Trolling People IRL

What is the best camcorder to buy for recording people for the sole purpose of being an asshole?


googleglass bruv

Some old huge camera to make it obvious you are recording them.


good choice my dude


What if they break it?

we need more sociopaths with cameras who aren't violent like this guy
some ppl who watch it don't understand why or how this nigga is able to be like that

Who the hell still buys these anymore?

Get a phone with a good camera and a high-capacity SD card.

Want something that unbreakable and high quality.



GoPro, but if you want cheap shit then go for one of these chink cameras without lens zoom. Quality will suffer, but it's not like you need zoom and HD to record yourself pissing off people

get right in their face with this thing

Get something like this. Either that or a flip recorder. These cameras are simple and people can't break them easily if they get pissed off.

I miss this guy making videos. I suppose it was wise to quit before it become too mainstream and people started filming him back.

I heard that he was last seen filming in the ghettos.

Is this for real?


I'll count for you!