Fuck it

What's the Point of trying to fix my personal problems and grow and mature as a person if it doesn't get me anywhere in life?

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i duno

something to do

Do not know what you mean

sitting on your ass will definitely not get you anywhere in life

what else would you be doing? It's better to work towards something than do nothing, even if it is, ultimately, pointless

is it better than pointing out pointless endeavors? point

Well neither does working on my problems.

Well I disagree, and circle gets the square

Would you like to play with my sister or her dog?

cuz you're too dumb in your current iteration of yourself

then why haven't you kissed the bullet?

in that case you might as well just kill yourself

Only if she actually cares and it isn't just a superficial formality

Im a coward

See previous

take a free class or something online
you will become less depressed as your mind is occupied working towards an end and might find you like it

what will "get you anywhere in life" in your mind?


Functioning as a normal mature adult, and as a result, being able to maintain relationships without driving people away with my autism. I'm going to die alone because nobody has the patience to tolerate me while i fix my shit.

If my autism is a problem, they expect me to be normal already. If it doesn't bother them then it's nothing more than a pleasant waste of time because they're basically just sweeping the problem under the rug and allowing me to do the same, which destroys things eventually.

stop completely blaming others for not creating the perfect set of conditions for you to face your problems in. they are all individuals struggling with problems of their own too, i imagine

Eurofag here.

Well user, I was recently in the same situation as you. From April until July this year I had completely and utterly given up on life.

It's mainy because I've reached 30 and even though I've had a few gf's, I am single, with a boring low paying job and nothing to show for. I've dated 3 girls since the start of 2018 and they were either sluts or damaged goods or both.

I even signed up in one of those dating websites (hi5/tagged). Most western girls wouldn't reply back and if they did, it would be very hard to keep them interested over fake profiles of male models.

But then I switched my searching to Thai and Philippina and Chinese girls. Mind you I only messaged girls who i deemed hot. 90% of them replied, most of which, within a few mins gave me their Line/Skype/Facebook.

So I changed my focus from looking for a girl nearby, to saving my money and in a year from now I'll go to Thailand.

I'm absolutely certain that if you go to anywhere in Thailand and Philippines (especially Cebu), you will come back with a qt3.14 asian wifu that will love and cherish and respect you.

So if that's what's keeping you down, don't give up.

I've reached a high enough level of self awareness to know what I'm capable of doing. I draw motivation from others. The only thing that is capable of motivating me to fix my shit is this- I have to be in love with someone who expects me to solve these problems (because I have to care what they think of me to that extreme degree), and the threat of them leaving needs to be looming over my head because my attention span is so short that I'm only capable of solving problems like this if the threat of being out on my ass is practically immediate, if I drop the ball.

If I'm blaming anyone, I'm blaming myself for being so unbearably autistic that nobody is capable of dealing with it, apparently. I can only imagine how frustrating it is for a normal person to deal with someone like me. I am making nothing more than an observation that the thing that I need to solve my problems simply does not exist. There's no cure for what I have, and I'm fuckin depressed. Am I allowed to simply be disappointed in an unfortunate circumstance?

Just kill yourself already. Whaatvare you waiting for?

user, have you considered going through a checklist of normie goals?

lel, chill out Cindy, fuc

Virtue is its own reward.

i see your problem and recognize it. i've been through with it. you need to get liftin', boy. or anything that gives you a boost in self-esteem. feed your body and your mind. maybe listen to military marches? i don't know. but you must get your body moving. it is a must. otherwise, you can bite your dick and run around in circles.