I think I figured something out, which is very important for Transsexuality in the West

Lots of people, especially conservatives don't seem to really understand why some Transsexuals want to transition. Why can't they just be fine as "feminine guys"? Why do they have to be seen as Women?
I think I figured something out about the core nature of the West and out attitude to sexuality. You see even now with tolerance of LGBT people in the West you can see something. I think at the core, at it's very core the West is sexually prude. And yes that has nothing to do with whether you are conservative, liberal or whatever. That is much older than that. It started about 200 years ago, when the term homosexuality first came into use and was later picked up by psychologists and turned into neat definitions.

Look at the definitions we have relating to sexuality. It's all about the WHO. Homosexuality. WHO are you? A man. WHO do you want to do it with? Other men. Bisexuality? Both!
Most people don't know this and get very confused, when they for example find out Alexander had a male lover. (d-does t-that m-m-mean he is g-gay???) For most of human history, in Antiquity, in muslim socities even today, It was not a matter of WHO you want to fuck, like today in the west it is. It was question about WHAT you want to do. WHAT gets you off, what positions do you want to do it in, top or bottom? This is getting very confusing to probably some modern people, but masculine men who took the position of the top were lumped in together with the rest of heterosexual men. They also often had wives. To someone who thinks that every gay act brands someone forever as gay and convinently puts him in the LGBT box, so that he can think of them as something seperate, this must be downright disturbing.
Guess what kind of photographic proof you have to show to the Turkish Military to proof that you are "gay"? Let's just say it's not a question about WHO, but a question of WHAT.
I don't think the following applies to every kind of Transsexual Person, but I believe it applies to at least some. Because if we only ever talk about the WHO and let it literally become a core identity of ourselves. Just look at how shocking it is to some guys to even think about doing something "gay", that isn't gay sex at all. Like just hugging another guy. Because again in the WEST it's not about WHAT you do, it's about WHO you want to do it with. But the WHO also applies to ourselves. WHO are you? It's really no wonder that some guys want to be seen as LITERAL REAL Women in a culture with such a repressed and prude view of sexuality. There are probably lots of stories about some boy who tells his family that he feels like a girl. In our weird cultural intepretation of this message to us, we immideatly jump to the conclusion that he is transsexual, because we only consider the WHO, not the WHAT.


In regards to a man getting another man to mutilate his dick by chopping it off to "escape his body"

"Hm.. I think i understand now.
He liked wearing women's clothes in erotic or sexual situations. His wife was fine with it for a while then suddenly told him he's a girl in a man's body because women jump straight to transsexualism and refuse to even consider homosexuality. He decided hey maybe i am because his wife kept telling him this so he was all like i'm gonna buy surgery. It doesn't need to be professionally done (where certain parts remain and if you so choose you could probably get a somewhat-functioning penis back if you change your mind), if i really am a woman then the vagina will just form because of my high estrogen levels and my female soul or some shit. Then this happens. Have you ever seen ftm trannies on, say, youtube or whatever explaining why they decided they wanted to be male and when they "realized they were trapped in the wrong body"??? First it's all "i liked to steal my brother's clothes" and "i broke gender barriers all the time". Then they grow up their parents say "if you wanna be a boy we'll pay for the surgery". Their parents never consider homosexuality an option. They think "i like wearing boys clothes and like dating other girls, i'm probably a boy like my parents say!" then it's off to surgery. Never is gayness an option to them, nooooo…. You HAVE TO BE THE OPPOSITE SEX TO LIKE THE SAME SEX smh. What's wrong with KEEPING YOUR GENITALS AND CROSSDRESSING AND BEING GAY! Jesus."
This is what i've been saying all along. I'm no psychologist, but i still notice trends among certain people. They never consider being gay, because in most ways society still doesn't like homosexuality. Even while speaking to liberals, the most "tolerant" people of all, you'll still hear "faggot" thrown around at right-wing people eventually. This is likely because most people look at homophobes as closet gays, but that's not the point. The point is transsexuality and self-mutilation are much more accepted within modern society than homosexuality. This is, in every way, absolutely retarded, as any sane person would know that self-mutilation in the hopes of getting a better body (look at anorexic girls cutting off body fat) is a completely insane idea!

You misunderstand, OP isn't saying transgenderism is good, he's saying that homosexuality is, and that many trannies simply never figure out they like the same sex.

Is that confirmed?

Well, no. It was an assumption made to explain why a guy –with a wife– decided to chop his balls off. The truth hasn't been found yet, but it sounds like a pretty accurate theory

it disgusts me that he has a wife and wants to become female himself

Why would you do that if you have a wife? Why do you want to become female if you are attracted to females?

Is it reading too much yuri?


You know, native americans had a different conception of gender. Certain tribes actually had 4 instead of 2, all 4 of which actually make sense. Here it is, in order of best to worst;
I don't see a need for 49 genders, and i certainly don't see a reason for disgusting trannies to exist, with this concept of gender here. This seems like gender from the perspective of common sense.
What if people simply followed these rules instead of the degenerate shit we have now?

