>Put on modern fighting game>Half the characters are DLC>Can't even try them in training>Suddenly no urge to...

>Put on modern fighting game>Half the characters are DLC>Can't even try them in training>Suddenly no urge to playIndefinite amounts of DLC costs more than just buying 2-3 updated versions and knowing what you were getting.

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>>523631968The alternative is being forced to buy a new edition every year.

>>523631968Paid characters should at minimum be allowed to play in training to see if you like them, true.

>>523631968The only way I get around this is to get the game like 2 years later for dirt cheap and wait for the season passes to go on sale if I like the game enough

>All those Goku's

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>>523633904>he doesn't like Goku

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>>523633679Or. Here's a crazy idea, just have them be normal unlockables.

>>523634162And pay the dev team churning out content with what?

>>523634162just buy the ones you want. you probably got the vanilla game for cheap anyway you smooth brain

>>523634357Our time and the free advertising they get from shit like EVO


>>523633679Why do zoomers keep saying this like it was normal?

>>523634520Y-you too

>>523631968>buy game for $25>you get 15 characters and get to play with everyone who owns the game forever>however there are some boxes on the character select screen that are locked>WTF THIS SUCKS!!>buy game for $25>you get 15 characters and are locked with playing with the 2 people that still own the old version>no boxes on the character select screen that are locked>THIS IS MUCH BETTER!! You fucking smoothbrain dumbass

>>523633679This is true. People act like this sleazy anti-consumer bullshit only started relatively recently but it's been around for decades. Fighting games, above and beyond any other genre, have always been the worst for it. First you buy Street Fighter 2. Then there's the Turbo edition with a few more characters. Then there's the Hyper Fighting edition. Then the Mega Torunament edition. Then the Ultimate Super Holocaust edition with all the bells and whistles and you feel ripped off for buying the original game at full price. The one thing that makes modern fighting games worse is that you can actually see what your missing whenever you look at the character select screen. Nothing worse than those greyed out partraites with the trolley symbol hovering over them just to tease your cock into a shoot.

And yet SFV still gets shat on for this despite still letting you get some of the characters for free or all of them for less than 40$.Meanwhile bamco games are even worse in this regard as DLC is pay only and get a free pass.

>>523634617>fighting game that adds new characters but doesn't sell season passes or updated re-releasesname three

>videl dlcBWHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA wtf why would I want to pay to play as a weak ass woman? LMAO

>>523631968that's such an ugly character select menu jfceven without all the dlc locks its horrendous

>>523634909She's literally there for representation's sake. Not even in an SJW way, just to bring more variety to a mostly male roster. Don't ask me why they didn't just add Kefla instead though.

>>523634753Exactly, fighting games have always been a sleazy genre. Along with the shit gameplay I am at a loss as to why anyone plays them.

>>523631968>Can't even try them in trainingBandai puts DLC characters free to try every couple weeks or so...

>>523634965That's an old version of that menu, current looks different. OP hasn't played the game and posts older version of character select screen.

>>523634753>>523634707Except most fighting games never did that, zoomers. SF is the exception, not the rule.

>>523634406Actually made me laugh, kys brainlet.

>>523634753The difference between re-releasing new editions and season passes is that the old model screwed existing players by making them buy the game full price more than once, but lowered the entry cost for newcomers who only have to buy the current edition to join in. The current model is more fair to the people who have been playing the game from the start, buying each season pass as it comes, but it's a huge pill to swallow for newcomers.It's a bit of a moot point when the game goes on sale regularly and you can buy characters individually (iirc they have DLC sales too). That said, everything should be free and available in training mode. It makes sense on so many levels including commercially, since trying the character will whet people's appetite most likely.

>>523634860Did I say that happened? Most fighting games just released a game and that was it. We aren't even getting equal amounts of content with added DLC, we're getting inferior products and infinite DLC.

>>523634406Holy shit hahahahaha good one user

>>523635124>get to lab on bandai's time not your own>good?

>>523634860>>523635309Then name three.

>>523635470MvC2CvS2Tekken 3

>>523635427>Most fighting games just released a game and that was itFighting games that do that today fade away very quickly. People want more content so the games stay fresh longer, not to mention balance updates that actually improve the game instead of leaving it perpetually broken and unbalanced. Face it boomer, your model is outdated and nobody wants it anymore.

>>523631968I agree. I rather have a super edition or zx or whatever. People who want to buy the dlc individually can, the rest can buy it on disc.

no one forces you to buy shitty character DLCunlike your shit crapcom system of selling a new game for shit characters or enjoy playing vs nobody

>>523635547>games that never received new content

>>523635705What about ST and 3rd strike? A lot of old games have broken tech and people still play them. Even vsav is getting some new faces here and there. I would imagine constant changes to a game make it more frustrating to play.

>>523634162Or drop them for free in updates like ARMS did

>>523634981>It's okay when japan does itI fucking hate weebs.

>>523635908They are still good and have people playing, though.


>>523634162but then how can the jews survive!

>>523635893>crapcom this that when you can play with other versions of the game even without having the charsretard, it's the arcsys system

>>523634909I remember when there were rosterfags who legitimately didn’t want Krillin, Yamcha, and Tenshinhan in the game.

>>523635705If a game is good people will play it.

>>523636153>or playing vs nobodyyea arcrys started it with street fighter 2 and the 20 different versionskill youself underage

>>523636254we were talking about DLC retard, the only one who still does "buy new versions to keep playing" is arcsys

I more prefer the bulk-buy approach vs individual character milking. SF4 having the later upgrades (Arcade Edition and such) include prior shit worked fine for me, and gave the publisher an excuse to re-release the game in retail with all of that as well.

>>523633679That is actually unironically better, though

>>523636019There is a delicate balance between releasing balance patches and letting the meta simmer and develop, and it's true that most modern devs just keep shaking up their games because they are terrified of letting the meta solidify and show just how clueless their design is. ST and 3S have been solid enough that the gameplay has withstood the test of time but they are hardly the epitome of balance either. The tier are well defined and some of the match-ups are quite lopsided. They would both be better with a patch addressing the low tiers.

>>523633679>new edition every year>old clients updated to be compatible to prevent playerbase fragmentation>just can't play the new characters without buying the current-year pack

New versions were cheaper than DLC.

>>523636103They have dedicated, tight knit communities of people who never stopped playing, but new blood only trickles in and the total numbers don't even register as a blip on most people's radar. You're not gonna find anyone who's excited to pick up their copy so they can join a thriving community with lots of fresh competition. It's just people who didn't wanna move on from what they had.

>>523636430How? It's more expensive, you have less choice, and new content only comes intermittently.

>>523634981>Don't ask me why they didn't just add Kefla instead thoughAre you stupid?


>>523637119>It's more expensiveNo, it's not>you have less choice.Of what? >and new content only comes intermittentlyGood. Meta should be established on the player's terms.

>>523631968Just another reason that lol fighter will make the fgc implode. New player and want a character? Just buy it with ingame currency you get spammed with when starting.

>>523637262they used to be free to unluckbut you are underage to remember that

>>523637262Fighting games would make more money if they were better.

I had bought SCVI at release with the first season pass and I have felt robbed. I haven't replayed in months.


>>523637612Oh boy, can't wait to play dbfz in a year from now.

>>523635309I dunno about you but there's been plenty rehashing in such IPs as Tekken, Soul Calibur, KoF, SamSho (before the more 3D ones), etc as far as updated versions' animations go.

>>523637321>Of what?Of how much you want to pay. You can opt to buy as much or as little of the DLC as you want while still being able to play the game with everyone else. Re-releasing forces you to repeatedly buy the game full price just to stay with the community.

>>523634753hey retard, there was no DLC back then, these games were made for arcade PCB's, moreso, the console ports of tge late 90s and early to mid 00s give you extra characters to either unlock or from the get go, Tekken 3 anyone?

>>523637119>It's more expensiveDebatable. Some season passes cost almost as much as New game versions.

>>523637432That only works if they can sell enough skins. Normies can't handle 1v1 so I don't think the game will last long enough unless it wins over the FGC, and they hate dumbed down design.

>>523637881The rosters also stayed small for that reason.

>>523637934You can choose not to buy a season pass.

>>523637842Why would you not want all the characters?>full price???

All of the DLC characters play like crap anyway.

>>523636103MVC2 and CVS2 were literally recycling sprites from since the fucking first Darkstalkers. Don't even think like they did the maximum effort with every single character on those games.

>>523638167>Why would you not want all the characters?Because I don't like all of them. Why pay for a character you are not interested in? Especially when they suck.

>>523638287MVC2 and CVS2 recycled sprites to make two huge rosters. MvCI recycles most of it's content from MvC3 and still ends up bare bones because of DLC.

>>523638167You can just buy the one's that you find interesting. I never bought anything other than Cooler, SBroly and Videl for dbfz, because the other characters didn't interest me.

>>523638417To lab them or play with other people locally who play different characters.

>>523638175UI Goku begs to differ

>>523638565>>523638417You don't know if you gel with a character unless you play them.

