Seek God

If you died today, would you be 100% certain that you are going to Heaven?
Here's how to be sure:
If you're reading this, you're a sinner. If you're not, you're still a sinner. You are a sinner, I am a sinner. We've all sinned. You need to understand that first and foremost
Because of your sin, you are dying. You will die someday, and it is inevitable. Understand this
You die once on Earth, this is the wages of your sins. But some people are going to be going to second death, which is known as the lake of fire, or Hell. But it's not just death and hell going, there are more
Notice what it says, "all liars" are going. I've lied before, you've probably lied before. This is such a common sin, you need to be fearful of this. You will join death and hell in the second death. That is what Hell is, eternal death.
I cut off Romans 6:23 earlier. As we can see here, the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. What that means is that while we have the "wages" of the first death, we do not need to go to the second death. We have a gift from God, and that is eternal life. But will even sinners get this?
Jesus Christ died for you. He didn't do that thinking you were worthy by your mighty works, he did it because he loved you even though you were a sinner. So we are all sinners, and we all deserve death, and we all deserve Hell, and yet we have a gift of eternal life from Christs death. Is his death the end though?
Christ died for our sins, he was buried in the Earth, and he rose again on the third day. And as it said in the verse above, He did this for us. He gave us the gift of not eternal death in Hell, but eternal life in Heaven. How do we get this gift of eternal life though?
Read this verse again, with power this time. We can escape the second death which we all deserve by believing on Christ. This is good news. This is gospel. Confess the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved. Look at the most famous verse in the Bible
Anyone, who believes. Whosoever believes, will not perish but have everlasting life. It continues on
God sent Jesus to save us and not condemn us, but you will be condemned if you don't believe.
After we get justified by faith, there is of course one more thing. Peace. We will have peace. We do not need to worry about what will happen to us after death, because we are saved. What happens if we sin though? What happens if we stop believing?
When we are saved, we are saved. Once saved, always saved. Nothing at all can separate you from your salvation.
To wit:
I'll end this with a prayer. If you say it truly believing every word, you are saved
Dear Jesus,
I know that I am a sinner. I know I deserve to go to Hell. But I believe you died on the cross for me and rose again. Please save me right now and give me eternal life. I'm only trusting in you, Jesus. Amen.

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fuck of christkike


God doesn't exist, though.

God bless you user, I just masturbated twice and I felt disgusted after it, then I saw your post and felt genuinely lifted. Thanks.

Don't be dumb. You can't be 100% certain because there is no proof of heaven's existence. All you have to go on is your faith, and faith can't be quantified. Even if you think you're 100%, you're still probably rounding up from ~99.5% because you are ignoring the rational part of your brain that tells you not to jump without looking.

None of these apply to me, though. Where do I go if I deserve death because of original sin, but not hell or heaven?

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Can you? There are around 1000 different gods to choose from, quite a few who would be pretty angry with the one you picked. Odds don't look very good in your favor.

not if we have God as our father who transforms us into righteousness-ers

Okay, I accepted Jesus into my heart. Now back to fingering my bum and jacking off to traps. I guess I'll repent again on my deathbed just to be sure.

wrong, because of our sin we're already dead

Dead men walking. You really don't know what you believe, do you?


The people who knew Christ, himself, spoke out against this kind of shit.

The ol' bait and switcheroo, eh?

Why would anyone want to go to a Semitic heaven?
Also, the entire premise is just a trap for the gullible and guilt ridden to stop them from making the best of the lives they've been given and instead concern themselves with a fantasy that only serves to weigh them down.

Wtf ngger u rly tink I red all dat shee?

It's funny that people think they can proclaim themselves "saved" HAHAHAHA it's the biggest slap in the face there is. Salvation is possible, there is a science to it because it is through the human vessel that the soul can experience a form of perfection. And it all starts with drinking cow pee. HAHAHAHAHAHA but that's not all… Good luck becoming a god on Earth before me, swine.


Jesus was a pretty cool guy and total bro with levels of consciousness so high that he would appear like a psychopath to modern day cucks, those essene cults were onto some heavy shit read the hidden texts nah mean

I felt a bit teary reading that last prayer.

Make heaven here. Fuck your heaven. Our lives aren't so worthless as to throw them away for a Jewish fairy tale.


Enjoy your eternal punishment, kafir.

It's the same Semitic sky daddy no matter how you look at it. You're just splitting hairs.

Do you take threads this serious?

May God Bless You Sevenfold for posting this.

Please stand and turn to Hymn No. 264, and let's praise Him in joyous song together!

