Hey Holla Forums are you excited for the return of Cryptocat?

Since the rewrite, Cryptocat moved from a browser extension to a desktop app. Atm the features are sparse but I think Cryptocat still provides the best UI when it comes to secure chat program and probably our best bet for adoption by the normies once it moves out of beta.

What do you think Holla Forums?

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CC is far from invulnerable but it's a good effort. It's not going to be easy to convince people to install shit tho.

I, for one, welcome our new cryptographic overlords.

Hmm. I've been studying Ricochet lately, which also defends against metadata attackes. Not sure why I should care about Cryptocat.

Maybe people in Hamburgerland will care. But not in Europe. No NSA.

Lol you are lying to yourself if you think the NSA isnt spying on you
If they did it to Merkel they can do it to anybody

Yeah, no one in Europe is looking at your internet activity.


I remember hearing Cryptocat implemented mpOTR, can anyone confirm that?

One of the major controversies of the NSA is that it spies on domestic citizens. Spying on other countries is basically a given.

Haha, good one. Let us guess which of the five I's posted this one.


at least it isn't skype

Yeah, all with the same key.

no... I think it's fucking garbage

cats are overrated

hash some subkeys from the original keys and there is no problem.


I'm too lazy to find the picture right now but the guy was Dutch/Flemish, not Swedish

yay more metadata


Was meant to quote

another worse-than-tox IM that tries to appeal to normies using memes
kys fam

Since the rewrite it uses OMEMO to send out message. Which is basically a multicast OTR or at least based on OTR. The original version of Cryptocat had something in the works to be a mpOTR but it was never audited I believe.

Tell me when Tox stops leaking your IP

From the network, all messages look exactly the same and impossible to determine who sent without having one of the parties key in the process. By definition, this doesn't make account names metadata. At this point, the only metadata generated from sending messages is the time they were sent if someone was snooping on the network. But that true for every chat protocol.

You're right. You don't have the NSA.
You have your own version. It's basically the same, it just goes by a different name. It even works together with the NSA.

I see, thx for clarifying.

Tell me when bittorrent stops leaking your IP.

I torrent over TOR, I iz safe. :)

I use i2p bittorrent, no ips to leak :^)

I find it hard to believe that anything can be worse than tox,
sell it to me.

why not make a jabber client with sane defaults i.e. opportunistic otr and connections over tor / i2p ?

I've been afraid of tox since a friend of mine demonstrated an exploit on me by crashing tox and opening up a random application a few months ago.

he's dutch, not swedish and he later said it was just a rethorical question not something that actually happened.

and Zuckerberg doesn't own Twitter

Tell me when you get that netbios-over-ethernet IM client working, kid :^)

Why not just use tox?

Also don't fucking tell me the IP thing, even with crypto cat you might not give your friend the IP but you give it to the cryptocat site.


Did he at least try reporting it as a bug? That's kinda what you should do when you discover a security problem.

If crypto strength matters that much in a shitposting application, you shouldn't use a third-party system to do it at all.

it's "five eyes", like eyes that look out for you.

The Tor Project is on it, look up Tor Messenger, it's currently in beta.

The Tor Project is on it, look up Tor Messenger, it's currently in beta.

The Tor Project is on it, look up Tor Messenger, it's currently in beta.


Or if you want something non-beta, I find quite impressive.

Haven't really used Tor Messenger though, I'd personally be interested in a comparison with Ricochet. (I think we're all agreed that CryptoCat and Tox are shit.)

no, it's fundamentally broken - you can't do proper crypto in a browser

that's true and nadim kobeissi is a dangerous dipshit to even try it in the first place but it's not a browser app any more
kill yourself

looks like one for the conspiracy thread

here's the bellend defending it on reddit

Okay, fine.
How about this then?


normalfag crypto lol