Miyamoto has consistently said that Mario is from Brooklyn and the Mario movie will show this definitively...

Miyamoto has consistently said that Mario is from Brooklyn and the Mario movie will show this definitively, mark my words

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>>612691030why is this nigga so obsessed with links pink hair

>>612691098He's not even consistent, he recognized that A Link to the Past and the NES Links were different and only got mad at Ocarina of Time because it was anime or something

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>>612691030When did Miyamoto say Mario was from Brooklyn? I thought that was only in those American Mario cartoons and the American Mario movie.

I miss this niggers autism. He has a Skyrim playthrough that I cannot for the life of me find anymore and it is cringe kino.

>>612691807Here, easily found. Now try to find me his attempt at being a gaming historian YouTuber and I'll actually be impressed, it was something about small arcade cabinets or something

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>>612691906The fuck is this frame rate?

>>612691906Ah fuck I wish I could find those. I'll search his skyrim playthrough up again if it's that easy to find. The shitty framerate makes it extremely funny.

>>612691030I miss this 'lil retard nigga like you wouldn't believe

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>>612692051he was proud to play on his toaster of a computer



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>>612693535HEY DOGPS3 GAME

>>612691098He never grew up and so a combination of a few specific games and the American Nintendo cartoons from his childhood define and locked in what the true "canon" of those IPs is in his fucked up shitty brain

>>612691030Uhm no

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>>612691369I never understood this shit. Why cant faggots like Dobson comprehend that characters go through redesigns? And why is he so fixated on Link? Super Mario had red overalls and a blue under shirt for like three or four games until Nintendo swapped the colors around. How come Dobson has never complained about that?This is some peak autism shit, on par with Chris Chan and Sonic's arm color.

>>612691030This comic speaks volumes about his psyche. Nintendo made some character changes (as the vast majority of developers do over a long period of time) and he took it as a personal attack against him. How inflated must his ego be to think Nintendo is trying to spite him, or that his childhood experience with Mario and Link is the end all be all?

>>612693730>Mario isn't Italian>he's normalDon't care if this is fake, still laughed

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>>612691807I'm right there with you. I watched one of his skyrim videos and it was pure comedy gold. It ran at 10 fps because he was using a decade old Mac to run it, and he constantly complained about everything while being impressively garbage at the game. I wish I had the foresight to save them all, because I don't think anyone else did.>>612691906That's only a small segment of it. The full videos are gone.

>>612692051He was playing on a mac from fucking 2004 or some shit

>>612691030Dobson is based. I’ve found a few pictures he made just by accident, like this one, by not even looking for him. And the fact that he supports Brooklyn Mario makes him an American gamer patriot even if he is a Nintendie.

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>>612693771Brown and red mario is still my favorite

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>>612693672>The American Nintendo cartoons from his childhood define and locked in what the true "canon" of those IPs is in his fucked up shitty brainThis is definitely silly of him. At least with Sonic the canon is so inconsistent and changes so often you can sort of shove anything into it as your headcanon if you really wanted to. But Mario has been insanely consistent in the 3d era.Even the dreaded "non-mandate" games more or less follow the rules of the mainline games. Mario and Luigi are residents of the Mushroom Kingdom and plumbers, end of story.

>>612694096As far as I can tell they were archived but the video failed to get archived as well. I would pay money for all of his skyrim videos to pop up one day.

>>612693771Difference is chris chan was right, sonic with blue arms looks like shit, and even if it didn't his arms were white for far too long for it to really be ok to change it, these nintendo changes were all in early days

>>612693771Narcissistic man-child obsessed with his childhood which he deems to be perfect. Ergo the versions he grew up with are perfect and any change is a step down. He's also very low IQ on top of that.

>>612691030I don't understand the Mario one, they never changed that he was from Brooklyn no? Also is Dobson dead or what

>>612691369He hates blonde hair because of a bully he had in school. like actual prejudice despite being someone who would say he isn’t prejudice at all or anti racist or something, he literally judges people on basic looks like hair color, which is much more superficial than something like race.


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>>612694258I mean to be fair he is LEGITAMETLY autistic and they tend to hyper focus on retarded shit like that. Such as Chris-chan despising men with their shirts off, or really just men in general.

