>"Leave the RTX 3000 series to me."

>"Leave the RTX 3000 series to me."

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>>523649938I just want them to do well and compete with the 3080 to force nvidia to release a 3080ti sooner.

>no DLSSgonna have to be twice as fast at the same price

>>523650585DLSS is a meme anyway. SSAA or nothing.

>>523650585>DLSS>proprietaryIt's already dead.

AMD should release some information before the release of the new Nvidia cards otherwise they will lose many potential buyers that don't want to wait any longer.

>>523650585>ML upscaling>unique to nvidiaMicrosoft already has a solution that's baked directly into direct X that even the Xbox is going to use

>>523649938>leave black screens and driver crashes to me

>>523649938Why isn't there a third competitor? Why is our only choice either Nvidia or AMD? >inb4 intel

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>>523649938>Drones think that Ayyyymd can competeLOL

>>523651116At this point the amount of specialization required would make a new competitor starting from scratch impossible.

>>523651116intel is entering the GPU market bro>>523651413they can, as long as they price their shit right

>>523649938P-please do the needful and have about it, big sir!!

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>>523651413AMD already won though?? Lol stay mad libtard.

>>523650930RDNA 2 tensor performance is 4x lower than Ampere. 2ms for DLSS turns into 8ms on RDNA 2 which is so slow you're better off rendering the full resolution instead of scaling.

>>523650930only nvidia has the hardware acceleration to pull it off

>>523651116Copyright laws

I just want to see how both the 3000 and Navi cards are in actual home rigs before I buy anything.

>>523651979>GPUs are copyrightedimagine being this dumb

>>523651979Not copyright, trade secrets. Different thing user

>>523649938Every mornin' on /g/ you could see him arriveHe took two fifty watts and cost seven nine nineKinda broad at the blower and narrow at the slotAnd everybody's rig was runnin hot, with Big NaviBig Navi... Big NaaaaaaviBig Bad Navi

>>523651786Nvidia doesnt make CPUs


>>523652082>I'm going to see if thing is good before buying itWow, an actual reasonable consumer in a Holla Forums PC hardware thread.

>>523649938>no DLSS>no RTX>shit drivers>overheatingWhy would I buy this over 3070 Ti?

>>523652082like everyone with a brain ? i don't think i will wait for Navi, but first to see the Ampere real benchmarks.

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>>523650518The 3080 is already so close to the 3090 there's no point in releasing a 3080 Ti. MAYBE they'll do a 20GB VRAM version but what's the point when even stuff like Flight Sim only requires a little more than 8GB at max settings and 4k?

>>523652431Because 3070 ti has>no DLSS>no RTX>shit drivers>overheating

>>523652082SameI'll refrain from final choice of upgrade until Big Navi and Zen 3 are released and testedbut that 3070 looks good desuwe'll see what team Red has to offer though

>>523652623Maybe 20GB VRAM can be useful for 8k gaming.Yes I know 8k is a meme since, lol no 144fps.

>>523651116>>523651493How many first generation GPU makers were there?>nVidia>ATI>3dfx>Matrox>S3>SiS>Diamond>TridentAlmost all of them were out of business by 2000. I feel like 3dfx was the only one that had a chance to survive but they didn't quite make it.

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>>523651890Do we even have proper RDNA 2 ML performance?

According to Buildzoid it's going to be 2-4% faster than the 3080 but also more expensive and will chug more money. It will also use HBM2 because GDDR6X is Nvidia exclusive due to cooperation.

>>523653316chug more power*

>>523653316Dead on arrival. People only buy AMD cards because they're cheaper than Nvidia counterparts.

>>523651116I'd rather not split an already astronomical R&D cost 3 ways.

>>523653161xbox series x TOPS figures are public and since they come from the shader cores it's not clear if they can be used concurrently when the shaders are doing other work, NVIDIA has the tensor hardware seperate

>>523651116>>523651575The current gen Intel HD Graphics are more powerful than a Geforce 750 (and therefore also a first gen Xbone or PS4), while consuming virtually no electricity and costing nothingI think they're not quite the laughing stock they used to be

>>523649938>No rtx>No rtx IO>No nvenc>No dlss>No nvidia reflex>No rtx broadcast>No machinima>No shadowplay>Shit driversYou niggers only want amd to compete so you can buy cheaper Nvidia cards, LMAO

>>523653316Who gives a fuuuuuck, I just want to know what they've got to go against the 3060 and 3070.

