Does the feeling last forever…?

Eh, just stay there already, halfnigger.

JUST child models? Even if yu include them with anti-pedo statements? Holy fuck…

Yes, they went full degenerate. All the pictures I found you can easily access on Google images. I guess they just misunderstand the fundamental concept of their site.

Stay where?

This is my ban.

Banned because you wanted to bless the degenerate site with some cuties. Did the appeal work?

based 4chan mods

if you love halfchan so much why dont you go there.

I actually got a new IP address and can go back there after my perma-ban but it wasn't the triumphant return I envisioned. The place is mostly porn, an interactive porn site, if you will.
If I want to watch porn I could go on Xvideos or some site like that.
This place may be filled with immature kids that like to flame the threads but it is at least a little tolerable.

nigger please

i am not a internet reject like you
go start another r/jailbait you beta nigger

/bant/ is nice tbh

pretty much. i mostly visit 4chan because i love making "game developers" on Holla Forums threads feel stupid. one cunt actually thought i was being a smug cunt who is "too intelligent" because i was talking about arbitrary mechanics in gaming. the site is filled with porn and children, so you would think child models would be a great place for 4chan.

t. butthurt nigger

The fuck mods you deleting my posts for


LOL nope. No response from the mods yet.

I'm tempted to be passive aggressive in my appeal, but I don't think they would appreciate the attempt at humour. All the moderators seem like autistic beta-males.

Cp stays up for 4 and a half hours yet when I post jb it gets taken down after 5 minutes zzzz

because cp is awesome.

wow radical

I swear if I see another cuckchan rapefugee coming over here because they got banned on Reddit 2.0 for being a faggot I'm gonna just stop browsing Holla Forums entirely.

Ill make sure to post an update to ensure that.

isnt that this whole sites premise?


Why are pedos so goddamn stupid?
you people are no better then antifa and niggers, here is my advice fucking die nigger

child models = cp. im surprised you havent went the way of the dodo.

OP didnt post cheesepizza tbh

Nobody cares we dont want you here either

sorry, speaker of all.

Child model != Cpnx

Are you fucking stupid anntikike?

Look at the maximum amount of butthurt i got lmao sick bastards