You upgrading?

you upgrading?

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Why is 1080Ti Pepe smug? He so little

>got a 660ti like 7 years ago>still play all games at 1080p high settings Lmfao imagine falling for these jewish tricks to make you upgrade every year. You're literally dumber than console fags

>>523660297>1080p2008 called...they want their resolution back

cant wait to play all those rushed unfinished covid games, HD remasters and 5 year old console ports

>>523660297>1080pOh no no

>>523660173because he didn't pay $1400 for 18 months of use

>>523660173because he knows there are no good games to play anyway

Gonna get a 3090 for my 1440p + 1080p dual monitor setup Because fuck you

>>523660741This isn't a console, retard. Your game library doesn't disappear when you upgrade.

>>5236606504k is for suckers

>bought a 2080 for 700 bucks a year agofuck PC gaming

>>523661182Everybody knew and warned that 20 series was a beta test meme you only have yourself to blame

>use 1080ti>still run everything 1080p 60fps

I still use a 1060 6gb

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>have a 2070super>don't really feel like upgrading, and i've had the card since before anyone knew anything about the 30 series i don't know how to feel

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>>523659986no, i will continue to use my rtx2070s>>523660297literally impossible lol

>use 980>still run everything 1080p 60fps

>>523661353you will say the same thing about the 30 series in a year's time, graphics card prices are ridiculously inflated

Yes, with a PS5.

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>>523661420how does 1080p60fps high graphic settings for all of next gen sound?>t. fellow 2070s bro

>blatant shill threadreally firing my neurons

>>523659986Nope. I just bought a 1650S. I'm not much of a graphics whore. As long as I can run on low I'll be happy because we long surpassed the point where I care about graphics getting better.

i'm still comfy with my 1070 and i7 6700k

>>523660906exactly this isn't console

>>523660173Because he's not a CONSOOOOMer

>using a graphics cardjokes on you I can play games from 10 years ago on integrated graphics

>>523661528sounds pretty goodi have a 1440 monitor though, guess we'll see how it goes

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>>523659986was gonna get 3070 but I might take the plunge and grab a 3080. I wanna see benchmarks for it first, though.

>Stuck with AMD because Nvidia's Linux drivers are shit

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>have 2080>still doesnt push 3440x1440 at 120 fpsCome on 3080, please be the one

im buying drugs instead cause I get pussy

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>>523661702Just dual boot/VM you dumb anime poster

>>523661702The proprietary drivers works on my machine.


>>523661474no...the performance between 10 series and 20 series was minuscule and ray tracing was shit and still in beta phase. It was known to be a meme generation and again you only have yourself to blame.

>>523661753I want to run a VM if Ryzen ever gets an 8 core with integrated graphics. Then I could just pass-through the card.>>523661784Those drivers are garbage.

Still using a 1070. Got a good deal on it.Perfectly fine for 1080p 144hz.

>>523661182What did you upgrade from

I'm getting the 3080 but I wish I could upgrade to 3090 just for the hell of it. If only I was 400 bucks richer

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>>523661812im sorry the cool kids didnt accept you user

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Where my 1070 bros at


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I'm going to get a 3080 but I don't know if I should rush and try to get a Founders card. The cooling doesn't look so bad this time around.

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>>523662028The cool kids at my schools shat on the druggies. It was funny


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>>523660173He's not smug. That's Apu trying to hard to think because he's brainlet.

>>523661741I wonder what kind of life has the guy who took this picture

>>523661528that was my plan all along desu, though now I consider 1440p monitor

>>523661905If you have a decent mobo just get a super cheap gpu for Linux and pass through the big boy.

>>523662176the straight edge guys at my school took drugs somehow

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> i7 gtx 1050 ti laptop.Did I dun goof Holla Forums?

>>523661420You should feel like a moron. The 20 series was never worth buying, even 2 years ago. You fell for the meme, and you should feel bad about your bad decision.

>>52366152>2070s>1080p60fpsYou should be running 1440p, ideally 144Hz

>tfw 965M

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>>523661871the difference with 20 and 30 is going to be small too, inb4 you post Nvidia's bullshit comparisons which were similar to 10 to 20, third party benchmarks will prove it

>>523660441>>523660650>they fell for the meme resolution

>>523661717You would need a monitor that could do that, first.

>>523660441>>523660650>>523660173>>523661438Fucking size queens


>>523662758personally I use it for downsampling so I can heavily reduce the blurriness of TAAthough I hope more games support DLSS in the future, since shit is magic

>Brainlet trying to upgrade>Thinking of getting a RX 5700 XT, going to at least 16gb, and getting either a Ryzen 5 2600 or 3600Would this be okay, Anons? I've been trying my best to learn how to do this shit myself, but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. My current setup is alright, but I'd like something fairly decent that'll last me the next couple of years easily without need to upgrade futher. Is there anything I should know? Hoping to upgrade everything before the end of the year.