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>>523651493China's chips are currently 6 years behind intel/amd/nvidia. They will catch up in 20~ years.

>>523653534>>523651116The market isn't even split two ways now, I'm pretty sure AMD remains in the video card business solely through their low margin console subsidies

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>>523653574Pretty much, I've got an old G-SYNC monitor, I will keep buying Nvidia cards. If AMD makes better cards I'll get faster GPUs for less money.

>>523653720I just want a RX 580 2

>>523653750China has been incredibly disappointing, they always boast about having new native technologies these days but when they reveal them they're STILL just ancient clone hardware

>>523650890>3080 performance with AMD DLSS AND RTX for $500>*drop mic*

>>523653574>You niggers only want amd to compete so you can buy cheaper Nvidia cards, LMAOyes

it amazes me how amd drones time and time again somehow manage to convince themselves amd will shit out anything worth buying, t-this time's for sure amd bros!

>>523653574>People want card to be at better pricsNo shit.

>>523653862well they're the only ones trying to do something. Their current strongest CPU is the KaiXian-U6780A which is like the i5-2500k.

>>523650930No it doesn't. Direct X 12_2 is bringing ray tracing to all DX2 12_2 compatible cards but it's not DLSS by any means.

>>523654129>He doesn't wand AMD to compete and help get better pricesYou are the ideal consoomer aren't you?

>>523650971This. Radeon is so shit with their drivers

>>523649938Big Navi Cock

>>523654129tbf, it's always said that nvidia won't make much of a jump between generations and look what happened

>>523654408are you the type of guy who spends his earnings on lottery tickets and blackjack because you want to win?

>>523650724How is it a meme? You get higher resolutions with better image quality and on top of that, higher frameratesThe very idea of using an AI algorithm to fill the gaps when using less resources is amazing.


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>>523652989I have a 4k monitor and that's already a fucking meme. 1440p + modern AA is sharper than you can see at any reasonable sitting distance.

I was burned by the awful initial drivers for the RX 480, ended up just returning it and getting a GTX 1060 which i guess was a bit slower but worked completely fine out of the box.Then, everyone hyped the shit out of the 5700, so I got one, and, the fucking thing barely worked. Older games had just constant low framerate, newer games kept crashing the driver, black screening. Apparently driver issues again. Returned it and bought an RTX 2070. Again, probably slower, but worked fine. I am so fucking done with AMD's shit. I thought bad drivers were just a meme but 2 of their most popular cards laucnhed with absolute dogshit drivers that made them a complete pain in the ass.

>>523651116Research costs

The only way AMD could possibly compete with NVIDIA and their massive feature list is if they sold a 3080 equivalent for $150 cheaper.

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Hey! Listen!XD

>>523654870AMD has the worse arch,more expensive memory options and a more expensive fabrication process

Reminder that AMD wants to get away from the "cheaper alternative" brand label. When their new cards arrive, they won't be cheap.


>>523654750the amd drones do this time and time again and then once out of a million times amd delivers and the drones go "see toldya so" like a broken clock

>>523655039>When their new cards arrive, they won't be cheap.and they will be worse than the nvidia cardswhy cant they into good cards like they can into CPUs?

>>523651116try spending 5 seconds googling next time before you post you autistic retarded frog nigger tard

>>523652375Tegra, but yeah not for PCs.

>>523655518>why cant they into good cards like they can into CPUs?pic related set them back many years. apparently now the guy that did most of ati's good stuff (9800 pro) is back.

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>>523655780and he's working for intel now lmao

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>>523655780>le epic scapegoat guy

>>523655931>guy in charge consistently fails to deliver>scapegoat

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>>523656129>here's ten bucks and a hundred monkeys get us to the moon in a yearthere could be a trillion reasons they can't deliver

waiting for huge navi

>>523650518>SoonerI want them to make their shit cheaper.