"Open your bowels for Jesus,
Empty yourself in Praise;
As you dwell in His Word,
You'll be undeterred
To open your bowels for Jesus."

Amen & Glory!
Praise him with many motions!

The life of a Christian demands constant effort. Have you read any of the writings of the Church fathers? You're going up against the teachings of your God.

I don't give enough of a shit about theology to argue with you, but I know there's a case in the Bible to be made that all you have to do is say "SAVE ME JEEBUS I REPENT I LOVE YOU" and be saved, which makes the religion trivial.

I wouldn't give that up, actually. It's the one appealing thing about Christianity. If you look at something like Buddhism, well, now, that's a pretty damned grim religion.

give me a proof that bible has truth about god in it

It has a metaphorical "truth" in that when you read it, it activates a certain feeling of submission and peace in the human primate brain that Christian's interpret as "sacredness", but I interpret as more of Schopenhauer's "renunciation of the will to live" and embrace of the Freudian death instinct to self-extinction.

That case can be made, but it is wrong. People over simplify the idea of accepting someone as your lord and savior. It means pledging your life to them. Saying it is one thing, you have to literally devote your existance to God to accept him as your lord and that is where people don't have the depth of thought to look past the verbal commitment it talks about.

I think the idea was more "you don't just drift away from christianity, you were never a christian to begin with". So in essence that just means anyone with actual devotion will not just give up one day out of the blue.

so theres no god, nor heaven and all those feelings can be achieved by secular means and better?
Ok. Nice self-defeat of the thread

Already dead meaning hellbound by nature, not currently dead. Dying in op's sentance and already dead in yours literally both just mean we are going to hell without god's help. Faggot, your arguement is ignorant and prideful belittling makes you look, well, ignorant.

Not really. Every man is only as good as his word. If I tell you i'll be there tomorrow at 12, then I am expected to be there at 12. God is only as good as His Word. Therefore he sets and builds the program. Free will and Love coincide. Therefore you have a freedom of choice. It's not so much that go is wishing for you to be punished for rejecting Him, it's purely the fact that the code is incompatible to Him and therefore oil and water do not mix.
1 Timothy 2:4
Ezekiel 18:23
Ezekiel 18:32
Isaiah 45:22

You see, I can sprout off many more verses but it would not make sense to you because you haven't seen. We are living in a fallen world, a fallen state if you would… and the fact of the matter is, is that the still small voice within you is always arguing and you choose to deny the Truth which you spirit man is pleading. You feed the flesh and are distracted by worldly things, and sadly, you may be a victim to the great deception which has already started laying down foundations. Die unto yourself and feed the spirit instead of the flesh. You life is going to get more difficult but who said life was easy, fair or simple? Get rid of your cognitive dissonance and escape from the cultural marxism you grew up believing in. Set yourself Free. Unload the burden you suffer with.

May God Bless You. I say this with love and faith, that you my brother, will there when the day arrives… I love you brother. This is why I care.


p.s. ignore what religion tells you! They are snakeoil salesman, PR stunts or buildings made of brick and mortar. I can understand your viewpoint. Do not let man give God a bad name. Read your bible. If you do not have one, here's one for you. Understand the importance of Genesis 6 and look into the conspiracies without going into the new age corruption of David Ike and the like.

God Bless and Godspeed.

You have a creator. You know it. Your heart is where the treasure lies. Have you found the treasure?

my parents
what made god?

You're jewish and upset that so many goyim are not reading the talmud. Please behave yourself and do proper research.

When reaching the speed of light, there is no time and space. Omnipotency is pure energy. It's another plane and level of dimension. You are the cause and effect of your parent, sure… But you are also a sentient being. You have to pull yourself out of the framework. You're living on an image board without understanding that the internet is around you - metaphorically speaking. God wasn't made. God is. It's difficult to get it, I understand. but you need to experience in order to get it.

thats not true, so everything else isnt either

universe wasnt made, universe is

What is this, 2008?

a year. Your point?

a human's 100% certainty is irrelevant since they can be totally incorrect in their certainty. a mormon or hindu can be 100% certain of their salvation and end up in hell.

anyway we are saved by God's grace, not our own understanding or deeds, putting your faith in a story or series of books won't get you any closer. Only God saves.

Perhaps I miscommunicated. What do you define as reality? Are you a scientist? Science can prove the possibility of other dimensions. What is D-Wave? We are literally experiencing the changes as we speak and yet we arrogantly believe we somehow are at the peak of mankinds knowledge? Where do you think all the mythology of mankind comes from? It can all be connected you know.