>>523638175only true for Jiren, really.you're basically retarded user

>>523633679You technically in this case, or other other cases literally ARE forced to buy the game anyways. I bought street fighter V at launch and my two choices were to just buy all the content for the price of a full game, or just give my copy to a friend and buy CE on sale for $30. Same shit with MK Aftermath you'll be missing content unless you pay for a $40 upgrade which at this point is LITERALLY the same cost as if you just wandered into the franchise for the first time.It's no different than buying New Challengers again on SNES, or AE / UMVC3 on PS3. The amount of money you spend buying multiple passes adds up to pretty much the same amount unless you're willing to wait like an entire year or something when stuff HOPEFULLY goes on sale during EVO (lmao) which obviously didnt happen this year.>tl;dr ver.>Through passes you'll probably pay the same as you would have if you just bought the inevitable discounted update version (especially if it includes miss-able / exclusive shit)>After 2 ~ 3 season passes you've spent $30 or more which is equal to a new game anyways

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>>523638628Not to mention fucking Bardock, GT Goku and ZBroly. Especially ZBroly in S3. He just bullies people from full screen like it's nothing.

>>523638819Characters are not just functions.

>>523638175This is the one generation where DLC characters usually have a 70% chance to be S tier in their respective game. >Urien>Seth>GT / UI>Bardock>Fujin>Shang Tsung etc.

>>523631968Wasn't DBFZ rotating DLC characters? I remember Gogeta was available for free for a week.

>>523638982idk about SF and MK I just play DBFZ and I'm not forced to buy anything


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>>523639326You can technically play most popular fighting games this gen while sticking with the base roster. Way to miss the entire point of the thread tho.

>>523638819Eh, I usually have a pretty good idea if I see them in action. Also >>523639204

>>523633679>>523638982Could they fuckin sell the vanilla release for 12-20 bucka and release each dlc packs of 2 new characters for 2usd?

>>523631968worst part?most games won't even get a physical COMPLETE edition with all the dlc on the disc, so you can play it without updating it or having to dl the extra shit.i just want a game to be on a disc, 100% complete, so i can play it at my locals. fucking faggots.

>>523639443>Way to miss the entire point of the thread thoWhich is?

>>523639559Games that slowly build up a bunch of content that's locked away from you.

>>523639603So then how is arguing that seasonal content doesn't force you to buy like re-releasing the game does missing the point?

>>523639478I'd just prefer I don't get punished for supporting these damn games at launch. Two games I got had online infrastructure so fucked up that you couldn't even play with people you knew IRL for a week or more, and substantially less characters. It'd be one thing if they at least gave you in-game currency or something to make up for it, but it's almost to the point where it's smarter to just hold off until a game is on its 2nd season pass to even touch it due to shit getting patched so often, and the fact it's easier to scoop up content later.

>>523639797>I'd just prefer I don't get punished for supporting these damn games at launch>it's almost to the point where it's smarter to just hold off until a game is on its 2nd season pass>easier to scoop up content laterThat's worse with re-releases though.

>>523639794>If you want all the content you're practically paying for the game twice anyways >But what if I dont want the content???Good for you I guess? If it doesn't apply to you who cares?

>>523639932>If you want all the content you're practically paying for the game twice anyways So it's no different from how it was before except now you have the option of not buying new content but still playing with the same community. Glad we figured that out.

>>523635416>but it's a huge pill to swallow for newcomersdepends on how it's handled. if newfags have to buy all DLCs at full price, sure, but you can get around it by offering something like SF5's champion edition

>>523640121>Glad we figured that out.>Still can play with the same communityGreat.>Bunch of characters you still can't lab / train against because you don't own themYeah, completely flawless. Retard.

>>523634357They get paid from the sales of the game, which gets back up with the adding of content. JUST LIKE THE OLDEN DAYS.Paid DLC are a blight and I will never not be mad. Don't give in. They'll eventually realize and stop fucking around.

>>523639932>If it doesn't apply to you who cares?It does though, if dbfz had multiple versions he couldn't play with 90% of the playerbase without paying up. With the current system he can.

>>523634127But I like other Characters too.

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>>523640325>having to pay for content is a flawThat is technically correct.

>>523640576What's that? Don't worry Red Goku is coming soon.

>>523640553>They'll eventually realize and stop fucking aroundAnon, I...

>>523640576And now, with S3, you can play them.

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>>523640553I don't think free dlc characters were ever a big thing in fighting games.

>>523631968>Put on FighterZ>Literally half the characters are Goku or Vegeta, even paid dlc, making for a pretty bland and boring roster overall>Can't even bear listening to Goku's voice because based Mario Castañeda from the Latino dub isn't there, instead its either granny Goku or corrupt cuck sean schemmel>Suddenly no urge to play or even watch the game on youtube because all the gokus & vegetas everywhere just bore me to deathThis game kinda sucks desu. At least my boy Ginyu made it and he's tons of fun to play. still waiting for dabura or omega shenron to make it in though.

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>>523633871>get fighting game late>the only people who still play online have ten thousand hours logged vs your zerothat's even worse

>>523634162Yes, unlock characters that don't exist in the game.

>>523640553back in the olden days you either got no new content or all that new content was locked behind a full priced new editiontake off your rose tinted glasses, the jewery was always in full effect

>>523634406Christ almighty this is literally a "you're being paid in exposure!" line

>>523638946Jiren isn't even that bad. He's not Gogeta.

This thread is a textbook example of how the fgc is made of spineless bootlickers, and them accepting this shit is why fighting games are FIFA/Madden tier when it comes to being jewish

>>523631968I just buy who I want. Only got half of Season 2 and I'm gonna get Roshi soon.

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>>523631968That why you pirate the dlc faggot, or the game. In this age you can play online emulating a local multiplayer so there is no excuse

>>523637468Really? How do you unlock Akuma in base SF2? What about Chun in SF3 II?

Here's the formula for a successful fighting game in 2k20>$15>steam>12 characters>2D 1v1 mode>2.5D beatemup mode, including campaign of ~8 levels plus survival mode, for single player and co-op>training mode which describes common fighting game mechanics e.g. neutral, meaty, crossups, etc. with examples for each character>free characters drip fed every 3 months>automated online tournaments to unlock new colours and costumesSimple but not easy

>>523643608oh I forgot, ggpo rollback required

>>523642451What should they have done, user?

>>523643608>free characters drip fed every 3 monthsHow do they make money?


>>523637586Cass, Amy and 2B players are also complete degenerates. Especially Amy players who think they're not being carried by their character and her insultingly safe 22B and 3bA, her not starting with any roses at the beginning of the match is not an excuse to give her some of the best whiff punishers and pressure tools on the game.

>>523644053Amy a best

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>>523635705>Most fighting games just released a game and that was it>Fighting games that do that today fade away very quicklylol is that why Melee is still played 19 years later

>>523643608>Bro companies would do way better if they just gave us everything for freeThe absolute state of the zoomers in this thread


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If they replaced the chibi hub world shit with a normal menu and made a classic 1v1 mode I might have enjoyed it.The artstyle and gameplay is tight but the 3v3 thing is a mood killer.

>>523643608Let's see>$15Quite cheap, it should be 30$ and another 30$ for all characters/dlc>steamGood>12 charactersThat's too little, make it at least 20/30.>2D 1v1 modeGood>2.5D beatemup mode, including campaign of ~8 levels plus survival mode, for single player and co-opI rather have a simple arcade mode or whatever BlazBlue modes were than this shit>training mode which describes common fighting game mechanics e.g. neutral, meaty, crossups, etc. with examples for each characterI said this a lot of times, it doesn't matter how good your training mode is or your tutorials, normalfaggots will still bitch that they cannot win >free characters drip fed every 3 monthsCould be good>automated online tournaments to unlock new colours and costumesLike SFV? That would be niceQuite a decent list buddy

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>>523643608Alright I was complaining about this shit but even I think this is over the top. Did you go to special retard college and major in bankruptcy?

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>>523644217today =/= 19 years later, melee =/= fighting game

>>523639026They want to give ZBroly one last ride before he disappears forever in future games.

>>523644431And, you know...a non retarded character select. The one in Fighterz is the worst i've ever seen in a videogame.

>>523644679you = cope

>>523634617Because they're conditioned to be retards with vidya gaems

>>523634827>And yet SFV still gets shat on for this despite still letting you get some of the characters for freeThis triggers me the most about SFV bandwagon haters. When they say SFV has a jewish F2P DLC scheme because it lets you unlock characters for free. I don't think the game is perfect, but this shows that a lot of people who ruthlessly shit on the game have no clue what they are talking about.

>>523644217>>523644758Except around that time there was shit like TEKKEN and MVC2 what the fuck are you talking about? Melee is only still popular because each game that followed was a shallow party game. Nobody actually wants to watch Marth mirrors on Yoshi's Island retard.

>>523635427guilty gear, samsho, street fighter blazblue, soul caliber all did it, so are you really saying most did not do it when the only games that didn't were cvs2 and tekken?

