ITT: Reasons to be MGTOW

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Being able to post on Holla Forums without someone complaining.

Is it gay if two men go their own way together?

Just kill yourself




It's not being a male feminist. We are not the ones running to the state, demanding extra rights and special treatment.

Seems exactly the same to me

Feminism is about making everything you don't like cater to you, and knocking other people down in life.

MGTOW is about recognizing your true potential and avoiding getting burned by life.

What makes you think they are, in any way the same?

not being a giant cuck


anti-feminism isn't male feminism in the same way antivenom isn't a medical venom

feminism is a social disease and mgtow is the cure.

fyi if you are anti-anti-feminism that makes you a feminist

It is not the same. Mgtows are preferable to men who sit on their asses and do nothing while men slowly lose their rights.

so why should I be MGTOW
what does MGTOW even mean

Plenty of good looking socially upstanding men have been mistreated by "decent" women.


oh hai "back to reddit" troll

anti-feminism is pretty much what this sites community is based on, eg gamer gate etc and is wholly relevant to the sites ethos


Reddit spacing.

If he's trolling why would you take the bait? : ^)

"back to reddit" troll


Shhhh don't point out logic.

MGTOW = Men Going Their Own Way
The name itself pretty much sums up what the ideology is. You completely forgo listening to what others want of you, and you only listen to what you want. It's a lifestyle revolved around individualism, which is the most appropriate thing in a society like this.

How about you actually do your homework instead of listening to what other people say about it? MGTOW isn't about hating women, it's about re-motivating men who have been fucking burned to ashes. It's about freedom and liberation from what the state, society, women, and feminism want of your life.

Get a better and more original argument. It is absurd to think a movement defending men's rights is a duplicate of it's present counterpart.

Nice wall of text.

i dont think pointing at the person holding the fishing rod and calling them a retard constitutes "taking the bait"

and i guess i did what i did to make sure no one else believes their retarded argument

isn't there some law of the interent that says, for every ironic or retarded poster there is 9 other people who will take the idea as being genuine and then propagate that idea?

Where have I heard this before?

Same fucking shit mgtow cuck. Oh no a woman hurt me so I need to join male feminism to be motivated to be a man. You are fucking cucked faggots playing the victim card just like a feminist.

Being too much of a limp-wristed faggot to know how to control your woman.

Seriously, women are jokingly easy to manipulate and control, and any man who hasn't learned how to do this is at best a brainwashed, cuckholded man-child.

Grow the fuck up, take what is yours, and respect the cock.

either ignorant or troll

already pointed out why anti-feminism =/= male feminism here

either refute the point or be labeled a troll / retard

gayest thing i have read all day

You type like a fag and MGTOW is cringey as fuck shit for beta males who can't handle women.
The most retarded thing here is this whole mgtow thing. Its sad beta males who feel that they need to belong to something.

there's not a single argument in that post

wow go to troll of strawman + ad hominem combo of logical fallacies

congrats you are fully fledged troll and / or retard

Your idea of "handling women" is allowing them more and more rights at the expense of men's rights. You don't know what you're talking about, cuck.

Omg he disagrees with its all a strawman. I'm a big strong man mgtow. MGTOW. Surely it's going to make my sad little life better.

Lol nooo women having rights? Fuck get em back in the kitchen. Those good old days.

You hate women and you yearn for a period of time that never existed. Get over it. Lol

I don't ever see MGTOWs going around, marching in "stud parades" forcing people to accept the promiscuous lifestyle, do you? I don't see MGTOW men trying to change the law to benefit only themselves. I don't see MGTOWs pushing their "movement" in academics. And I for fucking sure don't see them going around and being sexists like the feminists are.
MGTOW men are too busy living a peaceful and fulfilling life than to push an evil ideology down everyone's throats.

So I guess avoiding getting burned now makes us "fucking cucked faggots"? Get the fuck out of here.

Well good fucking luck doing that in a society where something as mudane as "domestic abuse" is enough to get a man in prison, while a woman can murder her boyfriend and do fucking community service. Wake the fuck up and realize that things are NOT in our favor. Realizing this doesn't make you weak, it makes you smart.

Here is a fine mgtow specimen

contradicting a whole communities research into female behaviour and name calling

This is a femaleposter. Please disregard this poster.

with mgtow being a philosophy of self improvement?

yeah pretty much what you said

tits or gtfo

You are a whiteknight fool that women themselves most likely do not hold in high regard. It is betas such as yourself that are the main resistance to this movement/concept. You want to sacrifice men's rights to greedy inferiors, even though everything you use was invented by men.

Silly woman! Toasters aren't supposed to be used like computers, they're a kitchen accessory! Now get back into the kitchen and use the toaster the proper way!

That aint no man, man. Just pay attention to how they type.

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I fuck 2D women only.

These days you never can tell, with all these whiteknight freaks.

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just 2 prove how alpha i am i decided to go outside after 1 year just to spit on some womans face and her ABAP

women would be revolted by your faggotry in the 2d plane too mate

I don't think he belongs in this thread. It was women he was after, the opposite of MGTOW.

i never get any [owsi

your logic


It isn't that hard to spot them.

t. weaboochad

How do you consider a movement that wishes to get rid of matriarchy as being limp-wristed? Are you this delusional?

man this guy is alpha as fuck. i'd make tendies for him while watching him steal my waifu. fuck

Male feminism is MRA.

MGTOW is basically, "I need to get a job, fix my appearance, and learn not to get burned by whore tricks" sort of self-help and seminar thing.

so much strawman trolling in this thread, i guess theres a strong possibility a troll made this thread

how well is that going for you lulz

I'll agree the first two were obvious, but the other one could have been from either gender.

