Bomberman series looks like this now?

Bomberman series looks like this now?

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>>523648509I really wish this would get a steam release or something. I would pay full price for it if I had to.

>>523648573Maybe they will once they announce all of the characters, I think that there's still like 7 slots left. I would want to play the game too. Although I prefer the regular bombers to the girls, I do like their designs, they all got personality. Also love that the most recent girl is a walking Bomberman Jetters reference. If this did get a western release, would they just leave the regular Japanese voices in, or would it get English voice acting?

>>523648509This is what Miyazaki was talking about when he said otaku ruined anime


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>>523649816yep 7

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who the fuck is the artist of this game?

>>523650325Absolute cancer

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>>523650325Blocker > Attacker Shooter >>>>>> B*mber

>>523651261Vic Viper girl when

>>523650085Miyazaki is a hypocrite

>>523651261See >>523651067>>523651739He's not wrong. Coomers ruin everything

Can I play this game on PC?

>>523652763Not yet

>>523651975He never said anything about jacking off you retarded memer

>>523651261I wonder if they're going to make a Sonic Bomberman

>>523648509An improvement.

>>523648509I honestly can stomach a lot of shitty anatomy for the sake of cooming, but that pose is just way too ridiculous.

>>523648509Where do original bombermanfags like me talk about the games now? These threads are just glorified porn-dumps.

>>523653435>obligatory "OOF OUCH HER BACK" postYou're not fooling anyone.

>>523653639the back meme is about huge tits retardbruh we see the back of her ass and the front of her cleavage, it's crazythe chibi version of the pose at the bottom looks a lot better because it's pretty much a pure side view whereas the big image is a twisty "you see her from the side but also the back and the front" view

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Anyone complaining about this game has clearly never played a single one of the many bomberman games that exist before bombergirl.

>>523654053and it looks fun

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I guarantee you this will be a massive success. The coomer audience has existed through all of mankind's history and will NEVER go away.


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>>523653774>can't understand flexibility>talks about anatomy

>>523654380>just break your spine bro

>>523650325>BlockerWhat is it about this role that just turns you into a mesugaki

>>523653876God I want Aqua to step on me

>>523654447>he thinks that's broken

>>523654569What does mesugaki mean exactly? Looks like slutty lolis when I search the tag

>>523654345>will beIt already is. The machines are always in use in arcades. If you mean some kind of western release, I don't think the current lootbox system would fly very well outside of Japan.


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>>523654569all the pain they must suffer but after some time they start to like the pain

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>>523654769>At its core, “mesugaki” describes girls who: are small, often young, are provocative towards adults or their superiors, are full of self-confidence & assertive about it, and have a tendency to be temptresses/teases.Literally, it’s “fembrat”. I don’t think there’s a more direct representation of the term, but there are plenty of alternative translations for it that work. Cheeky brat, bitch brat, cheeky loli, sassy loli, sassy brat, etc. Honestly, it doesn’t really matter as long as it catches the meaning above.>“Mesugaki” is a compound word, and the word “mesu” within is the Japanese term used for female animals. When used to describe a woman it becomes a derogatory term (most of the time, anyway) as it’s like the speaker considers the woman to be just an animal, rather than a fellow human being. I believe most translators use the term “bitch” as that’s likely our closest English equivalent.“Gaki” on the other hand is the Japanese word for “brat”. Nothing too much to explain here, but it’s important to note that “brat” doesn’t necessarily equate to “loli”, though it does often end up that way. The girl’s appearance being young is certainly important, but even more important is the observer’s perspective of her. Is she bratty? A 30-year-old salary-man might view a particularly cheeky high school girl as bratty, for example. There’s a point where “brat” is just no longer a valid description anymore, but since there are both top-heavy “brats” and multiple-centuries-years-old “brats”, it’s hard to say exactly where that cutoff point is.>Anyway, this compound word “mesugaki” has become a phrase that essentially means “cheeky little shit who doesn’t know their place” when used as a derogatory term. The hierarchical relationship between the speaker and the girl is important, as the girl, who should be of the lower standpoint, has to be acting out-of-line—cheekily— toward her superior.

>>523654769Just think about them like smug brats

>>523653774>>523653435Why are fat americans always confused when they see a character making an unusual pose?

>>523648509I'll give you 60 bucks for it right now

>>523654952Who knew one word could be so powerful.

>>523654345It isIs one of the popular arcades in japan

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>>523654784There's lootbox on an arcade game?

where are you bro?

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>>523648509Is Bomberman just an artifact title at this point?

>>523655547Only the Japs with their superior language folded over a thousand times.

