Have you been sexually abused?

Brayden Wright
Brayden Wright

have you been sexually abused?

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Liam Lopez
Liam Lopez

no i'm not a weirdo

Brayden Hall
Brayden Hall

I was but if I told anybody about it they would just say:
Just kids being kids!!

So I never told anybody. Plus, I didn't want anyJuan to think I was gay

be me
be 8
on a family road trip
all the men take a break to piss in the woods
biological father hadn't seen me in 7 years
i go in the woods further than the other men so i could pee alJuan (im very shy)
father keeps following me
following me…
following me…….
following me………..
decide to just quickly pee as my penis is about to burst
lower shorts to ankles and start to pee (basketball shorts and I was stupid as a kid)
as i'm peeing I hear my father's footsteps and realize I got nowhere to sidestep
he pees right next to me and totally checks my junk out the entire time
he finishes before me as I'm still shaking and looking for dry leaves to use as makeshift toilet paper
as i'm walking back i can hear him shouting to the whole family

I wanted to just die

Austin Turner
Austin Turner

That Juan was very embarrassing and I think it falls under emotional abuse and light sexual abuse. I don't believe anyJuan has the right to see your penis if you don't want them to. And I DEFINITELY didn't want him to. Let alJuan tell our whole fucking family what kind of "package" I had

I think it falls under light sexual abuse even if he is my biological father.

Oh and uh…..the reason my Mom left him is because she kept catching him with other Men. He was bi. The sick fuck

Adam Wright
Adam Wright

Have you been datamined?

Henry Walker
Henry Walker

My parents weren't jewish

Andrew Howard
Andrew Howard

It's not abuse.
That's abuse. Because fuck society, I'm so dJuan with this faggot planet.

David Adams
David Adams

This next experience would actually fall under sexual abuse though
Kids will be kids!

be me
be 13
sleeping over cousin's house as usual
2 brothers
they figured out the passwords to the TV and computer somehow
it was a sleepover but really it was that the adults went away while I was supposed to "babysit" them
they blast porn on the TV and start surfing the web for more porn
i liked porn and was curious so didn't really mind
as it gets later they start watching more gross shit
then Juan whips his dick out and starts fapping
the other brother doesn't even seem to care. it doesn't phase him
i'm disgusted and leave to the room with the TV
after a few minutes the younger brother walks to the TV room completely naked and stroking his dick like nothing is wrong
tell him, "WTF dude!" and hide in parents bedroom
can hear the porn blasting and them obviously jerking off
after a bit the older Juan comes into the parents bedroom naked and stroking
asks if I can stroke it for him
tell him to fuck off
he says him and his bro do it all the time. Come on!! Just help me….
tell him, "NO!" and he is about to leave
walks near me and places his hand on my crotch and squeezes my dick through my shorts
push him off and he finally goes back to his room

Brody Hill
Brody Hill

parents are finally back
we all go to sleep
sleeping in the boys room as always
wake up in middle of night
something feels warm…
feels pretty damn good….
feels like I have to pee…..
wake up in case I actually have to pee…
wake up and look down
older brother is completely naked and sucking on my dick
slap the fuck outta him
tell him to get the fuck back in his bed or i'm going to punch him
he looks like he is about to cry but does as he is told
feels like i'm going to vomit
my shorts and underwear were pulled down to my ankles
go to the bathroom, very quietly, and try to wash my dick
no matter how hard i scrubbed his fucking breath and saliva smell wouldn't get off my dick
i want to vomit so bad
end up going back to bed
enter the boys bedroom
he's on top of his bed jerking off
the little brother is asleep safe and sound next to him
tell him if he ever does anything like that ever again I'm going to tell his parents it was him who bought all that porn
(for backstory he bought like $100 worth of porn and it was blamed on their dad. he was blackout drunk and doesn't remember a thing and his wife got super mad at the dad)

Anthony Hall
Anthony Hall

btw younger brother was 6

older brother was 9

Xavier Martin
Xavier Martin

I'm living proof that someJuan can be as autistic as me and not have been abused.

Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

This shit sounds like what my cousins have had to deal with. Thank God my dad was adopted.

Alexander Moore
Alexander Moore

not really abuse but related
big party of relatives and friends
kid blocking doorway bent over putting his shoes on to go into the backyard
some granny passing through pats him on the ass
kid runs to his mother and says granny touched him in his butt
his mother scoffs at him and dismisses it
kid runs up to me and holds onto the elbow of my sleeve hiding behind me

what are they teaching kids these days?

Jeremiah Butler
Jeremiah Butler

.jpeg and not .jpg
what a pleb

Julian Morgan
Julian Morgan

No, but I dreaded penis inspection day at school.

Brayden Gomez
Brayden Gomez

You're the closest thing to a father figure he had in his life at the time :^)

Luke Nguyen
Luke Nguyen

Daddys said that I am not allowed to tell, ever.

Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller

I was raped in the face at 12 by a 15 y/o

I shoulda bit his dick off, but I was too terrified at the time

Please don't joke about child rape (but of course you will, this is Holla Forums)

Elijah Morales
Elijah Morales

do you spit or swallow

Nathan Evans
Nathan Evans

Bucks County
Wew lad, right in my backyard.
have you ever been sexually abused?
I had my ass groped in high school. Some landwhale tried to get up on me on several occasions on unrelated times. Otherwise, perfectly normal.

Jeremiah Bell
Jeremiah Bell

Are you male?

Was he black?

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