

you never post that on porn treads, so you are not truly anti degeneracy tbh

do you know those kids or are you planning to use creep shots for your project?

post anything to get me started


Good. Now something a little better.

please elaborate

sorry user but you are probably supposed to shoot the photos yourself

Something like that. Professional or not, I don't care. I need every possibility to improve this project.

all i have, honest

omg that'a actually really nice, this one's going in the project. Any more? Just kids doing natural stuff as always you know? Try to get some better angles




Good job guys! Fucking nice. More pictures with men in the shot with them, it'll make it a little less weird to my audience


Very mediocre execution.


das some cute lolis you have there sir

Mmm fuck. My project needs more.

More OC ghetto lolis, sorry can't provide anything better

tbh I could TRY to produce OC but that would make me a very scary guy. I'm a nice guy. (but damn)

found some more




hope these help you user

would definitely make everyone suspicious.

how minor are we talking?



under 12


My first camera was one of those long, thin 110 ones. It was also bright pink, because I was a little kid and liked the colour. Christ people must have thought I was a faggot. (kek, I googled on the off chance and actually found a picture of one)

Also my parents had this old camera where you had to put on a new flash cube every time, I used them all up taking vitally important pictures of the wallpaper

My brother had a phase of taking pictures of his small change tin every day, to make sure it hadn't moved. But this was a film camera, so he had to wait until we got all the pictures back from the chemist to make sure. Fortunately the shelf was dusty, so I was able to put it back in exactly the same place when I nicked money out of it.

Our mum once bought a new battery for her camera so the flash would work, and us little brats insisted on sitting in the car and playing with it while she had a protracted conversation with some old lady about bullshit. When she got home and put film in it, two flashes and bang, battery's run out.

Younger than 7 is too doughy, to be honest.


my mouth is open in every picture of me as a kid. i used to space out a lot. never owned a camera, though my parents have really old cameras. preddy gool

I wouldn't, People can be retarded when it comes to things like this focus on families instead













You now have a responsibility, a tradition to continue. Shoes to fill. You must b ecome the next David Hamilton.

Bikini swimsuit on a cute loli is not only degenerate but also disgusting

bikini bottom is enough

If you're male, then yes.

If you're female then nobody will think anything because everybody pretends female pedos don't exist.

Now post her dancing vids


or, you could begin dressing in womens clothes and calling yourself "transgender" - that way you could force the sjw's to fight for your right to take pictures of little naked girls vaginas and anuses…


tfw had my 9 year old loli today sitting on my lap while we were driving around and she started grinding to some music and I just couldn't despite all my will power not get a boner and I nearly came in my pants and she laughed and hugged me

We all know that feel bro.

tfw my 9 year old loli gf has more breasts and is taller and more mature than that 10 year old

oh lawdy

When I was like hmmm… about 5 or 6 me and my sister took pictures of ourselves peeing because we found a camera and we're interested in each others bodies. It wasn't anything sexual but we basically made child porn heh. Then we printed that hid it in the loft under the carpet.

Posting in a


high school creepshot discord: Rpr6ttX

t. halfchanner



I slept with my 12-yo neigbours daughter last night… she dragged me into her bed… I don't know why I coudn't stop myself… I am ashamed… because it was so fucking good! I just can't be babysitting her anymore… I can't trust myself being alone with her anymore… if it'd been shit, I'd be easy to say no… but she… there's no wai a 12-yo should be able to make sounds like that…


You just made me very uncomfortable


Damn thier hot af that one girl has a nice tight and round ferm ass wouldn't mind grabbing it and fucking her mmmmmmmm.



"Holy shit! I hope my cousins don't see that I just cum right in my pants?!?"

You know the blonde looks like she's the semen demon… but it's the one on his left that fucks like a total whore.

holy shit… this has just gotto be bullshit, surely?

what the hell happended here?

Mostly stuff the same as this. Dont know why it got deleted. It wasn't over the top or anything.

I'll check it down as a pathetic attempt by the mods to make this board look more menacing


Degenerate filth!

Be free in expressing your true self