Holla Forums - Pay attention to the news tommorow

Some faggot on Holla Forums posted this before the mods shut it down.

Other urls found in this thread:




The pic in this OP is a **cropped* screenshot of the thread before it got nuked

We all KNOW it'll just be images of OP's hairy asshole, and nothing more.

What the fuck is e621? The furry site?

Yup. The furry porn site.


this is interesting

Yup. Reallt shitty furry porn. Like dags on a sheeps' bum bad.


This better be good…

This image has secret information encoded in it

/furry/ pls. i hear /animu/ calling to you. shoo.

so he's putting secret encoded info in furry porn?

Apparently. Anyone going to do anything or what

san jose fags pls

Why was this thread deleted anyway? Goddamn cucks on halfchan.

gonna be noon on the west coast in about 45 min now…

inb4 the FBI grabs it

Maybe he was warning all the North Korean E-Sports fags lurking that Trump was making shit real with his threats

We need to make sure we get it before FBI does

The Norks know jack shit about the geography so if they launch any mini-nukes its going to be towards the Financial Districts of given major cities (ie. 'Just shoot at all the clusters of skyscrapers!')

If the FBI is taking it seriously they'll have him arrested and they'll have the bag 30 seconds after it drops.

archive.is isn't VPN friendly.

So is anyone close enough to grab it?

faggot op didn't screencap my post about confirming hl3.

Here are the coords OP gave if anyone is interested. It's in California.
37°19'21.4"N 122°01'56.3"W

always down for mom*son /ss/

user,You do realize that is our Holla Forums?
Also nice dubs.


If user really had something to leak he would set up a torrent and instead of talking about dropping a physical drive he would post the magnet.

what became of this?

curious if anyone has found it yet

so it either won't be embedded in furry porn, or he forgot and then told people it will be.



this is exciting!

yay internet

Anyone who has the audacity to post concerns about the truthfulness of OP's pasta'd pic is either a young teenager or a shill tbh fam

I'm willing to bet OP works there and he managed to get a hard drive outside.
Can anyone recognize the brand of hard drive in OP's pic?

Yeah it's a seagate drive, specifically this one:


This might be bait but I'm bored and my life sucks.

Any updates?

More secret encoded info



heel, nigger.



What a world we live in

Can't believe I got hard to furry porn, I'm a degenerate.

Some of you guys are alright, go to gulag tomorrow