Western civilization in one picture

Western civilization in one picture



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Western civilization is a spook.

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Western civilization = dead enlightenment

we just need to replace 3DPD with robots, and everything will be fine

The main problem with Western Civilization is that people with Nonwestern ideals can use the system against itself in order to push their own agenda. We allow freedom of speech, thought, and expression because it is an inherently correct thing to do, and Others use this right to shame and shout down people they don't like, degrading the very rights they are abusing.

If West and Nonwest were to actively collide using their own rules, the West would dominate because if its military might. The resulting subversion by the Nonwest is similar to the Prisoner's Dilemma, but the West won't wake up to the fact that they are being betrayed because each betrayal is small and not especially harmful on its own. It's only when you stop and take in the big picture that you realize that there is an ongoing, deliberate effort being made to undermine Western principals by people who hold Nonwestern principals.

If the western system is so easy to abuse, would it be then such a bad thing if it died? The weak and the naïve need a good dose of reality sometimes, maybe islamic subjugation would be a good thing for people living with such freedom? They would see what it is like to lose their decadent lifestyle and their safety and their security in what they say.

And yet it kills a society, so how can it be inherently correct?

It is the nice thing to do, but niceness can easily become weakness

Because we won't recover. The Jews aren't just attacking the culture, they're attacking the genetics that can challenge them. They'll push race mixing and breed us back to the stone age, no white genes will be left.


the sand nigger's cult isn't good for science and technology, and that is really the only thing that matters at the end of the day
hopefully the Chinese will work on gene mods forcing the west to do so as well, so we can save ourselves from our nature.

A system that does not allow unrestricted flow of ideas means that there is someone in charge of the ideas. That just gives the abusers a more direct hand in abusing the system.

We took over the world after 2000 years of the church being in charge of the ideas. And when we abandoned that control our culture immediately collapsed and have been having so few children that we will be overrun within 100 years and will have no power in any country on Earth.
Ask yourself who taught you that having no one in control of a culture is a good thing. It's Jewish poison that got in your head.

Nice dubs and i am like 90% ok with the rest, but the thing with "cultural marxism" is that its goal isnt about "no control", its about destroying current power and change it with another power, ask Yuri Bezmenov.


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dont forget this building houses the magna carta

I really like being a tiny bit bisexual. Having had gay faggots act extremely submissive on the internet and list it as their kinks, really made me extend that to women as well.




That's only true of western civilization minus nationalism.

The real underlying problem is that the people arguing for nationalism lost the debate - an entire generation was raised believing that nationalism is bad, and that white people are all evil.

Maybe (just maybe) if we let Europe fall, then the people arguing for nationalism will be able to make a better argument for it and something of the west can be saved. We really only need a kernel of high-IQ population plus the will to fight, and we can reclaim the entire world.

…or at least, we can if we fight back before technology advances too much. There will quickly come a point where a very few elites (far fewer than there are now) can oppress everyone with robots and drones and shit. That's when we're really fucked.

The Jews will never leave us alone until our numbers are so minuscule a resurgence would be impossible