Who else from year 500 000 000?

Who else from year 500 000 000?

Aw cool dude what galaxy you from? I'm from Ursa Major

Any cool hats in that time?

No but we have Emma Watson's sex tape

long to explain… among youth it's trendy protecting against deciphering semasiographic p-adic language.

that's so typical of you E5 galaxy types. You do realise the rest of the universe just laughs at you, right?

we no longer use the words due to its arbitrary nature

Did Half Life 3 ever come out?

Really? Believe me! You don't want to know.

Still waiting. Don't believe this guy

E5 Galaxy types always lie.

I'm looking for someone. I'm not here to answer questions.

shit alien thread by shitty OP

this was an interesting theme and you can't even arouse enough interest

this is OP

Who you looking for?

I knew it!! Any hot alien girls in your pic folder?

Gar Gar Binks


I know you're here. You must help me … I know I you didn't forget … She died in September … I know that you did it before…

You should know that time is relative where you live. September might as well be a type of cereal from this perspective.

It blows my mind to try and imagine civilization in this large a time span. Assuming humanity isn't all dead, its very unlikely our species will even look the same as we know ourselves now. Earth may be a thing only heard of in legends, referred to a name in whatever language civilization now speaks that would translate to "Homeland" And its been so long since such a thing existed nobody knows where it should even be anymore do to the stars and planets always drifting apart. Progress of civilization would stagnate greatly do to the sheer spread of it the distance between planets. One planet could degenerate back to the stone age to do isolation and stories of space travel for them would only be in legends until the main space faring branch visits them for the first time again in centuries. Who knows? Maybe thats what has happened to us?

Hello, terrestrials (of your respective terras)
I'm ainsley of the ship tigmathualdon, or something like that in this language.
Unlike these >>6376673 space niggers, me and my crew veer clear of fledgling kike galaxies.
We circle the horse head nebula for fresh hydrogen. It's the best there is for fusion and subspace radio, the quarks are still quantumly entangled on a decipherable manner. faster than light communication, terrestrial bitches
We also harvest that one ethyl alcohol nebula. The galorkians on rigel 9 say it goes well with a scotch marinade. Tastes of fruity ale.
that marinade is for the meat

Space jews reporting in. (((Time-kike 4 Lyfe)))
We. don't make it to year 500.000.000, at least not in the linear timeline. But we do find some mighty shekels in \\\E5 Galaxies///

Space niggers?! I thought you guys had gone extinct.

i like to imagine there's an interstellar library somewhere with information shared by fully enlightened societies

humanity probably has another millennia to go before getting to regular space travel, then long distance space travel. doesn't seem we'll die out by then.

wishful thinking

Space niggers ate all the fried chicken cooked by the sun, and went dided.


sage negated

thread was about to die

it has seen the depths of page 15

Oh shit when did the Egyptians get here?

earth nigger thinking

lol, newfag. Im here since the begining of time

Take me away OP
I don't care where
Just not this planet anymore



Y'know how in sci-fantasy all the races all seem very humanoid in appearance, despite being completely different? I like to imagine that we used to be spess travelurz an shieet until some rulecucked race tried to destroy humanity for being too "FUCK YEAH HUMANITY", got their asses handed to them by some Kardashev III class race who they were ass buddies with, humans had no choice, sent humans and a variety of plants and other animals native to their homeworld on a FTL rocket pod to any even slightly habitable planet, however, many were destroyed by the ayys, but some remained hidden, life evolved and diverged from itself among said planets, and even now the ayys wait for when humanity finally unites, even in it's divergent forms, to take revenge.

This is, without doubt, truly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I am not fucking joking when I say: you are genuinely stupid. I know people say stuff like this a lot on chans without proper evidence… but you have proven amply that you should be removed from the gene stock of humanity. I sincerely apologize to the Universe for your existence.

C'mon, I'm not saying don't role play, but at least make it believable.

pic related is the height of human civilisation

I am looking for my wife. She's not here anymore. Here already been everything, everything is, and everything will be. She is in that space much greater than our. In the space that surrounds us, where time flows. I paid a lot for feelings. Feelings for her and I want her back. In my world, there are no affection. Areas of the brain responsible for emotions had disappeared evolutionarily.

I'm sorry if there are errors in the text. Please do not blame my AI buddy which uses synesthetic screenshot comparing. I bought the basic version Trial and error.