Why aren't RSS and Atom newsfeeds more popular? I remember how big of a deal RSS and Atom were a decade or so ago...

Why aren't RSS and Atom newsfeeds more popular? I remember how big of a deal RSS and Atom were a decade or so ago, but then after people started getting all their content aggregated on places like Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook, it stopped getting attention. There are still feeds for most sites, and RSS reader software is fast, efficient, and you don't get blasted with ads like you do on major websites.

I don't understand why everybody doesn't use a news reader for content they want to follow, rather than letting Facebook and Twitter's algorithms decide what they want you to see.

Almost everything that people complain about Facebook and Twitter for, but they keep using them because "it's how I get my news", is better done by a news feed. Shit, you can even follow people's twitter and facebook accounts through RSS with some services.

Not only that, but RSS and Atom feeds are built into every major browser, or can be added trivially with a plugin, so if you don't want dedicated software for it, you still have the capability to use it.

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RSS/Atom feeds aren't "social" enough for normies.

Content producers wanted more vendor lockin. I knew RSS was pretty much over for normies the day that Apple dropped RSS support in Safari (seriously, how hard would that be to continue maintaining!?) and no one really cared.

As far as I know, normies don't follow current events because they care what's going on and want to think about it.
They follow current events to use in a social signaling capacity, and for that use, having the data aggregated on a social platform actually makes sense.

for me it was when they killed off google reader and i switched to letting reddit do my content aggregation

if you're set on rss though, they actually have their own feeds you can add to your reader (or you can go the other way using a bot to autosubmit from an rss feed)

yeah i know reddit is cancer now but what else am i gonna do, use voat?

Reddit is fine if you restrict yourself to specialist subs, and of course The_Donald if you enjoy good anti SJW bantz.

Why aren't RSS and Atom newsfeeds more popular?

Because the sites that publish feeds are dependent on advertising and RSS is a shitty investment.

Reddit has a rss feed i just use that.

I dunno, turns out pretty much all of the sites I regularly use enough to want an RSS feed of still offer RSS feeds.

So do mine, but I know literally zero people who actually use them other than myself, and I work at a software company in a den of neckbeards.

What would a "social" rss reader be like?

reply, favorite and retweet options.

This is also why front pages and search results "helpfully" truncating page titles and synopses pisses me off.

Daily reminder that Shithub has feeds for commits and releases.

Newsbeuter is a cool rss reader, too bad it has serious problems with memory leaks.

Lots of sites started clipping the first paragraph only, requiring you to visit the site to read the actual article.

I used to swear by google reader. I guess they thought their new google buzz was going to be the next facebook and that they wouldn't need news readers anymore. Either way, google reader was probably one of their best products. Retards.

Even if I can't read the news in them, it's nice to not have to iteratively visit 20 sites to see if somebody updated.

google reader
it was perfect for normies

but how to find good sites with rss support?
a lot of sites I visit have bad rss feeds or nothing at all
what is the state of the art of content scrapers?

Ze orange icon in ze browser, probably. Web 1.0 site engines generally support it. You have to ba an asshole to remove it (like Twitter — but Twitter is an unmanageable mess anyway).

Use userscripts, python libraries or site-specific helpers like the ones from github.com/l29ah/w3crapcli or from any other github repos of that kind.

here's a good one. every archive.is link submitted to reddit. people only really archive if it's something fun


Can you show me what's in the folders?

I want to know where you get your news from except for the manga & anime

Yep, this is the main reason.

I love RSS/Atom, but I've seen sites simply drop the support partially, or even completely. It's at least one page view less they're getting, because people are not visiting their frontpage anymore, which is often all people do mostly during a day.

I get it from their perspective. For example, I would read certain comics though RSS and see a whole weeks worth in one page, which was great for me, but I never visited their site anymore, so now they just show titles.

Still, it's a shame a good thing is slowly dying out because it doesn't work well in an ad driven industry.

Death by Google.

It's just Reuters and AP basically. I don't actually follow "news" all that closely. I like to skim the headlines just to make sure WW3 hasn't started or something while I was living under a rock. TorrentFreak just to make sure they haven't started executing pirates in the street yet. VPN to make sure my VPN service didn't get arrested or something. NC State because that's where I study.

It's a fucking miracle google hasn't disabled channel subscription rss feed, it probably got buried down under the bloat they added and don't even remember it.


Mailing lists and News Servers sold this problem ages ago.


They steal pageclicks and ads.

Nowadays many people only include the first paragraph of the article to force you to open their site in your browser to get the ad exposure.

RSS a shit