>>523656225Like lack of drivers XD

>>523654687I feel like unless your PC is hooked up to a 75+ inch tv, anything above 4k will be unoticable

>>523656225>there could be a trillion reasons they can't deliverhe's well known for creating massive space heaters and not efficient, powerful hardware. intel's new gpu under him is shaping up to be the same power hungry monstrosity that he favors. make of that what you will.

>>523656468I'm not retarded enough to think that a single person defines a million man hour scale project

>>523653316Those are figures he pulled straight out of his assed based on nothing more than pure speculation, almost nobody has any clear idea of how N21 will perform because hardly any information has leaked about it other than the CU count. The best we have is extrapolating based on the XSX specs but even that isn't going to give you the full picture.

>>523656545You're retarded enough that you don't know how much leadership affects a team.

>>523656665show me you billion dollar business it's you who's simplifying everything down

>>523656764>show me you billion dollar businessapologize?

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>>523656545>I'm not retarded enough to think that a single person defines a million man hour scale projectHere's how I know you've never worked in any position other than burger-flipper tier.

>>523656951>>523656957my name is jeff bezos and you're shaggy from scooby doo

Honestly, RDNA and CDNA may actually kill the 3000 series. Think about it, making specialised arch for rasterizing and compute means consumer grade cards will be able to drop boatload more pixels on screen than CUDA could ever dream of. This may be the chiplet moment of GPU's.

>>523656764You're actually such a manchild, do you actually believer the GPU department under him is the entire company?And Raja has been proved a retard constantly, if you produce top tier shit when he's not in charge, produce horrible shit when he's in charge, then go back to producing top tier shit AS SOON as he stops being charge again it's not fucking hard to see the pattern.Just wait until you see the intel shitstorm

>>523654645Because it looks like shit?

>>523657057the problem is that AMD is running out of time. the new nvidia cards are dropping soon and everyone who wants to upgrade is just going to get oneso far they didnt show anything at all

so when is this shit getting revealed

>>523657074sure I'm a manchild for not writing essays on hivemind scapegoat conspiracy theories and instead just recognizing these projects are large endeavours involving lots of people, I don't care and you're the biggest mastermind I've ever met, I bet you write all the theories in r/amd and so on

>>523657057I mean nvidia went for a killing blow because they saw what happened to intel, if they just take it amd will take over if they actually try.Nvidia already admitted they withold tech and progress to make a better scaled product so they have a sizeable upgrade percentage on the next gen, they went all out on this one because of amd.The ball's on amd court.

>>523651116because why would anyone want to invest billions into a cornered market?

Honestly, I might end up looking at the series if only because from what everyone's saying, it'll be impossible to pick up a 3000 series anytime soon.

>>523657293Literally all they have to do is say SOMETHING before 3000 orders start shipping to get most people to wait, but I have a feeling they won't even be able to manage that. Fucking AMD snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

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>>523650724>Genuinely looks better 90% of the time>Runs significantly better all the time>meme

>>523657293Rumors said nvidia already saw the performance of big navi, and pricing of 3070 and 3080 was a kneejerk reaction to what that card will bring on the table. Let's not forget that it will drive next-gen consoles, and in an APU format, no less.

>>523650585>only nvidia can use the arcane art of AI upscalingok boss

Will my R5 2600 be good enough for the 3080?

oh boy, amdcant wait for the drivers to be released 6 months after launch... and for the god aweful reference design heatsinks to cope with a 550w card.......

>>523657230What kind of fucking mushrooms have you been taking?

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>>523649938next time baby

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Oofthefpsreview.com/2020/09/04/amd-reportedly-dropping-big-navi-prices-following-geforce-rtx-30-series-announcement/>According to coretek’s AIB sources, AMD is changing its pricing plans for “Big Navi” due to NVIDIA’s sudden bout of generosity. Red team was going to release its (presumably flagship) 16 GB Radeon RX 6000 Series GPU at $599, but to better compete with green team, these cards may launch at $549 instead. That’s a $50 savings, which is a nice chunk of change.Another gen of AMD only being able to compete with Nvidia's xx70 tier GPU.Oh boy!


>>523658309this is the old version of DLSSnew one is completely different

>>523657870Why the DLSS OFF images always use shitty post-processing AA to make them look blurrier?Also right side is full of noise and shimmering because of the sharpening filter.