No, it's just tradcon faggots, along with neckbearded goons and one femanon shitting up this thread.

MGTOW is a jewish plot to keep whites from fucking and reproducing. Don't fall for the Jew.

Generally the harshest anti-MGTOW folk are MRA's and TradCons because they can't face feminists on their own and need a scapegoat.

Tradcon? Where do you come up with this? I'm pretty sure men chasing women would qualify as traditional, unlike MGTOW.

its not a philosophy mate stop being a faggot

If you have to use violence to control your woman you are doing something wrong.

MGTOW doesn't get rid of matriarchy, it signifies a man's willingness to abdicate his god-given right to enforce the patriarchy by controlling a woman. Running away from the problem doesn't fix the problem, it allows the problem to continue, this is what got us here in the first place.

Yes it is. I'm not that user, but can see you're being the cuck.

TradCon isn't "regular average joes chasing women like their hormones and reptile brain demand".
TradCon is "take it up the ass from your wife if she demands it because you HAVE to make her happy."

I disagree. Men no longer chasing after women or supporting them would subsequently lead to their collapse.

MGTOW's understand that a fire needs fuel to burn. The fuel is already fading and dissipating on its own.

A man's value increases as he ages, increasing with both wealth (resources) and in a good majority of statistics "looks". Meanwhile a woman's value decreases faster than milk past it's expiatory date as she ages.

Why take the fight NOW when we can self-improve, accumulate wealth, and sharpen our appearances LATER and have a leg-up overall with everything and have a higher chance of entering a more fruitful relationship (more or less with a younger generation woman). There's no reason to swim uphill and climb downhill when the other option is to climb uphill and swim downhill.

also who the hell says we can't screw folk? Just be careful to avoid the 'baby lasso' and rape accusations and you're good

That isn't the goddamned point. I'm not advocating for violence at all.
It's not that we can't enforce control onto women, it's because the state and society side with women 90% of the time, on average. Women like to make you think your the one in control, but it's ultimately them really pulling the strings. If they wanna ruin your life, all they have to do is run the waterworks, and guess what? People will believe their bullshit. And if they really wanna fuck your life up, they can go to the state and get you jailed.
I know that control is what keeps a woman in line, but with the law and society on their side, do you think that's possible in a relationship? C'mon now dude.

Just another excuse to chase women, user.

Men of all races are opting out, not just white men.
If you really wanna tackle the problem of white men not reproducing, don't attack men who decide not to play with fire, attack the ones carrying the match and kerosene.
White men stopped deciding to reproduce when the state started getting involved, and tearing families apart.

Money and the easy life.

The difference is that you are talking about theory because you have little to no experience in relationships. You read horror stories and form a confirmation bias that goes along with what you have read. This causes you to forego forming your own conclusions based on your own experiences, which, inevitably, you never have.

Ignorance is bliss


Interesting, never thought of it this way. But that makes them all the more absurd.

Remain 25+ virgin

Why are you weirdo's so obsessed with sex and virginity, especially when it comes to men?



Medli a cute.

It's not healthy for a man to not have regular sex with a woman, if you were in a relationship and getting some regularly you would understand this.

please don't rub it in

I'm not him, but explain a little further. Why do I need some annoying woman, again, to be considered "healthy"?

Because you're the only person that matters?

Women are generally a huge waste of money, time, and resources.

And more often than not a liability.


If you think all women are annoying, it isn't the women who are annoying.

I'm sorry user, I just came across it the other day and saved it to post in a random thread.

You're supposed to post the smug anime one faggittttt

I doubt I'm the one, user, for the fact that I go out of my way to have nothing to do with them, yet they always find away to draw attention to themselves, to be nosy, and to be a general nuisance.

Moments like that make it feel like god is fucking with me.

I already have had experiences in relationships, but that's besides the point. I know there are a few good women out there, but how exactly can you tell?
The point is, you can't really lead the relationship in this day and age. It really isn't hard for women to just find a new man and move on, since it takes them almost 0 effort at all to get a dude to like them. The man is the one who has to expend so much damn energy to keep the relationship going, while his options are incredibly slim. She puts little effort in the relationship, because if she dislikes it, then all she has to do is monkey branch to the better guy on the cock carousel.
The playing field is highly unfair. Not only does she have more liberty then you relationship wise, but she has more support than you too. This is why "controlling women" will never fucking work.

I became mgtow because I am getting sick of subhumans thinking and acting like they're better than me and if I want to fuck them, I have to buy silly shit like flowers or jewelry. Women have gained too much power over the last few decades and it's really starting to piss me off. We have posers like sarkessian pretending to know shit about video games and shit, just to push an agenda that we need more "strong" female lead characters. I know I might be alone when I say this but, ever since I learned about mgtow I have gotten sick of venting mediums such as movies and video games having female characters shown with the "can't make any mistakes and is stronger than all the boys" schtick. Every horror movie I watch, there's a female character surrounded by strong or smart guys but she's the only one to come out of the situation alive. How? For video games they always are the hardcore bitch leader in the team or the "can take care of myself" tough guy tomboy and it's unrealistic as shit. I know video games and movies aren't real but under certain conditions, I can't suspend my disbelief which is why I hate the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Women are the weaker, dumber ones of our species and for them to be put on such a pedestal or have equal footing with men, it just irks me

Not him. But putting a male in jail longer for the same crime a woman committed needs to fucking end. I'm not mgtow btw.

Nobody is demanding anything other than to be left alone by women.

