21 friendsless, beta, virgin probably autistic

What do I do?
I actually feel like killing myself

Just run, you dont owe your mom anything

At least your mom has a job you worthless NEET scum


Have angry, wrong, incestous sex with ur mom! Is she pretty?

no, she's disgusting to be honest
even if she was pretty I wouldn't touch her


Well, just run away. If you die, at least you died trying. Save up money and end up homeless in Berlin. Fucc it. Just do it. Something might happen and then something else. Better than wasting away doing nothing.

Any place I should go and what I should do before I go?

She is a victim like you are.. When you will liberate her from drugs like alcohol she will try to kill you, but keep control and silent her so she will not call troubles over you. Stay strong, be a boss, don't panic, be feelingless and help her or you will lost her and than it will be too late to cry. I can help you if you want.. Take her out and walk with her on fresh air. Don't give up even when she will revenge over you if you will not allow her to drink. If she will try to attacc or punish you, stay cold as terminator and terminate her violence which is consequence of drugs (alcohol) esspecialy when quiting. Protect her from other peoples too who will try to take her down for self pleasure. Want more? ;)


Don't use autism as a fuccing cop-out.
Work out. Read. Look for any sort of job. Learn survival. Run away. Make some sort of goddamn change. Better yourself in any way possible.

You are the only person alive that can change your life. Lying around waiting for friends to pop up, or a qt3.14 bf/gf to save you from your misery is sheer hell and only wastes the life you have left, what little value it may be to you.

Put your mother aside. If she doesn't want anything to do with you, fucc off. If she holds you bacc at every opportunity, fucc off. Just because she's your mother does not mean she is a good one, or even loves you.

Not so sure as to WHERE you should go, seeing as I live in north america. London seems to have club life if that's what you're into.

As to what you should do before you go, tell your mom. Doesn't have to be a big speech or anything but avoid burning down bridges. You'll hate yourself if you do.

So the government is paying for your house and you won't starve unless you reject social services? Do nothing. Just get your pension, and maybe go to social services to see if they can get you a job at a national park or mine somewhere if you get really bored. Or if you want I'm positive you could find something to do on a sheep farm.

we rent the house because the goverment wont give us any free housing despite our circumstances.
We were even homeless once and they wouldn't help us since as I said, the people here seem to hate outsiders

fucc you op, I live in sweden, land of sand nigger importing and feminism
take your government sponsored tesla and drive into a fjord

if you don't want to live anymore kill her while she sleeps and then commit suicide
she's gotten you this far so you owe it to her not to abandon her, just pull an old murder suicide to stop both of you from suffering and stuff

but seriously tho

this faggot has the gist of it. you're not a victim, don't crawl into the girly crybubble of that. I assume norway has some means for you to move somewhere to study uni? student loans, like in sweden?

fucc your mother, leave her behind and go somewhere to study. follow your heart into compsci or math or something at uni, if you're smart. study something practical like welding, electronics, plumbing or whatever if you're dumb.

get a job, stay single and for gods sake do not knocc up anyone. keep expenses minimal, get a flatmate you can tolerate and save money like a madman. once you have a good nest egg, you can move on from house-and-food worries to something better

you're a fuccing idiot. she's the one who got pregnant despite not having her shit under control. he owes her nothing.

she used her time and resources to get him to the age he is
if he leaves she will have nothing and will just burden the society around her, become another one of those old miserable cunts, a waste of space
he owes her plenty from where i'm standing but then again, my morality is still relatively intact

so call the federal offices. i'm not on infinitechan to walk you through it. but if you, as a naturally-born citizen of norway in 2016 cannot live off of the government then there is no society in human history that you ever could have succeeded in.

you may think you come from a place of morality, but what you're proposing is not logical

by your logic, if I strain really hard to shit, then painstakingly carve a sculpture of said shit, break into your house and plant it on your kitchen table, you owe me your gratitude because of the effort I went through

besides all that, if he wants to help his mother, *truly* help his mother, he must do it from a position of strength. from what he tells us, he's not working, yet somehow feels responsible for his mother. he contributes nothing and has no influence over her. if he tries to force his will on her, she will rightfully resent him as a leech with delusions of grandeur

the best thing he can do for her is to move away, start his own life and make himself a better life. then he can reach out from a position of power and offer her an actual helping hand. be it money, somewhere else to live, rehab, whatever you want. none of which he can offer now.

i wouldn't be grateful but i would appreciate the effort you went through
i dunno mang, murder suicide wipes all their problems and the problems they cause for others away
from what he's said, nobody is gonna miss them etc

This is the government of Sweden, you have committed the most grievous violent hate crime.

You are hereby sentenced to serving 30 years in a asylum center.

pls email [email protected]/* */ if you're a cat named sakamoto and want a cute furret to licc your paws
very safe if you aren't retarded, don't go out on midnight strolls and don't wear expensive shit, also travel in a small group or look tough

I went solo last March and I felt more scared in Rome than i did in Kiev or Lviv

Also can vouch for cheap as fucc, going to the grocery store was so fuccing satisfying

also yeah the language barrier is tough to breach, but if you know Russian, you'll be good enough

the damage will be already done

A South Korean military source said it had identified the source of the cyberattaccs that targeted the internal networks of the military.

According to Yonhap news agency, the internet protocol (IP) address linked to the attacc’s origin was traced to a location in Shenyang, China, and a malicious code associated with the address was similar to the one used in North Korean cyberattaccs against the South. This reportedly pointed to North Korean involvement in the haccing incident aimed at the army's intranet.

"It is our understanding the internal network of the military was hacced from an IP address in Shenyang," the military source told Yonhap. "The malicious code used in the haccing is similar to the code used in several computer breaches."

North Korea is believed to have carried out several cyberattaccs in the past. In August, North Korea haccers were linked to the targeting of numerous South Korean government agencies.

Aren't we all.

Why is this thread still up

Sounds anti "they didn't drop a bomb that didn't exist on the Germans but they dropped it when it DID exist on japan!"

i can't help but think the cancer diagnosis would push me to dive deep into drugs and isolation and I'd take out as many loans and get myself as far into debt as I could while supporting a new found ice and cracc addiction while playing video games until I died.


What pants are those?

After Story was set a few years after high school. Air, The Second Raid and Amagi although they have high school students none really take place in high school

Don't put your Canadian flag in your bag. Just be prod of diversity.

Not OP and I don't know where you live but in my area many businesses are struggling hardcore to find employees. Most shops I visit have Help Wanted signs out.

oops, it turned out sideways.



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