Hey Holla Forums, have you ever tried weed? If so post experience in a greentext story

Joseph Fisher
Joseph Fisher

Hey Holla Forums, have you ever tried weed?
If so post experience in a greentext story.

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William Anderson
William Anderson

smoke weed
feel nothing
get kinda mad
remember it takes more then normal to get me high because something is wrong with my brain
I hate my fucked up brain

Cooper Morris
Cooper Morris

smoke weed
bad reaction
wake up in ICU
doc gives me bad news
"you have autism"
"its terminal"

Justin Rodriguez
Justin Rodriguez

That's not why. It takes a few times before you feel it for most people. You're a normie, deal with it.

Easton Thomas
Easton Thomas

nice try, freech shill


John Ramirez
John Ramirez

meet with friends in basement
smoke weed
watch cartoons, they're a lot more interesting
paranoia kicks in
give the stupidest reasons to leave the house and go to sleep

I get too paranoid when I smoke weed to enjoy anything at all so I gave up.

Aaron Sanchez
Aaron Sanchez

be me
smoke weed
shit was cash homie XD

Jeremiah Green
Jeremiah Green

first time nothing
second time nothing
guess im immune lol
3rd time i actually did it with actual stoners whove been smoking for a while already
they ask "have you smoked before?"
"yeah lol"
smoke a blunt take two bong hits
feel sick
it was fucking horrible
felt like puking for 5 minutes after that
everythings blurry
felt like life was a movies somone was in the process of editing
"feel" the cuts in the film have time skips cant focus on anything
decide to lay down and close my eyes
big mistake that made it worse
now the whole world is spinning around me
feel my heart pumping like crazy it went fucking THUMP-THUMP-THUMP in my head
sometimes it skipped a beat which freaked me out even more
suddenly in my head
"shit nigger you have to breathe wtf"
gasp for air
i am now breathing manually
notice when i focus on one point in my vision and focus on breathing i can calm myself down
establish a lantern as my vision safe spot
my friends notice me being basically dead and decide to bring me some food
double win i can focus on myself because theyre gone and i get food
they come back give me kebab
take one bite but cant really swallow
this is it im losing all social contacts if i keep this shit up
make up some bullshit excuse to go home
cant go home though mums home
try standing up
oh lawd
my knees shake like grandmas fingers
cant stop now i just told them i'd leave
have to walk downhill because we were smoking out on a little hill in a park
i was horrifyingly close to falling
dog shit everywhere this is an innercity park
shake my knees through the park like im dancing foxtrott
see park bench outside of stoner vision
not too many people nearby
fuck yes
lay down establish green spot as stonervision safe spot
spend like three hours that felt like one big near death experience on that park bench
suddenly some random dog came up to me
look around for police terrified as fuck
just some old dudes dog
pet dog realising this little fuck just wants my ice cold kebab
give him a piece because he sorta woke me up from this bad dream
suddenly realise im both hungry and dried out
stand up again because old man coming to get his dog
standing.exe is responding
make a little awkward conversation with the guy
not sure if i got one straight sentence out of my mouth
go to supermarket buy 2L of coke and chips
paranoid as hell everyones watching me
eat all of it including the kebab
sneak back home and lay down
i slept till the next day
wake up totally fucked

i was afraid as fuck of weed after that and believe me i told myself more than once during that "ill never do this shit again" but i did.
And the next few time i still had some of the above named symptoms but eventually when i relaxed more it felt better and better and became my favourite drug of all times. there ya go. probably bait but who cares. i had to tell someone eventually.

Lucas Hughes
Lucas Hughes

ITT: faglords extraordinaire

Gabriel Cox
Gabriel Cox

I was a fresher at college, and noticed the large proportion of people smoking funny cigarettes. So, in the bar, a friend offered me a drag. Within minutes the world seemed a more vague and happy place. I went home that evening in a semi daze, sat down at my computer and tried to write some code.
And I couldn't.
Since that night I have never smoked weed. It was 1980.

