Let's have a thread dedicated to the best DE ever.

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why choose a DE if you can just have the awesome WM or i3

agreed xfce has just the right amounf of shiny with none of the bloat of other DEs

Is there a way to pin things to the taskbar in xfce? You know just like in Windows 7?

Y'all niggas know about the Windowck plugin right? It's pretty damn dank.

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Yes. First go to Panel Preferences, then Items, then click the + icon and add Launcher. You can bind any program to the Launcher thing.

Oh, and when the Launcher has been added, you can bind the programs to it by pressing pic related.

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this is more like it -- the button targets are big enough that they can be clicked accurately

the only problem I have with that is that orange is the selection color, which is fucking sick and disgusting

But this will create an icon that you click to launch the program and then it will create another program when the program is actually running.
I want it to be one icon. If the program is not running a click on the icon will start it. If it is running it will assume the place of the launcher icon.
Is that possible?

Holy shit, everything is so simple. I love it. Nothing against xfce, I still think it's the best de, but I can't go back now.

what now?

Because it's nice having a panel that can do a lot of stuff.


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I think most Xfce users are too busy getting actual work done to shitpost on Holla Forums

DEs are shit.

DEs are shit.

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Looks like that fixed it. Cool.

Here's a responce so you can feel like you aren't alone.

which GTK/window decoration themes are you using OP?

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XFCE is for poorfags who can not afford a new computer.

If xfce is for poorfags who is lxde aimed at?

Poorfags with no aesthetic sense.

Because you need a "new computer" to run a heavyweight (Gnome/Plasma/Unity) DE. Sure.

My computer can run KDE and Gnome just fine, but I like a featureful and pretty environment that doesn't crash every five seconds.

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Not so great for dual monitors after the most recent update.
Automatically fucks everything up when the screens turn off.
I always have to reconfigure shit under the display menu every time my monitors go into auto sleep mode.

What the hell are you doing with all that gear?

It's for virtualization.

Probably using vanilla Firefox.



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Yes nigger, stop being a nigger, lossy compression on screenshots is cancer of the highest order, it makes everything look blury, jpeg is for photos.

what theme ? looks bretty good



the panel is the only thing I like about xfce

Seems that XFCE is being ported to GTK+ 3


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Still same shit.

XFCE is nice. Defaults are shit though, and I don't like the taking the time to configure everything, so I only use it on distros that ship with nice defaults, like Manjaro or MX.

Honestly what DE or WM I prefer depends on how powerful the machine is. For stuff with 4 GB of RAM or more, I usually just put Plasma 5 on it. I use XFCE and MATE for 2-4 GB, and for anything less than two I like Trinity, Fluxbox if it's preconfigured (once again, Manjaro saves the day here). LXDE/LXQT just never really appealed to me, I have to say. It feels very lackluster and even buggy at times. Maybe it's just the distros I've used it with, but I've never felt satisfied with it.

tl;dr: XFCE is good, but its best when it plays to its strengths, same as any other DE.

You can have the XFCE panel with i3

He uses KDE

Speak for yourself. I see none of the sort.

Oh bullshit. JPG is just fine. I took a screenshot just now and saved it as jpg.
Can you honestly say it does not look crisp and clear?
Fuck off with your jpg FUD

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I also hate closing programs

currently on LXDE since I'm using an older ARM computer

tell me, how is XFCE going to be better for me than LXDE, a DE actually designed to be lightweight from the ground-up?

Let me guess, you only have 8GBs of RAM? Pleb...

A window manager that's designed for the desktop environment, corner tiling, a couple of panel elements LXDE doesn't have, and a lot of other small things.

LXDE is a bit lighter than Xfce, and I personally think Xfce is a bit nicer than LXDE. If lightness is your only consideration you can do a lot better than LXDE. Try icewm, for example.

Well, if you are using Chrome (and you should use it because it is the best browser) then 8GBs is not enough.

Nigga, I just alt+f2, but I don't know if this works on xfce because cinnamon master race. It probably does, though. Shit is standard as fuck.

