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Ryan Taylor
Ryan Taylor

Pastas or OC, anything is welcomed

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Austin Butler
Austin Butler

(Part 1)
be me
be 15
female cousin is 12
watching Nickelodeon
all the adults go away
she says she is cold so comes to sit on my lap
unsure why because she had a blanket and brought the blanket with her
sits on my lap and covers us with the blanket
rests her head on my shoulder and teases her hair
i start caressing her thigh
we comfy comfy
after a bit she adjusts on my lap
few minutes go by
she starts grinding on my lap
few minutes go by
i cum in my shorts and groan
she keeps grinding for another 10-15 seconds
she then stops
gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me she loves me
goes back to laying down on the sofa on her side like nothing at all happened
a bit later she tells me her feet are cold and pushes them under my butt
we stay like this for a long time

When we finally got up I excused myself to the bathroom and tried to wipe up the mess that was in my shorts with toilet paper. The whole insides of my boxers were so slick because she kept accidentally moving the cum around my shorts with her feet. I don't think she knew what happened

Camden Parker
Camden Parker

(Part 2)
be me
be 15
female cousin is 12 but a bit older now
her tits are just starting to come in
notice them everytime she walks past me
she would always wear her training bra but ever since her tits came in she started going braless everwhere
it would our usual weekend where my Mom would take me to my cousin's house so we could "play"
in reality they would just go out drinking and bar hop while leaving us alone for hours
this weekend it was going to be cancelled because my beautiful cousin was sick and running a fever
parents were worried about her
i, for some reason, said that I would take her temperature and keep making sure it didnt get into a "bad" fever and if it did I would call them
they all agreed
left me soups and medicines I would supposed to make her and give to her
parents leave
just me and my cousin now
about an hour goes by before I lay in bed with her under the covers
she says I will get sick
i tell her that as long as I'm with her i dont care if I get sick

Elijah Taylor
Elijah Taylor

she tells me to hug her tighter and tries to give me a kiss on the cheek but ends up coughing all over my face
can already feel myself getting sick
don't care
we embrace while watching Nickelodeon
a few hours go by
i made her soups, i gave her medicine, she is now sleepy
she takes a nap
we still embracing
i decide it is my time to molest her since I gave her sleepy medicine (which was my plan all along)
start feeling her bellybutton
go back down to her thighs
go back up to her mid-torso
finally at her chest………she's wearing a bra today
must be because she is sick i guess
go under the bra and start groping them
delicious 12yo tits just budding. so soft. so supple
really wanted to feel erect nipples but she isnt getting hard
start pinching those bastards to get some life in them
she wakes up immediately
tries to push me off but too weak
she tries to slide off bed
i hold her back onto bed and lift her shirt up
grope and molest her for maybe 20 minutes just pinching and prodding and kissing her breasts

Lucas Cox
Lucas Cox

get so fucking hard by this time that I need to jerk off
start trying to pull my shorts down so I can jerk off on her chest
she is squirming too much
penis isnt going to hold much longer
run to bathroom and cum all over the toilet bowl
feels fucking good.jpg
start walking back to her bedroom
door is locked
after a few minutes of pleading how sorry I am she opens the door
kick the door wide open and start going for seconds
this time I'm on top of her and we are both on the floor wrestling
eventually get on top of her and have my hands groping her boobs
her shirt wasn't completely off but I unhooked her bra (which was flailing about) and I pulled her shirt over one arm and up over her head
after a few seconds of fighting she just went limp
start massing her breasts at my leisure
penis hard again
go to bathroom and jerk off
come back and she is silently crying still on the floor. not moving

Mason Martinez
Mason Martinez

play with her for a few more minutes before the phone rings
parents will be coming home shortly and ask us what we want for dinner
i tell them
they want to speak to my cousin
tell them that she is in the bathroom and i know what she wants to eat
they say okay
tell my cousin to please put her clothes back on
she puts her clothes back on
i clean everything up and make it look like nothing odd happened
she walks to the kitchen and starts bawling
i plead with her

Bentley Bailey
Bentley Bailey

be me, just turned 12 a couple weeks ago
Practically clueless in terms of sex
Thought I got a girl pregnant from kissing and dry humping
Also had to have a girl show me how to fap
pitiful I know
anyway caught one of my sisters (32 att) watching porn one day
no she wasn't masturbating
decided me and my lil bro would watch it too
snuck and watched shows like "lingerie", Katie's sex school and other shit
we do this for 2 months every other day at 3:00
one day I'm by myself and have a raging boner from a lesbian scene in the show lingerie
I also had to pee and the bathroom was downstairs on the 1st floor
I walk through the hall towards the stairs and hear snoring
my sister (24 att) was sleeping on the couch in our front room
never looked at her lustfully but she had 38DD tits, thick thighs and a nice ass
walk by the couch (which is right by the stairs) and notice her left tit was out
boner is full mast and then some
completely forget I had to pee but pull myself away to do so
it was so hard to pee standing up so I sat down and forced my cock through the bowl opening
literally touching the water, I let it out
I finish and clean my cock head
get back to the front room and see the tit again
It grows again so I walk over to her and stare at her tits
staring for what seems like hours, burning the sight into my memory
get bold and grab it

