Have you ever attracted a fe-male, and also why not?

Have you ever attracted a fe-male, and also why not?


failure in my chosen profession
bad personality
omega male
live in a 500 sq ft apartment
loser in all aspects of life


Yes, about a dozen of them but it wasn't worth the hassle because they were 5-6/10 and required meeting more than once before banging. You either live like Zyzz or you live like a monk, I say. No half stepping. Unfortunately I ain't no Zyzz, so it's going to be the way of the monk for me.

I am married to this Polish girl she is next to me in bed now with my child in her belly.

Here is a video for you Beta/MGTOW men.


Also she is a perfect innie.


Why are you putting pics of the mother of your child on cripplechan?

Why does it matter? Not like ill ever get one anyway.

ib4fuck off to /r9k/

i don't understand how to do that. is she naked in the video?

Because she doesn't use social media and we live in eastern europe what does it matter.

please let me see

not for long

Wow you really are a autistic virgin you know thats not how vags work right?

My friends, I advise you to consider rejecting your bodily desires in favor of spiritual pursuits! Look deep within yourself and you may yet call upon arcane powers to perform feats of meme magic such as these doubles (fives, if I am not mistaken), and this is only the beginning!

How the fuck….where's the guidelines on this fucking site?


Why are you lying on the internet user? DO you think you will get points?

Goddamn it, not another one of these threads! If you faggots want to get laid go out and do it, stop bitching on here.

God, I wish I was the mod. I would delete every thread that stank of normie-ism

I have been picked up and picked up women. no issues there.

normies get laid you fucktarded newfaggot

Fuck off Chad. I hope you get cucked harded.


Burn in hell

Varg is a pretty spergy guy with pretty spergy views.

Yes and yes, but i usually end up screwing up when it comes to signing the deal, i have a lot of things i need to do before i can get in a relationship again and give a woman the best of me.

you all just need to practice more, most girls are way worse at socializing than you are.

I've been practicing for almost a decade so yeah you can go fuck yourself and keep your platitudes in your ass where they came from

If you practice for almost a decade keep practicing, if you dont overcome your autism at a decade its natures way of telling you to switch to traps

You knew EXACTLY what you were doing OP.

Why would you tell him to do something that doesn't work? Are you retarded? Something tells me you haven't attracted anyone.

Your right my mistake, i should take virgins advice more often

Nature has designated you a perma bitch and chad is currently fucking your girlfriend, there is literally nothing you can do about it

Well yeah it's generally better to take advice from people who can empathize with you, i.e. people in your position.

'Sides getting laid requires different things from you depending on your race, personality, social IQ and acuity, height, appearance, social status, etc. Some will never figure out with it is because it's complicated as hell.

that's why I told them to leave and get laid, fuckstick. If they leave they would be normies would they, shitspread?


Shes a real blonde are you fucking stupid her eyes are blue even in the picture and her mother doesn't drink KEK jelly little beta.

I wouldn't even fuck her tbh. You're literally settling for what other Holla Forumstards would throw away. No offense but that's sad and pathetic.


Of course… You do realize she has you by the balls now right? Any moment she gets it into her head that she can trade up, you're going to get anally raped in divorce court. So many supposed alphas believe it will never happen to them and they get utterly devastated when it does.

well you basically own Holla Forums. fucking do something about it

While in school: couldn't go a year without at least 1
Outside of school: in my early years out of hs but now, it's barren where I live. Only small children, middle schoolers and grannies

Being fat for most of my elementary and middle school days, I can say that you have 0 excuses. The only real answer you have is that you were lazy but even then if you acted nonchalant in the presence of girls they'd still like you

If you weren't fucked before, you're fucked now

I do not live in America. I live in eastern europe.

She hates people from the west and their degenerate culture. I am attractive.

How am I fucked? Also my very attractive romaian ex still pines after me constantly.


You sound like a Borat type faggot tbh

Well, you're just a Casanova living the dream, eh?



I don't know

Yes, if you drop your standards low enough it isn't that hard. Increase your sexual market value and "shop around" for a girl around your number. That is to say, if you are a 5, go for girls who are 4s, 5s, or 6s. Take care of yourself, clean up a bit, and practice.

You do know that you aren't born mgtow and can have relationships before and while you are mgtow right?

not for me
I am able to learn from empathy

Fuck off virgin, no one wants to join your gay little club.

Are you an antinazi? Get out you naziphobe.


Maybe, once. But not for long.

I'm not attractive. That's why

Get out and propagate the white race, coalburner. Quit jerking off!

Fe Male? Iron Male?

all the time, women try to use their bodies to attract me instead of their minds and it drives me nuts………. So i prefer the Solo mode in existence

Lot's of times yes, still never fucked any of them because I was blissfully unaware most of the time.

you can't fuck a belly button, retard


You must be ugly.

I used to fuck multiple women. Now I dont. Too much fucking hassle. So best to just have a FWB and do that whenever.

How's it going Chad?

Pretty fucking good m8

lol you should try and get the best. if you want your slut gf to betray you at least have her be hot and not some ugly fetal alcohol victim.


You sound like the typical slav faggot.

Hm … judging by this I'm delta+ with some potential of reaching gamma+. The next few years will show how that works out.

(if it doesn't then, well, mediocrity works too)

Yes, but i'm too much of a faggot to know how to react to that.


i've been considered "cute" and "kinda cute" IRL before. doesn't make me any less useless though

And hence why they're not worth dealing with.
Being involved with women is all downside for men except for sex, and that dries up and loses its novelty very quickly.

There is no individual reason to involve oneself in a longterm monogamous relationshit, and being a playa is such a hassle and so fraught with risk that it can't rightfully be considered "hedonistic", just macho bullshit.

The truth is, if you're unspooked, the life strategy with the highest risk/reward and ROI is solo hedonism.


once or twice, but i was too retarded to recognize or act on it at the time

Fee-male? Is that a male prostitute?

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