>>523644921You can at most unlock like 6 characters for "free". In order to actually manually unlock them all without paying you'd have to have played an unbelievable amount of online matches consistently since practically launch. Keep in mind they didn't even have challenges until WAY later.Nobody is realistically logging in every day to grind little bits of fight money. The average person would be burnt out before then.

>>523634127this is what i think of goku

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>>523644979>more excusesSmash in general stays relevant for years until there's a new oneMost fighting games are shit and no one buys them because they're fucking expensive and only tryhards play them online, so no one has any fun unless they're also tryhards.Like I'd have bought Soul Calibur if it didn't have half the fucking content SC3 had, didn't double its price with paid DLC and didn't have fucking Denuvo. The number of clothing and equipment items the base character creator had was fucking insulting, and if I want more I have to buy it with real money? Yeah, no, get fucked. I just won't buy the fucking game at all now.

>>523644758Go on then, list all those fighting games released in the last 5 years that got 0 updates but are still popular. Melee is only still a thing because it was huge back in the day and now there's a legion of turbo-autists who refuse to move on. If you released it today without a DLC strategy to keep people playing it would never build that kind of critical mass. Even if you did it wouldn't. It's competing with so many more titles for attention and time. Melee is a product of its era that can never be repeated.

>>523645391>Smash in general stays relevant for years until there's a new oneWith casuals who have no standards and produce a laughable competitive scene, yes.

>>523644921The whole thing is structured so people will be encouraged to spend money, you fucking idiot. You can't just play for a week and unlock each character because that would be reasonable and you aren't likely to spend any real money. You have to grind to the point where most people just say "fuck it" and spend the money. And its made that way on purpose, you fucking cockchugger. Almost every game with paid DLC/microtransactions like this is structured in such a way so that a certain number of people will just open their wallets while others can defend it say "b-b-b-but you can still unlock them if you grind for 2 years!"

>>523643841>>523644308>>523644584Exactly, that's the pointI listed what a game would need to succeed>low price>free shit>two genres in one>handholding for retardsIt's not feasible for small devs and big devs are too retarded and committee-led to do itTherefore we aren't going to see fighting games become more successful until they're in such a moribund state that even something basic and featurebarren is enough to bring them back - exactly as sf4 did in 09

>>523645452Fighting games aren't popular period outside of Smash, that's the point. High barrier, absurd cost and the only people you'll play against will shitstomp you unless you sink a ton of time into it.Maybe if the above weren't the case, they'd be more popular.>Bro you NEEEEEEEEEEED $100 worth of paid DLC to keep the game relevant! It NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDS to be there of the game with DIIIIIIIIIE :(((((No, fucking kill yourself. Fighting games get milked to death with DLC because the publishers know their fanbases will just buy it anyway, because the alternative is dropping the game.

>>523645776Fighting games are already becoming successful, user. There's more people playing now than ever before.

>>523645543This post reeks of cope. It hangs in the air.

>>523645664Not him and you're right but it doesn't change the fact that until the Honda patch i spent a grand total of 15$ for all of SFV's content.

>>523644747Agreed. Don't know what the hell they were thinking making it so you have to commit to an entire team, stage, colors, and BGM before you even set up for the match. Even better if you're in a KOTH ring and you decide after waiting for a while you might wanna swap out one character and then someone steals your turn. The game flows way better when you can just go into a character select but they had to try and be different and do some stupid shit. That easily killed the game for me.>>523645391too long; didn't read

>>523645986So publishers had better rev up that paid DLC and those microtransactions then, more people to sell them to! More people playing MUST mean were doing something right, don't stop now!

>>523646076I could easily forgive "prebuilt" team, stage, colors and BGM......if there weren't like 10 slots. Like, the fuck you do with 10 slots? Either make the player choose freely or give me more than 10 fucking slots.

>>523646012That's not the point though, the fact that the system is there at all is the problem. I can play mobile gachashit and not spend any money, but its still cancerous mobile gachashit that exists to milk whales, its not there to entertain me, its there to sell cosmetics to whales. Publishers want to monetize anything and everything they can and the presence of real-money transactions compromises core game design by incentivizing publishers to push content and game modes that facilitate the use of microtransactions/paid DLC, or, like SFV, structure progression and unlocks and whatnot in such a way that their market analysts say will cause [X] number of people to pay up instead of playing.

>>523646076>too long; didn't readI accept your admission of defeat, cap-cuck.

>>523646341Ok but i still paid 15$ while early adopter got fucked in the ass. That's my point.

>>523645915>Fighting games aren't popular periodMortal Kombat would disagree with you. SF, Tekken and DBFZ sales are nothing to scoff at either.Regardless, Smash is a casual party game. You can lump it in as much as you like but there's very little overlap in the audiences and the FGC would prefer to keep it that way. You clearly don't get why people like fighting games in the first place and why they've endured which is why your "advice" amounts to turning it more into smash (as if that hasn't been tried before).

>>523633679Another alternative is just for them to release a new version with all of the DLC released up to that point every few years so that if you start playing a few years after the game's release you don't need to by all the DLC to go with it. Bamco and SNK are the only companies that still won't do this, if you buy SamSho, KOF XIV, Tekken or Soulcalibur today then you have to buy all the DLC too. You can buy SFV: CE instead of buying vanilla SFV though, you can buy Rev 2 instead of buying Revelator and then having to upgrade and you can buy UNI cl-r instead of buying UNIST and then getting Londrekia separately, though I think it might actually be cheaper to get UNIST instead seeing as Londrekia's just one character, but the principle still applies. If they're going to have so much DLC, they should at least have an option to buy a version that has it all so you don't have to buy a game that comes with half the characters locked off.

>>523634357With the money we paid for the game, dumbass.

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>>523646460>Regardless, Smash is a casual party gamelol its got got more depth than fucking Mortal Kombat 11 you fucking idiotYou could not possibly cope any harder

>>523646341>its not there to entertain me, its there to sell cosmetics to whalesSo your problem is that videogames are a business?

>>523646460>bro you just don't GET it>Smash is a party game TRUST ME if I say it over and over again people will believe me :(((you sound like the most insufferable faggot ever, and you wonder why people don't want to play fighting games when you're the people they have to play with

My ideal fightan game is essentially just Absolver, but actually goodI want to be a kung fu man learning and growing through a kung fu man adventure, not get shuffled from one impersonal matchmaking fight to the next until I git gud or burn out like a glorified machine learning algorithm

>>523640553the old days were expansion packs retard

>>523646545Sure, whatever. Just stop pretending Smash is a fighting game and that anything about it is applicable to the genre. Why you people try so hard to include yourself in something you have so much disdain for is beyond me.

>>523646545>lol its got got more depth than fucking Mortal Kombat 11 you fucking idiotI never played MK11 but enlighten me, oh you magnificent smash user

>>523646929d-d-down throw into uair...

>>523646775then your favorite fightan game isn't a fightan game

>>523646543If they don't sell DLC they just jack up the price of the base game.

>>523645776>>523646081So you expect that we'd go from DLC that's been steadily increasing in price to suddenly everything is free and they waste dev time to add useless mode that turns the game into a shittier Streets of Rage / River City Ransom? This is the most "idea-guy" shit I've read all year. Not to mention that the "two genres" would probably be some stupid shit that would be played once and never touched again like Konquest mode and Subspace Emissary or w/e it was called. Also you keep talking about this "succeed" shit when ironically this is the most jewish the genre has been and it's the fastest copies have sold. Yours sounds like the perspective of a person who doesn't even play or have an interest in fighting games. Because realistically you'd know none of these are good ideas and speaking of which>automated online tournaments to unlock new colours and costumesMortal Kombat has this in the form of Kombat League, and people fucking hate it. >training mode which describes common fighting game mechanics e.g. neutral, meaty, crossups, etc. with examples for each characterMultiple games have shit that explains this either in the movelist, midmatch with hud, or in a demonstrating / training explaining the characters.You're giving a bunch of stupid fucking ideas or ideas that already exist which shows you have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Then when your ideas get BTFO you get passive aggressive and throw a tantrum. Why should anyone take a dumbfuck like you seriously?

>>523644736OG Broly will still be around.

>>5236469932D fighters are not the only kind of fighting gameThat's like saying third-person shooters aren't shooters

>>523646684There's nothing wrong with businesses, you fucking baiting faggot.The problem is how the business operates. In this case, the business operates by manipulating a certain group of people and causing them to spend inordinate amounts of money in what is essentially a skinnerbox. So instead of the game being designed and structured as a game first and foremost, because there was no financial incentive beyond making a good game people would want to buy, the game is structured to facilitate the use of microtransactions, so they can manipulate that subset of customer and make $600 million in revenue for the year. Publishers have monetized content that was previously not monetized. Games used to make money by being complete packages sold at retail for a lump sum, that's changed. Games now make money via micropayments and other post-purchase content sales. The incentive to create what is effectively a platform with which to push microtransactions and paid DLC, not to create a complete game to be sold at retail. How games make money has changed and as a result how games are designed and structured has also changed. Publishers like Activision/Blizzard now make as much or more money via digital goods sales than they do through actual game sales.

