Makes You Think

It is better for a White Nationalist to use pornography featuring women of non-white races, since using pornography of white Aryan women is direct participation in the Jewish Plot for ruination of the morals and virtue of the white Aryan women by prostitution. Use of pornography featuring non-white women is in this way Protectionism of one's own race.

It is also better for the White Nationalist to keep in mind white women as they should be, rather than as some are. Viewing pornography with white women being Exploited by Jews will crush the spirit and leave a White Nationalist demoralised.

Porn is terrible no matter who is in involved, OP
Especially (((American)))

or just masturbate to cartoons

Porn has no place in a nationalist society, such degeneracies shall be illegal. Not to mention you would be idolizing niggers.
Terrible idea



Did you literally only read one graph you fuccing retard.

Since modern man is more likely to be educated, and for that and other reasons gets married a lot later than he is used to, the consumption of pornography has risen to fill a void.

Unless you plan to restructure society so that people marry at a younger age than they used to, it seems to me something has to fill the void.

Trying to ban it would be extremely difficult, and possibly counterproductive if it led to more extra-marital relations.

and the graphs you just posted are about straight families, not porn
I agree with you on the facts that early sex, promiscuity, and non-traditional families are bad, but not that porn is bad

I son't have any stats on porn and the same negative effects, but I would put money on the fact that men that spend their time jaccing off to cartoon waifus are less happy and successful than those that wait to marriage to experience sex.
There is nothing good about porn, and it serves the same purpose as pre marital sex, and will have the same effects.

and maybe we're jaccing off to hentai because we're unhappy, not unhappy because we're fapping to hentai

its not literally, I didn't say that. It serves the same purpose and probably has the same results. your animal brain doesn't know the difference.

It makes you disinterested in sex, so it could be the opposite, no?

no amount of mental gymnastics will make it okay to get off to niggers OP.
WHITE=RIGHT in any and all applications.

Including interacial

White women are the most pure and attractive, but that makes it worse when it comes to porn

The same as having sex very often makes you lose interest.

Yeah, but most of the graphs you posted there become irrelevant if you're not having sex
happiness and depression are too broad and could be related to the other irrelevant graphs or could be the cause for the promiscuity

Fucc off OP you degenerate faggot kike.
All porn is bad. Period.

I didn't say it wasn't, moran.

You're having a bad time tonight

entirely missing the point of both, go slob tyrelle's knob

and? porn of coon women is just disgusting no matter what race they're with.
white women are the only thing a white man should be getting off to.
additionally, this would make the idea of procreating with white women would be the most natural and pure thing possible.

you are both race-betraying faggots grasping at straws for an excuse to get down with chimps.
if it were up to me you would be purged alongside them.

Not being married and having kids makes your useless. Stop trying to justify your behavioral addition, you keep jumping around in reasoning.

That's even more pathetic though

That will never happen. It has to be a cultural rejection
of these things at the societal level. When society no longer demands it, it will cease to exist. But we have no such society, as you have stated.

And marriage has unfortunately become a joke. No one wants anything more than to fap and sleep around using Tinder. The whole thing is screwed up. And I don't see an out, short of Hitler.

As a 25+ virgin who actually wants a traditional society that promotes White births, culture, and marriage, it bothers me greatly.

pic related

I'll gladly marry and have kids when women and marriage stop being such shitty options, but I don't see that ever happening

where did all this 'all porn is bad' shit come from all of a sudden?
i suspect it's just one or two samefags. either assmad /nofap/pers or extremist /christian/ lads.

yeah, forgot about how forced nofap was a month ago, even if it was no-fap november

Then you are a cucc. There are good women out there, you have to find capable ones and make them better.

I'm concerned about promoting big families because of the effects on climate and the environment tbh :-(

Is it just kike alarmism or should we be worried?

alright, whatever you say

nice meme

thanks, it's from some swedish manual telling migrants how to sex the local women

You shouldn't be worried. There is literally no evidence of (((climate change))). Remember when they called it global warming and changed the name when it didn't fit. there was a god damn ice age, yes the damn climate changes.
The niggers and chinks are the ones creating any over population. We are dying out, nuke them and breed faster.