>>612694204It just makes it baffling with his Link fixation. I'm not a huge Zelda fan, but from what I recall each Link is a different reincarnation of the same legendary hero. They're different fucking people and arent always going to look or act the exact same.

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>>612694304>>612691785They added New Donk City entirely to imply that Mario and presumably Peach are from here. They added a New York themed human kingdom.

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>>612694192>I’ve found a few pictures he made just by accidentwhat

>>612694223It's a moot point now because blue arm Sonic ended up being a spinoff design. The other one still exists as the standard.I dont think time is really a factor either. western super heroes are decades and decades old, and are constantly getting new costume redesigns that most people arent bothered by.

>>612694548this has to be where he stole that character from

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>>612694602Son of Dobs did some art and comics that aren't obviously by him but they get spread through the net. Like Dobs made this excellent 10/10 bait comic.

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>>612694253Dobson did something smart for the first time in his life and wiped his presence from the internet, and has been gone for years now. I really do hope he comes crawling back one day, I miss this autist like you wouldn't believe. There arent many webcomics artists to laugh at anymore, and Buckley is washed up and boring now.

>>612694803Dobs is not just a Mac fag with tons of obnoxious opinions, he's super poor and stupid. He's this wonderful little package. Almost every thing he's ever believed is wrong, but he has such insane conviction he'll fight you to the death for it.

>>612694778Did people really give that much of a shit about Finn? Last I checked even the chudspheres of the internet openly considered him the only redeeming factor of the sequel trilogy.

>>612694778I don't feel anger.I simply feel emptiness.It's easy to cast stones when you own the quarry.

>>612694670People constantly shit on newer superman designs for not having big red trunks to break up his body with

>>612694803Webcomics aren't really a thing anymore. Back in the day there were tons of websites dedicated to hosting them, but now everybody's just on Twitter which is a horrible place for any kind of artistic storytelling.

>>612694952Yeah, not too mention Disney went out of their way to fuck him over in the last movie.Most people agree that the main problem in Rey

>>612694374>Such as Chris-chan despising men with their shirts off, or really just men in general.I think that was less autism and more suppressed homophobia. If Chris isnt just lying for attention, he's admitted to liking men and male characters not to long ago, something that would have been blasphemy back when his father was alive lecturing about the evils of homosexuals and telling him to stay straight.

>>612691030>>612691369What the fuck is wrong with millennials?

>>612695047>Webcomics aren't really a thing anymore.Correct, sadly. The only closest thing is instagram web comics.

>>612694952China seethed about him to the point where Disney had to step in and edit him out of most of the movie, and remove him from the poster advertising the movie.

>>612695061>he's admitted to liking men and male characters not to long agosource? I haven't looked up what he's been doing since 2018ish or so, except for the whole incest debacle of course.

>>612694952Outside that first trailer with him popping up in a stormtrooper outfit that people meme'd to death for a while, he's generally well liked.

>>612695010I'm not saying they're always well recieved, but they generally are. Much more than video game character redesigns at least.

>>612694469The first two Zelda games it's the same Link. It wasn't until ALttP where it was a different Link in a different era in almost every game.

>>612691369>>612691030>>612693335Replace it with jaks or im not reading it

>>612695274I'd link you to the cwcki but its always down these days. Since kiwi farms is currently dead I'd imagine the cwcki is too.The gist of it is that Chris(tine) admitted to being bisexual and is in a polyamorous marriage with magician sonichu, mewtwo, and two other characters I cant remember. He's been in full schizo mode now that he's in prison and thinks he's the reincarnation of jesus christ.

>>6126949524chan despised and still despises him for being non-white.

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>>612695047Man I remember as a wee kid there was that site where they rank webcomics used to read the goblins one and Bittersweetcandybowl, early 2000s was comfy

>>612693335>not posting the rest of getting chocked then fucked TLoU2 style

>>612695636Just who is this 4chan?I'm not the user you just replied to but I don't give a shit about him being black either. Theres far bigger problems with that movie than Finn, who's too generic of a character to really get worked up about either way.If you can find me some anons who arent just meme posting about him being a nigger as people on this site tend to constantly do then maybe I'd believe you.

