Message to any alt righters browsing this board right now who think "they know whats up"

Wake the fuck up.

(((alt right))) is controlled opposition tbh

I actually work and live in Michigan. Fuck these race blind retards and their gay ass ideology that benefits no one.

Absolutely implying we are for one sided arguments by being biased towards either left or right

The future is socialist, multicultural and fabulous. Get over it.

By multicultural did you perhaps mean equal in brownness and starving?


Shilling here of all places


i don't know about the alt-right or anything about politics but you should let others comment about their opinions, friedo.

until you don't have any money to pay the single mothers, and the niggers with
until you push it too much, and in the wrong ways then people start to reject it
faggots don't have a future, they are less likely to reproduce by virtue of their sexual preference, tho if males ever get to tech to reproduce asexually, then you'd have a point, and I would be in favor of the tech, but until then no. Faggots aren't the future of anything

Then they would have to defend their position. Better to silence detractors lest their evil comment convert one of their viewers.

It would be best to describe it as "African Communism"

but having comments at least show that they still support free speech.

I mean all the races of humanity coming together as one and forming a global socialist community and eventually merging into one race.

Educate yourself. What you call "purity" is actually the end result of thousands of years of incestuous depravity, you are an inbred race of cave trolls, what do you know about "muh purity"?

Not an argument.

The future is coming grandpa…All the hurtful words in the world won't change that. Face it hun, you are a fucking relic of a past era. :)

Off yourself liberal ape.

Wake up, Parliament!

We are living in a world where ancient eternal life programs are active. Ancient humans are living among us.

Humans already accessed technology of regrowth of their missing body from the existing body. Missing a hand? Growth starts at the wrist all the way from palm to finger. Missing foot? Regrowth from the ankle to the toe.

Multiculturalism is the first step. A sing race created from the merging of all other races unified in eternal socialism is the end goal. Don't like it? Tough luck.

Please, tell me more about how much you hate individualism and all forms of identitarian ideology and the ego. What do you think of "uncle toms"? What do you think of self hating jews? How does it feel that marx hated jews because of the fact they're all bourgie scum? I'd love to hear all about it.


Global socialism will be the cure for all racial, political and personal divisions. It will work as a healing salve on the putrid corpse of humanity and bring everybody together as a single unified block composed of one people. Now why don't you tell me why such an obviously good idea triggers you? I'm betting you just have a personal vendetta against people of colour that you let cloud your vision. Wake the fuck up before it is to late brother.


I believe in human beings, not some vague construct of "the future superior mixed race". Also,

That's more of a secondary concern. The main goal is global socialism.

What race will the leaders of this new one world socialism be? I can almost guarantee they won't race mix like their slaves will.


They will. It's going to be great.

Cuck much?

What makes you think that the leaders of the glosoc government are going to follow any of their own rules? Do you actually trust bourgeoisie this much you naïve faggot?

You say it's about bringing people together but you can't help but place everyone else into little categories so you can judge them.
Defined irony.

I agree with him. One day racist niggers, kikes, and crackers will all be one people. Also the faggots will rule the world.
"I'm not a racist and i don't agree with eugenics but one day humanity will all be one superior race devoid of genetic impurities and disease immunodeficiencies because i said so"

Gee ,why could that be…Maybe because they aren't together yet? Derp.

The creation of a single race will literally bring them together but that will be a secondary effect after global socialism has figuratively brought them together. I am aware of racial differences, that is why we need to create a single race to overcome them and bring world peace to reality.

It will come naturally after global socialism is implemented and they will willingly become part of the whole.

Or…… hear me out here….. OR we could just kill every other race except one.
The end result is exactly the same, the only difference is that it can be done quicker if we just take the genocide route.
Why waste generations breeding when we can have results now?

"I am aware of racial differences… Bringing people together"
"This is because i watch a lot of cuck porn in which the black man is humiliated and treated as a sex object used only to impregnate women and the women are merely treated as objects of fantasy in which i can get my kicks"
"I love using the word nigger to describe black people and cumskin to describe whites. I'm not a racist though, i just want everyone to have a great big orgy and get rid of all racial diversity in the world by creating one superior race that isn't racist and is multicultural by default by all following islamic/socialist culture"
You people make me sick. Your hypocrisy is unending

Comments disabled. Real tuff guys can't take the bantz


t. Holla Forumseddit

My creed is one race living united under global socialism in a utopia. Where is the hypocrisy in that?

