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Previous Thread >>523589634>Post references and names in one post>Keep it vidya origin, no OCs>No shitposting, bumping requests or misusing Loomis and other artist names>If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.>When posting a delivery PLEASE don't forget to link to the anchor post.>Have funPost your art to the booru for anons to find later in case they miss a delivery or if it is NSFW:vidyart.booru.org/ (current)vidyart2.booru.org/ (backup)Also, to those uploading, if you know who the subjects of the picture are, please tag them!NSFW Deliveries (excluding loli/furry content) should also be posted in>>>/i/619102For NSFW Deliveries that go against the rules like loli/furry try these sites:catbox.moe/ or imgur.com/Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky>>>/ic/1579290 #Drawing Books and drawing programs:mega.nz/folder/sSYAxKqb#f2gWy-eQZJNvRfiUTu1ASA

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Requesting this scene from Ghost in the Shell with Q and Seth from Street Fighter

Attached: gits.gif (500x320, 918.65K)

Requesting Red from Transistor doing some sick shield-skateboard moves, with her sword out.

Attached: red.jpg (1000x625, 78.21K)

Requesting Female Blood Dragon sticking her ass up and getting a rimjob from user.

Attached: bd.jpg (1024x576, 183.75K)

Requesting Call, Beck and Gofer from Red Ash parodying this comic.

Attached: headpats.jpg (1134x888, 148.34K)

Requesting Hoppo and her little sister giving a double thighjob

Attached: hoppos.png (690x549, 229.77K)

Requesting Chun Li getting KO by those jugs

Attached: samba.jpg (1024x576, 85.35K)

Requesting scholar Refia working in a library.

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Requesting Otter 2B eating fish and chips

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Ugh, i clicked on the linkDunno what i was hoping for, maybe talent, instead i'm met with str8 shit and dyke fetishes. Please die anons.

Requesting this scene from "To Kill A Mockingbird" with Phoenix Wright as Atticus and Trucy as Scout

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Requesting Neneko in a super short skirt and shirt bending over to pick something up with Moneko lifting her skirt to show off her butt in a thong. Neneko should look embarrassed or surprised.

Attached: BTCs.jpg (1284x722, 59.04K)

Requesting Feral Makoto Nanaya from BlazBlue

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Requesting Draco winning a beauty contest

Attached: 1598492241009.jpg (480x360, 33.85K)

Requesting Claire, Leon, and Jill as zombie masked bank robbers.

Attached: Claire, Leon, and Jill.png (1452x706, 1.36M)

Requesting Capcom Girls visiting hot springs

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Requesting Lammy trying out ayahuasca, and either reaching blissful, psychedelic enlightenment or going on a really bad trip. Maybe with Rammy as a vision if the latter.Requesting Lammy trying out ayahuasca, and either reaching blissful, psychedelic enlightenment or going on a really bad trip. Maybe with Rammy as a vision if the latter.

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Requesting this with Pit and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus

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Requesting Loli Ashe flipping the bird

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Requesting Crash, Coco, and Crunch at a pancake house.

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Requesting Succubus SMTV Protagonist getting fucked, or pegged, by a real demon or incubus while he jerks him off using his tail.

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Requesting Priscilla showing off her Big ass body in a similar pose to this pic: files.catbox.moe/ty3cbq.jpgPlease

Attached: Priscilla.png (1088x757, 575.35K)

Requesting Naoto re-designed as an edgy, masked vigilante similar to Rorschach or the Punisher. Doesn't have to be about design. More about the attitude.

Attached: Naoto Vigilante.png (1221x744, 560.74K)

Requesting Solana working out

Attached: 1599134336231.jpg (669x557, 109.91K)

Requesting King K. Rool wearing King Boo's crown while King Boo is trapped in a dome behind him

Attached: kingkboo-l.jpg (1239x480, 433.1K)

Requesting Zidane and Garnet as sexy cat burglars.

Attached: Zidane and Garnet.jpg (657x1000, 76.34K)

Requesting Tanned Cirno getting her back oiled up

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Requesting Ibuki as a perverted ninja. Doing stuff like sneaking into boys' rooms at night, picking the lock on the changing rooms, spying on homo sex like she saw in yaoi, etc.

Attached: Ibuki.png (1683x593, 1.38M)

Requesting Rastafarian King Dedede and Kirby.

