>evil female character >is atractivewhat's with that trope?

>evil female character >is atractivewhat's with that trope?

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>>523661478It's okay to be hot if you're evil.

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because an evil(angry/uppity) woman is a challenge, you gotta beat em into submission.

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>>523661601So why'd you post her?

>>523661601Sindel is so insanely hot, holy fuck

the judeochrist cucks had it as long ago as lilith, the femme fatale aka hot heartless bitch is as old as humanity itself. might just be in our nature to like it

>>523661478femme fatale you retarded zoomerit's known for as long as humanity fucking exists

Jessie was my first crush.

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>>523661478Jessie isn't evil shes just a dumb misguided young adult trying to take one little pokemon from some dumb 10 year olds.

>>523661478You think Ash would agree to give Pikachu in exchange for a "favor" from Jessie?

>>523661712Nyl's Sindel is hot.

>>523661478The way to ruin your life as a woman and end up alone and miserable is to burn your youth acting like a slut.

>Evil female character>Isn’t attractive>Entire goal is to become attractive

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>>523661712She has the face of a train, pal

>>5236614781. Yatterman did it so now every anime aimed at young children does it. Notice how they're always flanked by two dudes that are somewhat incompetent as well.2. Jessie isn't really that evil, none of the Team Rocket trio is. They're really just outcasts that found each other and a sense of unity through organized crime, and they treat stealing Pokemon as more of a job than anything. They don't steal money or food or whatever since there's a running gag where they're out of cash for food.

It's dumb coomer shit. In a natural setting we intuitively associate beauty with goodness.

>>523661478not sure

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Being evil means you have no morals.Having no morals means you have no sexual morals.Having no sexual morals means you're a slut who will fuck anyone you find attractive and dress like a slut to advertise that fact.Isn't it great?

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>>523661478Is that your example OP? How embarassing

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>>523662303this is just factually wrong and you're a retard, go outside and quit posting on message boards

>>523661478it's a good trope

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>>523661703>>523661712The duality of man

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>>523661478Team Rocket aren't evil.

>>523662451A lot of times people who are ugly on the outside turn out to be ugly and perverse on the inside because they've been mistreated their whole life for being ugly.Meanwhile good looking folk turn out to be great and end up doing extraordinary things because it's expected of them.

>character>is attractivewhat's with that trope?

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>>523662821>No cockWrong.

What if Jessie farted?

>femdom vibes>her VA has only ever done 1 evil/villain/antagonist characterI guess there's also a VN character but still this world is cruel

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>>523662470So where's the one where Jessie ntrs her by fucking Ash?

Femme fatal.I don't know.

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>>523662821Why is she fatGross

>>523661631oh my god it's worst emma

>>523662487>looks good until she makes literally any facial expressionFace capturing was a fucking mistake

>>523662821Face is awful, but the rest is perfect.

>>523663090After all these years, this is the first time I've seen this photo without the beyblade shop

>>523661478The evilness of the woman is on the outside while her kindness is on the inside and its a refreshing change of pace.

>>523663396What's the original.


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>>523663464The beyblade was shopped out, actually.

>>523661478Because beauty BAD, ugly GOOD

>>523662470This is a weird ship but it's kinda cute

>>523663448>Face is awfulThat's the artist's trademark sameface. A good price to pay for nicely drawn bodies, I'd say

The best kind of evil woman is the one that marries you.

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Bang or be banged?

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>>523661478Those are the best kind of villains, are there any games where the hot female villain wins the main character over to her side?

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>>523662487>duality of man>manIt does look like a man

Flamboyant faggot tier: Becoming a faggy little bitch that unironically takes female dicks up his ass like >>523664416Based and god tier: Marriage like >>523664402

>>523661478Femme Fatale has been a thing since time immemorial.

>>523664416This doujin was based.

>>523664416>female evil leader>in her late 30sGod my dick is getting dia->195cm tallStopped reading there fucking killed the boner

>>523664890Found the manlet.

>>523664402>line artEvery time

>>523664790>didn't even read the doujinWe're reaching new levels of Holla Forums previously unheard of.

>>523662487If she sat on my face 24/7, I'd be a happy man

>>523665394I can't find a streaming site that has it. I paid for 5 now just to see if they got this doujin. They never do.

>>523662470This is the same artist that does art of Jessie & James as parents too, right? I like her work.

>>523665583Just use panda bro

>>523665656What service is that and how much is it?

>>52366539495% chance whenever someone posts a page like that, it's futa, because there are a vocal bunch of faggots around here that wants suck and get fucked by women with dicks, but they're not gay honest etc.