Lincoln Nguyen
Lincoln Nguyen

first time, got nothing
second time, out my fucking mind
literally everything is funny
eat a whole box of Cheez-Its
start shaking a lot
recall people yelling at me
wake up in my neighbor's bedroom

Owen Carter
Owen Carter

oh no potential storytime and interaction on my favorite gay porn website

Camden Harris
Camden Harris

be me in junior high
around 14 iirc
have been around pot for a while so I know what it is, what it smells like etc. but havent tried it
one day see my step brother left a bunch of pot brownies in the freezer
steal one seeing how he would never notice 1/32 brownies missing
Eat about half
Dont feel anything for an hour or so
eat the rest
look it up
learn that these particular ones are really fucking potent
effect come up 2 hours after ingestion
Get hit so hard the entire world slows down, I can feel everything incredibly vivid
I can feel and smell the air brushing against me as I walk but I still feel this immense sensation of warmth and comfort
Start listening to 70s disco
greatest moment in my life
I dance in my room to earth wind and fire for about 2 hours
effects still arent over
watch a war movie
totally empathising with both sides
effects still arent over
decide to go to sleep (it was about 10 PM at this point
wake up at 6
Im still pretty buzzed

All in all the high lasted about 12 hours
Seeing how the flakes kinda in the brownie made up about 15% of it Im guessing its the equivalent of smoking 15-25 grams in one shot, including the increased potency of digesting instead of inhaling and having the high last longer because of how the body breaks down the chemicals
Pretty much the greatest high I ever had

Evan Gutierrez
Evan Gutierrez

staying at friend's place
friend finds weed from months ago
we both smoke it
learn how to hold it in
feel nothing at first
smoke some more
smoke some more
get jittery
cant stop shaking my legs
get more talkative
goes to pet the cat
holyfuck the cat feels AMAZING
touch more things
everything has more texture to it
order a pizza and chocolate cake
scarf that shit down even though i ate a big dinner before
chocolate cake blew my fucking mind brah
play vidya, get disinterested in my favorite game
go to sleep to make the high go away

Jackson Martin
Jackson Martin

I smoked with my mom last night and it was fucking horrible.
be 20
got home from euro trip recently
have strained relationship with my mom my whole life
she, like all mothers, is pretty fucking crazy
put dog down yesterday so my mom is extra drunk and weird
she asks to smoke pot so I say fine
she opens by asking, "so what's important to you, user"
I don't know how to answer such a fucking stupid question
refuse to go soul searching with her
she continues to try and figure me out
tells me she hopes I had a lot of good sex in Europe because she knew I was making a rite of passage and so I had to get laid
not a virgin and she's known that for years
she's just insane and only thinks in pseudo-romantic terms.
I tell her I need to leave and watch one piece in my room, too uncomfortable to do anything else.
I now know I'll never smoke with that woman again. I don't know why I thought it'd be anything like fun.

Nathaniel Mitchell
Nathaniel Mitchell

got cancer literally
smoked weed to help with nausea
helped me hold down food
felt great had to describe for me
smoke weed everyday since
probably never will stop
best medicine ever

Chase Gonzalez
Chase Gonzalez

hard to describe

Michael Reyes
Michael Reyes

Is she hot?

Ethan Walker
Ethan Walker

No, and it wasn't sexual. I wish it had been more like that, but it was just sad and cringy

Lucas Hill
Lucas Hill

Am I the only one that got tunnel vision the first time and nothing at all the second, third and fourth? I feel like I developed some bad tolerance…

Sebastian Cruz
Sebastian Cruz

freshman year of college
get a pot sucker from a friend as an Easter present
get back to school and decide to spend a Sunday getting high and watching kung fu movies
take a dab and pop the sucker in
everything goes well until the qt3.14 I have a crush on upstairs asks me for a study guide we'd been sharing
I go to her lobby
she is staring at me
seven other girls in her lobby are staring at me
I hand her the notebook and she starts talking to me
way too high so spaghetti erupts violently from my pockets
I turn and run back to my room
keep watching kung fu movies and getting high
It was a good day.

Parker Scott
Parker Scott

Probably smoking some bunk shit… Get some KB or dabs… If you don't smoke often I wouldn't recommend dabs

Protip: hydro is not a strain of weed nor a type but a method of growing

Ayden Long
Ayden Long

Thanks mate, smoked that weed at a friend's house, he must've bought some cheap crap the second time I went to his house (where I smoked 3 times and didn't get any effect).

