Look at this bullshit

look at this bullshit
look at this fucking bullshit

you grab extra crispy high resolution png with hot loli girls and put it on your desktop. and what windows does to it? it adds extra JPG compression, ruining your fucking picture.

windows 7 is literally uncapable of basic image processing. and it gets extra funny when you grab a png of higher resolution than your desktop, the picture gets pixelated to hell and back. i wish i could afford an extra ssd drive for linux installation.

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I don't know what you're on about m8. I can't even see this so-called "pixelation".

xsetroot -solid sage

The same bullshit apparently exist in Windows 8, but worse.

man can't believe i don't miss windows 7 at all
and looking at this doesn't give me nostalgic feel good but i shuddered instead

Then use Linux you pleb

Resize image to exactly your screen resolution with something like gimp (basically, application which can use sane resizing algorithms).
Or install linux, it doesn't really require extra drive, extra partition is enough.
Also requesting that wallpaper.


Why not just partition your hard drive and run a linux machine?

You have to resize the picture yourself to the exact resolution of your desktop.

Yeah, it's retarded.

why would you use porn for your wallpaper

Yet I remember using animated GIFs as Windows XP wallpapers and they worked
It remembers me how Whatsapp can't into PNG either and it compresses everything to JPEG.
Just why.

Can you post the original image?
I am going to use it as a background for my presentation at work tomorrow.

Use an external tool like IrfanView to set your wallpaper as a crispy intermediate .bmp. The built-in dialog has been recompressing shit as JPEG since Vista.

Are you for real?

I bet you hard-wrap your manpages to 80ch at install-time too.


wallpaper plzz

Just put your icons on top of the ones embedded in the image.



This fucker was a bitch to find, so I'll spoonfeed this once.


Thanks, user.


Can't reproduce on Linux. Maybe you should stop being a normalfag.


GO BACK TO Holla Forums, KID!

Alright then mate, you do that.