>>523657870>just buy an Nvidia card to turn off the vaseline filter

>>523658220>worse heat>worse drivers>worse features>that'll be $549 plus tip

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>>523658220>oofWish this fucking reddit meme would fuck off.

Why are people talking about AMD as if they were almost about to "win"? They have 1/5th the market that Nvidia does going by steam hardware surveys.

>>523658396nvidia did the same shit the the "old" dlss demos, doing what >>523658419 said, but the actual dlss in game looked like shit compared to normal AA

>>523658220if its $550 for 3080 level of performance and more vram then it's not that badbut we'll see

>>523658661Those surveys are skewed because of internet cafes, one computer probably sees 50 unique users and most cafes rock a 1060

>>523658661Yeah and TO win they would probably need about 5 or 6 years of consistently besting Nvidia to have the same market dominance. It's not happening.

>>523658801>valve doesn't check hardware IDS at allthis cope seems like bullshit. it hardly ever pops up too maybe once every year I doubt it even happens that often in cyber cafes

>>523651116It's a massively expensive market to enter that's already entrenched into two brands.

>>523658765What is normal AA?


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>>523659035MSAA, which is basically dead anymore thanks to the deferred shading meme.

>>523659108>>523659152Okay so you're comparing it to an option that doesn't exist. Very sensible.


If DLSS is so good why doesn't every game use it. Checkmate nvidiots.

>>523659275because it looks like shit

>>523653574Man I hope AMD just gives up on GPUs, I can't wait to show off my $4000 GPU.

>>523654687PPI and Workspace. Whats that.

>>523659461looks better than any previous method of antialiasing and it makes your game run twice as fast


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>>523659798ive been pc gaming for like 20 years and pay no attention to any of this shit

>>523658963Yeah, I've never heard this line before. Even if you literally ignore the 1060 like that user said, literally every single 2xxx series Nvidia card is more popular than AMD's flagship 5700XT. I am typing this from a machine with a 5700XT in it, so I'm not trying to dump on AMD, I'm just being realistic.

>>523659726>it's fine bro just don't ever move

>>523653574>list of useless shit you can shove it up your ass dumb nigger faggot

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Is it dumb to wait and see if they make a 20GB version of the 3080? Would 10GB be enough if I'm only planning on using 1440p 144hz?

>>523658785Knowing AMD it'll be $550 for 3070 levels of performance with more VRAM.AKA, shit.

>>523650585DLSS requires the developer to work with Nvidia and Nvidia to then release a driver update for each individual game. So even if it does work well it's only going to work for a subset of games.

>>523659726But it doesn't. Nvidia intentially makes the no dlss one look like shit. They're pulling the same shit they did years ago, and you're falling for it again

>>523659915holy shit is this pic real?thats just microATX board right?

>>523659934for a morn like you it's never enough

>>523653787better graph, 16% is honestly terrible, the already installed stuff is just a massive hurdle to overcome, just look at the CPUs, intel still has 75%, despite what public opinion would lead you to believe about amd being in a great position, maybe that can be turned around in a few years but it'll certainly take a lot of constant effort and a bunch of fuck ups from the competition, which isn't outside the real of possibility for Intel but I highly doubt that's even remotely in the cards for Nvidia

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>>523659856I get the basic gist for most of them but jesus they just keep adding to it.

>>523660028>thats just microATX board right?Look at his fucking forearm dude, that this is a monstrosity either way.

>>523660053>20% are still on dual coreFuck man

>>523660110*that thing is a

>>523660165Yep, Steam is full of third worlders.Granted, it's like 150 million+ people, so it's not that big a surprise.

>>523653787>>523660053>Steam Hardware surveysmart people click "no" when Steam asks to spy on them.

>>523660053Intel still dominates in the laptop market and that's what most normies are on anymore.

I had an AMD rig for a couple of years switched back to intel+nvidia in 2017 and I couldn't be happier. Never ever buying an AMD product again, it's truly for poorfag pajeets.

>>523660370ryzen laptop cpus shit on intels.

>>523660387>amd rig in 2014-2016holy cretin

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>>523660413Sure, but they only started really being a factor ~2 years ago.Before then it was complete Intel domination in the laptop space.

>>523659798I just don't use any AA, most games end up looking better that way.

