Which one is hotter?

Which one?

as a homosexual female i would say the blonde gives me more humperdink

As a male I would agree

the one that doesn't have a penis


The brunette

Well, given that 1 is ugly, I'd say 2.

the blonde by far, obviously much more aesthetically pleasing, and much more Aryan.

how about these?


You can't always determine this based on hair color. And, remember, women frequently dye their hair.

they are both attractive

No thanks.

Not everyone is a germaboo autist. I'm talking purely facial structure.


I think the
is hotter.


Thanks, user

The hair dye of the redhead looks terrible/square face and the blonde just looks like a slag. Trashy as fuck.

Yeah really, not to mention, most Germans are ugly

Wouldn't go that far. Just that "muh aryan" circlejerking is getting to a point where it's reaching autistic levels that shouldn't even be possible.

good taste


Just end it OP, for everyone's sake



the best of both

Fag, post those tits.

Well, I think the slut on the left is Katy Perry (but then every other white girl looks like that cunt), a confirmed roastie, but I don't know who the other slut is so I can't say I'd go for her either.

the blonde is prettier but her haie color reminds me of an orange cat, gross

tits or gtfo



it's true i am a fag



The blonde

The redhead


dont datamine me bro

Two can play at this game

And what would be gathered here?

Just keep on trying to datamine me faggot, you're not getting shit.

And what would be gathered?


What do you know?

Why is that gross? I do see what you mean, though.

Charlotte of course


She's confirmed roastie?


Katy went JUST


What is JUST?