Thank you for the link. Not sure if you're trying to antagonise the argument or are well meaning. But i'll give it some reading regardless.

Well, now you're starting to get it. But the problem would be that you'd be worshipping the creation, rather than the creator. Scientifically speaking, thermodynamics supports the theory of an intelligent creator. The evolutionary theory (micro-evolution is true though - see wolves = dogs) has so many holes in it that the "scientific" community is now looking toward the theory of panspermia. You do understand that I am sacrificing time in order to help you understand the absolute truth? Have you done drugs in your life? Have you met the feathered serpent who beguiles you to deny or trick you of the objective truth? Have you been deluded into the co-exist board? Or are you just hollow and empty inside? You cannot see the wind but you know it exists. As I said before. You and you alone can change that.

There's simply no way to get from empirical reality to "The God of the Bible is REAL." Even if science is insufficient, that doesn't mean the Bible is suddenly verified. There are a billion other explanations that would suffice. Also why are there no kangaroos in the Bible?

we have no other way but to interact with the reality we experience and we can verify our experiences. God has never been verified.
No, u dont get it. Nobody worships the universe. Unlike god, we have evidence for universe and if something cant come from nothing, universe had to be there always, especially, since theres no "before", since its the universe, thats started time. Thermodynamics dont support intelligent creator. Evolution has no holes - its the best documented and explored theory we have, cuz retards like u tried to poke holes in it and scientists investigated and found more natural mechanisms. Pansperima isnt about evolution and it doesnt explain where did that life come from.
U have no evidence of god

Nope, the KJV is at fault here. They turned 3 different dimensions and turned it into one word we call "hell". Sheoul and the Outer darkness are also in existence. Do not forget Abraham's bosom as well. Not sure on the ramifications of this area since the crucifixion but it does make sense when one thinks of those who have never heard the word. God is, was and always will be. Hence, he is not genocidal unless it is not of Him - Gen 6. Only those who support the flawed Sethite theory argue God's word by making acceptions. God is just and to make acceptions would mean God is unjust. It also all depends on "what" "god" we worship. For there are multiple little "g" gods that still battle mankind. Remember that we are not in control and that we fight against powers and principalities.

I agree with your viewpoint wholeheartedly. Which is why I have to digress and try and tell you that it is something you have to experience for yourself. The empirical reality is that we are all mentally ill or wrong based on the world's teaching.. How sad is it that we place all our trust in man? You're comparing sticks and stones. But you can use science to place sticks and stones in alignment. It just depends where you are it in the community and what is published and unpublished. As for billions of explanations, I do not see how.

Feel it brother. Get on your knees and start praying. What is the worst thing that can happen? Do it in private. I can no longer argue with those who have denial in their hearts. Becoming a believer has nothing to do with people going to church or sitting in a pew. It's a very very very personal thing and experience you are yet to understand. I beg of you to just try it. Get off the internet and pray to the TRUE Jesus Christ. You have your guidance now try it and go.

oh, so u r trying to use emotional arguments?
Ho come ppl dropped to their knees and theres no god? What if the god that answers isnt the biblical god? What if u were praying to the wrong god and u r going to hell?
Belief isnt a matter of becoming. Belief isnt a choice. U r either convinced, or not. And im not convince. I know way more about science, than u do, so your sophistry and baseless assumptions wont work.
I dont see u providing any sources for your claims, but what i do see is u trying to change the topic.
So u do admit all u wrote is lies and u have no evidence of god?

I have to go now but I Bless you sevenfold. May the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit enter you on this very day without any hesitance. May you experience the joy and understanding of being and may it fill your heat. We're in a falled, evil, wicked world brothers. There is something better that awaits and the Truth seeks out all men. Never forget that the apostles were called "the sons of thunder.". Brawlers, drinkers, figthers. - REAL MEN etc. Jesus himself was a carpenter. Jesus loves YOU!


ill think for u, since u r incapable
may thor bless u

I'm sorry for all the pain supposed christians have brought upon your life. I urge you to ignore them and try it for yourself. I have only ever met 2 real christians in my entire life.

Why are you posting like a jew? I won't judge you if you are, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and assuming you're phoneposting and I appreciate the good intentions. Albeit sarcastically. I wish you the very best in life my dear brother. I wish you well and hope that you reminisce about this thread. Jesus Loves You.

why r u rejecting Thors blessing?
Thx for admitting u r wrong and that theres no god.

