Being a NEET is so comfy

Being a NEET is so comfy.

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why not live like a mountain man instead?

Why would I give up free monies?!

more independence is nice

Independence from what? Filling out a form every 3 month, yeah I take the doe!

what kind of computer games do you play? I'm trying to get so comfy while a temp NEET.

Try the new Farming Simulator. It has multiplayer, now I just neet friends. Get it? NEET?



You won't be comfy much longer.
Trump is going to make you go to work,pleb.

He's not my President.



What is the best honey mustard I can buy at a supermarket?

I'm getting sick of ranch

eh, desu!

im glad
it cant be helped

I don't know about these supermarkets you talk about, sounds like a hectic place.


Independence from money.

You're still a cashslave. The only difference is that you're getting it from Big Daddy Government instead of Morty Goldblatt.

Considering I don't do anything slavery sounds bretty gud.

You're still whoring yourself out for government cash. Why not move to the mountains, learn to catch and cook your own food and become dependent on no one but yourself?

Sounds like work I don't want to do which would be my definition of slavery.

And you sound like a waste of resources and space which is my definition of a gas chambers candidate.



This.. Farming simulator is great

Been a temp NEET since mid September but I start a job in the beginning of January. This life is comfy and carefree as fuck.



Pepe's so happy.

Neet is life, neet is love, r'amen *tips fedora*

This is heaven

Nothing wrong with being a NEET but…

You honestly don't know how fucced up you are. Benefits are being cut lleft and rght but you sit there just leeching lke a gigantic faggot

well, I'm not talking about the US if that's what you mean but either way it's true that I'm a gigantic leech. Stopped caring long ago

pep 10