What is the trashiest place for a Tattoo

All Tattoos / Body Mods are degenerate but there is nothing more trashy than an ankle Tattoo
Your thoughts Holla Forums

Here is my vote
Dumb fucking bitch


the tramp stamp on lower back is unequivocally the most trashy place that you will see the most trashy people have



holy shit she looks retarded

Those will look great in 30 years/s

ankle Tattoos are babies first regretless options
OP is part of the elitist Tattoo Mafia and made this thinly veiled shilling thread shaming anyone who goes for less than a full body Tattoo


i actually like crusty hippie girls


I knew a girl that got a blue flower on her wrist right on a vein to hide track marks. I'd say that's substantially trashier than a tramp stamp but also sort of clever.


lots of people do that m8



honestly can't tell if those are eyelid tattoos with her eyes closed or her real eyes
honestly i think ppl who do shit like this are kew tho



want to see her face when that punk girl realizes she has a shit-ton of swastikas under her armpit



I never thought about it but goddamn they are trashy.

If you didn't serve in the Navy your tattoo is trashy. If your tattoo is not related to your Navy service, it is trashy. If your tattoo is not on your upper body, it is trashy. If your tattoo is visible when you're in uniform, it is trashy.

This is easily way more trashy than any tattoo, but because it's so common on a person with crazy tats, it just magnifies their power.

Anywhere on the human body.

I really want to fuck a girl like this just once.

I find underboob tattoos strangely hot.

What do you think of plastic surgery for genuinely ugly girls?


"I have a very strong opinion about tattoos"
-person without any tattoos

ok, we get it, you obsess over tattoos even more than the freaks that are covered in them

i doubt i could obsess over something for free more than a person who spends hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on the same thing


of course, who else is going to put up social obstacles for insecure tattoo virgins
a person with shitty tattoos wouldn't brag about their decision to get a shitty tattoo


All my scars were free besides the ones I needed stitches for. And I earned them, I did not pay some faggot to put ink on me.

I honestly have both.
Does it mean I'm cooler than you?

The most trashy tattoos that you can see in public (not on tits or genitals) are probably behind the ear, back of the neck, and waist.

Begone, degenerate.

Nursing homes in the future are going to be freak shows full of burned out Millenials covered with disgusting faded tattoos all over their bodies, being neglected by mud caregivers. Make sure you plan for retirement goys so you don't become a ward of the state and end up in one of these hellholes.