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>>523659986I'm still comfy with my 760

>>523662948Honestly you really needed an upgrade, so 2080 wasn't that bad of a choice, now 2080ti on the other hand....

>>523663160It all depends on your budget and monitorunless you are in a hurry you can wait a few months just to take advantage of the fact that older cards will become cheaper

>>5236632262080 ti was ridiculous, one of the biggest scams in PC hardware

>>523662851> Performs better than my girlfriend's xboxone.> PlayStation doesn't even scratch it.> All I do is play games like rimworld, dwarf fortress, darkest dungeon, etc. Maybe dip into planetside 2 every so often.What more do I actually need tho?

1070 upgrading to a 3080 If I can find one.Ordered an 850w modular PSU yesterday. going to piecemeal the rest of my build as well.

>>523659986I'm using my 970 and it's still more than decent for what I usually play

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>have a 2080tijust going to skip this generation with great comfort, will probably get in on the next-next gen Nvidia cards in a couple years.

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>>523663160I personally have the 5600 XT THICC 2 frm XFX and the Ryzen 5 3600. I don't have any issues running new games on high with good FPS. I wouldn't settle for anything less than the Ryzen 5 3600 however. Imo you could even go for a Ryzen 7The 5700 XT will offer me a marginal increase in power so it isn't worth it. But if you're going from a way older card I would highly recommend it.

>>523659986Yes, if I can get my grubby claws on a 3080 at launch.

yes, 1080 -> 3070

>tfw my trusty 770 still runs games at 60 fps

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>>523659986To play what?

the amount of poorfag cope in this thread

>>523662863>not having 1440p 144hz


>>523662938They have been a thing for years dude

in 1 or 2 years

>>523659986Nope, gonna wait until release of next gen, then upgrade after some time because I'm cheap fuck and PC is not my mistress

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>>523659986Yes.Me on the left.

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>>523663160Also, honestly if you've got a planned budget you could contact a local computer shop and ask for help with parts/pricing. I knew I wanted the 5600 and someone at a local shop helped me optimize a build around the card.

>>523660297>all games at high settingsdo you still live in 2012?

I need a whole new system so I'm probably waiting for early 2021 to see the full lineup.I might pick up 2080TI for old system if they go below 400


>>523659986Nah. My 1080ti is still doing just fine.


I'm waiting to see what AMD has to offer.

>>523663646I could just buy another laptop for the same price in 5+ years or so and be ahead of the consoleplebs anyway lol.

Waiting for the 3070ti 16 gig to upgrade my GTX 1080. Don't want to be ramlet.

>>523661405you and i both brother should i upgrade

what's the cheapest card to run most modern games without lag? I don't care much for super ultra grafix I just wanna play Control without suffering lag spikes when I go to a spot larger than a closet

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this seems like a good place to ask, why developers stopped using baked reflections and relyed on the ugly screen space one ?

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>>523659986>faggots pretending like buying a 30xx anything is a good ideai'll be waiting for my ti cards thank you.

>>523664062doesn't really work with moving scenery and other light sources getting involved

>>523664062Because baked reflections fall apart once you actually look at them.

6gb 1060 here.Aside from how big they are, would there be any possible incompatibilities I should worry about?I just want the 3070, I don't need more


>>523664062Because screen space works with dynamic objects

>>523664343what wattage is your PSU? I believe you'll need at least 2 8volt connectors.

why dont I see my video card, the 970, in this picture???

>>523664632It's there but It's 3.5 ants tall

>>523664632because it can't BARELY run the witcher 3 maxed out 9X0 fags are so annoying

>>523659986Tbh i dont even remember what card i got i just picked the big number haha


>>523659986Yes. The 970 has been excellent however it is unable to run everything at max and achieve 60fps anymore.

>>523660173That's apu and he's just a little retarded.

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>>523663658A 4k monitor at 144mhz is not a thing for years, dude. There's like 2 of them, and they have high response rates.You're likely thinking of 1440, or 2K

>>523659986>you upgrading?Might. I'll wait until they're out for at least a month, I'm honestly concerned about the temps these things will run at given those power requirements and the size/amount of fans.If no-one's computer has caught on fire by November, I'll swap out my 1060 6GB for a 3070.

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>>523665232Pretty much. It has served pretty well, but it is definitely dated now.Also the 3.5GB meme doesn't help.