Miyamoto doesn't even know what a Brooklyn is

>>612691369It's not even the same Link most of the time and I believe Wind Waker Link isn't even Link at all. Does he think Link is some unaging child with eternal life?

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>>612695836When did doing this become a thing? This "Despite knowing and witnessing everything this site has done for years, I refuse to believe it when someone points it out and demand proof of something I see happen every day" thing?

>>612695836>Just who is this 4chan?the 400 pound hacker obviously

fuck brooklynfuck new yorkand fuck hyhpen-americans

>>612695945 I mostly just stay on Holla Forums so full on lengthy discussions about the Disney trilogy dont happen here. Anons just shit on the movie and move on. Maybe Holla Forums sees it differently though. I do remember all the shit posting when Finn was first revealed though, but I didnt take it at complete face value.

>>612695945Why are you retards always solipsistic?

>>612693771Combination of self inserting as brown haired Link, and having a blond bully when he was a kid.

>>612696189>stop pointing out facts and reality, it makes me upset!

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>>612696336Settle down, user. Other people exist.

>>612694578Peach is from the Mushroom Kingdom

>>612691030Nintendo said it was different Links for AttP and Ocarina of Time back before they even came out. Senile bastard.

It's a shame cause Dobson is actually a decent artist and could be a great one if he wasn't an autistic retard so far up his own ass he could create a black hole

>>612695740Man, Jim Davis needs to put a leash or if they were fired, rehire more crew to manage Garfield’s quality of property. More and more I see Garfield everywhere in low quality standards in a bunch of actual shit. It like they don’t fucking care about the brand. I don’t think Jim Davis is a Christian either like Peanuts’ Charles Schulz. It is like where is your dignity, Jim. Surely you heard of it?

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>people still obsessed with DobsonYou boomers do realize he hasnt made a new comic in over ten years right?Then against this biard still discusses loss

>>612696483nigger garfield is such a shitty newspaper comic strip it has become an ironic meme to like the fucking thing.


>>612696523He'll be back. They always come back. He's ours now and will never escape us.

What's with all the Son of Dob apologists? Dude was a massively autistic hack who never made anything of merit.

>>612696483>Man, Jim Davis needs to put a leash or if they were fired, rehire more crew to manage Garfield’s quality of property.

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>>612694253Yoshi's Island had his parents living in a mushroom house at the end of the game. That's about the extent of them saying where he's from in the actual games. Think the sequel had it end up being the wrong house though.

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>>612696578Kys Mother fucker.You are the actual garbage going around calling people shit.

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>>612696718There is a reason garfield has failed to be adapted into any serious medium outside of the shitty comic strips. Comparing it to Peanuts is fucking disgusting.


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>>612693771He definitely has some autism but not enough to reach the happy insanity town like Chris Chan but still have little too much to not be self aware and self depreciation like RonnieProbably the worst spot you can be on the spectrum

>>612695907>and I believe Wind Waker Link isn't even Link at allHe isn't the Hero Spirit but he's still Link by mantling the idea of the Hero Spirit and becoming a new one.

>>612696791Yes the reason is that I liked it and you seethed about everything I liked. Kys burn in hell.You don’t know how the world works, mother fucker. Go fuck your mother.

>>612696791now this is shit posting

>>612696602SsshhhhhhMaybe if were nice he'll come back.If I'm being completely honest, I think Dobson is an acquired taste. It takes many years of contemplation to realize what a great artist he is, and he always had compelling takes that are hard to find faults in. He aged like fine wine.

>>612696374I feel like anyone forgot what it means to speak in general about things and only can think in black and white now

>>612696718>>612696881>an actual unironic Garfield fanI feel like I just stumbled upon bigfoot.

>>612696881Garfield is a joke, user, I don't know what to tell you. Must be a monday, amirite?

>>612695836>ask if people gave a fuck>have it pointed out that there were plenty of people on 4chan who gave a fuck>"um not me though so no one else cared either"

>>612696712i hate the sequel with a burning passion>end the first game on such a heartwarming note with that incredibly comfy credits sequence>next game just goes "WHOOPSADOODLE THESE AREN'T THE MARIO BROS' PARENTS!"