>>523641279To be fair all of those cocums and vergetas plays different, but I see where you are coming from, but the roster is quite diverse.What I don't like is that ,if I'm remembering correctly, all characters have the same commands>QCF>QCB>QCB + 2P for level three

>>523646735>and you wonder why people don't want to play fighting gamesI don't. I do wonder why Smashtards insist on associating with the fighting game genre when they look down on it so deeply. The FGC hates you and you hate the FGC and yet you refuse to keep to yourselves.

>>523647001>Just jack up the price of the base gameNot what I was thinking, but this is actually better.

Attached: Hmm.png (929x768, 109.16K)

>>523646545Lmao yeah tossing projectiles, rolling, running and grabbing, and throws into nairs / uairs is SOOO DEEP.A game so deep that you literally have to disable all items, 95% of stages, and 2 players to play it at it's "best" the meta is a fucking joke and hasn't surpassed a gamecube installment with buggy physics. Holy shit, the absolute state of smashdrones.

Attached: cringe.webm (1080x608, 586.83K)

>>523646929>>523646909>bro just stop calling it a fighting game because it triggers me so hard :(lol its a fighting game>en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Smash_Bros._(video_game)>Super Smash Bros. is a crossover fighting video game

>>523647284Dragon Punch is too hard, user. Think of the children.

>>523647416Means literally nothing.

Attached: oh no no no.png (306x529, 116.12K)

>>523647043How about>Buy $60 game>Get complete game that doesn't have $100+ worth of paid DLC, microtransactions or seasonal bullshitWOW that was easy, its almost like video games existed like this for decades prior to cancerous DLC and over-monetizing consuming the industry!

>>523645263>You can at most unlock like 6 characters for "freeFalse>Nobody is realistically logging in every day to grind little bits of fight money. The average person would be burnt out before then.So what you're saying is that a Holla Forumstard like yourself doesn't play fighting games but still wants all the DLC for free, got itYou could get like the first 3 seasons of DLC for free before they changed the rewards for survival and trials. Especially on PC you could just cheat and stockpile fight money for all the DLC. >>523645664>The whole thing is structured so people will be encouraged to spend money>>>Having an option that allows you to buy shit for free encourages you to spend money more than simply being completely locked out of the content unless you pay.Interesting logic

>>523647362>The FGC hates you and you hate the FGC and yet you refuse to keep to yourselves.This, I never understood this shit

>>523647404None of this is an argumentShow us your tourney wins user

>>523647547lol cope harder faggot, the entire world agrees that its a fighting game, the only people who don't are you butthurt FGC autists who pretend anything that isn't exactly like Street Fighter doesn't count

>>523647272>The problem is how the business operatesWhy is it a problem? This model is making them more money than ever before. Do you think they should give up that money to cater to your wants?

>pirate the game>try out different characters>buy the three I want to play>never touch any other character

>>523647416But you didn't answer my question...>>523647531My 8 years old brother can do a Dragon Punch easily, as well as charge motions and supers, so is not an excuse

>>523647568>So what you're saying is that a Holla Forumstard like yourself doesn't play fighting games but still wants all the DLC for free, got itI have a level of 675 and played more battle lounge because I don't just sit in ranked all day I've probably played more SFV than you have, but keep pretending otherwise, dumbfuck. The modes you choose matter, but you either have no friends or don't play the game yourself. Get fucked.

>>523647568>Having an option that allows you to buy shit for free encourages you to spend money more than simply being completely locked out of the content unless you pay.Wow nice false equivalency, you disingenuous faggotThere shouldn't be ANY paid additional content, it should just be in the game alreadyYou keep arguing as if we HAVE to get fucked in the ass one way or another while everyone else is telling you we don't have to, but you just keep insisting on getting fucked.

I am SICK and motherfucking TIRED of Chiaoutzu being relegated to a fucking Tien attack

>>523647567Except I can agree that there's an overabundance of MTX without agreeing your suggestions are good, that's completely different from what you proposed before you stupid fuck. Congratulations on getting this many responses out of me.

>>523647362>I do wonder why Smashtards insist on associating with the fighting game genre when they look down on it so deeplylol that's just your massive victim complex>People like Smash>People in the FGC like Smash>Smash starts being played regularly because its popular and people like it>"ITS NOT A FIGHTING GAME FUCK OFF THIS IS MA' EFF-GEE-SEE">But its the Smash players that are toxic gatekeepers that hate fighting games :(((((lol, again, massive victim complex, you just couldn't stand that Smash took the spotlight.

>>523647984>bro we HAVE to get fucked by paid DLC you just don't GET ITYou're the reason we have paid DLC and microtransactions in the first place, you fucking mouthbreathing paypig

>>523633904That pic has SS Goku, GT Goku, Sayian Saga Goku, Vegitto, Gogeta, Bardock and Black RoseBlack and Bardock don't count since they are different charactersTwo of them are fusionsThat leaves you with Base, GT and SS. There's also UI Goku in the game. So you have 4 forms, each completely different from each other, from different points in time in the series, fuck, even different canons. The only shitty one is Blue, but he is an unlockable that has a few differences from the base game Goku anyway

>>523647630If I just just explained the game is boring as hell to play and to watch why would I be possessed to BUY it and get good at it? What kind of fucking idiot are you?

>>523647942What else would he do? That's the only memorable thing he did in the series iirc>>523648052Pic related

Attached: 1598314490921.jpg (247x358, 36.19K)

>>523648268lol that's literally what happened, Smash started being played, no one cared until you insufferable faggots whined endlessly about how its not ACKSHUALLY a fighting game, my super sekrit-klub, etc.

>>523648268>Get BTFO>"n-nice b-bullshit"Kek

>>523647984>without agreeing your suggestions are good,>The suggestion that we should be able to buy complete games for $60 again isn't good

Attached: 600full-tropic-thunder-photo1249129962.jpg (300x405, 37.67K)

>>523648192I don't buy these games until they're at least a year into their lifespan.Whatever Monster Hunter game is out can pretty much tide me over until then. I save money and if a game was going to die early I didn't waste my time. YOU just end up buying the content because you're a fucking jackass and projected onto me. Hope you learned something today, dumbfuck. Last response you're going to get.>>523648516What does the game being $60 have to do with them adding a beat-em-up mode? Read the thread.

>>523648620>YOU just end up buying the content because you're a fucking jackass and projected onto meWow this is like some reverse/double projection, you are retarded

>>523647808in your way though, all that dlc becomes 2 new versions of the game you will buy to get EVERYTHING or realistically, the final COMPLETE version.which we will never get, because we can't have you with an ultimate version with all the dlc offline for locals. fucking assholes.smash doesn't even get that shit, i'd fucking buy a version that had EVERYTHING if it existed.

>>523648268>He never played Budokai Tenkaichi 3

>>523648416>>523648449>SamefagSmash is still not a figthing game, the creator himself said that multiple times.Also I don't remember that the fgc whined about "smash being a figthing game", seems time that you are making shit up

Attached: 1594933888678.jpg (720x540, 184.64K)

>>523648237>boring as hell to play and to watchYou may be missing a couple chromosomes, user

>>523648620>I don't buy these games until they're at least a year into their lifespanlol this right fucking here just proves the whole point, you actively avoid buying a game you'd otherwise buy due to predatory paid DLC/microtransactionsWouldn't it be great if, oh, I don't know, you'd WANT to buy the games at release because they were complete games and weren't stuffed with microtransactions and didn't have $100 worth of paid DLC?

>>523648052Took what spotlight? We never cared about smash and you never cared about fighting games. We don't share the same audience.

>>523648871>in your way though, all that dlc becomes 2 new versions of the game you will buy to get EVERYTHING or realistically, the final COMPLETE versionNo, with "my way" the game would be finished and there wouldn't be two more versions of it. If the developers want to do some small updates or balance patches or whatever that's fine, but nothing that costs money.

>>523648949Would be more likely if I was a smash player.

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Attached: roster.png (820x900, 205.46K)

>>523648903>The FGC didn't collectively spill its spaghetti every time Smash is the most-played/watched game or gets a desirable time slot over another gameyou can keep trying to re-write history all you want, no one is buying itand the FGC is full of child-grooming pedos and is dead now anyway lmfao

>>523648903>I can't count>Also the director's word is law, despite the entire cultural convention of what constitutes a 'fighting game', and even the director's previous statements and the context surrounding those statements suggesting otherwiselol

>>523649093So with your way the developers would be pissing away money.

>>523631968Good thing there's only two characters that are worth purchasing

FighterZ goes on sale all the time like most Namco made anime games.I got it on the Switch with the second dlc pack for $30, altogether.

>>523649098This post is more autistic than m2k is

>>523648998>you actively avoid buying a game you'd otherwise buy due to predatory paid DLC/microtransactionsHow is this not the case with a majority of games out right now? This would have been a smart post if you couldn't instantly name 10 current gen games with GOTY editions or season passes.