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>>523665495Replacing my 970 with a 3070 :)

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>tfw fell for the 960 meme

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>>523661702>he fell for the oldest /. trick in the book and installed lie nooks

>>523659986No. I'm content with my GTX 660.

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>>523662062Upgrade your ram and cpu before vidya card tbdes.

>>523659986I unironically don't even know my video card. I remember the exact specs of my first computer in 2001 and my first upgrade in 2006, but I have no idea what is in my current computer except that it's an nVidia.

>>523660297Poorfag detected

>>523661420>mfw got a prebuilt with a rog stix 2080 not even a year ago. I think Im gonna wait for the 40xx series.

>>523661741Pass the 4-aco bro

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>>523659986I'll wait for 3070 16gb version

Hope they come out with a 3060 for $400

>>523664023The 3070.

A comprehensive list of upcoming games that are worth upgrading for:Thanks for reading.

>>523665940Considering that no good games will show noticeable improvement between the two cards for another 5 years, it's not a bad sentiment.They're going to have to release a seriously-bloated monster for the upgrade from 2080 to be necessary.

>>523665910Ok, just checked my computer properties, it's a GTX 960 apparently. Is that good?

>>523664814I'm excited to run hairworks at more than 14 fps.

Yes. I'm moving from a 1070 to a 3080. I usually wait until the next versions to get a cheaper version of the last (aka I'd be waiting for the 30XX release to buy a 2080 for the $599 but the 3080 itself is fucking $599 so skipping the middle leap this year.Feels great. Nvidia hasn't been this based in a long time.

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>>523665495>>523665598I'm gonna get a 3080 and 1440p 144hz monitor the second I can find an MSI branded one on Amazon.

>>5236662632080s are probably going to be $400 secondhand before 3070's are available to anyone but botting scalpers.

>>523666178No, but it means you can upgrade.

>tfw still using a gtx 970

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>>523659986nah im not a mindless consoomer

>>523666034Why do you need that much vram

>>523666085FLIGHT SIM

>>523666395Nah I'm just playing Doom wads anyways

My 1080ti still runs everything fine


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>>523659986I play on 1080p-only with my 2070 Super and get WD40 smoothnes. Why the fuck would I upgrade for YEARS because of some gay meme res bullshit?

>>523661741Research chems are for losers.

>>523665468>4KCan you read. I didn't list a 4K res you smoothbrain.

>>523659986White boy PC spec nonsense again. Just enjoy games with your friends.

>>523662708imagine being poor

>>523666398same hereI was thinking about upgrading but then I remembered that I don't play any fucking video games lmfffao

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I just upgraded my 2008 pc to a 1660 super cause idc about 4k.

>>523666787same tbhfamI built this PC in 2015 with a GTX 970 and I think the most graphically-intensive game I played with it is dark souls 3

>>523661741The boast of a creature emptier than any aging vidya fag.

>>523665908I'll get a new system so it won't really be upgrading anymore. I'm actually due for a new system as this one has served me well over the past 6 years.

my 980ti still works fine desuthough my cpu is shit and bottlenecks me on newer games so i mightwaiting for 3x Ti though

>>523666386I'm gonna preorder a 3080, and I think $100 is a small price for such a power leap.

>>523666502>Nah I'm just playing Doom wads anywaysThis is the only good

>>523659986No I'm downgrading. Fuck Nvidia.

>>523659986I have a 1080p monitor, I have no need to upgrade.

>>523667246based retard

>>523667051I built a new one in june based off of 10th gen intel and it's been really nice even with the 970 since I mostly play paradox stuff.I want cyberpunk and flight sim to look their best though so I need that 3080.

>>523660173because he's still a better card than the other 3

>>523660173Not Pepe, you normie redditor piece of worthless shit subhuman cunt.

>>523659986Maybe 3080, first I need to make sure my 3600 won't bottleneck it.

>>523659986>2080ti for $600 on Ebay nowHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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my 980 is still fine

Wait I have a 1080ti and it runs everything perfectly fine why should I upgrade?

I keep refreshing but nothing yet!!!!!

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>>523659986I have no money and I live in a shithole where a video card costs more than the minimum wage

>>523667623I won't lie, seeing the 2080ti founders edition for like £500 is really making me tempted to buy

>>523667726bad spelling and factual errors, shit meme 2bh

>>523667726this is literally every retarded person selling anything electronic"selling used iphone, I bought it for $1000, it's a few years old but still works great, selling for $980"

>>523659986i bought a 2070s in march from my 1060 3gb.desu i only have a 1080p 144hz monitor so i have literally no reason to upgrade, even though i do wish i waited the additional 6 months to hear the 3070 wpuld outclass a 2080ti, either way i have virtually no reason for the additional power when my 2070s runs everything max settings 1080p at thing i think a lot of people are neglecting is sure the 30 graphics cards are marvelous, but monitor prices are still a bit outragous to justify that amount of power.