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>>612696483Jim Davis has nothing to do with the brand anymore other than saying he draws it (he probably hasn't actually drawn or plotted it since the 90's). Nickelodeon bought out PAWS several years ago and they're busy ruining the brand like they did TMNT.

>>612695636Half that was people assuming they retconned them being clones tbf, quarter was banter another quarter was le nigger

>>612696943And I just found a vampire.>I just stumbled upon bigf-ACK>>612696951Nope, you’re going to burn in hell, and your life is cursed by Jesus Christ in God for your satanic temple worship which we exposed in this thread. Inn4 it’s satanic to condemn your soul and kill your body, mother fucker.

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>>612696975>>have it pointed out that there were plenty of people on 4chan who gave a fuck Except that didnt happen at all.>"um not me though so no one else cared either"Is that not exactly what you're doing?>"some posters called him a nigger, that meant the entire site is being 100% serious and only hates the movie because he's in it!"

>>612691807There was a weird group of autistics like this around 2011-2014 who were all obsessed with Skyrim and valve shit and Nolan movies and frdoras I wonder where they all went, probably trannies now

>>612696404>Peach is from the Mushroom KingdomBut she's the ONLY human in the Mushroom Kingdom, which like the name implies are Mushroom people. Why is a human bitch ruling over them? Her parents might be immigrants or she's an oraphn. But she's human. New Donk is about showing that there's human kingdoms out there.

>>612697161>some posters called him a niggerSo people did care then?

>>612694548Was that supposed to be rape whistle?

>>612697191>I wonder where they all went, probably trannies nowThey're right in front of you user, only difference is now there obsessed with MCU and make soi faces. A lot of them never even stopped playing Skyrim.

Fuck these punk-ass niggas, how about we talk about an actually good fandom content creator

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>>612697442What a shitty Danbo cosplay.

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>>612697351Yes, some of them. Conflating their thoughts to the whole site is disingenuous.Were not a fucking hivemind. Do you not remember why we're plagued by constant shitposting from /qa/ refugees?


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>>612697193>But she's the ONLY human in the Mushroom Kingdom, which like the name implies are Mushroom people.What about the king from SMB3?

>>612695839I was born and raised in a very Italian neighborhood in south Brooklyn and I have wondered my entire life how Miyamoto knew about this. was Saturday Night Fever popular in Japan or something?

>>612693535ALL OF THE DAY BRO

>>612694952For a while, people tended to say that Finn was a massive waste of potential and should have been handled better, even going as far to say that if he was the main protagonist instead of Rey, the movies would have been a lot more interesting. But then the actor turned out to be such a massively entitled faggot that now people say he got what he deserved.

>>612691030Has this dude stepped down? I haven't heard news from him in a long time, or read new comics.

>>612698201He killed himself when he found out who's voicing Mario in the movie.

>>612698201He might have an Instagram account he’s active on, but I haven’t followed it.

>>612698201His family forced him off the internet because his shenanigans cost his brother a job.

>there’s only one linkI mean, he’s not wrong.

>>612698792If you only played LoZ and AoL then sure.

>>612694778didn't lucas get fucked over he didn't sell it because it wasnt fun anymore the dude was working closely with literally every side project like the clone wars and shit iirc

>>612691030>>612691369It's called dirty-blond and ameri-mutts have no idea what it is. Only aryans know about it, and since the Japanese are Honorary, they know.

>>612694952The Chinese releases did their best to censor him out of the movie for being black, as they do to all black people in their cinema and games wherever they can do so.Look at China and you realize that everything people accuse the right of being with chudjak memes and whatnot, China is all of it and far worse, going so far as to run literal concentration camps for non-Han ethnic groups. And then, American leftists will say that a man is a nazi for wearing a red hat and believing that perhaps the electoral process was handled a bit unfairly, as they consume the Chinese products produced by children being worked to death in forced labor camps. And they see nothing wrong with that. If you tell them about it they'll call you a conspiracy theorist despite the fact that the UN has documented accounts of these camps and there's mounting evidence that they're being exterminated there.

