Bully Thread

Prepare to get bullied anons!

ooooh not again. please be nicer this time?

Depends what you are getting bullied for.
Tell us a secret and we promise to be only slightly mean

almost stabbed someone yesterday lol

What kind of manlet are you? Are you some sort of sissy boy is that it? I bet you're a fag that likes to wear dresses, wear tights and jerk off to the idea of a girl beating your ass!

fuck that hit near home. im going to sleep depressed now. thank you.

You're dead at recess.


Bullshit user, I bet you are going to sleep well and cream yourself to the thought of this! You're enjoying this aren't you?

off yourself you fucking weaboo.

Me tbh.

I have a neckbeard, masturbated to my little pony before I ever watched the show, no longer attracted to humans.

pls no bully

dont lie

You're not the user that wets themselves are you?

If you gentlemen would excuse me, I need to change my panties.

c..c..can I come too?

i sweated in my sleep and couldn't sleep well. now my sleeping schedule is fucked..thanks

Let me guess, you masturbated all night long as the thought of being bullied turned you on?

I masturbated to the idea of murdering in cold blood whoever was bullying him.

What are you, some sort of anti-bully ranger?


fuck you.

I haven't masturbated in over two weeks. I need to cum so bad…

you need cum? Thats gay dude

fek u bullfags, I kick'd yer ass yesterday and I'll kick yer ass again ya hear?

This is more terrifying than it should be

why don't you just get pussy you fucking bitch.
oh that's right. you like anime and cumming on dolls.


Can I please have cute mean anime girl bully? I'm a loser, fap to loli and interracial. I am a redpilled cuckold NEET. My penis is barely 4 inches, uncut. Please ruin me.

I like how you losers are proud of it

Sure, but only if you drink purple drank

I'm not proud of anything in my life, except maybe being more politically aware than 95% of my countrymen. As a functioning human being, I am a complete failure.

i don't masturbate, but my heart was pounding thinking about what bully techniques you'll use w/ me next time i come to your thread. please, have mercy…

here, have some mercy.

thanks. now im going to jerk off to your op then sleep

im not op.

you know i still love you.

Such a bitch, I bet you'd like it if I tugged your hair wouldn't you?


no sttahp it please it hurts

Arent you the faggot that ate hubba bubba gum.

Is he the gay community?

that's duder. the 24 ops man. don't fuck with him


Yes you are. You are so fucking nasty.

and ugly

Aww. Cheer up user. I'm sure you're not that pathetic.

Unless you want to be. That really is pathetic!

i said no

if you have time to attention-bitch about being a failure, you have time to correct yourself. fuck off now

Still looks like a faggot.



I mean I get off to be thought of being bullied by a monster girl, not so much humans

Oh what you'll call me names? I've been called a fag for a year now, you think names will hurt me? Also don't try any physical shit with me, you'll end up crying in the dirt wondering where your life went wrong.

At least you haven't been called French yet.

Bitch I don't carry a white flag on my person at all times like a frenchfag, the only flag I carry is the AMERICAN FLAG

Triggered aren't you frog?

Triggered? More like proud of my fucking country and ready to fuck someone up.


Hello, don't bully me senpai x33333 I am a nice person.