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>>523667936Hows that 2080TI treating you?

>>5236676764k and or 9831274908 hertz refresh rate.It's really for enthusiasts, if you're fine with 1080p 60fps ultra, you'll be good for the next 4 years still.


I'm never upgrading from my 1060

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>>523668037i skipped turing entirely because i'm not a retard, and will be buying a 3070, but it doesn't have double the "preformance" of a 2080ti lol


>>523661405Same lad

I'm upgrading from my 1060 to a 3080

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>>523663739970 CHADS rise up.

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Anyone here still rocking their 980Tis?

>>523662863Yeah, what a bunch of retards.640x480 CHADS WHERE WE AT?


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>last time I upgraded my PC was back in 2016 by installing an RX 480>motherboard is over 8 years old>would need to upgrade that before I can do anything else>would also have to get new CPU and RAMFuck.

>tfw bought a 2070 last year

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>>523659986>Nvidia takes note of RDNA 2>scrambles to get something out>power consumption out the assI'm good

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>>523668017this, also there's no games to take advantage of the power of the new cards.

>>523668017Why did someone stick a buttplug in that dog?

>accidentally cut my finger on a sharp bit of metal while cleaning PC>tried to find if there was any blood in my computer but couldn't find any>noticeably better framerate in games recentlywhich of the 30 series cards are the most responsive to blood pacts? sitting comfy here with a 1080ti but i'd like to upgrade soon anyways

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>>523667246>I'm downgradingbuying big navi?

650ti here Any fossil boomers out here like me? I had 550 but it broke so I "upgraded" also added 4gb ram stick (4+4) and 2tb HDD thats about it for my upgrades in the last 10 years finished almost all games from last year on 60 fps 700-900p re2, dmc5, sekiro (40-45 average) for the games I play the most, it's just fine Only regret is that I couldnt play MHW. Plan to upgrade to 144hz late next year hopefully

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A good friend of mine has a computer he built from around 2013, with these specsI7 3700 cpu. Gtx 970 msi video card. 8 gigs of memoryHe upgraded the video card about 5 years ago, I think.Anyway, if I were to buy it off him what's a reasonable amount to offer?

>>523661405the patricians choice

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>>523670024What modern game do you think is so demanding? My 1080ti hasn't struggled with anything on max settings + postfx/reshade

>>523669810i don't why you don't just buy a nice modern low end card if money is that tight.or just buy a fucking console. pc gaming just isnt for you

>>523670462....that's because a 1080ti is a modern graphics card and not old and shitty

>>523659986of course not, my 980Ti still works just fine and i didn't fall for the VR or 4k scams

>750ti palit>tfw no regretti in my neetteti :---DDD

>>523670616you probably don't bathe regularly.

>>523660173apu is smug because he knows he didn't spent a fortune on memecards just so he could have the fastest ever, for a whole year, only to spend even more next year to be the fastest ever.

>>523659986Yes, 2060 when it goes on sale


>went from 750ti to 1070ti to eventually 3080Feels good to skip generations.

>>523659986>still using 970GTX for 6 years now>plays anything i wanna play just finesure glad i dont give a shit about where the game industry is headed

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>>523659986I do not understand what goes through people's minds with these new cards>some user buys the 2080>"laugh now fags, but I won't have to upgrade my card for a loooooong time">new card comes out a year later>buys it>"laugh now fags, but I won't have to buy a new card for a loooooooong time"


>>523661567I got a 1070 during Hurricane Harvey off a nigger who obviously looted it from somewhere. Got it for 200 with some other crap to make a package deal. Works great, it pumps out 1440p and 144fps on everything I play on the regular. Even Monster Hunter works fine on high settings. I may get a 3080 or wait till the supers/ti cards come out and put this 1070 in an emulation rig.

>>523670892GTA and Red Ded nuke my framerate pretty hard though.

>>5236599861080ti is good for another 4 years

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>>523659986No>>523661405And i see no reason to upgrade yet

>>523671024fortunately i dont really care for those. i have yet to see a game that i wanna play so bad that i think its worth it to upgrade


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>>523661528If you legit think a 2070 is gonna a 1080p card next you are retarded, 2070 won't be obsolete until 5070

>>523661528>>523671172nuttin wrong with 1080p 60-165 fps depending

Be meHave a 1070Didnt play a single game that required my card full potentialJust dont care about AAA games anymore