Leo Campbell
Leo Campbell

she stops crying
i tell her to go wash her face so it doesnt look like she was crying
she goes to wash her face
comes back and sits down in kitchen
we look like we are just waiting and ready to eat
parents come home
we all start eating
her energy is obviously quite low
her Mother asks her what is the matter
i look at her and plead with my eyes
she looks into my eyes
she says she just probably has a headache and will go to bed early
parents say okay and good night

15 years later nobody knows what happened and at family functions it gets really awkward when we are in close proximity to each other

We don't talk anymore

Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner

while I'm grabbing it I feel my mouth watering
I bend down and get on my knees to lick and suck on her big dark brown nipples
spend about 5 minutes alternating between the two magnificent breasts
pull out my cock and start stroking while sucking her right nipple
I feel myself about to blow but I get a bunch of ideas at once
I try the first, I reach down her panties and find her snatch
it's soaking wet
I pull back my hand and taste her juices, just exquisite
then I go to grab her hand and raise it towards my cock to get a handjob
it was as if she wasn't sleep at all and her hand instinctively gripped it
I start moving her hand to stroke me while I use my free hand to finger her
she's moaning at this point and is only causing my dick to react
I feel myself about to cum again and stop before I finish
I then wait a few seconds to catch my breath and notice her mouth is open

Mason Fisher
Mason Fisher

my other idea is about to come into play
After I've recharged my stamina, I put my finger in her mouth and let her taste her own juices
her mouth kinda resists at first but slowly takes my finger
felt like I grew an extra inch after I felt her tongue
get somewhat impatient and decide to try to put my cock in her mouth
at first all I got were lips and a little tongue
then all of a sudden I felt warm and wet at the same time and almost collapsed
my knees buckled a bit but I persisted
i looked down and saw my cock head in her mouth
I then pushed a bit to see how far I could get it
I grabbed the back of her head and got almost to the base before I didn't have enough room to move
I feel like I'm about to cum and go to pull away but felt something grabbing my ass and suction on my cock

Sebastian Hughes
Sebastian Hughes

I felt my heart drop and my cum valves break
I spew immediately in her mouth, deep into her throat with my head up and eyes closed
all I could think was "oh shit, she's gonna kill me" and "she's definitely gonna tell mom"
I finally build up the courage to open my eyes and hear slurping sounds
I look down and notice she was sitting up with her eyes wide open and my cock balls deep in her mouth
I pulled out slowly knowing I'm a dead man now but she doesn't look mad
I also noticed that she had swallowed most of my cum with a few dribbles on her chin
I have no idea why but I got hard again
she then pulls her legs around and looks me up and down
"You do know you just raped me right?"
I stand there frozen, thinking only now of the consequences for what I've done
"I won't tell if you make me cum"
I'm flabbergasted by her words and almost choked on my words
"make me cum and I won't tell mom or the police that you raped me in my sleep"
as she's saying this, she took off her panties

Connor Fisher
Connor Fisher

I just continue to stand there frozen by what she said
I guess she was getting frustrated and grabbed me by the dick and pulled me closer
she pulls me onto the couch and guided my cock into her shaven pussy
we both let out a little moan as I enter the forbidden zone and lose my virginity
"You are so lucky your cock is kinda big for your age and it's the only reason I allowed you to fuck me"
I can't even speak at this point, I'm just focusing on pounding her right now
since no one was up, she was the only adult in the house and we were the only ones downstairs, we were golden
"Do you promise to not tell anyone?"
she looked so fucking cute when she looked at me I almost didn't recognize her
She's usually frowning or laughing at her phone
plus as her little brother, I'm not supposed to be seeing this face in the first place but it was adorable
"I promise I won't tell"
She climaxed first, second, third and fourth
I don't know why but no matter how hard or long we went at it, I couldn't cum
So when the sun started shining through the window, we called it quits
"hey, user"
"I know I never tell you or your brothers I love you, but I love you. As a brother nothing more. And this was a one time thing"
"ditto and I know"
I went back upstairs to my room and got in bed
I just laid there, thinking about everything
it felt like a dream but it wasn't and I was happy to know that
I knew I could tell my friends I wasn't a virgin but I could only tell them I lost it to my sister's friend
I jacked off before I went to sleep since I guess I was too nervous to cum during actual sex

And that is my story guys. No lies, no bullshit hoped you enjoyed.

Grayson Roberts
Grayson Roberts

source on this op?

Jacob Barnes
Jacob Barnes


Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown

her energy is obviously quite low


Alexander Campbell
Alexander Campbell

kill yourself

Lucas Watson
Lucas Watson

good story

Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper



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