You know, i never said that. As a bisexual man, i personally believe that everyone who has an STD should be killed for the good of humanity.

That makes sense. In the Middle East/Ancient Greece, there was also a sort of third gender, which were basically twinks. Sort of sad that historians for the longest time always connected that with pedophilia, even though it was completly seperated from fucking actual children.

Only problem is that we would need people to understand that these native american genders already include sexuality.

I don't care if you are bisexual. Are you feminine or masculine?

you never did, OP did.

I think that if that becane the normal system, people would be less pressured to become a woman. Words are powerful in the mind, if a person only ever hears the word "man" and "woman", but they don't fit those categories and there is nothing in between to describe them, they'll default to wanting to become a tranny. It's that simple.
I think i'm actually a pretty feminine guy. Not that it matters, i'll probably never fall in love with anyone or like anyone sexually again, but yeah.

Oh sorry. I don't remember reading that in op's post. I'll read it again

Why bruh?

Yeah i still don't see anything suggesting that more stds is good. Perhaps you misread something?

It's a long story. To put it simply, i fucked up while i was in love and now have severe depression (heh gay stereotype there) and i'm pretty sure i'm not fit for a relationship anymore.

Awww. have you considered a full-frontal lobotomy?

I wouldn't want to hear the whole story anyway, because I don't feel like being sad atm.

Don't give up hope though. I am sure you can find some nice guy.

Sounds painful tbh

Mike "electric fence" Pence?


It was a joke. Mike probably wouldn't ever lobotomize a gay himself. But this is getting off-topic.

Homosexuality is a social construct.

You are right.

Let's go back to topic. What do you want to talk about?

correct, invented 200 years ago

Homosexuality has existed ever since gay rape was invented and some poor dude ended up liking it. As for more discussion, i want to know what other people think of what i've said so far as a whole. I suggested there be four genders to describe different types of people accurately (masculine/feminine men, masculine/feminine women), i gave my theory that trannies simply do not understand their own homosexuality and decide the best course of action is to get a surgery to change their sex, which is biologically impossible. What are your thoughts user?

Yes, but it has a definition, and there are many individuals whom that definition applies to. Stop with the mental gymnastics, son.

If someone has a primary attraction to the same sex, we call them homosexuals. Just like if someone has a penis, we call them male.

he also wouldn't eat there anymore if the restaurant did serve a gay couple.

he would lose his appetite just from seeing a gay couple.

I like what you say, except that you still use terms like homosexuality to describe something like gay rape, which is one action.

I don't see the point in using the 4-fold gender thing, if you just end up using sexuality anyway. Masculine men have to include the dominant type of homosexuality and hetersexuality intrinsically.

most likely

Friendly reminder that trans children have a right to express themselves and hormones should be freely distributedo to any children who require them.

Friendly reminder that people who transition during childhood are over 2× less likely to commit suicide. By stopping trans children from receiving their hormones you are as good as putting the noose around their necks.

Friendly reminder to think before spewing your pent up cisgender poison at a trans person. They are human beings too! Your shitty little troll might be the event that pushes them over the edge. THINK!

half of 200% is still 100%

Well, the idea is to update the gender system (which is modern because in older periods of history there were sometimes more than two) to an older more practical system that has a foundation in traditional cultures. This is because the 2 gender system creates trannies who want to be treated like the opposite sex is, since there are only 2 genders here. The 72 gender system is simply disgusting and degenerate tbh.
Sure, sexuality usually has top/bottom, dom/sub, but it is only between one gender. There is no knowledge of masculine and feminine men as different genders, and even among gays this creates trannies. This is because they "relate more to women than to other men" and "don't see the point in remaining male when everything [they] do is womanlike". I see this to be the problem that causes people to cut their dicks off or to sew dead flesh over their vaginas. Sometimes they don't even have surgery and just identify as the 73rd gender which is ridiculous and can be avoided by a practical system recognized by government authorities and society at large.

I'd argue it's older. Not because I have evidence proving otherwise, but just because I believe people would try to justify fucking the nearest hole prior to 200 years ago so they wouldn't get stoned or be frowned upon. The same goes for transsexuality. It's just a construct people invent in order to justify their actions into means the rest of society can understand.

The definition is more of a construct than homosexuality itself. Sexual relations with the same gender have been observed in multiple species other than humans, so to an extent you could argue it's natural. We've just set a standard as a society that is has been unnatural up until recently. Coincidentally, transsexuality issues have arisen alongside the debate on homosexuality, so it can be offered that transsexuality is an insecure response of people concerned about the status of homosexual acceptance and how it applies to them. A construct in response to a construct, if you will.

But what do I know, I'm just an anonymous user on an imageboard.

