The most Autistic mod on leftypol leaked his face. post any of these images, and see how quickly you get banned

The most Autistic mod on leftypol leaked his face. post any of these images, and see how quickly you get banned.

actual face, will post his cringey webm next

and here you go.


hard to believe even the mouth-breathing imbeciles of /leftycuck/ are even this cancerous

smells like Holla Forums meta drama

fuck off


you post it.

What is an agnostic atheist?

an atheist who thinks god might exist.

he is also, not making this up, a pedophile, necrophile, and into bestiality. if you tell him this is wrong, he will call you a moralfag, an authoritarian, and a tankie.

Tell him sync sends his regards

dox the nigger

Where does agnostic fit into that?
Agnostic isn't believing or disbelieving


so pathetic, they even deleted this image, when it was attached to a genuine post.

Oh please.
You get banned in Holla Forums for saying you do not support trump.

We're not talking about Trump or Holla Forums stop damage controlling you stupid leftist

the face of a low-T beeta male if I ever saw one


oh lol, what a huge faggot.

Leaked how?

oh god, he actually deleted this, a picture that wasn't derived in any way from his photo, just one with a similar (not really) color palette.

Omg, is this why they are so weird?

alright prickly, I'm done for the night. snoozles.



so what is he. a shitskin pajeet?

It's like he's trying to do a parody of alantutorial, but in true leftist fashion he misses the mark entirely and it comes off as desperately unfunny.

This is, without doubt, truly one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. I am not fucking joking when I say: you are genuinely stupid. I know people say stuff like this a lot on chans without proper evidence… but you have proven amply that you should be removed from the gene stock of humanity. I sincerely apologize to the Universe for your existence.

just post the full image, we're on Holla Forums and doing so isnt illegal

I normally don't really spam, at least not to a board-wiping extent, but they deserve it
They shit up Holla Forums with their spuedo-spam all the time


( ̄人 ̄) Hello. I am "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads". I do believe this thread is in need of Sage, so I would like to sage it. That is why my name is "Mr. Likes To Sage Threads".