Rap battle

Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook

you show up and turn off
i show off and turn up
you turn around when i tell you off
then you walk and i lift off
caught your girl with her shirt off
she said 'sup buttercup lets fuck'
my rhymes hit you like a truck
now fight me you sad bull

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Dylan Bell
Dylan Bell

* c_u_c_k

Jayden Reyes
Jayden Reyes

bitch be trippin'
muh rhymes are slippin'
I'm gangster as fuck
wait til I give your mom a good fuck!

Dominic Garcia
Dominic Garcia

my rhymes be fire dont you interrupt
you look like you from the ku klux klub
i fuck your bitch in the bath tub
your mom gave you a dick rub

Aaron Clark
Aaron Clark

My mom gives a good rub
the best was the hand shandy I got in the bathtub
you all jelly about my lyrical genius
I'm gonna give you a punch in the penis!

Andrew Campbell
Andrew Campbell



Mason Hernandez
Mason Hernandez

i aint jealous of you lyrical genius
you scored the same iq as your penis
you inbred degenerate from top to toe
you incest male hoe

square up nigga i was using alliteration and wordplay

Luke Butler
Luke Butler

I got the floor
bitch be shown the door
I lay down shakespearean mastery
bitch be tryin' to knit a tapestry!

Aiden King
Aiden King

ye that some good shit

Kevin Walker
Kevin Walker

op here im leavin for a bit, ill check this thread later

*ironically im white*

Ethan Young
Ethan Young

Dat's a big mouth son
bet yo boyfriend fills it with cum!
I da best, I da best
Now that I've finished with yo hoe
It's time for that bitch to go!

Levi Sullivan
Levi Sullivan

Rap battle your weak ass rhymes? ok
you, you're waste, also a faggot
your rhymes so decomposed they swarming with maggots
You even pissed off the Frenchies and they hitting you with bagguettes!
now lemme throw your dead corpse in the forest so it can be with the rabbits.

Parker Jones
Parker Jones

Kill yourself

Xavier Lee
Xavier Lee


Sebastian Adams
Sebastian Adams

Rapping against me? Man you're a big joke
I could just beat you blindfolded while I get toked
Bet you can't even write a diss because trust me nigga, YOU BROKE!
Now me, I'm getting stoked
Watching you in this rap battle, lyrically getting choked.

Thomas Turner
Thomas Turner

If you bring raps like that to the table
bitch like you deserves to be called Mabel
I'm legit as fuck
wait until I run you over in my motherfucking truck!

Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper

You come to the table with references I don't get
with only four lines with four rhymes?
Trust me buddy, YOU'RE SHIT!
Bet you wanted to battle in the shelter but you couldn't make it
So you come here with weak ass rhymes that are about as legit as fake tits.
Look at you nigga, rhymes are shit, lines are shit
you prolly asking your friends for help because you can't spit.

Evan Foster
Evan Foster

Now trust me when I say I ain't no lyrical genius
But I can make a lot of fire shit, and even sell it on Venus.
And look at you, you're just a fucking dingus
You had to look up your stuff while I can freestyle and wing it.

Sebastian Rogers
Sebastian Rogers

And who is mabel anyways
Some big ass sports star?
Driving around town in his japshit sports car?
Only to go and park it into a whore house or gay bar?

Ayden Barnes
Ayden Barnes

Boy you all lyrical n shit
Watcha talking about that I can't spit?
I'm solid gold
you better get ready to fold
those rhymes are so old they're growing mould
Step up to me and get ready to see
I throw more shade than an oak tree!

Kayden Watson
Kayden Watson

first of all, it is spelled mold
second of all, stop tryna rhyme after you got told
You aren't welcome here your rhymes are not gold
You are shit bruv, so go ahead, pack it up and HIT THE ROAD!

Charles Thompson
Charles Thompson

now it is pretty hypocritical of me to do what you did, even though I may have done it all just for kicks
but I spit 5 TIMES, and after this go make it six
But look at us, all these threads and rap gigs
Why don't we just share our fire with one another like a group of lyrical bolsheviks?