Attached: example.png (323x403, 216.31K)

>>523631968I felt the same with Soul Calibur 6, and even more with SFV and Tekken 7.What is the point in that ?Why even bother buying the standard version ?Fucking GAAS system, at least in the old days we could buy different versions with different content.

>>523631968I'll always hate that you can't use them in training mode to practice shit. Seems wrong.

>>523649240>Also the director's word is lawYes

>>523649040>We never cared about smash and you never cared about fighting gameslol you're a pouting child>Smash wins best fighting game at Game Awardslol better tell Geoff Smash isn't a fighting game so he can take their award back

Attached: SS2386511.jpg (802x1199, 136.62K)

>>523649225>the fighting game community doesn't like it when fighting games get bumped off tournaments make room for a party gameNo shit. If you just kept to your own events nobody would care.


Attached: 1544606894322.jpg (303x534, 57.99K)

>>523649225>FGC is full of child-grooming pedosLiterally all of those were people in the smash community like D1, minus Mr.Wizard at least. Let's not pretend smash doesn't have the worst reputation when it comes to hygiene, sexual assault, and mental illness.

>>523634406>we'll pay them in exposuresure thing karen

>>523631968Honestly I'm glad I bought SF5 Champion edition. I already have nearly everything unlocked and I've amassed over 300.000 points playing it, which means I get to buy 3 characters from the final season for free.

>>523649653Nice Menat butt

>>523649580>Autists get irrationally angry a popular fighting game takes a good time slot over another game with a fraction of the entrants/viewers>Constantly trying to gatekeep>Actively hostile for literally no reason at all, other than the fact that you don't like Smash>"But its the Smash players that are the problem :((((("lol shut up faggot, its you retards spilling your spaghetti every single time.

>>523649441>he takes game awards seriouslyhaha

>>523649653To play against people who have the characters online, are you retarded?

>>523649436Then the many times that samurai has called smash a type of fighting game is law

>>523649653How the fuck would you play against them online if you dont have the files?

>tfw GinyuletThis is the fanciest thing I can do so far. I'll get there some day, bros. youtube.com/watch?v=XvCv1bXaopo

Attached: 1543196566124.png (439x500, 345.67K)

>>523634162>unlockablesI'm 12 and wat is this?Seriously though, it is already too late for this generation. Most people nowadays don't even know what an "unlockable" is.

>>523649868>Actively hostile for literally no reason at all, other than the fact that you don't like SmashOh fuck I incessantly shit on a game people like and now they're mad at me, I have done literally nothing wrong but now I must lock my twitter account, oh boo hoo

>>523650048I heard a lot of people complaining about unlocking characters in Smash Ultimate. That was pretty funny. Plus, they had to make the CPUs easier.

>>523649653Other players can play those characters against you, you literal underage

>>523649868You're mad that we don't like you.

>>523649762>everyone hates them they're mentally ill>w-w-what? n-no, don't talk about him...lol didn't he win some DBFZ tourney wearing his fursuit or something?

Attached: SonicFox_at_Evo_2015_(cropped).jpg (1341x1706, 664.48K)

>>523631968the reason I dropped fighting games in general.

>>523650002As someone that almost never did a tod combo, this looks fine. Keep practicing user, and don't forget to have fun.

Attached: JSyG4lN.png (1100x700, 803.33K)

>>523650070>>523650209>ur madlol, I graciously accept your surrender

Attached: 2f7.jpg (601x508, 31.38K)

>>523650048The best we can hope for is a switch to something similar to a live service with smaller microtransactions, but companies want their big 6-10 dollaridoo purchases per character, per player, it's just too profitable

>>523634909She's also literally the lowest selling DLC by an absolutely insane amount. Outside of season passes she only sold something like 4,000, compared to the next lowest at the time (ranger 17) who sold ~150,00 and is considered one of the lower selling DLC.It's absolutely nuts.

>>523631968I see your point but I've put 3000 hours in this game so I got my money's worth, and continue so.

>>523650253Yes and only the biggest esport sellout commentators humor him. He is constantly mocked.

>>523650279Thanks user-kun. My channel is mostly ToD's and none of them are very difficult so if you ever feel like learning there are plenty of low-effort ToD's to choose from.

Attached: doushio.jpg (191x234, 8.23K)

>>523650002What matters is that you steal their bodies. It makes people so angry and now they can't ragequit on you anymore.


>>523650339Your concession that you understand how much of a faggot you are, and how it justifiably pisses people off, is very generous

>>523650339>WojakniggerOf course, why I didn't see it before>>523650253No one likes him either

>>523650395>Literal face of the FGC is allegedly universally mocked>but its the smash players everyone hates and mocks TRUST ME LOL

>>523650253He went out 13th in the S2 grand finals. He has dropped off hard.

>>523649868>irrationally angry a popular fighting gameYou mean it's IRRATIONAL to dislike the smash community?>Same community that splintered into two once Brawl came out>Same community that has so little unity that actively shit on eachother hoping they DON'T get their favorites>Go out of their way to play in ways that piss eachother offYou faggots barely like eachother, why should anyone else not find you insufferable? Also how do you simultaneously not care about the FGC, but also admit that you're upset by gatekeeping and you entered a Dragonball FighterZ thread? Y'know what I'm convinced you're a falseflagger.

Rivals of aether lets you do a tutorial that shows you the ins and outs with all the characters before you buy them and they are giving everyone the characters for free in September. Rivals chads win again

>>523650459>>523650457>u-ur a faggot...Again, I humbly and graciously accept your surrender

Attached: .jpg (200x183, 7.98K)

>MUH UNLOCKABLES WAAAHHH>lemme ignore the fact i had to buy the same game a bajillion times, full price on "the good old days"this thread is beyond retarded

>>523650002Based Ginyubro.

Attached: 1532385589629.jpg (1315x1047, 787.95K)

>>523650652Thank you for continuing to cede the entire argument, user

>>523650253>The guy who got BTFO by a japanese playerlol fuck off retard.>>523650002I respect anyone out there making Ginyu, Frieza, or Cooler content. Doing gods work.

>>523650628But what about KI? Does KI win again too?

So many retarded consoomers itt, no wonder gaming is dead

>>523650432>GAMES EXISTED AND STAYED RELEVANT PRIOR TO PAID DLC>paid DLC gradually becomes the industry standard>games without DLC gradually stop being relevantReally makes you think.


Attached: 1599174376722.png (1920x1080, 2.87M)

>>523650542>face of the FGCDidn't know Daigo was a black furry faggot.

>>523650617>Is accused of being an irrational sperglord>Continues to be an irrational sperglord making shit up>Still has a massive victim complexYes, Mr. Sherman, its the Smash players.

Attached: 2FtwwQXEO0B5L8j1Wyq1s38SxHP0AMnyFFtQ2XoT8wE.jpg (640x480, 43.19K)

>>523645330>A16When will they bring him back?

>>523650703>Gets BTFO over and over>Makes new post replying to no one pretending to be a new poster, saying the same stupid shit

Attached: thumb.png (800x450, 358.55K)

>>523641420Back in the days good games were choke full of content with unlockables you either had to buy with in-game points, obtain by finishing the game with certain conditions or use a cheat-code on the character selection screen. Don't be fooled by scummy gamedevs putting the third of a game in a beautiful box at full price. If a game needs DLC to be considered complete then it's not worth the attention.

Attached: I beg to fucking differ.png (640x480, 164.76K)

>>523650703I bought SF4 once, and got all the charactersI bought older mortal kombat games once, and got all the charactersI bought several DBZ games once, and got all the characters in each, for a lesser combined price than it would take me to get everything in DBFZIn fact, you could buy DBFZ multiple times and still pay less than buying all the DLC

>>523650842Hey I have a Frieza combo too. Weird little one, not too happy with it. But it is a ToD.youtube.com/watch?v=wGSidEWTipM

>>523650406Will do user.Fuck, someday I will go back to this game

>>523650542>face of the FGCNot to the FGC.

>>523651048>Paid DLC is bad and has changed the way games make money for the worseYes, this was my whole point you smooth-brained cocchugger

>>523651210This is real fucking ironic because everyone was bitching and complaining about MvC2's roster because it was all reused sprites, but you wouldn't know that because you weren't born when that game came out lmao

>>523631968imagine being poorahahahahahahahahah

>>523650767Don't take the bait user

>>523651065>victim complex>File nameAh I see, so you're new. That's why you don't remember HOES MAD, Steve, Banjo, or literally any of the Smash threads where people used the term "tourneyfag"

>>523651489>File nameIs there something wrong with google images?

>>523651489>>523651474>no argument>r-reddit f-file name...lol fuck off

>>523651215>I bought SF4 once, and got all the charactersso you confirm how much of a zoomer you actually are not knowing how many editions and character DLCs SF4 had before it released Ultra which again, was an edition of the game you had to pay for.not even gonna bother with the rest of the post

Attached: file.png (440x96, 52.86K)

>>523651210That game is one of the worst examples because a vast majority of it was recolors and reused sprites/animations from MvC1 I love me some MVC2 but if you're using that as the golden bastion of "unlocks done right" then you're an absolute idiot.The recent Mortal Kombat unlocks are how you do it. One, maybe two character behind the unlocks, and a bunch of other cosmetic nonsense.