You stated in a more eloquent way what I've been trying to express. I don't know if this was sarcasm, but the same would hold.

I'm not joking that shit is seriously infuriating to me

I've always had good luck dating sober girls. I don't know if that is the deciding factor, but it's worked out for me so far. Seems to work for Mormon guys too, their women almost never act up or leave them.

This isn't to say that your woman won't up and leave you some day, but it does tend to filter out the bar whores, idiots, and those who cannot control themselves.

two armies opposing each other in a battle field are the same, is your "argument"

Two sides of the same coin, user.

>>>Holla Forums

They aren't even remotely equivalent.

Ok friend, mgtow and feminism are two different ideologies. Firstly mgtow isn't about complaining and changing, it's about conforming under your own circumstances. As to where feminism is about bitching and moaning about minute shit no one who has proper priorities cares about. Mgtow is about educating men and boys about the female nature and how to handle it. Red pill mgtows tend to stray away from relationships entirely but still will have the occasional fuck as to where purple pill mgtows (myself) tend to get into relationships knowing how to deal with the women we hook up with, only doing so for about 1-3 months some guys even manage to get 6 months out of the relationship. Feminism on the other hand, is about trying to create a world without men or getting men as obsolete as they can but will still be used for the heavy lifting. You cannot compare apples to oranges, although they both are fruits they are from different places

I wouldn't need to be in a relationship to see that all the "relationships" around me fail. It's obvious the only foundation of these relationships is sex, and this inevitably grows tedious and tiresome between the man and the woman.

That does seem to be a great filter for the bad types. I live in America so I have I hard time finding a faithful woman, unfortunately.

If I were to get into a serious relationship, I'd do it in a country that doesn't fuck us over completely where traditional values are more valued.

Read this>>6754256

This isn't 4chan, you need it like this

do you have the attention span of a 4 year old?

That'd be MRA's.
MGTOW is basically men giving up on relationships. They really don't give two shits about any problems men face disproportionately to women.
There's some similarities between the two, but mgtow is not fighting for rights or any of that shit. It's partly because feminist think they need to educate the masses and that they can create a better man. MGTOW don't think they can change women. Furthermore, feminist try to focus on broader issues surrounding women and try to create laws to address them. MGTOW is mainly focused on relationships and doesn't try to change how relationships work; they just opt out.

Not even MRAs are the equivalent to feminists. When's the last time MRAs bitched at a scientists because of their shirt driving them to tears.

feels good man

Why is Holla Forums on other sites so slow to respond to MGTOW threads, and if they do it is usually hostile?

ITT: A bunch of autistic weeaboos on both sides of the argument expressing opinions with little to no prior knowledge on the subject being discussed.

What do you mean? Relationships? Women?


+1 Autism

t. retarded woman who thinks she knows what she's talking about
also this

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t. femaleposter

t. male feminist

This. 3dpd women are whores who only care about money. They are the leaches of society who only care about themselves. They may pretend to care about you but in the sorrowful end, they only care about having babies and money that is had off the baby dollar. Women are shit and should eat shit and stay the fuck out of our lives. You hear that women?!!! We don't need you and stay the fuck away from our anime/games you braindead feminists. Jump off a 10 story building and gtfo.

Your argument here is based on strawmanning your opponents, and even if it weren't, it would still just be arguing in favor of (your particular claimed) anecdotal evidence.

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t. Holla Forums

+2 Autisms

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Actual OC
The only thing of value itt thus far.

Naw, we also got to see retarded feminists flail blindly at weebs and make themselves look bad.

Women, just face the facts, 2d is superior to 3dpig disgusting.


t. sinhead



t. male feminist

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Is that all you've got, huh you stupid bitch? Because that's the only thing you can do isn't it? Just browbeat people into your shit feminist cause. No amount of convincing was ever made by you fucking cunts. Now go kill yourself you ugly bitch.

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Took you quite a while to whip that one up in MS Paint, huh?

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Samefag. Also, no one ever committed the fallacy fallacy itt. Pointing fallacies out =/= saying an argument is completely wrong because of said fallacy. Now do your homework kid and come back. Pdf related is a good start.

You misunderstand cuck
The fallacy fallacy proves that the formal argument system is flawed. That is its main purpose.

1/10 because i replied.

Lolz, kill yourself.

No it's not. Name one reason why it's flawed based off the fallacy fallacy then you massive fucking faggot.

nice try


Don't make him have to use logic, or his wifey might force him to wear his chastity device and divorce him for alimony while she fucks another man right in his bedroom while he sleeps in the couch.

Sjws have invaded Holla Forums. Go kill yourselves you femikikes.

It's time to clean up 8ch brothers.




Does any of you have any pdfs on nazism (besides mein kampf)? I have recently fallen in love with national socialism and would like to know more. The kikes/sjws really did a number on nazism with their smear campaign and propaganda.

It sure worked out for those nazi's

Jewish Shill Detected

I do it for free goyim

Materials are difficult to come by due to the kike washing of the public. Ask someone at pol, I'm sure they will hook you up.

What did you expect? The opposition to mgtow are a bunch of leftykikes from reddit. I just want to be left alone from women. I don't want muh privileges.

Nice soviet propaganda. He actually escaped to Africa.

When chairman Mao took power in China he slaughtered 45 million in 4 years during the cultural revolution. China to this day, still has a communist government.

So… what's your point?

Meant Argentina (I'm a bit drunk tbh).

My point is winners are winners and losers are losers. Nazi Germany only lasted 12 years, which is pretty sad, we have no idea if their economy or country could stay together for any longer because the regime was run by failed art student who had no understanding of tactics who picked a fight with all the big kids on the block and got his ass handed to him.

