Post some actually well written and likable black characters from vidya games

Post some actually well written and likable black characters from vidya games

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>>523658074 He doesn't show any skin but I think it's heavily implied that he's black.

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>>523658461There are no Black people in Dark Souls. He's Catarina, with a hard A.

>>523658074Brad from Dead Rising

Garcian Smith



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>>523658074I really liked Sazh.

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art imitates life

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Every example posted in this thread will be male.

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>>523658929What did capcom mean by this?

>>523658986black women hardly get any representation in the media let alone video games. i like sheva from RE5 she such a underrated character.

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>>523658074its crazy how nothing has beat out carl johnson in san andreas for character development. guess its hard to make a black dude likeable and playable at the same time


>>523658986plenty of dark-skinned anime girls but its not worth posting them because autistic people say they dont count

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>>523658461This is his actual face in game. Is he black? I can't tell.

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>>523658074The world is full of obvious things.

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>>523659458oh shit I forgot about her>>523659526post them so I can learn

>>523658074I never played this game because I hate niggers

>>523660094you spend most of the game killing niggers

>>523660094I also never had Barret in my party in FF7 also because I hate niggers. Can’t stand them. They smell like BO and cocoa butter

>>523660167Don’t care, I hate niggers. I’m not playing a game about niggers. This is the most nigger game ever made. Nigger culture is as repulsive to me as two men kissing

>>523658986Wrong. Foehammer>>523659458She was garbage though. Retarded AI.>>523660181What's it like being an inbred hick?


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>>523660361yea this is why there isnt really playable protagonist nigger characters at all. companies know they are dealing with emo young white nerds with a superiority complex lol

>>523658074>Actually treated Samus with respect>Wasn't an incompetent jackass>Didn't take Ridley's shit when Samus was PMSingLiterally the only good thing to come from that disaster of a game

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I want to lick her tummy bros...

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the planets dyin Holla Forums

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>>523658461how do you imply someones skin colour?

>>523660456>Retarded AI.sthat is such a stupid reason to not like her. i'm not into black women but there will always be an exception.

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>>523658074So many one-liners.He was an entertaining character.

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>>523660912I've actually been waiting to make this post when a "Good Black Characters" thread was made and even was gonna say he was the only good thing about Other M, but you beat me too it. Based.And Nintendo does him so dirty. In Smash 4 he's not a trophy, in Ultimate he's not a spirit.>>523660969The really whitewashed her in later games.

>>523661248>sthat is such a stupid reason to not like her.It's not if you play the game on singleplayer. She isn't really an impressive character regardless.

>>523658929Of course it was made my yellow hands

>>523661410oh well i liked her anyways. i really liked her tribal and red riding hood outfits. i wish she could have got more popular to the other girls

>>523658074Pic not related>>523659245Winner

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>>523659245What was he again?

>>523658074Entire SA cast>>523662020>Make a white character>Draw him as a black


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>>523658929You joke, but I think that Balrog character arc, even if it's basically totally un-intended by Capcom. From being a dirty boxer, getting beat up by Dudley and then getting that kid he raises to anchor him and mellow him out is an interesting evolution to his character.

>>523662449>>Make a white character>>Draw him as a blackJust because he is not a walking ghetto stereotype doesn't make him white or less, lee comes from the south and southern black people tend to be more "normal"


>>523660969my dick was constantly diamonds while playing her

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>>523658863I agree

>>523662518Last Vance Dance

>>523658563don't make it me say it again, im a cleaner

>>523659815>currently trying to make a mashup with unfinished business>cant find any swings songs that match the bpmWhy must Ben suffer so?

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>>523662518I just played VC for the first time and I thought he was pretty poorly written at the end of the game. It was not really his characters fault, but I felt that there was not enough exposition to show why he betrayed you. The shift from bro to dickass happened too quick for it to be believable.

>>523661296pretty much Sgt Apone from 'Aliens'

>>523663104That's the idea


>>523658461>lazy>abandons his kid>relies on others to get ahead in lifeIt checks out.

>>523658074>well written>vidya gamesCostanza with a bat.jpg

>Good black vidya characters>Nobody posted Coach

>>523658074donkey kong


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>>523658074not well written but i really like him

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