>>523650542>Face of the FGC>Not Daigo>Not Justin Wong>Not even MaxiShillion Dood>Not even James Chen???I don't even think Dhalsim has ever reached this hard.


Is cooler good in this game? I’m thinking about getting ultimate edition with 2+3 passes

>>523631968thats bandai for you

>>523651787>The recent Mortal Kombat unlocks are how you do itSo, paid DLC and microtransactions?No.

>>523651805>I don't even think Dhalsim has ever reached this hardLel

Attached: ESN-CaVXYAEpgaa.jpg (2048x1492, 122.25K)

>>523651805If anything Mr Wizard is the face of the FGC. Since he is a fat pedophile and that covers half the FGC and 99% of the smash community. But a gay furry is definitely a close second, or some tranny like DEB or pretty ricki


>>523651704I literally did only buy SF4 once, and genuinely got all the characters for itIt must suck to be a beta testerIt must be even worse to not have any actual argument against getting fucked in the ass with hundreds of dollars of near-mandatory DLC purchases meant to scam money from tourneys that need all of them unlocked on every machine

>>523651980>If anything Mr Wizard is the face of the FGC>But a gay furry is definitely a close secondno bro its this guy you've never heard of, trust me

Come home to your real N64 Fighter, Smashfans

Attached: 09CFD1BC-6716-4832-9FD2-873BAE9F4C3C.gif (350x199, 1.44M)

>>523651387Oh fuck off, I was putting quarters in arcades when you still shat your diapers.

>>523651215HOLY SMOKES. What a shitpost. So you're telling me you bought SF4 5 years after it's release and you got ALL the characters? Not even sure what you're talking about with MK but following that logic you should wait 5 years until after FighterZ comes out so you have no point. >I bought several DBZ games once, and got all the characters in each, for a lesser combined priceDid you play Xenoverse 2? Because I promise you're just as wrong as you are stupid.

>>523652089>the TO of what was the biggest FGC tournament in the world>never heard ofAre you perhaps retarded?

>>523651828You can have complete games, but they'll either be more expensive up front or have less content.

>>523652254>what is sarcasm

>>523652090I should pick this title up. I really like the visuals.

>>523631968This was already good, solid fighting game without any of the DLC characters that were developed AFTER the initial gameOP also didn't even bother to unlock the three extra characters included at launch

>>523633679This is preferable. First, you aren't "forced" to buy a new edition. And second, the new edition isn't constantly trying to sell itself to you in your version. Playing a game with a bunch of "buy this character" icons on the screen is like dodging a robocall everytime you want to play.

>>523652235>Did you play Xenoverse 2?Do you know that other DBZ games exist that aren't Xenoverse 2? Because I promise you're just as wrong as you are stupid,You do not have any argument to support getting fucked in the ass with DLC, none at all, you can't even attempt to make one, which is why your best foot forward is nothing but tearing an example down by bringing up the only other specific game from the series you're aware of, which also has shitty DLC

>>523652294WhyPublishers are making more money than ever, and all we hear is how much it costs to make games, even though its literally never been cheaper or more accessible on many levels, and how they HAVE to cram it full of fucking paid DLC and micropay bullshit. And now they want to hike the price up to $70.

>>523652020>It must suck to be a beta testerI know right? Have fun being one in dbfz.

>>523633679how about they just release the fucking characters for free. I remember when DLC was mostly free and was made to sell the base product.

>>523652384‘Tis a grand game. Don’t worry about it being an Xbone title, when it’s also available on steam and the Windows shop

>>523652532Nobody LIKES the idea of paying more, you're just naive to expect that fighting games of all things isn't going to have DLC.If single player games have MTX, phone games have MTX, FF15 can be in development hell and still try to make you pay for an incomplete game with story gaps stuffed behind a season pass, why the fuck would they suddenly 180 and just give you a $30 game with $60 while dripfeeding you free shit?How fucking stupid do you have to be to expect that? That's the point. There's no game or genre I can think of that does that right now and the only one that does is a MOBA that you'll be grinding in for so long you may as well be using real money. Go ahead and name any game that follows that model successfully and I'll take back everything I said just now.

>>523652759oh no no no no no no no no no no The DLC/microtransactions make more money than the games now, the games exists to sell those, not the other way around

>>523652170Oh I'm sure you were lmao

>>523652978>why the fuck would they suddenly 180 and just give you a $30 game with $60 worth of content while dripfeeding you free shit?*

>>523651837Guys pls answer me

>>523652978>Nobody LIKES the idea of paying more, you're just naive to expect that fighting games of all things isn't going to have DLC.And it wouldn't be that way if faggots like you didn't defend this shit at every possible fucking turn and opportuniy

>>523653086We literally didn't shit for brains, you would have known this if you didn't start playing fighting games directly after Street Fighter X Tekken.

>>523652978>Other games have MTX, so therefore you're a dumbass for thinking it's stupid that this one genre of games goes far beyond thatok

>>523652564They can willingly pass up revenue but their competitors won't and this worsens their position in the market, putting them at risk of being forced out.Also, you say it's never been cheaper or more accessible, but the standards for graphics have risen tremendously and so have the man hours. It's Jevons paradox and Wirth's law put together.

>>523653086>he still believes consumers hold any power in a market where capital controls the flow of informationsilly goy...

>>523652978>There's no game or genre I can think of that does that right nowThe most soulless cash grab on the planet is Fortnite, and that's a free to play game with constant major updates that only charges for cosmetics, or the shitty abandoned co-op mode

>>523652759Then you also remember when game companies were smaller and struggled harder to release anything, with much fewer games on the market to pick from.

>>523653076He's right in the middle. Has all the tools to be good but subpar mixups. He's scariest when used to either blow up pressure by having both a ground and an air DP or bait stuff by again, using those, his "go through almost everything" command normal and his counter lvl3. Has decent dmg and some flashy routes when optimized, can be scary if making a team completely centered around him.

>>523653086What does defending have to do with it? They either sell it like that or they don't.

>>523653165>We literally didn't shit for brainsYou LITERALLY just spent the last hour defending it

>>523653682By defending it you're enabling it or at the very least condoning it

>>523651210So the best alternative to the way fighting games are handled is basically for gaming to focus on the Fortnite / Fall Guys model? Nice.

>Play DBFZ>My favorite character ends up being Gogeta>He is low tierOk>Play SFV>My favorite character ends up being Ed>He is low tierHmmm>Play Tekken>My favorite character ends up being Yoshimitsu>He is low tierWhat is wrong with me

Attached: Gogeta.jpg (1366x767, 238.59K)

>>523653498That only works so well because of the sheer playerbase though, and the only reason it has that playerbase because it's casualshit designed to appeal to casualshitters. Which is also why nobody here wants to play it.Less popular games have to milk you harder to sustain themselves. It's simply the efficiency of scale.

>>523651157i haven't played since release, what'd they do to my boy?

>>523653729Intesting. Could you do a direct quote of the post were I specifically defended it?

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Attached: 1598470031397.jpg (1920x1080, 577.1K)

>>523653805No, by buying it you are enabling it. You can stop buying it, but then maybe they'll stop making it.

>>523653918But they'd be more popular if they didn't try to milk you so hard

>>523654010Barduck is Goku’s dad, so that doesn’t count, and Goku Black is possessed by a god

I don't get why people are mad about DLC, the characters are made after the game's release, they can't just continue development for free.

>>523654000Literally the entire thread.Unless you're just going to pretend this is TOTALLY your first post in the middle of a long-ass discussion, in which case fuck off and read the rest of the thread before replying>>523654039No, talking about it positively also enables it and conditions others to think its fine.

Attached: 1592516563517.png (539x684, 758.92K)

>>523634617because it happened for over a decade before consoles had built-in online capabilities. SF2 has like 9 versions, GG has at least half a dozen up to the PS2 era. KoF had a new version like every year.

>>523654010>>523654218 This.This makes literally no sense if you add bardock but COMPLETELY omit gohan.

I've just stopped buying fighting games until all their content is released.

>>523654010Someone actually seethed so hard he had to make this.

>>523654010Smash is worse than FighterZ in this case. Not sure why Bardock is on here.

>>523654286Read >>523638982 (and responses) >>523652978>>523652235and please tell me where I defended it. Once again, you are wrong, overly defensive and can't read.

>>523654218>>523654325I feel like you guys missed the point.

>>523654550What was the point then?

>>523653929His gameplan is mostly the same and he's still good at grappling, but his meter gain and damage are so low without assists that it's hard to play him off point but many other characters are a lot stronger in that slot. He's hardly bottom tier but you're working harder for the same results than you should.Most people aren't loyal so you don't see him much anymore.