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>>523655813Gacha for all dress up and accessories. I think someone mentioned that you get a roll after every game or something.

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>>523656164Correct. It's a fairly common system in Japanese arcade games. Used to be things like cards but now games just use account systems, such as this one.

>>523651261>Castlevania>They just give her a fucking exploding chainsaw.

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>>523650325that artstyle is all over the place.

>>523648509just a cute spin-off

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>>523656335How do you connect your account on an arcade cabinet?

>>523651261Bombergirl Sparkster when?

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>>523656418>>523656441The guest characters are drawn by different artists. Like Pastel being drawn by the Keroro artist.

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>>523656520retina scan

>>523656418she also have the vampire killerand if you pick her it plays bloodlines and during the "Rush Time" it plays vampire killer

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>>523656743why did they hire so many shitty guest artists?


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>>523648509>Bombergirl has been out for 2 years and there's still no way we can play it outside of Japan. I hate this feeling

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>>523656032Quick and dirty version, he got to have a childhood that wasn't all schooling and he criticized those who didn't because they didn't have the chance to develop interpersonal relationships like he presumably did, which he believes is important for making quality viewing.He also dumped on waifufags despite himself having seen a movie a dozen times when he was younger because he was infatuated with a teenage chink in it>>523657468FGO seems to get away with it quite handily

>>523651261people say paz but ken would be perfect in the game

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>>523657468Those are probably commissions from pixiv fags. Why pay someone a salary when you can just give him 10000 yen for an anime girl?

>>523656879So only foreigners can play?

>>523651261Who's the loli baloon?

>>523657901good girl

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>>523657468Japs just like clashing artstyles I guess

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>>523651067>Kanon is now older than half of Holla Forums.


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>>523657929Sounds more like bitter boomer shit when Anno actually says something about otaku culture while indulging into it. While Konosuba and Re:Zero which mock their audience's tendencies in both serious and sitcom contexts are two of the most popular franchises.

>>523658320I agree but that's a weird comparison when riyo is the official joke artist. I miss his idolmaster stuff.

never forget

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>>523648509Why does this look like a doujin cover?

>>523656447Imagine being Aloe prime. Everyone seeing your toned loli body among the thousands, complimented with womb tattoo and all, because divine happenstance made the one doppleganger you have to deal with the horniest.

>>523654053how did you reach that conclusion

>>523659140almost sure that's the point

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>>523658207I bet that sound really funny in your head.

>>523650085Miyazaki is trash on the other end of the spectrum.

>>523659448It did.

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>>523657893The lewdest category for sure.

>>523648509>523650325>>523650325>>523651261>girls are sexy but their in game models are dumb chibisit's shit.. I get that bomberman is a top down kind of game with small characters but like c'mon try to be innovative or something

>>523659443>those hips and thighsGod damn why are blockers so fucking HOT

>>523648509>literal arcade/mobile been shown off for years now>still hasn't releasedwhats the fucking hold up

>>523648509>that doujin by great mosujesus christ, I almost coomed myself to death

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>>523659936The innovation is that it's a completely different objective with a pseudo-MOBA tug of war and some special abilities. If they didn't go chibi it would just get confusing when the girls get near each other. Personally, I'm fine with them saving detail for the splash art.

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>>523648509Series, no. Single game, yes.

>>523651261Holy shit Konami really did a number on this poor moeblob

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>>523659443Pine's hot and all, but the real thing that gives me a boner is that fuckhuge strapped together stick grenade she's got there. Please tell me she uses that in game.

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>>523654573But aqua is masochist, you're supposed to be the one to step on her.

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>>523650325The only good bomber

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>>523660674Saved her from the fate of generic UGUU is more like it. You should see the rest.

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>>523660691nope sad to say

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>>523660976Has defeat art been posted of her yet? I haven't seen it


>>523660318Why are the Belmont women shoved aside to spinoffs?

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>>523649816I think they did this with DB heroes, but that game came out in 2010 for arcades and only came west finally in 2019.

>>523660976Is she just the loli variation of Bombergirl?

>>523661494i'm not familiar with castlevania but does the have any canon belmont girl?


>>523661615shiro sister

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>>523661496Do you have a full one of the smug version too?

>>523661615She's based off the one from Jetters.

>>523661813>shiro's sister is called shironIs this some kind of pun or something?

>>523661494Blame Sophia.

>>523648509Bomberman is finally saved.

>>523654952>I don’t think there’s a more direct representation of the termHussy?

>In Shiron's biography, the line " and tomorrow, Shiron is at the edge of a cliff!" references lyrics from Boku Wa Gakeppuchi, the first opening song from Bomberman Jetters.

