How fucked am I

On a scale from "she's into you - You came off as thirsty gg no re its ogre"

If you're overthinking it you're fucked. So you're fucked.

I'm guessing that's code for "your fine but if you allow your self to become panicky and then show that panic by spazzing out via text then you'd be fucked"

Yeah man, you're still okay.
Just don't try to force her, or freak out if she has shit that comes up.

Find a time that works for the both of you, and keep your spaghetti in your pockets.

Wow, you really are overthinking it.


your fucked if she wanted to go out with you she would go out with you and get something small to eat; shes playing you nigga.

But dog we already went on one date and she seems hype for a 2nd one

Ok then what do you suggest

OP you're doing fine. I'd suggest not texting until Friday to confirm plans. If she cancels again, don't bother suggesting a new date. Wait to see if she does. If not, it's a dead end and you should move on.

It doesn't matter if you're panicking a little right now. That's perfectly natural. You want to make mistakes so you can learn for the next time.

←-listen to this man

she's trying to get free food from you
dont pay for a date unless the girl puts out

She payed for my food lol there's this system where people who live on campus get free dining hall food and since I commute she just "swiped" me in

then she must be setting you up for some other betrayal. she is a female. never turn your back

Then why the fuck are you asking here if you're so convinced she's into you?
Insecure faggot

I already said I'd check with her tomorrow (thursday, today)

I'm thinking I'll just text her saying "you wanna just hang tomorrow?" (friday)

Cause I wanted to see if I somehow fucked up without seeing it myself

Don't overthink. Either go for it or don't.
Or settle for a girl that's obcessed with you. Easiest journey ever.

Into the trash she goes OP stop talking to her if you arent a cuck

You lack confidence and finesse so your continued failure is guaranteed

dont text her tomorrow
wait to see if she says "hey, are we still x?"

if she doesnt, drop it. move on.

Status update

We're good
I texted her and asked if she just wanted to hang tomorrow and she was like "Sure!"

I bet this chick is ugly as sin. Give us a pic OP

Limp-wristed beta male detected, the best you can hope for is prepping her bull.

Let me give you some advice pal. NEET life is the sweet life and hopefully one day you'll meet the woman of your dreams or you convert to a full neet lifestyle either don't get stuck between both.

Imo you're doing fine just don't panic over text wait for the day of to confirm plans and your personality will do the rest of the work while you're there.

Hope this works out for you lad, I've given up.

Do it for the dubs!

She is willing to eat with you … in my experience girls are rarely like "OMG HE IS SO CEWT" they usually first need to get to know you, she doesn't dislike you tho

forget about it.