Choose, Holla Forums.

Jason Walker
Jason Walker

Ok Holla Forums you have to choose between 2 women.

she is your ex of 2 years.
she looks decent and has a decent body
she is Latina with a heavy French ancestry as well making her practically white but with dem perfect curves. She also wears her hair like Anne frank and dresses like her too (hipsterish but with some fashion)
she has a high iq around 140 and is the smartest, most funny girl you have ever met (which you can compete with because you are also smart good-looking and funny)
she is a MASSIVE SJW but doesn't openly tout it.
you met her in a mental hospital for trying to kill yourself and both fell head over heels for each other within a month. >she suffers from extreme depression which in turns makes her the sweetest person you ever meet but also have to deal with depression spells
is the most genuine case and argument for endogenous depression you have ever seen
extremely self conscious and has weird quirks about it that get annoying
she lost her virginity, as well as you being her first kiss and cuddle when she was 17
she breaks up with you because you fucked your 14 year old second cousin that was hot af and wanted to bang on a trip to Wisconsin. You were 19. You are now 21.

is your second cousin
she is now 16 and has completely fallen in love with you from that encounter
you live in california she lives in Wisconsin so you would have to live there to pursue anything
is white and good looking. She looks like a fox.
is a typical female. IQ Is maybe 110. Has slept with over 7 guys prolly like 10.
said that you were the best and biggest and when you fucked it was fucking RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING
is funny and sassy but acts very femalish
family somewhat knows and would be weary of your intentions (have to be a stealth ninja about it)

Choose wisely.

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Cooper Roberts
Cooper Roberts

I choose my 2D waifu

John Bailey
John Bailey

no thanks.
ill take the other one

Jack Myers
Jack Myers

Ur a dmfag dood kysaf

Gavin Lee
Gavin Lee


Eli Hernandez
Eli Hernandez

That's a fake name lolz

Benjamin Allen
Benjamin Allen

once my ex always my ex
massive sjw
muh glorius 16 gorilla ton i.q
extreme depression

Why us this even a choice? What is this thread for? Choice for what? The instructions aren't clear my dick got stuck in a toaster.

Liam Gomez
Liam Gomez

Check my numbers

Michael Young
Michael Young

you met her in a mental hospital for trying to kill yourself and both fell head over heels for each other within a month.
i had to go to a mental hospital


Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey

Neither, they both sound like terrible partners for me
I want a natsoc gf.

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker

There is literally no reason not to go with Noelle in this case.

Fuck california. Any excuse to get your ass out of that pozzed shithole is a good one.

Justin Barnes
Justin Barnes

Mentally ill

No thanks. I'll take my hand.

John Richardson
John Richardson

noelle,family first and fuck sjws.

Jose Nguyen
Jose Nguyen

Hardcore SJW who is suicidal and brown
White cousin who loves me and gets me away from California

Luke Cook
Luke Cook

Beings of higher intelligence wouldn't hang around with NEETs like the ones in this board.

I'd choose the first one if we got back together but it'd make me wonder why we broke up.

Nathaniel Young
Nathaniel Young

holy shit fucking checked

Nicholas Bailey
Nicholas Bailey


mental hospital
I'm not this much of a faggot

she better be a damn fine piece of wood

OP has obsession with STINKY foreigners

Josiah Parker
Josiah Parker

This sounds like absolute fuckery, thus I will not partake

Thomas Cruz
Thomas Cruz

Fucking, who cares about blood? Cousins are totally okay! Sisters, mmmm, I dunno. Mom? Push her down the stairs in worst case

Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez

Yes you are lol. You chose her first no take backs.

John Wood
John Wood


Jaxson Richardson
Jaxson Richardson

Where's the dilemma? Noelle, obviously. Of course, that's if I hypothetically HAD to pick. No self-respecting man would go for 3D if he could avoid it.

Xavier Clark
Xavier Clark

high iq
massive sjw


but good try anyway, leftypol/reddit/tumblr whatever you are

Jace Wright
Jace Wright

both aren't virgins
16 years old
fucked 10 guys
Kill myself

Ian Gonzalez
Ian Gonzalez

college educated women tend to also be liberals

There's no correlation between high IQs and SJWs, SJWs, also, tend to choose being one of that race because of an event in their life that pushed them to that type of life. Events including but not limited to, rape, harassment, discrimination, and sexism.

Anyone with a brain should realize that we resort to our human nature, nature that was molded in thousands of years. This means that we form small and close groups, view each other as prey/predatorm etc,


Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez

Noelle is a fucking stupid name.

Hudson Rodriguez
Hudson Rodriguez


curvy smart broad

ok im interested

in a hospital for depression, sjw

no pussy is worth that sack of bullshit

16 year old cousen

HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE YOU. There is no version of that that ends well

My vote is neither, and get you ass to a bar to meet new women, you absolute pussy

Dylan Lee
Dylan Lee

each one says I've fucked them.
Already level +1 Wizard.
I choose any of them you fuck.

Landon Gutierrez
Landon Gutierrez

I'm not really big on either of them, but Noelle is definitely the better of the two.

Benjamin Morgan
Benjamin Morgan

It was a hard choice, but Noelle is the woman 4 me.

Owen Cox
Owen Cox


Three strikes and she's out.

Nathaniel Bailey
Nathaniel Bailey

she has extreme depression
you cheat on her with a 14 year old
she's still alive two years later

Ayden Johnson
Ayden Johnson

she looks decent and has a decent body
she has a high iq around 140
she is a MASSIVE SJW

Choose one

Henry Gomez
Henry Gomez


Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson

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Joseph Morris
Joseph Morris

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Dominic Thomas
Dominic Thomas

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Hudson Walker
Hudson Walker

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Brayden Long
Brayden Long

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Nolan Hughes


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Gabriel Rogers

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Hudson Thompson
Hudson Thompson

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Sebastian Taylor

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Carson Foster

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Ryan Morales

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Hudson Nguyen
Hudson Nguyen

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Easton Thompson
Easton Thompson

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Anthony Campbell

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Connor Garcia

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Robert Nelson

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Jayden Rodriguez

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Nathan Ramirez


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Matthew Reed

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Alexander Collins


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Josiah Brown

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Jaxon Allen

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Kayden Sanders

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