Notice how supporters of the holohoax never stop bitching about 6million Jews, yet no one ever mentions the 45million Chinese, or other real atrocities. This is because the Jews must keep reminding people and guilting them lest people start thinking for themselves and realize that they have been swindled.

Yeah that "failed art student" had six combat metals, got poison gas thrown at him, and got shot. Afterwords, he demanded to be sent back on the battlefield. It seems to me you're a failed high school student who can't do his homework.
Do you have a single fact to back that up? Last I checked, the axis had less losses than the allies and frankly, lucked out over sheer numbers and winter. The allies also indiscriminately carpet bombed highly populated civilian centers to push the nazis back. They also turned up pictures of the allies bombings as evidence of what the nazis did. All in all a shit victory claimed by cowards.

Actually go and study history and come back. Then we can talk.

Germany lost because of a few factors:

You implied fallaciously that the Nazi's lost due to National Socialism. They simply lost because the forces they were fighting had more advantage. It had nothing to do with the day to day operations of civilian society.

Nice Try. You shills love to use those fallacies.

To bad none of that transferred into leading the Nazi's to victory

Nazi's got crushed, that's a fact.

Doesn't really matter how well you fight if you can't win.

Typical Straw Man Fallacy.

Ignore this Troll and Shill.


ad hominem

You people need to stop obsessing over the Nazis and focus on more relevant things such as MGTOW, hence the thread.

National Socialism is mgtow/mra friendly sir.
Women are expected to have morals and be respectable upstanding citizens.
Traditional values are enforced.
Feminism is not allowed.

I guess you do not know as much about mgtow as you thought.

samefag trying to damage control and change the subject.

Nazi paranoia knows no bounds

since when the fuck was MGTOW aligned with nazi's
From what I understand, MGTOW aren't looking for "traditional women". They're not looking for women in the first place.
And they don't think women are ruined due to feminism. They just think women suck in general.

what above this was even talking about "relationships"?

Easily editable by using inspect element in web browser tools
Nice Try.

I'm pretty damn fast at editing then.

Look at the origins of MGTOW/MRA.

The men's movement originally strived for equality and traditionalism when the concept of NAWALTs came about. It was only after men realized that in modern society it was hopeless to achieve this due to women being so far gone that they would never change or behave themselves.

If society were to change to something like National Socialism then MGTOW would no longer be needed as women would be forced to behave due to societal norms. Women only behave the way that they do because its allowed in society. Fix the origin of the problem, not the symptom.

MGTOW is the short term solution.
National Socialism is the long term solution.

Hardly any MGTOW's and MRA's want national socialism though. There's a whole other load of shit that comes with that.
Not to mention how one would actually get back to traditionalism.

You're still yearning for women. The whole point of MGTOW is to say fuck it and do your own thing.
Traditionalist marriages never seemed to be happy marriages too. If you're staying in a marriage because of societal pressures, that doesn't make it a happy marriage. It just makes it boring. It's partially why the divorce rate went up, because people have higher expectations of marriage today than they did before.

Women are never held accountable. Another reason for MGTOW.

Perhaps something went over your head. If you read the thread you'd understand that mgtow's is a personal affliction. It has nothing to do with policy making/government. MRA's on the other hand often do. Don't conflate mra's with mgtow's. Some mgtow's may be mra's, but that's just a coincidence and a whole other matter.

This. I think yearning for traditionalism is as bad as wanting to be too "progressive". I think change is so seductive because reality sucks for everyone, and they want to imagine a future where their problems don't exist.
Drastic change creates turmoil, why can't we strive to maintain stability as a society?

Clearly you don't know much about MGTOW and know nothing about National Socialism. You need to study on MGTOW and look into National Socialism. You are stuck on this propagandized version of the word "Nazi to the point you can't see anything past it."

This was explained. Read.

You're still yearning for women.

You should follow your own advice. Attacking National Socialism isn't exactly allowing others to "do their own thing" now is it?

Actually this depends on the era and culture of society. You have a lot of research to do before you can make any claims. Look up statistics for marriage over the past 50+ years. Divorce rates are high now and happiness is low, but it wasn't always like this. What changed? Feminism and "Women's Rights." With each new wave of Feminism things became worse. Point being that, things changed. They can change again.

You aren't getting it. You aren't being forced to stay in a marriage. It has nothing to do with marriage. Its about behavior. If it's looked down upon in society for a woman to sleep with 100 men before she turns 30, then you are going to have less slutty women in society. It's all about behavioral norms and how they are affected by society. It is not about marriage. Traditionalism is not about marriage. It is about people behaving with a certain level of respect, decency and moral value.

Not True. Divorce rate went up because society changed and the allowed behavior changed. Women starting becoming self entitled, slutty, and selfish. Feminism, consumerism, etc were all contributing factors.

Also not true. People today don't hold marriage with high value at all. People marry and divorce on a whim. Many women today don't even feel the need to get married at all. Marriage isn't expected and sex outside of marriage is tolerated and celebrated by the majority of women.

Thinking about your post, it seems like it was a thinly veiled attempt at a Feminist trying to sound like a MGTOW.
Are you even really MGTOW?


Ya dun goofed. Your post has tells in it. Nice try samefagging.

Holla Forums detected. Begone feminist.

But the change has already begun. Where have you been?

All this. Also to add onto this, greedy scumbags (known as internationalists) plunder their hands in the economies across the world. Thus, creating another reason to get divorced, lack of money/jobs.

So True.