I bought a 2080ti last month and seriously considering selling it. Someone please help me justify holding on to it. I literally felt like throwing up when nvidia released the 3000 line, how could they do this now.

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>>523650518The 3090 replaced the TI cards you fucking moron.

>>523660287Smart people don't play games or use the internet

>>523660413Maybe now, but a lot of people are still using laptops from before Ryzen even came out.


>>523660538Pajeets on /g/ were shiling AMD back then like crazy just as they do now. AMD is still shittier than competition, only their CPU is slightly more competitive in productivity.

>>523660692Okay then average people click no and dumb people click yes.

>>523660649why sell? use it for another 5 years or so. i only ever upgrade top cards when they die.

>>5236606583090 replaced the Titan, not the Ti.

>>523650971This is my 2070 Super

>>523660760The "average" person is sub-60 IQ

>>523660846oh yeah well the "dumb" people are sub-30 IQ

>>523651116it'll be Apple in a few years with ARM. A13 is already comparable to low end GPUs

>>523660649Why? Does it not work well enough for you? Don't buy into the FOMO craze, it'll work fine for you until the 4000 series unless you're doing autistic levels of Resolution/FPS.

I vividly remember /g/ going apeshit over bulldozer and how it's going to rape sandybridge

>$550 for a card that competes with the 3070 but has drivers so shit it won't work right for three yearsbig navi more like big nah, Holla Forums

>>523656951>they way MS handled windows phoneffs steve, I loved that shit, why did you guys have to fuck it up

>>523660649outside of 4k and/or non-dlss games you'll probably be fine.

>>523660649i'll give you 200 for it

>>523650585Even facebook has something like that.

>>523661037>he thinks we were actually competing and not merely trying to get jewgle to collude with us in exchange for getting off their turf

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>>523661029How does it continue to be a problem after all these years? Does AMD just neglect their software division or what?

>>523660649have you seen ebay / craigslist?nobody will buy this shit for even 1/3 the priceyour fault for buying $20 peanut

>>523649938The 5700 XT was a big disappointment, of which, i sold at a $100-200 loss. Plagued with issues while being barely near a midrange RTX 2070?I don't have high hopes for AMD/ATI.

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>>523661232That is it. I wish they were competing and delivering a good product and taking it forward. But they did not.

>>523660771Single digit IQ post you are losing a serious amount of money by not salvaging what you can. He can make an easy 400 doll hairs right now if he sells it and use that money to get a real good discount on a modern non-experimental nvidiot graphics card.

>>523659915>PC fags will defend thisholy SHIT the GPU alone is the size of a fucking infant LMAO

>>523651116there are, but usually they're located in China, KEK or they're developing stuff that is not for commercial use.

>>523650518that's the biggest issue AMD has with GPUs, outside of the hardcore AMD cultist everyone just wants them to make okay cards with the assumption that it would mean cheaper Nvidia cards not to actually buy AMD GPUs with unstable drivers and less features

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>>523661808gotta eat big to get big bro

>>523661808this only matters if you're a caselet

>>523659969Cyberpunk2077 comes out moments after these cards, and it has already confirmed it has DLSS. People aren't just going to sit around not using this amazing new technology because shooting nvidia an email is too much effort :(

>>523661565>make an easy 400He didn't get the card for free


>>523660287no memes: what do you actually lose, tangibly or even potentially, by Valve "spying" on you?

>>523661853AMDs drivers are better than nVidia's, I was with an HD7850 before my GX1080.

>>523657870My game has never looked that fucking blurry.

>>523649938>forced nvidia to reveal their cards early and make them cheaper than expectedIt's happening.


>>523662265They might find his child porn folder

member when 4chan had soul?

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who cares? AMD GPUs are a joke, they should just stick to CPU

gentle reminder games will run bettter on big navi without ray tracing than they will on the 3000 series while also being cheaper and having the same i/o solution.

>>523662345AMD's drivers were bad a decade ago, now nVidia's are behind.

>>523651493This. AMD was already behind due to some lawsuit fuckery, and it's taken them a decade of effort to catch up to the point they are. No company is going to sprout up and offer competitive video cards in the modern market. If Radeon cards disappear, then it will be an Nvidia monopoly for a LONG time.