>One of the more usefull new plugin is the pulseaudio-plugin, a replacement for xfce4-mixer : git.xfce.org/panel-plugins/xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin/, I use it and it works well.

fucking FINALLY

Totally NOT the same.

Linux status:




You might as well pick up a vape and fedora in the process



lmoa plebs gui is cancer we textpunk nao.

bullshit. chromium adapts just fine to my 4GB netbook even with shitload of tabs. get tab suspender. they changed ram usage significantly with a patch a while ago. it uses less than Shitfox on my machines.

call me when SJWZilla Shitfox is responsive and supports touchscreens so I can scroll and press buttons easily with the touchscreen and not the shitty trackpad they try to pass as a mouse. pretty ironic considering shitfox is trying so hard being mobile and all. but chromium supports it better without falling to the usual mistake of butchering that whole UI for some retarded reason.

lamo retard git bak to windoze but on THE proper DE AKA KDE there is a "show a launcher when no running" option when you right click. webm related. also windows still can't do workspaces since more than 20 years.


I'm almost 49 years old. I've been using computers since the original Apple 1 was in stores. In high school I used a multi-user BASIC system running on a Data General Nova minicomputer connected to 3 schools via 300bps modems over leased phone lines. The first computer I built was based on a 1976 Popular Electronics article and used an old Teletype ASR-33 as a terminal. The next three computers were S-100 bus systems running CP/M v2.2. Depending on your age, I may have been writing code in C under CP/M before you were even *born*. I've owned no-name Taiwaneese knock-off XT clone motherboard-based systems I built on the cheap, with monochrome (yes, the ugly-ass green-screen) graphics. I remember the original Mac looking like someone's idea of a joke to me. I thought Windows v2.x was the most useless thing on the planet. I actually ran IBM's OS/2 for a couple *years* and thought it was awesome. The only reason I changed from Win95 was because the USB support was virtually non-existent. The only reason I changed from Win98SE to Win2k was it wasn't stable on a CPU running over ~800MHz. I had an entire WinNT4 domain, complete with PDC, running in my apartment, while I was getting an MCSE.
You still want to call me "typical linuxfag", friend? Check your Linux privilege. Not all of us are running it, and your overweening arrogance indicates to *me* that you're rather young, and perhaps aren't being totally honest about making your living the way you do.

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Why do you even need workspaces? They are a useless feature..

Workspaces are useful. They let you switch between groups of windows to switch between activities. I might have up to five windows open for a single task and it's much more convenient to switch to or from those five windows in a single action instead of bringing all of them up one by one.

for some reason it says I don't have permission to mount any of my other drives. it does this on both Arch and Debian, but despite what people tells me works, nothing has worked. r-re

How does XFCE's RAM usage compare to other stuff?

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So apparently XFCE is shit.
What should I use instead?
Gnome or KDE?


xfce is a mess better take minimalistic i3

Libreboot Chinkpad Coming Through

Pick one.

But you can pin things to the taskbar. They make all kinds of addons for GNOME and other DEs. I just don't use it because typing in a command is easier. I don't like taking my hands off the keyboard if I don't have to. It feels like a breakdown in "flow."

Just because you haven't bothered looking for the solution you want, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

But GNU/Linus is not about ease of use or other such nonsense. It's about something far more important than that. If you value your freedom so little that you'd trade it for a gimmick feature, then there's nothing I can do for you. You're like a slave that thinks being free is stupid because you don't even get a free shack out of it, ignoring the fact that you may yet build a house you own.

This is the main difference between Windows and an GNU/Linux. One operating system you own, the other owns you.



virtualization is dangerous m8.

DEs are generally shit and bloatware.

XFCE is the ONLY good DE, and it's great as fuck. It's fully featured and the resources it uses are completely justified.
It also has lots of useful components you can integrate into a WM. I'm using IceWM on top of xfdekstop.

Anyone that uses that abomination KDE is pantsu on bread retarded.