Peanut butter girl is streaming for the first time ever

peanut butter girl is streaming for the first time ever.


There is only one autistic girl for me, and that is Our Goddess Nicole.

She's cute. I would hold her hand.

shes not single anymore

Our Goddess Nicole will always be single.

She's worthless to me that way.

streams over she went to go eat.

who cares she isn't single so she's a waste of time.

Because shes a fat man

So how many single streamers have you dated?

feels good man
dropping the other 4 for posterity's sake

I hate butterfaces almost as much as 5 out of 10 bland creatures.

None. Because they weren't single if I was dating them ;)

Our Goddess Nicole is NOT a man! She is in no way masculine! She is a feminine beauty!

autistic peanut butter girl is live

Well she clearly isn't an autist which means I can finally masturbate to her video

why do streamers love to stream ASSFAGGOTS?

ASSFAGGOTS are plotless, immersion-less, keyboard-mashing contest with shitty Holla Forums-tier artstyles.

I suppose the turboautists who follow lolcows like here are attracted to the bright colors and repetion that ASSFAGGOTS bring to the table

she looks kinda like eva-whatever


Who is this semen dumpster?

you know, there is a webm of her doing it