>>523652623>the 3080 is already so close to the 3090 I don't think you understand how numbers work.

>>523662801this is objectively false

>>523660053The thing about the cpu market is that it takes years to show change since they last for a while. I'm still on intel from 5 years ago, if I bought a new one it would be a ryzen.

AMD are good on paper and thats it they actually suck shit for the type of gaming people do here.>usually worse for emulator >worse for older directx games>better at vulkan which isn't used much besides tripple A ubishit>less stable driversI own a rx580 im just being honest

>>523662325That's because it's marketing material. It's supposed to make a retard think everything looks like blurry shit, and the only solution is to go out and buy the newest product.The RTX 3000 series might actually be a good product line for a change, but they are still kikes.

>>523649938Watch Nvidia release 3070 16gb/3080 20gb three months later after Big Navi launch

>>523662852No its not, and its impossible to think otherwise if you've used both.

>>523663005>worse for older directx games>Trust me I have an RX580I don't trust you because you can play almost every game from 2010 and earlier at 1080p/144fps on an RX570 or higher, including Nvidia counterparts. There is no sustenance to your post, especially with shit like>usually worse for emulator>better at vulkan which isn't used much besides tripple A ubishitVulkan is used for most modern 3d emulators you retard.

>NVIDIA making Ampere the 4K cards>Put in a tiny amount of VRAM when games keep farting out shitty uncompressed texturesHow on purpose was this?


>AMD coolers go BRRRRRRRRRRAMD will never design a good and quiet stock reference cooler. They also don't allow their AIB partners to launch custom cards until months after the initial launch so AyyMD fans are stuck with the shitty reference cooler

>>523651413>Already fucked Intel up which had the biggest fucking lockdown on the CPU market in more than a decade >now they are going to do the same to the GPU marketbeing an AMD chad has never felt so good.Intcels and TranNvidias seethe.

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>>523651979I cant tell if this user is just joking or he is genuinely retarded

it's gonna be another flop

>>523656545It fucking matters for your lead designer when you're designing a chip, my dude

>>523659798all the AA 'solutions' have had such horrible trade-offs, be it terrible performance impact, blurry after images, blurry everything else, etc. That I've just kept AA off on everything I've played for years. DLSS is the first to seem actually promising

>>523663650What? Didn't the 570 come it like a month later? Also>Reddit memes

>>523663550you can play them I didnt say you couldnt but from my experience you will encounter more graphic issues with AMD. Anyone can download emualtors and see for them self that they are usually designed for nvidia GPUs first and foremost

>>523659953the 3070 is a great card though

>>523661565>MUH INVESTMENT


>>523663948For $500 it's meh.If it isn't at least 30-40% faster than an XSX in games, then the price-performance sucks.

I have a 1080TI should I get the 3080 or 3070

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>>523664146NAVI you retard

>>523649938DID THEY ANNOUNCE IT?.?.??

>>5236635593060 is gonna launch with 6GB vram (Super coming next year with 12). they've really got some nerve.

>>523664190shut up faggot i actually use Nvidia's CUDA for rendering

>>523663650I have a stock cooler on my 2700x that makes virtually no noise. Do you wear computer towers as headphones?

>>523664292why yould you lie on v?

>>523657625They do not care, they have their market, they have their profits, they know they are gonna sell a lot of GPUs and both PS5 and Xbox are assembled with their GPU.Unironically AMD is gonna make more money than nvdia

>>523664376yes hobbyists don't exist on Holla Forumsi'm legitimately wondering what the step up is between the two. i know the 3070 is better than the 2080Ti but i'm wondering how much better the 3080 is in comparison to that.

>>523649938As if I care, at least Nvidia cards just work.

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>>523664536both shit get navi

>hating on and when they are fully responsible for gpus and cpus no longer being monopolies charging 3x the actual worth of their hardwareJust by existing as competition they've managed to normalize the market.

>>523659915>3090Who cares, you aren't supposed to slot a 3090 in a normal gaming PC.

>>523652996>Almost all of them were bought up by Nvidia by 2000.ftfy

>>523663948>8gb of VRAM for a $500 card that should be able to play next gen games at 4K

>>523664556>I had to reinstall windows to get my 5700xt stableAt that point you'd have to realize that your Windows installation was broken and the problem wasn't the video card.