>>612695447>in almost every gameHalf the games are direct sequels.

>>612699614I agree with you for the most part but I wouldn't trust anything the UN says.

>>612695907>>612696862He's 100% the Hero's spirit. Where does this retardation come from? The King of Red Lions says that he's not "the hero of time", as in he's not the exact same person. Its still Link and its still the hero's spirit because Demise's curse is still following him and Zelda all the way to Spirit Tracks.

>>612695047There's still a few active sites specifically for webcomic hosting. I don't use them so I don't remember what they're called but I see artists link to their stuff there from time to time, instead of trying to dump on twitter etc.

>>612699810He's not the Hero Spirit because the Hero Spirit is flat out removed from the timeline by Zelda at the end of OoT. There's no soul to reincarnate, it's gone. That's why no Link appeared during the situation that ended in the flood.

>>612699192No, there is only one Link, SS establishes this. Link is reincarnated, Zelda is not.

>>612699870>He's not the Hero Spirit because the Hero Spirit is flat out removed from the timeline by Zelda at the end of OoT. There's no soul to reincarnate, it's gone. That's why no Link appeared during the situation that ended in the flood.No, this is a cope made up by fans who misinterpreted the line from Wind Waker and never established in the game. The line is "he is not the hero of time", not he is not the Hero's Spirit. The Deku Tree and the King don't know about Demise's curse.

>>612697193>But she's the ONLY human in the Mushroom KingdomIs she really a human?

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>>612699702Given how much of a stake the Chinese have in what the UN does, I'd imagine that they're actually holding back on the extent of what they're doing in those camps.I get that the UN is a bad organization, but its bad for a reason. That reason is that two authoritarian shitholes have permanent seats on all the big councils and effectively hold shares in it. Even Russia isn't being removed from the UN Security Council over the invasion of Ukraine, the most I've found is that they're debating whether to temporarily suspend them from the UN Human Rights Council. Which of course both Russia and China hold permanent seats on.All of the councils are run by countries with horrible track records on what's being discussed. Histories of severe breaches of human rights, security, international sovereignty, etc. That's the UN sucks, the big players are all horrible regimes in some way or other and they gave themselves permanent terms as its leaders.

>>612694778>>612694952Nigger stormtrooper was weird because the empire was an openly fascist government, (literally based on nazi germany), discriminating against anything lower than the perfect human being, that's why the clones were made by Palpatine in the first place, why trust an army of imbiciles when you can have the best of the best?In the movies lando is one of the few black people there and he is always screwed over by the empire, also the representation of black characters was accurate for the time because they made up 13% or less of the population. Not many black people, so not many in space culture films either.That being said, the story of The Force Awakens wasn't that bad of a start, and the rumors for the episode after made it seem like it was going to be a good trilogy, but we never got the giant magic tortoise that let Rey talk to Anakin that was leaked here. But then Rian Johnson came in and got salty over the fans gut reaction to the first film, he just shit over everything entirely, ruining star wars in its entirety and the point of the first 6 films.

>>612696483You're talking like you believe that's an actual, officially published Garfield strip.

>>612699886And there's no Link to reincarnate anymore after the end of OoT in the Adult Timeline. Zelda removes it from that timeline by sending the adult Link back through time, removing that soul entirely from the timeline.>>612699957I didn't even say anything about what the King had to say. Demise's curse proves me right because when Ganon came back before WW there was no corresponding Link and that forced the goddesses to flood Hyrule, because there was no hero to stop Ganon. According to Demise's curse the Hero Spirit should have come back at that time.

>>612699886His soul is power washed and recycled. His body is not reincarnated.

>>612691030>Miyamoto is a hack and will rewrite everything on a dimeHe’s not wrong.

I would be totally okay with Dobson if it weren't for the fact that he's such a fucking loser. I can admit that Link's hair is really weird, but when you act this indignant and bitter about it then it's really cringe.

>>612700001>Princess Toadstool>Toads' toolShe's a spore sac being puppeted by the mushroom hivemind

>>612694952I'm a chud and my biggest gripe with the sequel trilogy is that Finn wasn't the one who became a jedi. There's a lot of good story potential for a former child soldier with hardly any identity of his own going down that path.

