My Date With My Loli

Hey Holla Forums update on my date with that loli. She is 9 years old and 5'3" (same as the prophet's waifu!). She is very tall and very mature for her age. She likes to play games and is very much like me at her age in every way, unusually tall, same interests, etc. She can't really speak English but she hugged me multiple times and smiled at me and really liked me. I was really nervous and shy, she was shy around everyone but me, and really liked to stare at me and smile. The father wants me to be with her and my mother too. I felt weird though with them being present. I did not fug her but it wasn't the right setting anyways. I will be spending lots more time with her in the coming days anyways. She is a very beautiful loli who has been had photos taken of her for beauty magazines, advertisements, etc. (she is a model). I wish she had blue eyes and lighter hair but oh well… otherwise she is a very high quality loli.

fake and gay. no timestamp provided. later nerd

alright cool dude


Suicide is always an option

Why would you want a 6 yo loli GF?

Fake n Bait

cuz why not tbh

I am sure there is an h-game or a doujinshi about this.

b-but the quran doesn't allow that you fugging infidel!

nah not fake at all, but I'm not going to prove it, otherwise I create trouble for a lot of people. I live a very strange life.

>implying i care what the (((quran))) says

Seriously though, if the girl doesn't at least have a hint of breasts and sexual maturity, she isn't attractive. What 6 year olds already have breasts? I like a girl that is just right there, not completely prepubescent, but just beginning to develop. That is the golden loli.

post her pic faggot

I dont care about breasts as long as shes cute tbh

This isn't even a turn on, so I'm left with not only a flaccid dick, but a feeling of contempt for op failing to deliver a decent narrative. you are also a pedo, cunt. Kill youself.

lol normiehurt

Well there's only way to settle this. Find me lolis that are younger than the ones I've seen so far that are attractive.

Fucking christ.

yeah too tall tbh

That little girl is gonna grow up to be one giant woman. She's barely 9 years old too.

I'm a 62-yo going out with a 13-yo girl. We just don't see what the problem is. There's nothing sexual between us, we just really enjoy hanging out together, and love being in each others' company. We spend a lot of time together with her family, and they accept us just fine - they can see how we care for each other is very real. We appreciate other people don't understand the depth and joy of our relationship… my gf is short enough that we get weird looks when we're out together in public. I think 5'2" is pretty tall for a 13 year old, though. Fuckin' normies. Leave us alone - we're all happy - isn't that all that matters?

Just remember, normies have no problem with fucking animals and homosexuality and all kinds of weird creepy shit, but they look down on relationships where the age difference is some arbitrary number. Normies are all status-quo supporting retard cucks all just parroting whatever they think it as non-controversial as possible in order to keep their jobs.