How to make someone like mathematics

Help! How do I make my GF like math? I'm trying to convince her to change her major (social work) for obvious reasons but she's shit at math and won't even attempt to learn it hates it.

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if they're over 12 years old, you can't

you'll just have to learn to love the retard that she is

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What is the obvious reason?

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Because social work is a useless degree and waste of money?

Really depends
A: Why she does it.
B: What field is she interested in.

There is some really important work being done by them.
And alot of useless shit, but i'd say that is just life.

yeah, it's a great way to meet black men

Stop pressuring her. The fuck are doing in a relationship where one person is trying to control the other? Lay off or find someone else.

Simple as fuck. I always give my GF command to count.

It's one thing to take courses in a subject and an entirely different thing to expect to build a career off of it.
Math is especially affected in this case, because most who do have degrees in math started out being skilled or interested in math.

Higher level mathematics are also more heavily dependent on your brain's processing power and memory retention. Not everyone can progressively learn and apply them, at least not at the same speed that's required to wrangle a higher degree in 4-8 years.

You should actually be grateful for this, assuming you're not some kind of prodigal wizard. If everyone was at the same level, a degree in mathematics would be pretty fucking useless in a competitive job market.

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Social workers are 99% of the time superduper cunts and total SJWs. My cousin is a social worker and she's a complete SJW who hates anything conservative branded by the MSM and thinks that women should get creampied 365 days a year and still be allowed to abort all their fetuses for free despite her having a kid (my second cousin) a few years back.

Its not worth it m8, just give up and find a gf who's into economics since she'll be more likely to be redpilled on some issues.


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You might as well be forcing her to think abstractly. Women are not valuable to society because of their math skills or their critical thinking skills.

You just need to use the right tools

depends. is your gf a women?

this is impossible, OP. Studying math requires a lot of work and almost none social life.

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Being good at math is like being good at arts, if you're not training since your childhood/teens you just can't get a professional level while being an adult.

Math is a tool to understand certain things better. Whether a person likes math is going to be different depending on what that person is interested in.

No you idiot, what you need to do is talk with that person and then figure out something other than (((social work))) that they would like to do. Bring up the police, singing, movies and other shit.

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Get her to take something that is simply practical like a trade, you can't convince someone to like a particular topic overnight and based on the fact that she is already going for one, you're going to have to reach a compromise

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Do the same thing with math. Take it outside the context of the classroom where she's been conditioned to hate math so you can overcome her prejudices.

show her some Richard Feynman stuff

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How do I into advanced math?
Is there a site with exercises to try more advanced stuff?

Thinking about going back to school but not sure I can handle the math.

If you can make follow stuff well on kahn academy then you can probably handle a given course. I found math hard to get back into after not doing it for a couple years though. You lose it when you don't use it.

what the hell do social workers even do besides work in food stamp offices? your gf will probably catch herpes from the public toilet at her job.

Mybe she just have dyscalculia, i have it and its sucks

Math is just a tool to get a better job. In most engineering jobs you'll never come close to the abstract shit you do in school