This is what atheists actually believe

this is what atheists actually believe

It's also what theists believe about God. Oh, so the universe is so complex that only an intelligent designer could be behind that but the designer almighty is somehow exempt from that? Either your logic is half-assed or we are more complex than Yahweh himself.

everything needs a source

good thing I'm not an atheist

I believe in the god of carnage, whose rules are eternal


that's me breathing out

This makes more sense than the alternative.
The world is not a piece of art, it's a piece of shit.

do you move away from the mic for it?


god disproved again

this is what religioncucks actually believe

Dude, I wanna believe, but those sand jews were just around hallucigenic plants, that burning bush is an example.

Jews don't have heaven.
You're not supposed to eat those things because it's bad for your health.

I once broke in a church and vandalised it..even shitting on the altar. It was a hoot!

why not go on a killing spree then?

because it's bad for your health

only if you get caught


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Is that the garbage christians learn in Jesus Camp?

"Everything" includes your god.

Rule 34 christianity!

Yeah, I was a Christian homeschooled guy in the 90s. We were in a largeish homeschool group that put on events and supplemental classes.

We had a science fair and I did some phoned-in shit on air and air-pressure. One girl (about 15 or 16?) did a thing on evolution. Her science experiment was to take a bunch of popsicle sticks, put them in a bag, and shake them up. Then you dump them out on the floor. You do this a bunch of times and if the sticks never randomly arranged themselves into the shape of a house then evolution was proven to be false.

She placed higher than I did…

God, if he does exist, as an omnipotent being, needs no creator. If God created everything in this world, then that means he may not be bound by our scientific absolutes, our rules in this world. He "created", so to speak, creation. He was there before time and space, and needs no source and has no end. Again, if the fucker even exists.

Oh so it all boil to this.

A special exemption. How convenient for theists. Just give the universe the special exemption and cut out the middle deity.

By the way. Quantum mechanics blows your entire "source" argument out of the water.

Even you don't believe it.


An omnipotent being can create things but must first exist to do so, but if he's omnipotent he can do anything

The only thing that stands in the way of god being omnipotent or not is his ability to create the universe and the fabric of reality while at the same time not existing, but since he has to exist to create things, he cannot be omnipotent

To be honest I don't know why god has to be omnipotent. Why does he have to be responsible for literally everything?

I mean why is it necessary, he can still be virtually responsible for all of creation. Why do we need to take this argument to the absolute?

The greek and roman gods weren't omnipotent. They weren't even immortal.

Its not. The Christians had to one-up the Jewishness of God in the OT. Not only is he the "only god" and all that shit but now we have to come uo with a bunch of terms to describe jist how "everything" he is . The other religions do just fine without all that shit, retarded still, and the other religions that claim their God is absolute and all that, well, they are very agressive.

Its all a meme until you can prove it beyond any type of "faith" anyhow, who gives a shit.

nigga what?

You're just regressing the problem of creation by one.

Now thats just sad.


Anything short of omnipotence and omnipresence does not deserve to be called God. Anything else is a sufficiently advanced alien.

Using this logic, one can scientifically prove God does not exist, as the second law of thermodynamics means omnipresence and omnipotence are impossible.

But why?

Because such are the highest level of power.

But then why must a god have this level of power to be considered legitimate?

I proposition that we as finite and material beings aren't good judges of what actually qualifies as "omnipotence" or whatever, and don't really have much business constructing these random boundaries. This is more of an old meme early Christians used to say "your God is shittier than mine" rather than a legitimate limitation of what a "God", a completely vague and personal term, can and cannot be. You'll notice non-abrahamics don't get so hung up on this shit, but the underdogs who had to convince pagans to worship a Jewish God, they do get extremely flustered about this.

If a blue titted lady that cures cancer, ends war, provides food and blesses with blowjobs exists, if this bitch descends from the sky for rule over us, my nigga, that's more of a god than any silly mental construct.

Really? Matter cannot be created or destroyed, it only changes form. Maybe the universe always was and always will be, an endless swerve of atoms changing states and combining to create forms.

That's what Mormons believe. Probably one of their few beliefs that aren't laughable.

God exists, and we must listen to the ~ chosen ~ to learn what He wants.

and Buddhists, too, if I remember their cosmology correctly Infinity is a hard concept to grasp, so it's not surprising that there are a lot of people who would rather not.


You don't get it. The universe always was and always will be. But not you. If I burn the Mona Lisa, I don't really destroy it. the atoms are just dispersed as gases and ashes,, but the Mona Lisa is no more. So it goes with you, you'll die and rot away and the atoms that made you will become other things.

Citation needed