The Internet tough guys from Holla Forums were spamming them.

The hypocrisy is in the genocide of multicultural enlightenment and racial diversity. The hypocrisy is in loving glosoc, which is the system of government which the world already follows. The hypocrisy is that you will likely not be accepted by any of these people you want to put into power; they will hate you just as Holla Forums and Holla Forums do now.

I think the main reason why people have an issue with the Left's idea of cultural appreciation is that some cultures are terrible and need to go. Islamic culture is violent and oppressive, most African cultures are violent and superstitious, Western Black cultures are violent and destructive, Dictatorships lead to corruption and wholesale slaughter, and both Socialism and Communism lead to dictatorships.

Can't. take. the. bantz.

Why is he grabbing his benis?

What OP suggests is that everyone follows one culture, one system of government, and presumably one religion. He also suggests that all races be igenocided! And replaced by a race made up completely of mixed people. What culture do you think would become the dominant one in his liberal utopia? Probably islam. What religion? Islam. What system of government? If socialism fails, presumably shariah. It's not well-thought-out, but he seems to think it is entirely feasible.

Not really. There are just as many historical examples of people with total power over a nation doing good thing as there are people doing bad. A lot of top tier civilizations prospered under "dictatorship". Yes, you can get corrupt dictators but with mass democracy corruption is not just a possibility it is guaranteed.

Give some examples.

As always, the only thing leftists really want is dat dik.
Complex feels.

What are you talking about? Plenty of leftist boys want to roleplay as if they're being forcefully fucked by a natsoc man. There just aren't enough natsoc men to fulfill the fantasy.


So it's fucking nothing basically. Alt-right is just political trolling.

Migrants are cheap labor for the rich, nothing more. You envision them being by your side during le revolution, but most of them will easily be the police and soldiers putting your revolt down, because the government pays better than you.

stop being a lefty and I holocaust your ass with my Nazi dick, you'll be squealing harder than a Jew in a (fictional)gas chamber. I want to make you worship my cock like I worship the Fatherland. I'll blitzkrieg your boipussy.

I can't stop being a leftist, you nazi bastard! it's the only political ideology which allows homosexuality!
I'd only be willing to fuck you if you were to, hypothetically, shoot me down in combat and hurt me to the point where i begged for it you fascist!

feels good

You don't seem to know how this works, faggot.

It's not fucking if it's gay rape user. You don't seem to know how this works.

Feels good :3

A group of SJWs with a victim complex trying to steal the show? Oh..

>Hwn force me to dress up in them as he slaps me and tells me i'm his personal boyslut and i'm lucky he's not gassing me

what a strange feel.

Hipster faggots LARPing as rednecks make me angry.

Inbred fucktards called Cletus with a superiority complex piss me off when they think they represent all of the south.

Actual rednecks are some of the coolest motherfuckers no pun intended you will meet.
Limp wristed faggots who dress up in flannels and claim to be working class are not rednecks.

Mainly because rednecks don't work:^)

Actually, you're both wrong. White trash retards who love being on welfare and hate everyone who cuts it off or steal their money represent the south.

d-do they realize that the "alt-right" isn't one person or group?



As a mixed race man of Asian and European decent, id rather die.

Apparently niggers got beaten by inbred folk in the race for the planet. No mater how you spin this niggers look awful.

Hi Reddit. Even Holla Forums doesn't be believe in Multiculturalism

The only faults of the Nubian race are being too trusting, kind and open. They didn't stand a chance against the demonic birdshitskins and their innate malevolence.

And not inventing guns, and not inventing better forms of medicine, and never fully leaving the hunter gatherer and becoming widely agricultural like literally everyone except native Australians and niggers. Africa is the continent of the people who only know how to lose.

Let me guess… Big head yakub created the white devil to be unruly and destroy the nubian spaceships so the black man couldn't fly to space?