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>>523659325or perhaps. it might be what she wants to be deep down

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Is Power Bomberman still alive?


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Looking at videos, this looks fun as fuck. I want to play it on PC.Easy to jerk off inbetween games too, that's a bonus.

>>523661813based on this of course

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>>523662790Alright too bad, that's the one I'd want a high res of


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>>523662591make a room

>>523648509Is there any anime you could actually show someone you know without any risk of embarrassment?

>>523661003Whats the story behind this? Same characters or alternative versions?


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>>523663291Cowboy Bebop

its only in japanese arcades right? is there really no home version to play?

>>523663690Konami hates money

>>523663690PC version was announced a long time ago if I remember well, but never ever

>>523662591It's alive as long as people will join. Also, I heard they have an update in store, so maybe that'll get some rooms going.

>>523663291Milky Holmes

>>523663690There is not, just like there's not a home version of a lot of arcade games.

>>523663690Yes sad to say

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>>523663291Porco Rosso

>>523663690And letting baka gaijins play? No way fag

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>>523650085miyazaki's a piece of shit. some japanese devs showed him their zombie game engine and he tardraged saying it was disrespectful to his crippled friendthat's your idol. an out of touch cocksucker out of his league

>>523663690Not until someone hacks it to work on teknoparrot or something similar.


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>>523663314The arcade machines at least shibuya had gameplay record option, thats how I got pretty clean screen caps of the game.

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>>523663943He did have some tardrage but his points regarding otaku and moeblobs are irrefutable.

>>523664310That T-shirt and jeans combo is surprisingly hot.

>>523661615Sort of. She's the main Bombergirl's (Shiro) younger sister Shiron. Also Shiro is based off of the main game version of White Bomber, while this girl is based off of the Bomberman Jetters (anime series) version of White Bomber.

otakus were a fucking mistake

The only thing people who like this shit eat is this.

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>>523664310I know but too lazy to get

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>>523664301Sepia looks like the most fun

>>523651739this lol he fell in love with a 2d loli and made sure to copy paste her all over his movies then he talks shit


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>>523661620I don't know. These shitty fapbait sure as hell aren't, and the girl from OoE is not either.

You fucks can't even play the damn game.

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>>523665004and how sad is that?

>>523653876>Liking the stripper poleHave fun with all the bacteria on that shit.

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>>523664301>>523664859why is she so smug? her sister should teach her some manners

>>523665090*Licking, Whoops

>>523663291takagi san

>>523665118Lolis are like that sometimes

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>>523665004I don't want to.

>>523664859I just noticed even the hairpin is smug

>>523663291i watched eva with my mom a few months agothink i also watched baccanno with her several years ago

>>523665118To be fair, her inspiration character (Shirobon) was pretty smug in the Bomberman Jetters anime (he gets better later on).

>>523665090>bring your 3D crap to 2DDilate

>>523663291kodomo no jikan

>>523650325Vic viper please.

>>523663786Damn based.

If Bombergirl would get an anime, which studio would you like to animate it?

>>523664301channel sure provides art tookuro costume damage

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>>523665986david productionthey did a good job with neptunia

>>523659325I never wanted to be a girl before meeting grim aloe, her design instantly made me coom and it made me pissed I cannot restart life as a slutty girl with a prfect body to use as weapon to become rich and powerful, it's not fucking fair

>>523665986Trigger, because fuck plot, I just want bright colors and explosions and noise.


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How do I get a mesugaki gf bros

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>>523648509Fuck coo-AUUUUÙUÙUUUUUGH!

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>>523666768Raise one from scratch.

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>>523662306problably like shiro oneechan diminutive or some shit

>>523650325if someone made a call of duty game with character designs like these they would make trillions


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*steps on you*

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>>523662585>dakis with curvesThey're evolving.

>>523667237I tried this but as a new player I find it very overwhelming. There is so much shit in it. Specially with equipment and all the multiple upgrades, fusions and limit break.

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>>523660976Urge to molest increased


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What happened to bomberman?...

>>523670258It evolved

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>>523670258He's in Bomberman R


>>523670258He just got a new game 6 days ago and you still haven't played it.

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>>523670258It finally started making money.

Pine and Sepia paizuri

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I wonder what 3D women think of the whole cunny thing.

I feel like I've been seeing this exact same thread since the year started. Is it a bot? It has to be a fucking bot.

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>>523670474>Bubble Head Nurse Bomber

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>>523671091Is konami making fun of usbut really you could say the same thing about Holla Forums threads

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