Glad we could agree.

It's pretty simple

lust ~ horny ~ fucc ~ ejaculate ~ use a brown girl

love ~ longing ~ marry ~ family ~ woo a white girl

except not because brown girls shouldn't exist.
you getting off to a blacc woman is just like a white girl getting off to a blacc man and nobody wants that.

oildrillers and just as bad as coalburners and both should be strung up with the shitskins they want to bang.

lol, as though men and women were perfectly symmetrical

It's not the same though.
Men's desires are more distinct from the spirit than women's desires. It doesn't affect anything.
He chooses to do his bodily function somewhere else, instead of using the image of a white woman

Whereas female attraction is supposed to be more created by the woman, and more involved with the head. Which would show there was something wrong with her to be getting off to a blacc man

OP has the right idea, let's fap to sexy women of color.

either way, the fact that you would normalize them and normalize them being a popular sex symbol, even if only an object, would be contributing to the white race being tainted. no white girl should have to get a dicc that's been in a nigger girl.
blaccs should not even exist, let alone be fapped to or fucced.

Exactly. The correct analogy would be a white woman using a blacc man's labor to provide for her child.

you're completely misunderstanding the nature of desire. What's vile about modern society is the way "dating" conflate fuccing and love. When all white women are off-limits until marriage, no one will think being a cum rag is sexy or exciting.

Hmm, that's a good point about dating. It makes women ASPIRE to being cumrags prior to marriage, and compete on sexiness instead of how suited they are to being a wife. The whole thing is messed up

made me think

that is actually a good point about the modern dating thing.
however, that doesn't make fuccing niggers any better or more acceptable.
instead, it should be white women that are either ugly, liberals, or other such undesirable traits.

cool flag man, sure makes you stand out from the crowd.

if you're talking about iceland maybe, but if you've got negresses and latinas why would you treat them with more respect than white liberals…?

where in the world did you get that?
extermination is not more respectful than using as a sex relief machine.

hey thanks! :) same with your sweet dubs. heil hitler, brother!

It's better for white nationalists to spend less time reading Breitbart and making excuses for Trump's swamp monster appointments, and more time in the bedroom procreating as humans are designed to do.

"White genocide" is code for I can't get laid because the Jews are constantly coccbloccing me. If you're not shitting, get off the pot. You have no one to blame but yourselves for your falling birth rate.

try harder moshe

You are welcome, have a hitler robot desu

Then you had better get to work. The next generation of proud, Aryan Internet defenders isn't going to create itself.

Get a female dog that is at heat. They become sexually mature after 8-18 months depending on the breed. Before her first heat, I would recommend a minimum of sexual activity. You will notice that the entrance to her vagina is a 'Y' shape. The tail of the 'Y' points toward her front, and that is where her clitoris is. The lips are coated with a fine velvety fur. Don't stimulate her clit yet. Once her heat starts locc her up and don't let her get away so she isn't mated by other dogs. Comfort her and be a friend to her. During the early stages of her first heat, the dogs may become depressed, or even frightened by the sudden changes in her. After the first bleeding stops, her vagina entrance will have enlarged quite significantly. She may actively invite you to sex by turning her rump toward you, and fliccing her tail aside every time you catch her eye. In other words, she is now horny, and it is up to you to relieve her.

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I want to become taylor swift's househusband

Alright, i'm going to have to ask for tits unless you get the fucc out


I jerk off to cartoons and don't want anything to do with 3DPD
leave me, and my porn alone


Fucc i mistyped that, i mean cuccs 13%

Wow you succ at spelling.

No, fantasizing about women of other races and making yourself accustomed to ejaculating to them is counter to your supposed ideals, or is it (((mortecai?)))

Porn is always degenerate, it's always better to abstain, but if you don't want to take part in funding those fuccers but absolutely must fap to porn, there is a compromise for you which will still perfectly cater to all of your fetishes and it can all be summed up in one word: "Amateur".