The Shills sure are strong in this thread atm. I think 8ch is probably one of the most shilled sites on the net. At least as far as chans and forums go.

Good work user.

lol no

like I said, "progressive"

Of course it has, because people are reactionary idiots who cannot recognize when they have a good thing.
Don't get me wrong, liberals are the worse offenders.

otherwise known as tsundere…

how cute.

Whether you marry or not, it is the duty of a mgtow mra to breed. Breed and raise up little mgtow mras. If you do not breed you are allowing the manginas to take over the population. By not breeding you are directly contributing to the problem.

For fucks sake, not everyone who disagrees with you is a shill or samefag. This isn't Holla Forums.

Okay, I can't respond to everything you said, but I'll address some of them. You can just assume you're right on the things I don't address.
When you're talking about the reasons why divorce rates went up, we are talking about the same thing. When society isn't pressuring to "make your marriage work" and you can get half of your husbands money, you're not going to stay in the marriage. When divorce is frowned upon, you're not going to say your marriage sucks. You put up with it.

From what I understand, MGTOW doesn't think feminism is the cause of "slutty women". They just think it's in women's nature itself.

And no, I'm not a MGTOW, but I watch some of stardusk and coltaines videos, none of whom like MRA's and none of whom are traditionalist by any sort of means. They're not looking for a traditional wife either, they're just doing their own shit.

And frankly, I don't want a traditionalist society. You said
I'm not looking to have women start acting more traditional. The MGTOW's I watch aren't either. I will agree that more women would have different behaviors, but I don't think it will be to such an amount that a lot of marriages will be happy. Also, from at least what stardusk and coltaine say, this isn't due to feminism. Feminism is just a byproduct of gynocentrism. Maybe this is me being biased because I am definitely not a traditionalist, but I really don't see how MGTOW is traditionalist.

Also, please point to me how you're going to get a traditionalist society. I don't see it.

Admitting to being a leftist and feminist.

Fuck no, who cares about future generations? If having children is something you personally want to enrich your own life then you should have them, otherwise live for your own pleasure and fulfillment.
We exist in a special time in human history and enjoy wealth and well developed infrastructure, why waste it?

I don't even need to respond to you anymore. You fucked up.

Where hid I say that? You are too reactionary for your own good, it clouds your perception.

If you don't want kids that's totally fine. I was talking about those mgtow and mra who want kids but choose not to have them because they feel its too much of a hassle or there is no point etc.

By your dumbass logic, you don't know shit about feminism because you're not a feminist.
Also you can't be MGTOW if no one will ever date you



Actually, that was part of the movement, ass-blasted beta orbiters were being manipulated and used by their object of attraction, so they finally rebelled but instead of manning up, they turned gay.

Are you through with your raid Holla Forums? You are pathetic waste of braincells to raid Holla Forums of all places. Reminder niggers, you're pissing in an ocean of piss!

The only way you can be gay is if you are sexually attracted to your own gender. Nothing outside of that qualifies as gay. Renouncing women, in and of itself, is not gay. Also, your idea of manning up is most likely giving women special treatment and privileges, in other words, being the beta you accuse others of being.

Nice attempt at covering your tracks.
pic related.

In other words they're projecting.

What can you say?

Kikes will be kikes!

You're not very bright are you?

Feminist's tears taste so salty.

don't know why i bother

You Jews will never win on Holla Forums

Everything beyond your first statement is bait. We know for certain that the MGTOW movement was founded by manchildren that were beta orbiters, cucks that kissed up to women in the hopes of getting poon. MGTOW is a movement for socially inept nerds that want pussy, but don't want to compete for it.

At least you see the truth.

Didn't call you a samefag. Just a feminist.

You Holla Forums cucks never give up on the relentless use of fallacies.

Okay, I'll explain it since you still don't seem to get it.
I put "progressive" in quotation marks to imply it isn't actually progressive, that's just what it's called by adherents of the philosophy.
You are flying off into left field and obviously not even bothering to read my posts, just getting buttmad because I said "progressive"



No. You are wrong on both accounts.
Why would they choose MGTOW then? I'm not understanding your rationale. You just described the greatest part of the male population, so why wouldn't MGTOW then, be much more popular and accepted? You betas can not comprehend that women can be willfully rejected.


adding nothing to the conversation, how dismissive you are with reaction images only

techinically, he said "feminist's", which implies he's responding to one person.

Sour grapes. They desired women until their wittle feelings were hurt.

Grammar nazi eh?
Well at least you are some kind of nazi ;)


Stay paranoid and delusional.

arguments on Holla Forums are pointless


misuse of pepe


holy shit finally someone made this, I was waiting for it to pop up for months.


This. I rejected 3 women in high school who asked me to go on a date. One of them was a 7/10 and I blew it and said no. I was just too shy and disinterested in dating at the time. In high school I was even a defensive end in football and started. Feminists are too stupid to realize that men don't always want a relationship. Especially with someone who is openly vile to men. They don't actually care about the opposite sex, they only care about themselves. Not mgtow though.

MCGTOW is not an anti-feminist movement, like feminism it is a hedonistic anti-family movement.

Again with the straw man attempts.

It is true that most desired women once, but I don't see how their feeling would have had to have been hurt. They may have observed women's manipulative nature, or even just found them to be a general nuisance or liability.

Do you seriously expect me to believe that you don't know that MCGTOW is feminism for men?

We as a species must form families and procreate. They are, willingly, removing themselves from the gene-pool because of the behaviors of some women. They are manchildren that think they know the nature of all women.

More importantly they don't realize that they are doing the exact same thing they accuse women of doing. By attacking women they are creating needless tension that is completely counterproductive given that the species consists of two houses, the male and the female.