Christian Bell
Christian Bell

bitch nigga
nigga nigga
shit nigga
mo fuggin
nigga nigga
nigga nigga

Gabriel White
Gabriel White

You niggas need to get your wrist slit
Maybe bleeding faster will energize your quick wit
Lyrical flow I get slick whit
Kidnap your daughters and force her into my sick shit
The tamest of the night with her will be a dick lick
Forge another rhyme while she suckin' and listening to Slick Rick
Bring her back to your place, she shaking and got a nervous tick
Wait for her to brag about being some form of servant chick

John Ortiz
John Ortiz

people in here showing little lyricism
or style on the the words they be spittin'
these rhymes will put you in the dirt, full pacifism
while i slam your girl's pussy that i've been missin'
you'll be mia when im done with whichever one of yall wants to step
i will leave you so scared you'll need extra funeral prep

Hunter Wilson
Hunter Wilson

You are a pussy like a cat
I'm going to hit you with a bat
I'm going to shoot you with a gat
with a rat-a-tat-tat
I am the winner cannot you see
I am the things cannot you be
I am drinking on some tea
Who is the winner of this battle?
Me :^)

Carson Garcia
Carson Garcia

yo yo yo
me and mah nigga pat
we hook it up with that skim sack
shit,that's even if we come back
when we come to town you know we play around
also a ho
smoke rocks erry day

Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas

All you motherfuckers think you can roll with me?
Bitches let me give you one lesson for free
Don't start no shit you can't handle
or ya'll get slapped across the face wif muh dirty sandal!
You think you've got what it takes
you're more deluded than a cripple on skates!
My lines are sick, my wardrobe dope
looking in your eyes I see you've lost all hope
Step up and bring your best game
it's still going to end with you doing the walk of shame!

*drops mic*

Connor Campbell
Connor Campbell

You niggas need to get castrated
And now that you've been baited
I'm gonna fuck your mother with your own penis
Bow to me, cause I'm a genius
Your sister, she's a pussy cat
I beat her with a baseball bat
Then I see you the faggot
Crawling over with thousands of maggots
You suck horse cocks, you goddamn bull
You won't be useful as a tool
And when I make you walk the plank
You'll wish your memes were much more dank

Leo Taylor
Leo Taylor

This thread reminds me of wannabe rappers who write their own lyrics to hip-hop instrumentals on YouTube.

But fuck it, let's go.

When I'm with your girl I come on her tits,
that bitch a skunk, and my spunk reads "Anonymous"
like in calligraphy;
you can't hope to compare wit me.

Internet Hate Machine runnin' at double speed,
you put in DMX and some weed, and what it spits out is ME.

My flows slick and my dick tastes like Nutter Butter,
better nut'er before I make her my supper and "sup?" her on Tinder; I winned her you lost her; by winter your loss'll make you lay down like docile dogs caught in a foxhole.

I cruise in a Vauxhall, you're drivin' a Mazda; when I rock the /fit/ squatz, you're chillin' with Fonda.

Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones

I suck dick
my name is rick
gimme a bike and I'll do a trick
I went to the woods last night and now I have ticks
If there two men have sex they have two dicks
I dont have two dicks I have one dick
and I also have a booger I have to flick
and I also have a booger I have to lick
I lick my boogers and it makes me sick

Chase Howard
Chase Howard

is that not the point?
i love reading them, they all have no flow or innovative rhythm patterns.

Andrew Foster
Andrew Foster

bitch nigga
nigga nigga nigga
nigga nigga nigga
shit nigga
nigga nigga nigga
mo fuggin

Joshua Myers
Joshua Myers

Sometimes I like to try to figure out what flow/rhythm the writer was going for.

About half the time they end up sounding like 5-year-olds writing limericks.

I once had a dog at my house.
My mommy said "no, that's a mouse."
I guess she was right, so I flew a kite,
and forgot there's a mouse in my house.

Gabriel Perry
Gabriel Perry

have you ever tried to rap it frm start to finish to find that several of the lines cant match up without waiting a full measure for it to sound correct.

Ayden Roberts
Ayden Roberts

Yep. I find myself thinking, "if he just used THIS word instead of THAT word and found a filler word here, he could've added a pair of rhymes and made the bars fit."

This thread doesn't bother me so much, because I know nobody is TRYING to be good. People on YouTube try. Hard.

Grayson Torres
Grayson Torres

It's time to start bring all these posts together to make 1 super rap

Jaxson Hernandez
Jaxson Hernandez

maybe it is because they arent sitting down with no computer stimulation editing the song over and over while listening to the beat.
i can't rap at all, but youtube makes me feel like eminem when his first album dropped
is voice user still here?

Jonathan James
Jonathan James

Eternally verbally, I have numbers, succumb to time outs
In rhyme bouts you'll dial 9, just to get a line out
Known fact or factors and non-rappers fractured
Results in more cast appearances than a hundred actors
Emcees I'm testin' like diseases injected in gerbils

Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales

forgot to copy paste the entire thing

Chase Howard
Chase Howard

I was just thinking, "Hey, that's pretty good!"

Then, "Hey, wait, that sounds familiar."