Nice post. You simply ignored every point made in the thread, congratulations! "Cisgender hate" bollocks. Friendly request from me to you; get the fuck out.

No. Back then if you wanted to get fucked like a woman, you would get called a faggot. Faggots existed back then, even in ancient Rome and they are the copy of every stereotype that exists today. From the gay lisp to makeup.

If you wanted to fuck them you were a hot blooded male, someone with unusual sexual urges. During christianity you were a pervert and sodomite (Christians back then also had a similar opinion about any type of unusal sexual practice).

Today? These are lumped together. By every stretch of imagination they don't deserve to be called by the same word. And people often still use the "old definition". Because just look at how some people, espeically on imageboards like these are called faggots. It's because they have that word, it exists, but for some reason masculine men with unusual sexual preferences have been combined with faggots to create homosexuals.

Well, in Roman days, liking being fucked by a masculine man did make you a faggot, but actually the most gay thing you could possibly do was perform cunnilingus on a woman. Submission to a man was still far more preferable to submission to a woman in ancient Rome. /R/ing disdain for plebs in which plato makes a very compelling argument

Ah here it is.

Sexual relations with the same gender have been observed in multiple species other than humans, so to an extent you could argue it's natural
Yes, however, when an individual has a PRIMARY attraction to the same sex, it's essentially a glitch in nature–a physiological abnormality–and it stands to reason there'd be a term for it. It's "unnatural" because nature didn't give rise to organisms so that we could love each other and have a good time. Our primary purpose in life is to survive and procreate, and the only reason sex feels good is because of hormonal surges and the incentive to procreate. Now, of course sex can be for fun or to express love, but procreation is always at the root of it.

What I have a problem with is when people make the leap from "unnatural" to "wrong". No one should care what consenting adults do with their genitals.

This makes me happy that I always had an aversion to eating out women.

Doesn't help either that I see lots of women talk about "totally okay to have a small dick, lmao just use your mouth and eat us out like some beta pussy".

Glad to be a bit bi, so I will never be totally dependent on talking vaginas.

As a bi guy, i'm gonna have to disagree with you there. The rest of your post was good and i agree wholly with it but i have to mention this here
This is the problem with today's society. You should be able to judge people by who or what they fuck, it's how society functions with the family unit. Did you see the thread where a fat dude sliced off the penis of a qt twink with some boxcutters or whatever? I sure as hell cared what those two consenting adults were doing with their genitals.

Just because something is a social construct does not mean it is a paradigm without purpose. Here is an example of what I mean that also goes along with your argument from nature. Cannibalism has been observed in multiple species, and you could argue that it is natural. There are many human cultures who have practiced cannibalism, and in many places It's had a very special and respected place through out many cultures and times. The diseases associated with Cannibalism are blown out of proportion by bigots who don't understand safe eating.

Is it obvious to most people that Cannibalism is destructive because of the social construct of the taboo that surrounds it? Yes. Could you explain exactly why Cannibalism harms a society? Yes, but it'd take a lot longer. The same goes for same sex sexual acts, though it is a more nuanced issue.

I would like to have sex, and a realtionship with a man Even though it's not really sex it's just mutual masturbation and I know that it is not a terribly positive action for a man to be undertaking when it comes to the success of his tribe/unit/country/whatever. However I'm not going to stop pursuing this because I am incredibly lonely and for some reason women to not arouse me, and I don't belong to any sort of tight knit social order. If you just take a second you could understand why constructs are the way they are and why they change.It isn't illogical it isn't arbitrary you just don't want to put in the small amount of time it would take you to think about how, and why this mode of thinking came around.

I am also kinda bi in a way.

And I agree, I feel for that poor boy. I wish it was otherwise. I don't really know how to help him, except telling him that it's fine to be a feminine boy.

It really kinda disturbed me, because if I had a cute twink bf, who was feminine and submissive, which I prefer in a sexual compatibility sense (because I am not bi/gay enough to suck dick). I would still never ever demand that he would transition, call himself a girl 100% of the time or god forbid mutilate his genitals. I would not encourage that. I would hug him, hold him in my arms and promise that I would never ever hurt him in such a way or exploit his submissive nature to get him to agree to such a thing.

Thankfully, I did not.

The thing is, there are much bigger concerns than what extremely deviant, mentally ill individuals do with their genitals, as they make up a miniscule % of the population.

And it should go without saying, but I wasn't factoring in unfaithful partners and people with harmful psychosexual disorders.

Well, the point was that even what you do to your own body in the privacy of your own home still affects other people. You might start off being very violent and hurting people a lot, you cut off your dick and suddenly you are docile and don't hurt anyone except yourself. You start off weak and "pathetic" and take testosterone and 'roids and suddenly you're abusive to people. This is what i'm talking about here that applies to everyone, not just psycho depraved nutjobs.

OP is a fucking faggot but in case anybody was wondering they ask you to send them a photo of you getting pounded in the ass.