>>612696340kek. but in all seriousness isn't MAC actually better for graphic design and shit?

>>612700472There is saying, but i dunno how much of it is truth and how much of it is just baby duck syndrome.

>>612699810He's just a kid who has to become a hero from scratch, the Triforce didn't choose him like TP Link, he had to obtain it by himself,and why would Demise follow them in SpiritTracks? The Demise curse is specific to Ganondorf, right?

>>612700723Well supposedly Mac has better software for Multimedia shit so I can understand the Bias he has but imagine comparing Macs and PC to food lmao.

>>612700779>The Demise curse is specific to Ganondorf, right?No but Malladus is basically just Ganon inside a train anyway.

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>>612697607That garbage is not what Tamers is, go lurk moar

>>612691030Not a videogame

>>612694578I believe this places existence is to explicitly imply that Mario and Peach are NOT from any actual US city and are Mushroom Kingdom denizens. Not to even mention Yoshis Island

>>612697193Pauline is the centerpiece of NDC not Peach.

>>612700871>supposedly Mac has better software for Multimedia shitThis used to be true in the early Mac days, when windows was a shitty front-end for DOS.Nowadays they have mostly the same creativity software available.The real important differences between Mac and Windows is brand appeal and the fact that Mac is actually a Unix clone,but if all you're gonna do is work with photoshop or run Skyrim in 10fps then the latter doesn't matter that much.

>>612701223gotcha good to know, dont really know too much about macs except my Mac book bricking cause my dad got installed windows on it when i was a kid.


>>612691030ignoring Mario, did nintendo ever say that there will forever be only one Link?

>>612695907>Link is some unaging child with eternal life?For as long as Zelda sells, yes.

>>612700208All of that is cope unsupported by the game, created by people to explain the timeskip before SS came out.>Demise's curse proves me right because when Ganon came back before WW there was no corresponding Link and that forced the goddesses to flood Hyrule, because there was no hero to stop GanonThere is no hero during the sealing war either. Demise's curse is still active after OoT which means the Hero's Spirit is still being hounded by it.

>>612700779>He's just a kid who has to become a hero from scratch, the Triforce didn't choose him like TP Link, he had to obtain it by himself,and why would Demise follow them in SpiritTracks? The Demise curse is specific to Ganondorf, right?The Triforce doesn't "choose" people in every game either.>The Demise curse is specific to Ganondorf, right?No, Demise's curse was active from SS onwards retard. It includes Vaati and Malledus.

>>612700174I think you missed the part where a nigger is hacked into my isp and has an issue with people who like Garfield because of some psychotic people who work for satanists. That is the more concerning problem going on there.No, I know it is just scribbles. I’m talking about the quality of the brand being utter underside park table bench gum. You must not have seen the anime girl Tetris games that Garfield guest stars in randomly for no apparent reason other than maybe he thinks he is hello kitty. This is what I mean by fire and hire people who actually care about the brand.

>>612702438>There is no hero during the sealing war either.The sealing war is OoT you idiot.

>>612699584Dirty blonde is only on children that will lose their natural blonde hair. It becomes brown as they age

>>612694952I remember hearing at the time that China hated him, and they bring in something like 3x the ticket sales than the USA.

>>612694778>>612694952I thought Finn was the only interesting character, but maybe it was because Rey was so bland that it him appear interesting by contrast.I've only seen first two though, my interest was gone at the end of the second one.

>>612700426That kind of story is way too based and complex for a Disney Star Wars.

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>>612695061>when his father was alive lecturing about the evils of homosexuals and telling him to stay straight.based dad, trying to keep his son right.

>>612691369I'm a retard to realize this only now: He hates blonde Link because it doesn't let him self-insert as Link. He has brown hair, Link has brown hair, and now that Link is canonically blonde, he can't self-insert anymore. Nevermind that Link is his own character in spite of his silence.

>>612691098He's genuinely autistic and feel wronged by nintendo and the worldt. autist who holds the stupidest grudges.

>>612691030Dobson is gone man, you have to let him go