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>>523661478obligatory post

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>>523665740Funny joke user

>>523665606>>523662470Yes... YES...YEEEEESSSS

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>>523665740>zoomers unironically think everything costs money

>>523665823i'm a massive homo and like cocks i don't pretend about shit

>>523664474Its even better when you can play as them.

>>523661478That's how it's in real life too.

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>>52366599037 is perfection


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>>523666295she really was a lot cuter with her hair down

>>523662118>>523663635Reminder Sexy Grunty would still be just as disgusting as regular GruntyEnjoy your cup of Camel Spit

>>523666105cuck mime kek


>>523665583I chuckled.>>523665823So as I said, you haven't read it. You might be surprised.

>>523665990Drunk MILF Jessie

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>>523666295>literally Nana from Grandia

>>523666295>>523666382Shit taste you removed a defining part of the character, bet you faggots like nu harley quinn too

>>523666295>sabrina, but with expressions

>>523666472>Reminder Sexy Grunty would still be just as disgusting as regular Grunty>Enjoy your cup of Camel Spit

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>>523666998You'll have to post a pic for people that don't keep up with west stuff

>>523667008sabrain's gimmick is her psychic powers and being abrasive, neither of which she has

>>523661478the only strength a woman really has is seduction, an ugly bitch would never be a notable villain cuz no one would listen to her shit

>>523666105>decide to look up this artist>they have a DA, there's a red flag>maybe it won't be that bad>pony artAnd I'm out.

>>523661601The fuck is wrong with her face?

>>523666472Sexy Grunty is a slob fetishist's dream come true. Hot girl that starts traditionally 10/10 but immediately lets herself go, puts on 200lbs while farting constantly.

>>523666998>bet you faggots like nu harley quinn toosorry i don't care about capeshit so I wouldn't know what you're talking about

>>523666998Hime cut is better than her regular hair>dc capeshitfuck no

>>523665990>>523662470>>523665990>>523666105stop shilling your trash here nigger mutt dyke

>>523661478long-term human animal programming to make their lives miserable.

>>523666472H-haha, yeah, who'd want that

>>523661864He's the typical dense shonen protag, he wouldnt get what she's refering to

>>523661478Because women are meant to please men with their bodies. An ugly bitch is worthless.

>>523661478Gruntilda is ugly for the most part and I love her

>>523661478Vidya needs more cute female villain antagonists.

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>>523667132terminal case of western game development

>>523667629That's just Boon making a characters face ugly on purpose with each passing game.

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>>523667120>pony artNow were talkin'

>>523661478Her 3d model in the new film is very well done.

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>>523667378>Hime cut is better than her regular hairThen she is just another red head anime girl, fuck outta here

>>523661478"Evil is sexy and sexy is Evil."Is this the first time you read or hear that trope zoomer?

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Jessie looks better with her hair down.

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>>523668169She has always just been another red haired anime girl though. Regardless of her FUNKY hairstyle. (Which isn't even unique btw homo.)

>evil female character is just damaged and needs loveany games like this?

>>523668167too skinny

>>523661478The greatest trope


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>>523668398Literally any JRPG or gacha. Stella Glow, use google I'm not your fucking mom spoonfeeding you cuck.

>>523668583Why did she de-age? She used to have big tits-be taller.

>>523668583>not jamesfuck FATyima's fanfic

>>523661478The desire to purify them via your penis

>>523668746James is a homosexual.

>>523668856>not the desire to be corrupted and dominated by them

>>523661478I don't know, but I don't care, I like sexy vilian type characters, like Poison Ivy. I would like a game though, where the enemy is some fat cunt bitch.

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>>523662376I'm glad Juri isn't evil. She just does her own thing.

>>523661478Why does anyone who tries to draw that OG sex goddess suck shit? The colors are always weird, and the proportions are all over the place. >GRRRR JUST MAKE SOME GOOD JESSIE RULE 34 WILL YA?!?

>>523669715Glad someone finally said it.


>>523668296Nice ass

>>523661478Femme fatale is close as it gets

>>523662821>She drew a Jessie/Ash /ss/ hentai >It's futaGod damn it.

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>>523661716Lilith is mentioned once in the Bible and is referenced as an animal you illiterate buffoon. The whole Lilith biblical ark is a fucking Wiccan fanfic with no bearing on reality like everything else women believe

>>523661478It's great and not done enough.

>>523666295Please tell me this isn't what Jessie looks like now? If so she got nerfed so hard, all sexiness removed.


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