Yes, and they brainwash society into believing that all men who shun women were in fact only "sent their own way", which is obvious nonsense.
Also, I am mgtow but one does not need to be to observe these absurdities.

FYI Jews are all feminist. Judaism is a feminist based religion and lifestyle. Jews follow matrilineal lineage.

kek. Clearly doesn't have a clue.

You keep trying so hard but just keep exposing yourselves Holla Forums.


Mgtow here. We do not need a relationship with women to procreate. Begetting children requires a simple sex act, and all else could be discarded, such as monogamy, providing protection for women, and providing in general; and nowadays there are even alternatives for procreation.

yeah, you can kill yourself and go back to reddit or whatever shit flinging place you came from. if you have feminism, you can have mgtow. otherwise you're enforcing thought crimes and not allowing people to have freedom of speech. but that was your plan all along wasn't it? to make women le dominant sex? fuck off sjw.

i'd rather die than mate with someone who wishes ill upon me/my sex.


You just renamed the file and uploaded it again.
Who do you think you are fooling? No one is buying it.

Look mom!!! I posted it again!!!

G A Y & B U T T H U R T, W H A T -A- S U P R I S E -!-

at least you realize you've lost

Courts and adoption agencies do not allow mgtow to have custody of children. There are several mgtow videos on this subject.



I've lost nothing. You're the retards that keep losing.

This is becoming outmoded thinking. Society is evolving and this is becoming a tradition of the past.

Trump won.
Holla Forums lost.
Get over it and quit being so buttmad.

come on, you're not even trying lol

This seems to be the only response you people have to mgtow. Why do you bother coming to these threads with the same worn-out responses?
Doesn't that get boring?

That doesn't change the fact that children were produced.

Women give birth to men, you share ~50% of your mothers genes and your son would share half of your wife's genes if you weren't a MCGTOWbabby. By not having a relationship with the mother of your children you're admitting that you couldn't care less what her genetic makeup is, in essence insulting your sons and daughters and ensuring that they'll inherit inferior genes. You are so blue pilled it's not even funny.


>Everyone who disagrees with me is
>Everytime i'm losing the argument i just call him
Interesting debating strategy you have there, but i don't think it's working.

It works because people get tired of typing at him and leave.

They are paid JIDF Shills. Obviously.

Why you so mad tho?

Interesting debating strategy you have there, but i don't think it's working.

How so? A mentality does not interfere with genetics. And it would be consistent with the movement to favor the son, even if the daughter does remain biologically necessary. Please explain how this is being blue pilled.

I would totally shill for money. Any position, I could argue it, sow seeds of doubt, disinfo, I'd be mercenary.

I'm trying to help you, user. Instead of trying to guess things, which you can't possibly know, you should focus on the things that you do know. You have no idea what the background of that user is and your guessing games do not really move the conversation forward, nor do they score points for your side of the argument.

Daily reminder:
Women don't deserve rights.

Epigenetics (if modern science is right) is largely responsbile for the genes that are passed on. Genes that are turned off are not as likely to be passed on, so your interactions with your wife actually determine which genes your children will inherit from her. This is why MCGTOW and anti-family lifestyles are so dangerous in the long run.

delet dis reeeee


You keep exposing yourself as a leftycuck.
When will you learn.
Try Harder.

But it's true..

I am a male feminist and proud Bernie supporter.
Drumph will be impeached.

Did you only read the first sentence? Because that's the only way your post makes sense. If had called you an idiot in the first sentence, my post would not have amounted to an ad-hominem attack, since the point of my post is not that you're an idiot, but that you're not making an argument and purposefully lower the level of the conversation by making wild assumptions.

wewf. also image related cuck.

They're concerned with destroying it. In case you haven't noticed it, i am opposed to MCGTOW


Genes are always evolving and we never know what the conclusion will be. There could even be positive things that could evolve, that otherwise would not. Not to mention that epigenetics, although a very real field, most likely does not involve how you bond emotionally with your mate, otherwise every child of a prostitute would have been defective.


How does taking a traditional pro-family stance make me a "cuck" ? You are either trolling or genuinely retarded.

Stop making up terms you leftycuck. It's MGTOW not MCGTOW, you fucking faggot. Also, you know what else leftycucks do? They just copy+paste Holla Forums memes and just slap their own shit on it. One of them I seen the other day was the claim that they'd save the family model. I have one word for you: cuck.

Thanks for saying this so i didn't have to. That cuck is beyond stupid.

I went MGTOW at age 16, tho I wanted to fuck 2D girls by age 12, so it wasn't really that hard for me as I didn't put anything into 3DPD by the time heard about MGTOW, so I kinda lucked out.

to those complaining that MGTOW is feminism for males, you're comparing a shield to a sword.
Males will never have something like feminism that has a much power as feminism does today, simply because of male disposability. MGTOW is something men can use to protect themselves against gynocentric institutions and laws, it is also for seeking knowledge about female hypergamy and what implications it has on mating, and the wider society.

The key difference between MGTOW and feminism is that MGTOW isn't about changing world so it is a better suit for you, it is about changing yourself as to better be able to avoid the pitfalls 3DPD and society set up for you.

Not him. It doesn't make you a cuck, but I cannot fathom how you could think the traditional family could ever exist again.

You argue like a leftist

le orange cheeto man, cuck

There are no men in MGTOW, only Manchildren. MCGTOW is the correct, appropriate namenclature.


if you mean pro-family as in- making the women in charge of custody of the child and men having no say in it. Then I agree with you nigger, your pro family.

