I don't get love

Someone called me a psycho the other day (I think it was dysnomia) and it got me thinking.
Does anyone else here have literally no idea what love is? And I don't mean never experianced it, I mean have no concept of it.
Whenever I hear a love song or someone's breakup story I'm just baffled. Same with seeing it in films. The way people describe it makes it seem like something out of this earth, something that has a priority over all emotions, resoning ect. I just can't get a picture.
And it's not just romantic stuff, family love freaks me out to no end. I can think of film scenes where a character risks getting the entire party killed for a baby, that blows my mind. Or when family members refuse to turn each other over because of these "family bonds"
Am I retarded? I just never understood it. I'm not against empathy, but why do people give special treatment to their family members?
I googled "explain love" and got this shit. Do you see what I'm talking about? It's all nonsense.

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Oh and by the way, I got a broxy just for this post so don't even think about it government.

Even my autistic friend understands love. You're probably just psychotic. Sorry user.

Thanks for nothing.
Care to explain?


You are an edgy faggot. Go ask this question in reddit

My serious answer is that love is different for everyone. i.e. no one can answer this question, because your definition of love would be different.

Love is like cocaine. Addictive and your heartbeat literally speeds up when you see them. You spill spaghetti and feel weak, arms heavy. You follow them around and talk to them as much as possible just to get "high". Movies portray this as a good feeling, but honestly it isn't. You'll hate yourself for having a weak spot for the person involved.

love is benis in bagina


I know what love is. I feel it. I know it. I guess there are these people who call themselves psychopaths, people who shy away from love, but maybe its just because you are afraid. There is really no method of measuring love.

I get your reference, but you still suck you know. But i still love you.


I love you.

At least for me, romantic love is like a very extreme form of fondness. Just thinking about or looking at pictures of the object of your affections will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You'll smile involuntarily even. You'll think that they're cute, beautiful, endearing, and many appealing things, and you'll want to make them happy. If you're really in love, their happiness becomes your happiness. If you want to think of it purely rationally you'll start doing things for them, just to see them smile a little. All their little pleasures are felt stronger by you. But the same thing goes to all their little pains. It's this that makes people act irrationally with love.

No, OP just has autism

He's right.
It's like trying to explain the color red to a blind.
You'll know when it happens to you.

I had a priest tell me this once. Didn't rape me it was a shitpost on twitter. Fuck that guy.

Sounds like a thing you'd want to avoid to be honest. Yet it's always shown as a good thing.

shit taste

Its one of the best feelings in the world tbh, better than drugs, no hang over. I'm not going to say it doesn't lead to people doing stupid things sometimes, but when it works out correctly its just two people making each other feel wonderful and taking care of each other.

*except when it doesn't work out
Yeah I'm good.

I'm no fucking priest. But there is a choice involved in happiness. You have the power to deny anything, even love. I'm a pretty spiteful person myself, but life is short, and there is no one to spite

Not really

A lot of people are soulless energy vampires and you have to either kill them or get them out of your life also kys pls thx

alright… so i was gonna lurk but i had to say this. I've been in love twice in my 18 years of life. the first time destroyed me, niether of use were ready and i ended up an emotional wreck and felt the effects for the next 3 years after it happened, she ended up attempting suicide and failing. we don't speak anymore. the second time took me 9 months to realise she loved me, she helped me get over my issues and now i'm helping her get over hers. she makes me feel like a human being, like i actually deserve to exist and be happy and i see her eyes light up when she looks at me and i feel my own eyes do the same.

yes, love leaves you vulnerable and you might get hurt… but that risk is worth it for feeling like you're the reason someone gets out of bed and smiles to themselves every morning.

Love is just a higher level of biological manipulation employed by your brain to adapt to your higher freedom of choice due to intelligence by using the emotions it comes with against you.

It's like we're in an 80's PSA and you're describing a drug.

I have no idea what you're saying.

Don't use your intelligence to trap yourself.

Was batman an egoist?

Might this be a reaction/learned response to a bad childhood? I've the same thoughts as what you are describing, but slanted a bit; I know what love is, and can experience it, but when I do I feel dirty, or otherwise that something is wrong. In my childhood love was a commodity, or a trade good. It was earned, and standards for getting love were high and often shifting.

I know that there are different forms of love; romantic, platonic, physical attraction, fascination, and complex - but I have a hard time understanding how to express or recieve any of those forms. It makes no sense that someone would prefer a relative [due to the lack of being raised in a loving family], but it is suitable that one would express some form of love an individual/idea/pet/hobby, etc.

When I see parents hug their children it looks just wrong and alien. When I see couples in public, I think "how much is she getting off of him?/ is he manipulating her with money?" Love is just a toxic idea, and best left to occassional fantasy.

You're probably autistic. Listen to this and see if you don't feel some type of way

Ego is just concentrated attention.
Batman is a fictional character.
You are real

I feel annoyed/slightly angry but that might be beacause of this thread.
Like I know this guy is going to write a "sad breakup song" later in his life.
Actually isn't this song somewhat old? Wasn't it in Shrek?

I meant it like this.

I'm sorry, but nigger music just isn't for me. I don't like niggers.