>Apple Inc on Tuesday posted its first-ever decline in iPhone sales and first revenue drop in more than a decade as the company credited with inventing the smartphone struggles with an increasingly saturated market.

>After years of blockbuster sales, many investors fear the iPhone has reached saturation, spelling the end for Appleā€™s exponential growth.

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Lel investors expect infinite growth.

Applewatch is a joke. It's all downhill from here.

It's going to be fun to watch the bubble burst.

Let's see graphs for the other botnet companies in the same format.


As much as I hate Steve Jobs, he was the only one that managed to keep it afloat.



is this really habbening? people post "X IS DYING GUISE" all the time here.

Dead? Probably not. They probably have enough money in the bank to survive the extremely nasty kick in the balls the next market correction is going to give them.


He brought easy internet access to the masses and turned the it to shit.

This is the key. There's only so many iterations of a product you can sell to the same person before they grow tired. It's a saturated market, so the correction has more to do with lack of room to expand rather than consumer dissatisfaction.

The watch on the other hand, is a disaster. I thought gaudy niggers would be all over something like that, but even they seem to have rebuffed it.

Oh and pic related, they're barely a computer company anymore.

I've seen more android phones than I have in years recently. Normies are starting to realize that androids are better even for retards like them.
Will this mean Apple will start backing out of the phone market and try to make up with shit like iPads since they still control a lot of the tablet market or maybe make a new Macbook that isnt ass cancer for once?

I think they're going to get into more home appliance (IoT) nonsense. Siri, make me some toast!

The only large feature being heralded about their next OSX version is integrated Siri (works even better if you leave your Mic on all the time goy), which I think will be a corner stone of the Apple Home and ultimately Apple Car experience.

Just what we needed. More fucking botnet and security issues. At least the normies retarded enough to buy into the IoT meme will probably die when their heater can't connect to the wifi

We can barely come up with good systems to keep computers secure and well patched even when sophisticated people are operating them, can you imagine trying to patch a WebKit security hole that is spread to 50 different things around a home? Each with their own set of hardware limits.

This is probably the best counter for the normie buying into IoT:



It was pancreas cancer you dumbass
So really
The PC did kill him in the end

Thank God.

Man I love the free market.

Even if I didn't like his products, at least Jobs tried to make new shit and had a great understanding of UI. The idiots running the company don't know what the fuck to do with the iPhone so they decide to copy Android, who have made their design philosophy "just copy Apple."

What's their next big idea, the iPhone 9GCXSP, with a screen half the size of an iPad and a shiny case hardened with the tears of Foxconn employees? Try to revive the iPod with some design gimmick?

you mad elitist?

They can barely use their smartphones without getting help at an Apple store from an Apple Genius, a new complicated tech device they have to remember to keep charged is the last thing they'd want in their lives.

One of the reasons why the iPod did so well is because it looked incredibly simple to use. Every other MP3 player on the market at the time looked something like this. Same thing with their iPhones, a phone with a single button on it was laughed at by people like Steve Ballmer. Their watch is a disaster compared to those products, the average person would have trouble telling it apart from other smartwatches.

What new burgeoning tech device are they going to take and simplify for the lowest common denominator? My bet is on small self driving electric cars that aren't really cars as we currently know them starting in 2020.

So a car without any buttons or steering wheels or anything that a human can use. It will run on internet.

I'm with RMS on this one


The first of many.

It is now being reported, witnesses are now saying the assailants all shouted


as they stabbed him.

He sure was good at being contrary at least.

Well, there is no bringing Steve Jobs back this time :^)

They are just as much a computer company now, it's just that the phones sell better than Macs ever did.

To be fair, when you say "Android Phones" you are putting all phone manufacturers together against one. Of course there will be more Android phones when pretty much every phone that isn't made by Apple is an android phone.

They never changed it it seems, though MS might have changed it only because they got sued for stealing the Mac interface.

Full disclosure, applefag here. Also Holla Forumsack.

I am pissed with Apples interest in playing
Politics rather then innovate. They need to get their head out of their feel-good political bullshit and start releasing awesome tech. Currently I don't see this anymore.

As much as a dick Steve was, he avoid politics as much as possible and I respected him for it.

Exactly. Apple backed themselves into a corner with iOS and OSX only running on their shitty hardware

Yeah I'm going to need a source on every single one of those images

you don't belong to this board m8. Keep lurking and maybe osmosis will make you absorb more educated opinions