Thanks for being kind enough to have a conversation with me. I've had worse discussions with supposed believers. Some of the nicest people I've ever met with Atheists. I accept and love you for who you are. But I encourage you to heed my words out of interest. Godspeed user. Thanks for being so patient. You're special (not in the retarded kind of way) but i'd rather spend a day on an island with you than somebody who is going to repetitively hit you over the head about dogma and religiosity.

I have real sorrow in my heart for you to say that. I wish you the best though.

id rather be on the island alone - im not gonna waste time and effort on keeping u alive, when u r down on your knees praying, instead of hunting and keeping fire

truth hurts

Give yourself a week. Consciously make the decision to seek Jesus. Do it and trust me. :-)

look at the evidence instead. Dont assume a position and seek its confirmation

Heaven is already within and around me.
When I die the illusion that we call the "world" will simply be stripped away and only the truth will remain and I will abide in it.

I love God.
Truth is my religion.
Virtue is my duty.
Jesus was a great prophet like muhammad and buddha.
I have no scriptures, and yet I use all scriptures, virgin nature is also my scripture.

But the Christian religion was started by Jews in the first place. Why would he be upset if the goyim are following their societal programming? Much of the consequences (Some might say the entire purpose.) for the spread and introduction of Christianity in Europe was to allows Jews to infiltrate and subvert Europe and its royal houses.

No need to be salty user. As I said before, man and man made dogma gives God a bad name. Just read His word if it is the truth you're looking for. I'm assuming you are
In which case, i'll continue as I was. I wish I had the opportunity to have been in your live.. but then again, the flesh may have corrupted you and we'd both be in the same bin.

I thought we already dismissed space and time. Effect and Cause are reversed. This is IF you are implementing it.

No it is not. You are living in a fallen world. The next time you get sleep paralysis you should call upon the name of Jesus and not the other deities. How do I know you will get sleep paralysis? Because the Holy Spirit just told me. There will be a 3 year gap. I am thinking fleshly now and you will probably experience it within 2.5 years time. Remember my words. They are not of me.

No, the entire "christian" facade of royalty was always based in occultism. Don't fall for that jewish trick. The jews who started it were willing to die for something they fully believed in. It's a supernatural experience and understanding. Trust me friend, the jews are not our friends whatsoever. They hate us, mock us, spit on us. They themselves killed Christ. But within all time things will show. You keep your side clean.God bless You.

prove god 1st, before trying to defend its name.
U didnt.
No, we didnt reject reality, time or space. U did to make room for your god.

I guess, user. Anything's better than here. Can't really get any worse. Right?

You will have a dream tonight.

u will blink soon

Yeah no, fuck off.

WTF, I love Jewish subversion now.

not just lying. Humanity is demonic by nature because when Adam ate the tree he traded the nature, image, and likeness of God for the nature, image, and likeness of the opposite of God, which is imperfection. OP is a faggot and he doesn't even know what real christianity is

as if I know anything

So we go to hell for something that isn't even our fault then? That's even worse, I think I'd rather be demonic.

I am black jesus motherfuckers. bow down and give your bitches or ill take them from u

[email protected]/* */

you're not going to hell for DOING evil, it's because you're BEING evil. your nature is imperfect because it's not God nature. Because your nature is not God nature,you're going to the only available place where you can go. BecauseSatan, who is the father of all lies, is your father, your domain is the same as his. If your nature is God nature through Jesus, because God is the father of lights, and God is your father, your domain is the same as his. It's simple. Satan is evil because God is good. Satan rebelled against God saying that good isevil, thus canceling himself out and becoming the messenger for perversion. When Adam ate the tree, Adam was likewise rebelling against God saying that x=/=x but x=y, becoming evil with sin dominating his mind and the mind of all his children. Sin is simply anything that is considered evil in the eyes of God. Jesus had to come, die, give up his image, so that man once again could be restored fully, not just so we could go to heaven which was already possible by simply denying ourselves in marriage agreement to God. The woman lives with the man. If you are married to Satan, you will be with him and he will be with you. If you are married to God, you will be with him and he will be with you. It is better to be married to God because God is good. God is good because he is the ultimate of ultimates. What God says goes because God IS what goes. God is that he is, in other words he is ultimate "yes" which does not say no. Yes always says yes and is constant. Yes never says no unless it's saying no to no. Yes has to say yes to yes because yes is yes. Yes has to say no to no because yes is yes. No says no to yes and yes to no, that's why Satan is evil in the eyes ofGod because Satan says no. Because your nature is that of Satans, which is a "no" nature, God cannot accept you despite his love for you, because thatwould go against his own nature as "yes" because yes says no to no, and if you are a no, God can't say yes to you. It's like binary. In binary, in order to determine the letter you have to scratch out the zeros and determine the value of the ones. When Adam ate the tree, that brought in zeros to the perfect world of ones upon ones infinitely, and so when Jesus comes again, the zeros and the ones will be separated. The zeros, having no value, will be scratched out. The ones, having value, will be accepted.