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>>523654550FE isn’t that big, and Goku is widely regarded every where as Japan’s Superman. It makes sense why he’s celebrated so, since almost every iteration of his being is iconic in media

>>523654638None of the fire emblem characters are the same character either, it's just a visual similarity.

>>523654286>talking about it positively also enables itOnly in the sense that it might influence whether others buy. Regardless, if you don't enable them they will eventually quit to work on something more profitable.

>>523654218>>523654325It's a joke guys. Oops all Setsunas because he's easily the most played character in Gundam even though there's 183 characters. It's just funny next to oops all gokus and anime swordsmen. There's as many suits piloted by Char as well for what it's worth.

>>523631968Arc System bro. GBVS launched with what? 10 characters? I guess I was lucky since I wanted to main Zeta who's in the base game

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>>523654785Like I said, it still throws the pattern off because you included all gokus, then a character that isn't goku and looks less like him than adult gohan wearing his gi. It doesn't make sense to add only one of them. That was my point. >>523654948I mean I guess it could be a funny image.

>>523654547>I can read minds and know exactly who made each individual post when you reply to posts in the middle of an argument you were not involved withBack on topic, stop defending paid DLC and microtransactions. Yes, by saying>well you HAVE to pay for it somehowYou are defending them. Because we DON'T have to pay for it, because we had games for decades that didn't cut content to sell as DLC, and the only reason things are this way now is because people like you said>bro just accept itfor years and years until it became normalized.

>>523634406>shit like EVOYeah you haven't heard the news I'm guessing.

>>523654968It's pretty obvous how season pass 1 was pretty much done when the game launched. I'll get my Siete in S2 though.

>>523654920>Only in the sense that it might influence whether others buyYes, that's what I just said.

>>523654948People love Goku and Setsuma though. It’s not like Smash where people are expecting wild left field characters, and just get another blue haired sword with a “I am royal and must protect my kingdom because it is what’s right” attitude.

When are they adding Hercule

>>523654354You realize not every company is as nice as Capcom to release everything together in one package, right? Even when they do say, 'this is the last installment' you can bet there'll be a few DLC characters after the fact. So are you going to ignore them or buy them?

>>523655102Nigga pretty much every DMC5 or Sekiro thread is begging for DLC because they want more. That's how it works, you're just going through post hoc rationalisations that said content should have been there to begin with, regardless of how sane it is in practice

>>523652478You're not forced to buy anything, but if 60% of the population is suddenly playing a new game then your current player base is gutted. If those same people buy a season pass then they remain as part of your player base, just with new content they'll use when they feel like it.

>>523655102I'm only arguing that this didn't magically start this generation and that pretending SF4 was a one-buy deal is retarded as that wasn't the care until the game was literally finished. >well you HAVE to pay for it somehowWhat are you quoting? Because it isn't me.>Because we DON'T have to pay for itThen don't? You still couldn't find a single quote where I said you should. People allowed gaming to get to the point where every single game has another $30 or more worth of hidden away content and expect companies to stop charging up the ass. You idiots have been spouting this same "vote with your wallet" bs for the last decade and yet FF14 can still sell $25 hot air balloon mounts, games that were in development for 12 years have DLC, and people will pay $12 for costumes in games. Almost EVERY game follows this format now, buying SFII on SNES 3 times was actually slightly worse.You saying all DLC should be free is like a girl who says "I wish I could stay in bed forever and eat cake" it's naive, stupid and doesn't make sense. Imagining shit that will never happen might be fun for you, but not for anyone who is past the mental age of 12. >I can read minds and know exactly who made each individual postThen why did you pretend to, clown? Whatever have a nice day dude.

>>523654079The pricing schemes don't help, but fighting games are not more popular for the same reason as arena shooters and real time strategy. They are unforgiving one-on-one tests of skill. Most modern gamers are too soft for that and there's metric assloads of titles that combine low effort game play with luck and team elements to diffuse agency and responsibility so that everyone can feel like a winner (or at least blame their loss on anything but themselves). Genuinely putting in effort to git gud is something casuals don't actually appreciate (even if they like to pretend). In the past people didn't have a choice but those days are long gone.

>acting like if a fighting game character cost nothing to make and should be freeIs this thread full of retards?

>>523633679how about doing league of faggots, making you earn in-game currency by playing so you can get new characters and making the game f2p, that way you get more players and the whales fund the new stuff for you

>>523656229No, user. We're all super geniuses. You just don't get it.

>>523631968do you really have to pay for vegeta? that is quite funny in an ironic regard.

>>523656229If a character is on the disc at launch, they should be. After that I agree that anything free outside of game balance is icing on the cake.

>>523656297F2P players are no better than animals. I would gladly pay money to keep them out.

>>523640576that's the thing about dragonball fags, they have a very narrow list of characters they like and feel offended when someone like master Roshi gets added to the roster, simply cause of power level faggotry or not being edgy enough.it also doesnt help that canon wise, the most fun characters turn into glorified cheerleaders ..or worse; get forgotten.

>>523656229Zoomers play genres with higher playerbases and try to apply the monetization methods that work for them onto fighting games

>>523656529you fags always say this but I never saw any proof of anything in any other f2p fighter, a fighting game would not even have chat and just steam seething friend requests, so your bitching is pointless

>>523656297That only works with league of faggots tier gameplay because that's what that giant audience of casualshitters with all the whales like. Riot is actually working on a fighting game that seems like it's going to be exactly that. We'll get to see first hand whether this strategy works for fighting games. I'm not very interested in league of faggots tier gameplay though...

>>523656440You pay for base saiyan arc vegetaSuper is in the base game and you can unlock blue through the challenge modehe's right under the player 1 select in that picture

>>523653565I would rather have fewer games than shovelware crap

It's the little shopping cart icon that pisses me off the most

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>>523648208How can you make this post and be serious? You sound like a complete slave who just takes whatever shit they're given and defends the indefensible at all cost.


Attached: jobgeta.png (335x506, 253K)

>>523656297Ironically SFV has that and just like in league it'll take fucking FOREVER to grind away characters. You'll get maybe 3 characters free before you get impatient and start paying, or in Leagues case you find out your friend was full of shit and you quit.

>>523655375Season 4

>>523633679I’m impressed we have all these literal brainlets and underage complaining about the games aren’t the same as the old way they endlessly complained about in the first place. Only reasonable complaint is no training mode against them but these fucks wouldn’t even do character specific training in the first place

>>523656229No just people that don't understand what it means to make and balance a competitive game.

>>523657138I played league in the past and it became a chore to unlock characters only when tencent bough the devs, capcom is not owned by tencent so I have a hard time believing it takes a month to unlock a character like in league

>>523656229retards like you forget sfv was launched at full price at basically early access stage, get fucked capcshill

>>523656956No user come on, why have Jayce or Burter or Nail or Raditz or Chiaotzu or Roshi or garlic jr when you can have another goku? Don't you understand that it's a slightly different goku?

just use CreamApi lmao

>>523657138It's honestly better in league because you have 100+ characters and you can hipster main a weird corner pick. In a fighting game most rosters don't go above 20, so you never really feel like you're going to play some off the wall shit.t. quit league years ago

>>523653917You can become a god.

Attached: lowtiergod.jpg (900x900, 81.33K)

>>523657484(Based on Season 1 and 2)>A character costs 100,000FM>A stage costs 70,000FMYou get 50FM per ranked match. Go ahead and do the math. It's really not that much faster than league.>>523657797True.

>>523653917Play yoshi in SC6. He's quite good and very fun.

>>5236580902000 sfV matches don't seem much considering they don't last nearly as long as league matches, but I get your point

>>523653917tier lists matter jack shit for 99.9% of the playerbase, just play what you like and dunk on retards that train only against LE HIGH TIER because they know only a fraction of your moveset

>>523657616>Burter>Jeice>ChiaotzuAre in the game, and Roshi is coming.

>>523657616>Ginyu's assists>A character already in the game>Bardock but worse>Tien's assist and a great candidate for bottom tierI guess at LEAST garlic jr could be unique, that's the only that makes this not a 50 IQ post.

Bandai Namco needs to have the dragon ball rights forcefully taken away

>>523631968>buy the version with no characters>surprised when theres no charactersWHOA>>523633679this>>523634617zoomers are the ones who pretend that dlc is a bad thing for fighting games because they never knew how bad it actually was

>>523658960Does not excuse 4 versions of the same character from such a prolific universe with such a large swath of literal fighters of all kinds.>>523659265I wish I could say your post was at least 50 IQ.

>>523658841Dunno about that. ArcSys are pretty notorious for having DLC characters be ridiculous compared to the base roster. Or, in recent events, Leroy Smith in Tekken 7. I agree that tier lists are usually a bad way to judge your performance or lack thereof but with DLC being what it is you get some clown shoes horseshit.