Luke Perry
Luke Perry

I got tunnel vision once but it wasn't nowhere near my first time… I think it just happens rarely as your the first person I know who has had it happen to them as well… Could be because of lack of oxygen is my only guess

Jason Cox
Jason Cox

Possible… Weird though…

Evan Howard
Evan Howard

Anytime m8

Pic 1 is Reggie brick weed, Reggie meaning regular

And pic 2 is pretty good KB, KB standing for kind bud or killer bud…

Jaxson Perry
Jaxson Perry

Iv been smoking for a while now and have experienced alot of different highs and the tunnel vision moment was by far one of the craziest ones… I want to say it was scary but there was a bit of tranquility during my trip… Count yourself as lucky that you have experienced it, as few have that only smoke weed

John Reyes
John Reyes

Reggie meaning regular
which is kind of stupid because of how hard it is to find these days.

you have to literally live in mexico to find it

Carter Bailey
Carter Bailey

Not really user… I don't ever smoke Reggie so I don't have but 1 connect for it… But it's not that hard to find if you put forth a lil effort… It depends on the location I guess because I can't see Colorado or Washington having much Reggie rolling around… But ever since the happening of Colorado KB as been alot easier to find… What's rare as fuck is finding Reggie that isnt brick weed and has a fairly decent the level

James Rodriguez
James Rodriguez

*decent thc level

Austin Rogers
Austin Rogers

Also Reggie isn't a term for how easy it is to get.. Its a rating on the quality

Logan Peterson
Logan Peterson

smoke weed
finish smoking weed

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey

This is a pic of the weed my friend bought last time, you can see very well but it looks more like the second one to me…

Anyway, maybe I failed at smoking it? I did try to get the smoke in the lungs and I never got anything more than a light high, nothing compared to my first time.

Carson Morales
Carson Morales

me and friend smoking blunt
In his car
2 cops pull up next to us in parking spots
we are fucked up
Cops don't get out
Friend puts car in reverse
Waits few seconds
They don't budge
We get the fuck out of there

Jeremiah Nguyen
Jeremiah Nguyen

That looks dry…

Angel Collins
Angel Collins

It was dry. Was it supposed to be wet or something? Maybe he did buy crap after all…

Matthew Cook
Matthew Cook

It shouldn't be brittle or whatever

Thomas Myers
Thomas Myers

I'm high right now.
IME I'm sleepy and hungry.
That is all

Lucas Martin
Lucas Martin

I don't believe it was. It wasn't that dry…

Ryder Carter
Ryder Carter

be me, 16, straight laced drunken asshole
get vicodin after surgery
realize i enjoy drugs, but choose weed instead of opiates
FFWD 2 years to college
Start smoking everyday, dealing on the side, and not caring about school
This continues for 2 years
Transfer, start over, pretend to be oblivious to drugs, and enroll in courses for the military.

Overall I enjoyed it and should've smoked away my youth instead of drinking, but theres no way I'd shit away the rest of my life getting high all day. I'll probably start again in 20 years when I've got a pension and no worries.

Aaron Jones
Aaron Jones

nope but looks pretty yummie

Christian Martin
Christian Martin

Hey, I had a similar, extremely heartbeat-overintensifying, psychedelic near-death experience on weed.

But only a single time, when I smoked way too much from a bong.

If I just smoke parts of small Js I get really high already and I don't really need more.

Tyler Garcia
Tyler Garcia

be me at 14
smoke white widow with my brother
suddenly my hands and body starts tingling
my brother experiences the same
at home
i get panic attack
my hearts starts pounding really fast
"i think i will die bro!"
"No! relax. all is good"
"i should got tell mom to call the ambulance!"
"NO! Mom will ground us!"
i go tell our mom
she laughs her ass off
"Go to bed honey, it's just panic. Sleep it off, we talk about it tomorrow."
i go to bed
feels like i am on a rollercoaster
fall asleep
next morning
feel ashamed and scared
mom says it's okay, but i never touch weed again
all went better than expected

Zachary Williams
Zachary Williams

gotta love one piece

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