Therefore, if you are evil, God has no choice but to give you up, because you never said yes to him in the first place. God doesn't send people to hell because he wants to, it's because he HAS to, because if God accepts evil then he no longer becomes God but simply void. There is nowhere where the Bible states that God is in total control of every person's fate. God is only in control of the fates of those who submit their evil nature to him and replace it with God's good nature through Jesus. In order to live in God's house, we must be married to God. God doesn't send us to hell by choice, but by necessity. Why must we be married to God in order to live with him? Because he is God. God is yes, and yes says yes to yes, and says no to no, because yes cannot say no to yes, except to no.

god made humans like this, told 2 first humans without the knowledge of good and evil to not disobey him, cuz thats bad, punishes every1 for it and is responsible for all of it, cuz he knew what we gonna do and didnt stop us.
If u know some1s gonna blow up a building u r morally responsible to alert police, regardless of the bombers free will

Varg removed christianity from Sweden and now Sweden is the best country in the world to live.

Take your suramin, kys.


oh, so every1 will go to heaven regardless? Why bother following any rules then?
Is your god just and merciful? Cuz Mercy isnt Justice

God can seek deez nuts

I am in no need of an invisible sky daddy to ensure I go to his magical play ground in the sky.
Imagine being so insecure with yourself that you need some great power to help you function.

Sorry i cant understand australian, but i got this:

It is, even Ulpianus agrees.

…said the fedora.

as the words suggest, its not mercy and mercy, its mercy an justice and mercy is a suspension of justice
so whats your proof of god?

I was quoting somebody that quoted somebody that quoted something, if that point is correct then even Ulpianus agrees.

The rest is just tipping, i can use the point of "security" (stop changing the subject please) as a proof, then you will change the subject again, the important part is that is exactly the opposite in the real world.


i like how u never addressed anything i said, therefore admitting god isnt real

I don't at all see how this is mutually exclusive with the idea that they came up with a version of Judaism for goyim to influence societal behavior like a memetic virus. They aren't trying to convert anyone into joining their fold. They just fucking hate you and will encourage you to become an adherent to whatever doctrine suits their goals. Why do you think it was frequently the case that Jews could charge interest in Europe but Christians couldn't? It's just religious bullshit. Who needs this crap anymore?


I addressed everything, ok:

Thats called cultural marxism user, they hate Christ and the NT, but can i expect more from a lefty kid full of anger and edgyness?

dysnomia do you really need to attentionwhore like this? why not just sticky the thread while you're at it…

how bout ill make it easy for u, little retard.
Show me the evidence for god.

Yes. "God" is used at the beginning of a sentence. Its just as non-existent, as any other god, especially, since it has a proper name.

justice cant be served with mercy. Mercy is a suspension of justice

this guy is right


Check your own words and the word "retard" its pretty funny because i am playing with your own words or with the words of the quoted faggot (already talked about it). Prove that you are real and then we can talk.


No, he isnt, if you are forced to do x thing then i cant blame you for that, check what i quoted.

Next time try with things a little more complex like aequitas, justice is impossible to serve for humans.

Boring, but nice way to change the subject, kid, they created "american protestantism" and the last vatican council for a reason, now tell me the reason please, there is a reason why this pope is called "the marxist pope". Reason please.

All this bullshit and we still haven't even determined whether or not God is actually real tbh. What's the truth?

I thought you were a discordian not a christcuck.

Yes, we agreed god isnt real. Why do u keep coming back?

Hey, shut the fuck up faggot.

I thought you were a fedora not a Holla Forums.

That didnt happen, actually you are the one being fooled (autism) or you are lying, i started talking to the guy saying that "x" is forced, therefore mercy is a name for justice, maybe part of justice, again, i am based on that post, if you cant understand that please tell me.

I saw this tactic a lot of times on Holla Forums:

BTW, if i am a retard then your mind is superior and you have internet and lots of free time, therefore you will notice that "the order" is used as a proof of a simulation for fedoras, therefore atheism is just a position, God's existance dont need humans believing in him.

Dont worry, i am just tipping.