Fuck,Marry and Kill

Which one would you wife up, fuck or kill?

is there an opt out in this game?

They're all essentially the exact same person.

Don't play this fuckers game or he will keep spamming

Holla Forums has been shitted up by worse. It's not even that bad. I just wish he'd keep it to one thread.

He's been doing it for years kiddo.


Kill them all, fuck while still warm, steal every dime and max every credit card.


nuke them all


Why do girls always pose like that?

Why not instead play hug, marry, kiss?


They're all dirty spics.
I choose kill, kill, and kill.

I'd piss in their mouths

here's a better one

They all have to go back

Marry Becco, fug Chartlotte, kill Paige to put her out of her misery

what misery? she seems very happy with El Patron

Marry Charlotte
Fuck the Mick
Kill Paige

oh you

try this one


Fuck 3: She's the best looking
Marry 2: She seems most submissive
Kill 1: She has an attitude


wow, tough decision user!

1) kill
2) kill
3) kill
4) kill

That tramp stamp says WIDE LOAD

because that's what you want to shoot in her?

indeed, user. a wide load of shotgun shells.



here's an even better then that

None of them.