MGTOW is not left. MGTOW is a reaction to oppose feminism. Feminism is left therefore MGTOW can NOT be left.

Cuckoff back to Holla Forums Jew.

And which event has made the family obsolete? The birth of Gloria Steinem? Please…

No, Holla Forums is now a colony of Holla Forums faggot



I'm starting to think you people simply fear change and the departure of the worn-out man-woman bullshit.

Let that sink in for a moment. It's an entirely reactionary movement that only exists because of a women's movement. So much for MCGTOW lol.

refer to

Dumb leftist.
When you alliterate you take the first letter of the word. Since you posted it as "Manchildren" it cannot be MCGTOW. it would still be MGTOW.
So you see, your dumb feminist logic failed.



Not him. It's not merely reactionary, it has definite goals.

It isn't name calling. It is true. You are dumb.


You keep making these wild assumptions, i am not a leftist (not that it would makes any difference) and if i was you'd still have to defend your positions and prove that they have merit, something that you either refuse to do or are incapable of doing.


True. And these are the brains that hate mgtow.

You've been name calling all night. You're "arguments" consist of:
And you wonder why no one listens to you feminist kikes.

the only goals I can see MGTOW having is waking men up to the environment they are in, and how 3DPD and society see them, and maybe making a replacement for 3DPD in intimate relationships

Yeah, the same goals as feminism. MGTOW has taken the feminist agenda and replaced the word women with men and female with male. "I AM STRONG MYN, HEAR ME ROAR"

You are 50% female. Checkmate, MCGTOW.

But you admitted you were a leftist..


I am a leftist, and a proud xir

Then why doesn't society look at it that way when giving out special treatment?

That's the entire point of MGTOW
They coined the red pill meme and made it popular.

I'm not even mgtow, but you're really not convincing anyone tbh.

Tippity top kek. It's funny because it's literally impossible for men to go their own way.

stop trying to steal Holla Forums memes leftycuck it's embarrassing af

thought that was Holla Forums

That's probably because you spend all day on Holla Forums frying your brain

You were born and raised by your father, eh?
"Look at this turd, honey Carl, it's moving. You's made me preggers, Carl."

no u

That is a gigantic change in and of itself.

MCGTOW have never created anything, not even a single meme that is worth a damn.

pure cancer

and even before that is was the matrix that made the idea popular

Oh, and women have created? Pretty sure 99%+ of inventors are men.

You're post gave me aids. I hope you get beaten and raped by nigger you ugly, ugly bitch.

Nope. It obviously originates from the matrix movie and the term has been in limited use since, but It became a meme from Men's Rights Movement (MRM) in the 2000s.

That's right. You're very perceptive. Men and women are different. Very good.



Trust me, you didn't popularize the red pill meme, nobody had even heard of your bowel movement before 2015.


I'm starting to think you haters are either femanons or limp-wristed betas that take it in the ass.




Being Gay. The Men's rights movement is full of faggots and closet homos who want to stick their genitalia into other men's anuses. Less girls and women around = Less competition. It's a giant sausage fest and they like to eat sausage.

you ruined it, god damn it


Shit he knows

This is some fine detective work son. Have you considered a career in law enforcement?

not into 3DPD, thus don't get triggered by it

no ur definitely triggered, it's a kid and your instincts kicked in, I know ur mad

You were saying Jew?
pic related.

He's a paranoid fool. The left is not even opposed to MCGTOW. They're perfectly happy to divide society into as many groups as possible. Men vs Women, Old vs Young, Rich vs Poor. They love that shit.

go away piona

Pic related? I'm trying to see how they're are related.

they are directly opposed to mgtow. they embrace your cancerous feminist ideology, thus defeating your claim that they're somehow a "leftwing" ideology. nice job projecting projectiles cunt.

pure coincidence =/= created by mra's

also, that's quite sneaky of you to include mra's to a mgtow thread. they have nothing to do with each other and just proves how stupid you feminists are.

so ur gonna post pedo pics now? So predictable

It's a neverending attack on life. Abortion, Feminism, MGTOW, Gay rights, LBTUMBLRQ rights, it's all the same anti-life, anti-human shit.
Do whatever you want to do, fuck whoever you want to fuck, but don't raise any children, in fact if you do have children abort them. It is disgusting and gays and lesbians are in all of these movements. They are literally playing for the other team.

Mgtow here. I don't think the left or right, or politics in general are related to mgtow. The gender issue is a cultural one, not a political one.

MRM = MRA and MGTOW. That's why its called MRM and not MRA.

lol no u xD

MRM just stands for men's rights movement…

fuck off Holla Forums samefag

That's where you are wrong though.
Feminism is left.
Gender, cutural, etc its all political. You are dealing with peoples rights. That is politics.

um that is what i said…

real women could never compete with 2d

So is MGTOW. It's a gay rights movement.

I don't see how mgtow reflects any of those things or groups. And mgtow is against mindless promiscuity, and gets a lot of flack for it. It is against this absurd obsession with women and sex.

Everything is not black and white

pedo's rights movement

I knew it was you, with all your little Jewish shill identities.
Still telling people about the time your brother raped you anally?

No one said that. Stop with the fallacies. You only embarrass yourself.

Didn't read the thread/10
Holla Forums you're pathetic. Stop pretending to be from Holla Forums we all know otherwise. We all know you feminist kikes are opposed to gays (although mgtow have nothing to do with the gay rights movement). So, I can only believe your a feminist roleplaying as a Holla Forumstard and trying to subvert people for your shit feminist cause. You have convinced no one you stupid fucking nigger.