>>523659490Those 4 rehashes aside from Roshi are more popular then the absolute dogshit picks you suggested. Thank god Arcsys doesn't listen to retards. Give me another Vegeta before fucking THIS

Attached: miniature faggot clown.png (320x240, 95.02K)

>>523658163He's so much more fun and cool in Soul Calibur

>>523659490It does when you consider the fact that they make sure every move in the game draws from the anime or the manga. They won't invent stuff for characters that only had very brief appearances like most of the fan service titles. Goku just has that many iconic fight scenes.

>>523659572>ArcSys are pretty notorious for having DLC characters be ridiculous compared to the base roster.Are they? Jubei was trash. Katalina and Ferry still reign supreme in GBVS. Raven was good at release. Dizzy and Kum were p good, gotta admit

>>523656956>>523657616>Jayce>BurterThe only way they could get in is either Ginyu assists or a pair character. And since we already had 17&18 that are the pair character, they got in as Ginyu assists>NailAnd give him what moves?>RaditzRelevant for 5 episodes, he's never ever>ChiaotzuRefer to Nail>RoshiHe's in>Garlic JrLiterally do the only remarkable thing Chiaotzu did and an hero if you want this fuck in the gameThese characters are garbage characters. Apart from Raditz but he's never going to be relevant so there's no point in even talking about him. Literally only other characters I can think of that have any chance of getting in are Majin Vegeta, Bojack, Android 13, Super Buu or some transformation of his and maybe one other GT character

>>523660371>Literally do the only remarkable thing Chiaotzu did and an hero if you want this fuck in the game

Attached: 1365754589728.png (493x402, 8.52K)

>>523631968>Select a character>Opens submenu that lets you choose which form/powerup. There. That gets rid of the fighter select screen bloat. The Tenkaichi games did this. WHY NOT THIS!?

Attached: 1306993684821.gif (320x240, 108.9K)

>>523659994He goes all the way back to dragon ball, uses telekinesis and stretch limbs. There is enough material to make a move list, he fought in a tournament. He's been Tien's best friend forever but he didn't get a one-off movie, of course. End your life.>>523660371>well we can only gave one pair character>but 5 gokus of courseYou can die as well

>>523660926I'm not saying they can't add another 2for1 character because they already did with fucking VidelI'm saying they won't do it

>>523660876Because, if it wasn't apparent by the lobby systems in their recent games, ArcSys can't make good decisions. I like the way the lobbies look, but they need to make an actual menu system too.

>>523660876Because these are completely different characters with distinct movesetsYou might as well just put all the saiyans in one slot

>>523660876balancing unless you mean the transformations being purely cosmetic, even then, animating the same stuff with a different model in DBFZ case is like animating a new character from scratch, time consumingcommon knowledge if you played dbfz or fighting games, both of which you dont, not you, nor anyone in this thread

>>523660876How is that different from the regular select screen but with an extra step?

>>523647665"the entire world agrees it's a fighting game">>a whole subset of fighting game players disagreeswhatever faggot

Fighting games should just adopt a F2P model with crossplay. Fixes the problem of DLC fighters and games becoming dead discord fighters.>New character comes out>Either buy them for $5 or use 500 free points you get by playing the game

Attached: 1596247973903.jpg (4000x2849, 3.06M)

>>523661417>Fighting games should just adopt a F2P model

Attached: 1597244154904.jpg (571x460, 46.9K)

>>523647547No Mercy was better than any of the trash in circulation today.

>>523661523Di-diggity dawg.

>>523661417KI has rotating free characters. It's how I played before I bought the whole thing and it was pretty nice.

>>523659731>Thank god Arcsys doesn't listen to retardsthen why is videl in the game roflmao

>>523661796Damn, got me there.

Attached: cant argue with that.gif (200x126, 498.95K)

>>523661210>these are completely different characters with distinct movesetsROFL THE MAO


>>523661521Why not?

>>523661210>>523661217They're the same damn characters. They would retain their unique movesets. >Who do I feel like playing today? I'm thinking Goku. >Let's see, how about SS turquoise today.>>523661245It stops Goku & Vegeta from flooding the screen with their different forms.

>>523661904Aside from a few normals, what else do the Gokus and Vegetas share?

Attached: EckhbeKU0AEz5yN.jpg (600x800, 88.65K)

>>523631968Nobody here even plays fighting games so who cares?

>>523661904They are.Base Goku doesn't play like SS Goku.Blue Goku only plays kind of like SS Goku.Black doesn't play anything like SS Goku.GT Goku doesn't play anything like SS Goku.Bardock doesn't play anything like SS Goku.Neither of the fusions plays anything like SS Goku.

>>523662007>It stops Goku & Vegeta from flooding the screen with their different formsBut it wouldn't stop people from complaining about oops all Gokus anyway.

Attached: 1597184982148.gif (500x281, 3.71M)

>>523662007That's fucking stupid and only makes Saiyan choices look weirder, because it only works for Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. The best option is the character select screen as it currently is.

>>523662192That's an actual problem but I agree that anons suggestion wouldn't help fix it. Making less gokus would have fixed it but here we are.

>>523662452Complaining about Gokus is like complaining about shotos in SF. Really, really pointless.

>>523660075I can't remember his fucking name but when Xrd first released there was a Day 1 DLC character that completely fucked shit up. I think, and i'm happy to be corrected, that he was nerfed to the ground after a month or so. Also, earlier BlazBlue had a character I once again can't remember the name of who was completely broken when she dropped. Then you have DBFZ and Bardock, chiefly, though people who have played that mess more than I have could give a better breakdown of him.


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>>523662590They're both problems, though I would prefer 5 movesets on one character with variations over 5 characters with one moveset that have slight variations.

>>523662192>>523662201I'm just thinking of ways to reduce visual clutter on the select screen. I'm waiting on the game to go on sale so I can't say how the Goku saturation feels like. People are gonna bitch either way, this just keeps people who don't like those abundant characters from seeing nearly half the screen taken up with them.

How would you give Goku all his transformations plus supers in each transformation with QCF/B and maybe 22 inputs?

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>>523631968>Gamers let the jews winoy vey news at 11. The industry is fucked because everyone just accepts bullshit practices if the underlying game is fun. name a more cucked group of people other than gamers

>>523663049down+single button, charging for longer puts you into the next step up

>>523662618Kokonoe was in the base game. Sin was unlockable with ingame money

>>523663340Yeah user let's make transforming an *action* in a game where stopping to charge ki for literally a second can get you smacked by an assist or a dragon rush

>>523653917>play DBFZ>none of me characters have a low 2L>even with the Assist change, only one of them has a beam>and I play that character on point

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>>523662807But they don't have slight variations, UI Goku plays nothing like GT Goku or SS Goku.

>>523663989BIG F.

>>523662007>They're the same damn characters. They would retain their unique movesets.At that point they aren't you absolute dumbo.

Will you be getting the old perv, Holla Forums?

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>>523664139>Goku isn't Goku.I understand they're different mechanically & cosmetically, but they're the same fictional character.

>>523664490I have no say in the matter because I already bought the whole pass. oh please god don't let the last character be mr. satan

>>523663994You have it backwards user. Im saying that fighterz a single character with variations, but differing movesets. Whereas SF has differing characters with slight variations on the same movesets.

So who do you guys think will be the next Goku?

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>>523664938Heart Disease Goku

>>523650368>source: my hairy assholeyou dumb retard this fucking rumor came out from some stupid moron spewing bullshit months ago on Holla Forums and retards like you eated it up without even factchecking if it was true or not

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>>523634981People actually like Videl unlike Kefla

>>523631968There`s really no way you can win>IF you buy the game on release you gonna have to buy every single dlc character individually or in a pass>The alternative is to release a second version of the game later one rendering the first version you bought useless>Or you could wait for the final version of the game to be released 3 to 5 years alter, buy and enjoy it for a year or less because the new sequel is on the waythere really is no winning with fighting games. Only one who did it right was sf5 by letting you unlock every character with in game currency, however the game is boring as fuck and i doubt they will do the same in sf6.

Attached: 1557518878468.gif (640x360, 2.7M)

>>523649121they can still add god goku, ssj2 goku angel and turles.

>>523641279Dont even mention that greedy jew castañeda

>>523637586learn how to pirate dlc dumbass

>>523663989what fucking teamnot having a 2l in your team isn't that big a deal anywayst. s broly booler freeza main

>>523661796Because she's cute.

>>523660876Super DBZ had install transformations for the saiyans, Budokai too, why do we need Slot Wasters!?

>>523661210No they are not you idiot, heck you can have all the animations/sprites on the same character graphic file and have different defition files using the same graph file.This is a little had to explain, but do you know how MUGEN characters programming and recognition works with their SFF and DEF files?

Attached: 4847cc5539eccd86879332a8e5c13a3f91ee156488f01fb9e421356a9726ddf1.jpg (800x800, 232.96K)

>>523631968Unknown character announcement is the way the fighting game industry found to implement loot boxes. And it works.

>>523669806I vaguely understand what you're saying, and it's not really relevant to what I said

>>52364446212-20 characters is fine any more than that is too much

>>523634162Then you'd have to wait an extra 8 months for the game to come out so those characters can be put in.

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