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It was inevitable when hotman called it quits or was fed to the pigs.

Wuts redchan


Yes help me friend

First tell me how you ended up here, I want to know where the newfigs come from these days.

There Was A Repost On About This Site So I Came And Now Im Hooked!

I Know That Some People Here Dont Like Reddit, But I Havent Been Called Out Yet So I Think Im Officially Initiated…

God fuck off leddit

Im in good mood, do you wanna the long or short version?

In exchange please post some fetishes you are into young user

The bait could not be more obvious.

Long. I already know the story but god it was literally history.

Well Of Course You Know Now, But Just Like The Magic Of 4Chan You Will Never Know Where I Am After This Thread…

Yeah Im Baitng Reddit Sucks. This Place Is Way Cooler.

Kek, yes it was delicious

give me time to greentext some shit i remember

Worth the wait.

Neat, A Greentext Story, Can't Wait!

Not him but i stumbled to full chan from half chan, i started being a faggot since 2005 and usually spends time in /s/(maybe /hc/ ? can't remember) and /g/ most of the time.

The site went from bad to worse, long story short i didn't follow much of the drama except the amature porn contents, some other fag posted a link to fullchan so it started there, which is a year ago i think.

Too bad this site is starting to grow like half chan, now i'm wondering where to go next. I miss the pre-smartphone era chans.

I miss anonib and usenet.

Why do you people always post ridiculously long ago dates? Your oldfaggotry signaling is clearly not working, and EVERY underage/new user does this, so why not just be open and tell the truth?

You are saying oldfags never talk about past events on a chan, ever.

Doesn't make much sense does it?

Maybe it's the same guy over and over again, and he posts in the same style. Maybe saying he's an "oldfag" gets his dick hard

There is really only 2 people on Holla Forums. I just made a huge bot to make it look like users are posting.

It's really just you and me though.

How do you know im not one of the bots?
How do you know you're not one of the bots?

This entire thread has been like a swift kick to the nads

oh maybe i'm just posting alone.

Alright here it is, im not a good story teller, just a history gatherer, sill hope it recaps everything important.

Cont incomming…

Dunno user, i know its weird and a poor shoot, but some of us kinda feel proud of it, i was in the chans boards from 2003, in 2ch and futaba… then 12chan and K.O.chan back when it was normal to see CP in regular boards, and japanesse image boards started implementing futanari as their new love… i was like 11 back then, i basically grow with anons and i do feel (besides weird out) proud to call you that older brother who in between shitpost and fights made me grow and be who i am

I never even mentioned the word "oldfag", just fag.
You're jelly you're not part of the pre-cancer gen are you ?

I always knew there was a time 4chan wasn't cancer, I just never knew for sure personally.

I prefer the term elderfag

Well, i miss MSN messenger 7.5 and the unlimited nudge. Anything pass that is either some shitty forums again went from bad to worse.

what about wizard?

How to revive MSN messenger?

You're a nigger Harry

Personally the cancer happened during 2007 for me, thanks to smartphones. Every fucking two legged breathing mammal who owns a fucking iphone can posts their gay opinion like its 1960s in the streets of hobo peace parade.

Last i heard china still uses it, samsung internal communications still uses a variant of MSN+outlook messenger (used to work there).

The main thing is it tries to connect to archaic servers whit dead accounts. Wouldn't be too hard to hack I reckon, just point at different homebrew servers.

Does anybody remember ICQ and Sub7?


you don't appreciate it as you should