You're arguing with trolls. This was never a serious discussion.

It is hilarious how all these little manginas are so threatened by MGTOW. You would thin, they would be happy being that there are less alphas (mgtow) to steal women from the betas (manginas).

I feel sorry for you

I realize that, but their arguments are starting to get extremely sloppy and falling apart. I bet they are raging at the keyboard.

No, they aren't. They really just have fun wasting your time.

That's like saying that communism is about equality and prosperity. The effects of MGTOW are very different from their stated goals. Becoming a father is one of the most important, transformative events in a man's life and MGTOW is trying to take it away. There are important rituals that every boy and man has to perform in order to grow as a person. Winning a woman and becoming a father are two of the most important ones. MGTOW is cultural marxism on steroids.

I just feel this gender issue would exist 90% as much without the existence of politics. It is clearly a cultural aspect, caused by society somehow believing women are owed more than men.

that's edgy

Communism is objectively the best system of government, it just hasn't been properly implemented yet. It's literally the inevitable outcome of the human race.


Theocracy is objectively the best system of government, it just hasn't been properly implemented yet. It's literally the inevitable outcome of the human race.

Democracy is objectively the best system of government, it just hasn't been properly implemented yet. It's literally the inevitable outcome of the human race.

Except god isn't real dumbass

Anarchism is objectively the best system of government, it just hasn't been properly implemented yet. It's literally the inevitable outcome of the human race.

You are either bait or truly retarded. MGTOW don't want to take shit from anyone. It's just a declaration for independence and free thought for men. It has nothing to do with muh equality or muh special treatment, it has to do with a mentality. That's fucking it. MGTOW is nothing like communism or critical theory as it's not hell bent on destroying society. All you can do is strawman can't you?

yeah no, try again

Holla Forums plz stop

You are correct in your limited and vague understanding of the word politics. If talking about the political system of a country, sure. But politics also applies to humans on other levels. Politics - "organized control over a human community." So even in a society with no government or political system humans still have personal politics. Politics will exist anywhere there is a human community. So you are not incorrect you just needed to broaden the scope of your definition of politics.

As you pointed out:

USA is a democratic-republic


Even worse

Society has already taken the possibility of this away, and mgtow arose from out of the debris of an already broken system. It may not be the ultimate solution but it is preferable to other groups and concepts existing today.
Like every ideology, it depends on who is representing it, and each group would be different. Mgtow is the same.

Sure thing.


Murrica is actually a Plutocracy.

you're the leftycuck roleplaying as a poltard, so i find that quite ironic and pathetic.

Why are Niggers the ultimate MGTOW rolemodels?

fuck off kike shill

Please do not use triggering words


I mean "politics" as it is understood at the current time, which more often than not conjures up images of the senate, white house, house of representatives, or ideas concerning the "left and right", all of which I feel are unrelated to people's favoritism of women.

pathetic race mixing jew.

so, by your own standards, if there was only you (a white male, the last one on earth), you'd have to breed with other races??? yeah, i can see your shilling from a mile away. fuck off you stupid nigger.

In other words you don't understand the definition. Or you are a troll.

Is Holla Forums the final MGTOW redpill?

No I do, but I feel it is misleading to brand mgtow as such because of others' limited understanding of the word.

Feminism = favoritism of women.
Feminism = political left.

What exactly is so hard to understand about that?

No.. Don't misunderstand, I am not branding MGTOW in a political manner. You are confusing that leftycuck trolls posts with mine.

Hope that clears things up.

Diregard that, i meant to write
MGTOW = favoritism of men.
MGTOW = political left.

What exactly is so hard to understand about that?

I'm not talking about feminism, I'm talking about mgtow. You are probably proceeding from the false premise that they are the same movement, that just appeal to the each gender in reverse.

quote of the day.

This cuck
is not me.
This is me
Nice try hijacking troll.

fake troll

yep you are a troll

Disregard this /leftycuck/ troll

fake troll

Why? Because I disagree?

piona is still buttmad that his brother raped his ass.

That fits the criteria of troll.
Heil Hitler

JIDF plz go

piona is buttmad

Piona is buttmad

Feminism = special privileges and censorship
MGTOW= special privileges and censorship…
oh wait…

Piona is Buttmad

so mad mgtow

piona is Buttmad

Piona is buttmad

lol at this thread

Going their own way is a nice way of saying "going away". Like homosexuality MCGTOW would be a self-correcting problem if it wasn't for their incessant cultural marxist psychological terrorism. Like homosexuality It is a lifestyle that is centered around degenerate hedonism and self-debauchery. They are going away, but not gracefully.

Piona is a homosexual because his brother raped his ass when he was a child. That is why he is so buttmad.


i love filters

This explains most non-mgtows, who really don't care about women except for the purpose of self-gratification. Mgtows are the opposite of hedonistic.




I can think of ONE good reason: the adventure of dropping out and living by your own rules, dangerous freedom.

I don't just mean going ones own way from women, but going ones own way from everything. No more societal rules at all.

You can learn to live off the grid.
Or you can learn to live ON the grid, but on your own terms: living in tax havens, places with legal weed & legal hookers, running darknet businesses and getting paid in crypto, etc.

I'd say this is the logical evolution of MGTOW. If you stop with just walking away from women then you're nothing but lonely embittered men. But if you walk away from EVERYTHING then you can build something new.



Someone in here is delusional.

Why give them a choice instead of a free helicopter ride?

Took you awhile to type that one up, huh?

Show us your tits, baby. Or get the fuck out.

You're gonna have to explain this one to me. What responsibility are you even talking about?