Nathaniel Price
Nathaniel Price

All you niggaz is fuckn wack.
Start shaking now cause the MC is back.
I got the talent that you faggots lack.
Just sit back and lick my nut sack

When I come to town I burn that shit down.
And all you white boys better hit the ground.
When ya hear
Nigga corpses all around.

Chicken and grape drank is all I need.
A 40 of crack and a gram speed
Too get the hood rats on their knees.

Levi Cox
Levi Cox

listen up son, you 'bout to get wreck
best MC from Texas to Quebec
fucked your bitch on the sun deck
dick so big, broke her damn neck
Ate her ass like onions, you should call me Shrek
Don't forget these digits you should check

Brody Lopez
Brody Lopez

The rest is empty with no brain but the clever nerd
The best emcee with no chain ya ever heard
Take it from the Tec-9 holder
They've bit but don't know their neck shine from Shinola
Everything that glitters ain't fishscale
Lemme think, don't let her faint get Ishmael
A shot of Jack got her back it's not an act stack
Forgot about the cackalack, holla back, clack clack blocka
Villainy, feel him in ya heart chakra chart toppa
Start shit stoppa be a smart shoppa
Shot a cop day around the way 'bout to stay
But who'd a know there's two mo' that wonder where the shooter go
'Bout to jet, get him, not a bet, dead 'em
Let 'em spit the venom said 'em got a lot of shit with 'em
Let the rhythm hit 'em, it's stronger in the other voice
We makes the joints that make 'em spread 'em butta moist
Man, please, the stage is made of panties
From the age of baby hoochies on to the grannies
Ban me the dough rake, daddy
The flow make her fatty shake, patty cake, patty cake
For fake, if he was Anita Baker's man
He'd take her for her masters, hit it once an' shake her hand
On some ol' thank ya ma'am an' ghost her
She could mind the toaster if she sign the poster
A whole host of roller coaster riders
Not enough tracks (is it?)
Hot enuff black (for ya)
It's too hot to handle, you got blue sandals
Who shot ya? Ooh got you new spots to vandal?
Do not stand still, both show skills
Close but no krills, toast for po' nils, post no bills
Coast to coast Joe Shmoe's flows ill, go chill
Not supposed to overdose No-Doz pills
Off pride tykes talk wide through scar meat
Off sides like how Worf rides with Starfleet
Told ya, on some get-rich shit
As he get older he gets colder than a witch tit
This is it, make no mistakes
Where my nigga go?
Figaro, Figaro

Parker Gutierrez
Parker Gutierrez

On the streets, feeling smug
See a thread, roll for dubs
See them digits, get a chub
Niggas wilin when I wreck 'em
Faggot shut up and fuckin check 'em

Jayden Bell
Jayden Bell

you're a dope
wait, dat 33 tho
I's be free on page 15
that's where we be goin.

Matthew Nelson
Matthew Nelson

i once thought a crayon was a food
i ate it then later i pooed
i stumbled away
the water was gray
i guess that pencils aren't crayons

Chase Diaz
Chase Diaz

Intersection with dub slut, I'm seeing crashed cars
there's even a train wreck, she doesn't have bars
It's time whiny whore, I do stun, dread mine she got 594 by two hundred ninety

Dylan Johnson
Dylan Johnson

Sautering, Sashaying segueing through this group of boys
Spitting lymerics and think theyre so sick but its mundane noise
Im twisting, lyrically fisting these flaccid assholes
With a mind thats spitting shit heavier than a black hole
Reeling leave you feeling for the door
Breaking these syllables hard than you hit the floor
Constant flux
Variations of how hard this thread sucks
Call your mother to come pick you up
after she finished drinking my nut
Goodnight OP you're a massive faggot
Put your dick in the doorjam and smash it

Caleb Fisher
Caleb Fisher

What have you got in common with OP
You both shit your pants when listening to me.
Or should that be a dress (either way, you're a mess)

Just like OP, your "flaccid asshole" is mine
Spread like Sweden's "Singing Sailor" neon sign
But I ain't touching that shit,
I don't wanna taint my dick
So you'll be a virgin till the rear end of time.

The only reason your mind is spitting heavy shit
Is cause you're denser than a neutron star you dimwit
Verbal diarrhoea doesn't make a shining star
It only makes a black hole that's as sucky as you are

You have everyone reaching for the door
lyrics so crap people can't take no more
It's an open and shut case
A revolver to your face
Marked "pull" so you can emergency exit this place.

Wrapping up my post with a final verse
You must feel honoured, to be the very worst.
I got you rereading my lines
To work out what you missed the first time.
It's alright if you can't get through
I figure reading's difficult for you

Zachary Lewis
Zachary Lewis


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