when was the last time you went fishing?

dataming thread do not reply

Chief, what information will we be gathering today?
Today, we will be gathering information on the last time a bunch of losers on a dead imageboard went fishing.
…and how does this get us closer to finding the missing children?

A few months after that he wanted us to try hunting. Pretty sure he was going to kill me or had plans to. Since then I don't go anywhere with him

I ordered my McDonalds food crying the whole time but kept saying I was okay and the employees were freaking the fuck out

That's hilarious. This would make a good plot for a comedy.

I'm glad my alcoholic father and my painful past was funny to you

It's comedy gold, thanks for sharing.

honestly it was funny to me too cuz alcoholics are hilariously manic depressive pathetic . my dad a dope fiend so he was pathetic in a similar way, not as rage-like tho

You were probably bitching and moaning the entire 14 hours, that's why he beat the shit out of you. You deserved it tbh

never thought of it like that
am I what drove my father to the bottle?
am i a failure of a son?

Yeah, he realized he raised a sissy faggot and decided to drown himself with alcohol

too long ago.


user, I…

i still hear sisyphus laughing


that's why it was so bullshit
i don't think that pond we went to even had fish


a whale ago heh heh

I went catfishing once, but I only caught a lazy-eyed nigger.

16 years ago?

A month ago. Didn't catch shit

Last Sunday. Love fishing. Will hopefully rip some lips this weekend.

17 and crying. I bet you like anime too.

LMAO. also
i like you user

fug, you reminded me

I actually just picked up fishing OP. I went last weekend. I saw the sunrise and caught a bluegill. Fishing is comfy as fug. :DDD


I consider myself a fisher of men


probably when i was 15 with my dad. i'm 27 now

where is the gif of the dude holding a fish, and the parasite comes out on his hand

that shit is why i don't like fishing