>>523664294>thread about GPUs>reference CPUsThe CPU coolers are, no argument there. But historically their GPU coolers sound like jet engines and still don't cool well.

>>523659934>Would 10GB be enough if I'm only planning on using 1440pGod who the fuck started this 10gb vram isnt enough meme? The most demanding games out there dont need 10gb vram even at 4k.

>>523664893Are fine*

>>523664930It's normalfags that misinterpret Afterburner's VRAM usage as required rather than just allocated. Then they parrot it everywhere without understanding that if they truly required what Afterburner displays (or more), their games would be dropping frames to single digits and stuttering all the time.

>>523662850Hes right. It is. I dont think you understand how real life works, math boy.

>3070ti leaked>16gb vramDO NOT BUY THE 3080. WAIT FOR 3080ti AND 3070ti

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>>523659915won't the weight damage the card or the mobo?

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>>523657629>the amount of games that will support it can be counted with your hands

>>523650585RIS is better than DLSS

>>523653557>The current gen Intel HD Graphics are more powerful than a Geforce 750Except that DDR4 is still slow and Intel still can't into EDRAM properly

>nvidia drivers literally have a module called "telemetry" that can't be disabled without breaking all of the extra features

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>>523666026>Linus RIP

>>523665342Itll be 2 years before I'll be able to find a 3070 ti though.

>>523653816That's the 5600XT

>>523666026the fucking idiot install geforce experience

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>>523663550Lmao vulkan is still out performed by Opengl on Yuzu Emulator and Cemu emulator even on amd cards and especially with Nvidia cards


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>>523666853>11GB of ram to render that nose

>>523666853when will game companies start compressing their fucking shit?

>>523653574>I cannot function without a company cock inside me

>>523658801Internet cafés haven't been a thing since 2005 nigger

>>523654212>which is like the i5-2500kSo it's never obsolete?

>>523667626they are a thing in shitholes like south korea dumb faggot

>>523667853>south korea>shithole???

>>523667931internet cafe is a shithole trait in my book

>>523667931lots of bugs still go to internet cafes to play starcraftIt's why Nvidia sold 1 million 3gig 1060's to China

>>523668101t. friendless loser

>>523666286>5600XT100 usd too expensive

amd cards usually age like wine and im disgusted by nvidias 3xxx prices, buying amd just based on those fucking jew prices


What the hell kind of name is Big Navi? Did a pajeet come up with it?

>>523658801This is false and has been false for years. It was indeed a problem at some point but it's been ages since Valve fixed their system, the hardware survey results are no longer skewed by internet cafes and have not been skewed for a very long time.

I'm looking to upgrade to the 3070 when it gets released. Can anyone help me with what I will need to optimize the puppy and get it going? Im in need of an upgrade. Here's my current specs.CPU: Intel(R) Core i5-7400GPU: Geforce GTx 1060 6gbMotherBoard: ASUSTeK G11CD-KORAM: 8GB

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>>523668828Ryzen CPU

>>523668828>king of ramlets

>>523668828Get a new PC entirely and when you built it, sell your old one.

>>523668828If youre playing 1080p 60fps then keep this, maybe get extra 8gb of ram.

>>523668892My buddy keeps telling me the same thing>>523668953I planned to at least double it.>>523669178>"Might as well grow a new hand!"

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>>523653574Who even uses that? I have to turn half of fx off just so my games aren't blurred, bloomed or aberrated like shit. The meme tech went too far just to force amd to do the same.

>>523667092stop being naive and get a card with enough vram and power to bruteforce frames

>>523666853Nixxes are a godawful company, though. All their ports are unoptimized broken messes especially at launch.

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>>523669695You will need a new everything. So yes, New hand time. Your cpu will bottle neck the card, your psu won't be enough to power it, your motherboard won't slot the cpu you will need to upgrade, and your ram is a generation behind.

>>523670695I love watching DF videos and watching them praise Nixxes' broken ports.Shit's always hilarious and it's why I don't take that channel seriously.

>>523670853>NixxesDid I mistook them with QLOC, they're the ones with good ports, right?

>>523665345No, the weight is supported by fastening the support bracket to the computer case with screws, not by the PCIe slot.