What's the fascination

What is the lure/fascination of having a nigger boyfriend? White girls should be puking at the thought but instead are drawn to the nigger breed

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they probably had the guts to ask the girls out

On average, most white women still want BWC so I don't know what you're complaining about, cuck

Black men:
Have the highest T
Are natural Chads
Don't have to spend all day in the gym to have decent muscle mass
Can be dominant without being labeled misogynist
Can deposit their load directly into the womb
Are athletically gifted
Can dance
Have good taste in music
Are fun to be around in general
Don't have small penis syndrome
May choose to carry a gun, but don't need it to protect their women or to feel like a man
Smell amazing

white bois can't compete

This is a bait thread. Literally every study, academically and through every social network/porn site, shows that white women are not at all interested in white men. You only see the rare white-female to black-male couple due to "signal boosting" by cucks and anti-white types (and they always ignore the fact that the two break up months later, if not sooner).

Also, literally every statement in your post is wrong, proven again by literally every study and social event ever. At some point, you can choose to see the world as it really is rather than hate white people and try to spread bait threads everywhere to fulfill your cuck/racist fantasies.

Although this is Holla Forums, so who am I kidding? You have nothing better to do, it seems.

White women not at all interested in black men*.

Short answer. To piss off their Dad's

oh look another nigger thread
another thread to hide

Cucks are like the dried up spinsters that try to make sure that fertile young women go down the same road that they took out of a sense of bitterness, they also let their grotesque fetish shape their view of the world around. It is a sad way to live.

Why does this particular fetish attract so many autists?

Name some of these studies.
You don't get to say "studies show" and not cite the source.

To be fair, aren't most of the top sprinters black for a reason? The same goes for marathon runners, long jumpers etc. They have a genetic predisposition to athletic pursuits. Ofcourse claiming that any race has any advantage at all will get you abused to hell and back due to 'muh equality'. Fact of the matter is that certain genetic backgrounds are better at things than others. This applies both to race and gender.

No race has any superiority. There are only cultural/environmental differences that make them more likely to excel at certain things.
A black man that didn't grow up with money wouldn't be taking the bus all the time. He wouldn't have gotten a car at sixteen, wouldn't have been bought a playstation 4. So he would be walking his ass around instead of taking rides (exercise) he would sit at home playing video games ('cause he had none), he would be on the basketball court. Therefore making him more likely to excel at sports.
On the flip side the white dude that grew up privilege is more likely to be spoilt in terms of athletics. But having more computers and shit around him, he is more likely to, say, become a computer programmer.

*he wouldn't sit at home playing video games

So the cuck can make unsourced claims and it's fine but everybody else needs to source what they are saying in this low effort bait thread?

I'm not him but I assume he is referring to the statistics for interracial marriage and mixed race children (these aren't done by sex so the figure includes white male race mixers too) and the data from dating websites. Also just use your eyes, the vast majority of couples that you see together are of the same race and I see a lot more white children than I do mongrels, even in liberal shitholes. If you aew OP you should stop letting your strange fetish warp the way you look at the world, it isn't healthy.

Tfw I still get weird looks when I go out with a white girl even as just a friend.
Literally this

It probably isn't even intentional. People who don't share OP's mental illness naturally have a reaction of disgust to mixed race couples, they are just good at keeping it under the surface. Article related.




Because feels are triggered and they are too ill/dumb to be able to put things together for themselves, their opinions are manipulated carbon copies of trigger information and they are too retarded not to become living schitzo shills


The biggest dick on record belongs to a white guy. Also read the text on his image it looks like it was written by an aemi literate nigger.


good goy

Most shit memes are written like that . . .

I have only ever seen white girls and women completely reject black and brown males. This includes university settings. Women will talk to them, joke with them, and let them into their social circles, but they do that to everyone. This is because females are first social. The moment an attempt is made to make it sexual the white woman rejects it. Ive seen and heard this many times, and Ive never seen or heard the opposite.

Ive also witnessed the tears of blacks and browns unable to get a white woman and being rejected. The male then goes to prostitutes that are looking for a buck, although most of them list "no blacks" on their profiles, or the white hamplanets with bleached hair that are the lowest of the low.

Anything else with white women is extremely rare.


I'm half black, pulled ton of a white tail back in the day.

Dark enough to be exciting, light enough to take home to your wasp parents.

story tiem?

post a pic of your arm or something nigger






over 10 posts for this shitty cuck thread
good job Holla Forums
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Sorry, i think you visited the wrong site by accident.

Let me redirect you back to the shithole you came from: www.4chan.org


Story? My dad busted a nut in my mom, 9months later I came out.

I'd say mainly because they confuse aggression with confidence.

And caucasians are portrayed as weak/submissive in media. Combine that with instilled white-guilt and you have a recipe for genocide.

I'm looking forward to more diversity in Israel.

This. You just need to quit listening to shills and cucks like

Don't let them brainwash you, dipshit.



Sure is a lot of triggering in here over something that should be shrugged off with a chuckle. The shills win if you bite the bait.

Shills feed off responses. They'll lose their job if they stop being effective.

13 inches

Exactly. Morons reacting are the only reason the "u mad wite boi?" threads exist.


Ignoring the cucks is what leads to holes like halfchan. Responding to cucks with reality is not for the cuck's sake, although it can potentially set them straight, but rather for the onlookers so they know that the cuck is false.

Posting facts to fight the shilling is acceptable. I'm talking about all the dumdums who get grumpy and cry, bumping the threads.

there's people paid to make such threads it don't matter if u ignore or not


this only mean if you are attractive you can do anything


There's less black cucks than white cucks, so this could be true. How could they be avoiding the xenoestrogen exposure that whites are exposed to?
Not really race exclusive.
Due to T levels. I don't lift that much either but I'm also pretty stocky myself.
Bullshit right there. Don't pretend that black men never get called misogynists either. I have a domineering personality too, and getting called a misogynist is a bonus for me. When a woman calls you an asshole/dick/misogynist, it's a complement for me.
Not all blacks. I'm an average fucker in that department, and I don't doubt there's blacks who are also average.
Whites are too. This doesn't have much to do with race, this has to do with upbringing.
One thing that I can't fucking do without failing miserably, but I don't doubt whites can dance too.
Most music sucks now today. If they have a good taste, then that's pretty awesome itself. I haven't met anyone with that good of a taste.
Until ya get the fuckin' shank.
All jokes aside, whites are pretty fun too.
Don't forget the exceptions that exist.
Aint no rules in the street. If you wanna brawl, do it in public. Guns are for the streets when anybody can pull anything and get away with it.
O' hell no brother.

Saging because this thread was made by a cuck.

Niggers don't dominate all sports, just the ones media jews cherry-pick to prop up niggers. All of your top weightlifters, winter and motor sports are White dominated.

It doesn't really matter anyway because the greatest athletes are flashes in the pan of history. They are not the ones who create and build civilizations.



I don't know what Whitopia you live in, but come to the South sometime. You'll see so many race traitors it will make your head spin. It's definitely a problem in the younger generation. Jewish miscegenation and White Guilt propaganda in the media and schools has had an effect.

Don't know about y'all but I wanna lick that niggers cum out of her tight little hole

A. They're white trash
B. If they're not white trash, they want to piss off their dad
C. They've succumbed to subliminal Jewish programming. If it's on TV, it must be okay.

I don't really understand this shit from the cuck's view.
Okay if you think niggers are so great, then why would you want them to shit up their genes that all white 3DPD carry?