That's it. Usually has it's own section on every porn streaming site, can be added to whatever you normally search for. Myself? "amateur swallow "amateur pov" "amateur blowjob" "amateur facial" you can try "wife" or "girlfriend" as well, but sometimes that still brings up the produced stuff.

Real people fuccing out of love or lust, not because of a paychecc. See their real reactions, their real imperfections, the true beauty of people fuccing.

I don't know how much they're driven by real love or whatever, or whether they enjoy getting internet attention for slutty degenerate behaviour

Anyway it's demoralising to see this stuff, as I said. What must be preserved in the mind is the conception of the Chaste, pure ideal of the white woman.

itt op goes full retard

We are being outbreed by idiots, I been to latino countries and they got the same problem: all the educated ones have 1 or 2 kids like dumb fuccs living in the slums have 7 kids or more

Problem is only the dumb fucc latinos comes because the educated ones most often have a nice life bacc home and no need to come here, save few exceptions

holy fucc the subversion
Aryan proud Holla Forumsaccs don't watch porn, just photos and books

Pornographic photos and books?

lewd/graceful photos of females and pornographic books.
Look at 20's strippers, no joke the jazz age was the golden age of sexual revolution and innuendo, etc… intellectualism even.
then the degeneracy set up shop in san fran and you know the rest.

Seeing amateur porn just reminds me most women out there are complete whores

I rather have pros fuccing for money than cunts doing it for free because they are huge whores

Nigger please, white women are the sluttiest ones on earth because their culture doesn't enforces chastity and celebrates being a whore. Why you think most porn has white women? because in other culture women who act like whores gets shunned as they should, but white women can succ an infinite number of diccs and still expect to get married

Thats how this shit started you idiot

Pray tell my good sir, where might I acquire this pornographic literature?

tbh when I was a univ-fag, we had a newspaper-celluloid archive that you ran through an old mini-projector. Not even lewd, I just appreciated the old "flapper" look, print a few dozen pages. I can butcher it nito a jpeg, if I can find 'em if you rly want examples. prob do it anyways eventually.

if i wasnt meant to fucc negresses they wouldnt be so sexy

a few decent, (and realistic) examples from simple search. my analogs are higher quality. will be bacc in a few days.
(be wary of ads and movies, those are idealistic and fake)


amazing how times change.
weird to think that my Grandma was alive then

My stars! Watching these lewd women exposing their legs and baᴄksides, drinking alcohol and smoking fills my penis with flood in preparation for a sexual intercourse, which sadly, will mostly likely not take place.

UPPER-KEK, good chap, a thorough exhale. since you're "in the mood" look up " Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Buddy Rich, count basie, Oscar Peterson" all great jazz of that era and style. best recording's come from 50s, 60s though. - And BBC Big Band Orchestra.
Always sticc with a tune if it has a good saxophone player, Charlie bird, john Coltrane, some others not offhand. enjoi, fam.

Niggers and Spics in the West are probably sluttier than whites.

But anyway, the point is why would you watch porn that's only reminding you how much the left has won and made sluts of our women?

stop shitting up this thread, (((OP))) / rping extremist shill. I would
but my flash drive is under a pile of blankets.

makes u thinkk


Wiring yourself to derive pleasure from seing coons being fucced is a terrible idea

Holla Forums approved
Holla Forums approved

Whites only make up 7% of the population. Its okay for whites to have large families since Mexicans are popping them out all the time for welfare money

I have the weirdest boner now

top kek

blacc women look nice in porn because of the contrast of their vagina

How to make a nigger 101

Dude, everyone knows curry niggers have the best wimmins but you have to be piccy as it's either 10/10 or 0/10 indians don't have 5-6/10s they are extremely beautiful or ugly as fucc, also they are the real aryan master race.
However you need to teach her to poo in the loo if she is a street shitter.

its lit af

Show me a 10/10 street shitter


Funny how actual bestiality is less disgusting

You're right. The world IS overpopulated…with too many non-Whites. We want more White children in the world.

lol wtf is this…

(((OP))) keeping nigger thread going. I really need to find that flash drive so I can

sounds like jewish double-talk to me. if ur not paying for it, then ur not really contributing to it