Attached: Rasta King Dedede and Kirby.png (1608x612, 1.78M)

Requesting Ly as a mysterious harem dancer.

Attached: Harem Dancer Ly.png (906x600, 356.15K)

Requesting Julianne Stingray in a qipao dress.

Attached: Julianne Qipao Dress.png (747x874, 884.99K)

Requesting Julianne Stingray working at a bar in Venezuela. With outrageously high hyper inflation prices on the drinks/menu, and some big phat stacks of cash she has to count just for one drink.

Attached: Julianne Stingray in Venezuela.png (901x748, 1.27M)

Requesting micro bikini edit

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Requesting Fran Bow and American Mcgee's Alice Liddel having a sad/dark tea party.

Attached: Fran and Alice.png (818x578, 650.5K)

>>523623084She should move to another country.

Requesting Captain Cuttlefish from Splatoon dressed as Sportacus from Lazy Town, accompanied by Agent 8 dressed like Stephanie and Robbie Rotten himself disguised as either Pearl or Marina

Attached: Lazytoon.png (1600x1600, 2.52M)

Requesting your waifu eating a delicious pretzel

Requesting Criminal Friends. Tasmanian and Australian Devil as bodyguards of Blackbuck. Think about Yakuza or the Godfather.>Themeyoutu.be/ckHnqXJ7zgc

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>>523623302She's trying trying, one drink at time. It will take awhile though.

Requesting Hat Kid lifting up Aeon from Skullgirls like one of the Time Pieces at the end of one of Hat Kid's levels with the latter politely asking Hat Kid to put her down.

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>>523622882Inner Circle Kirby

Requesting Re-Class taking a nap on a giant white shark

Attached: re.jpg (1001x1024, 107.4K)

Requesting Giga Mermaid waking up on the shore with legs, horrified to find that she was also given a huge ass

Attached: GMM.png (449x422, 362.46K)

Requesting Tataru from FF14 getting the WoL's(Shadowbringers version) measurements but with her hand down his pants groping his junk with an intrigued yet smug look on her face.

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Requesting this with Annie from Skullgirls, she is a hag and the wiki doesn’t tell her age, so no need to add itskullgirls.fandom.com/wiki/Annie

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Requesting Leen from Grandia dressed as a red mage, waving her sword in your direction.

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Requesting Splash Woman getting the best pussy eating, so good her caviar is sucked out of her vagina.

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>>523621893doodles from last thread.>>523612846>>523614164>>523615936>>523616504>>523617319>>523617880>>523618549>>523619146>>523620545>>523621108>>523620068>>523621808>>523622501>>523622815>>523623192 night

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>>523623774Holy shit that's alot of doodles. You were busy all night.

Requesting Marina and Agent 8 sunbathing at the beach giving someone a wink as they rub lotion all over their tits and thighs.

Attached: Splatoon.jpg (1008x898, 341.54K)

>>523623774Thanks for the delivery, goodnight!

Requesting Kiana Kaslana dressed as Superman or Batman.

Attached: Kiana.jpg (1336x1129, 237.62K)

Requesting pic related draw using Wario and Mona from Warioware- with Mona and Wario switching positions - or Plague Knight and Mona from Shovel Knight.

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>>523623774You've done a great service user, good work

Requesting a parody of this meme with Professor Layton

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Requesting your own design of a realistic Sally Cue from "Escaping the Prison"

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Hey, anyone up for drawing a cute girl with a large penis making a massive amount of cum and begging (you) (breaking the 4th wall) to watch herAny Doki would work for me

Attached: PC Computer - Doki Doki Literature Club - Full Body.png (1919x1090, 1.32M)

>>523623774Not sure why the crossposting but good job there buddy.

Requesting Soccer Mom Double Suggesting Aeon and Venus featured as her children

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>>523624070Monika of course, no one else is worth it.

Requesting pic related with Belladonna from Trials of Mana

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Requesting Isabelle from Animal Crossing playing with a VR, wagging her tail because she is being pet in-gameCould be also her brother Digby instead

Attached: Dogs.png (1000x474, 271.65K)

Requesting RSE and XYORAS Hex Maniac version of the reaction face on the bottom

Attached: Kakegurui Hex.jpg (1280x2152, 561.04K)

>>523624291Didn't you got this done a few threads ago? They did Elizabeth

Requesting Daisy lifting Peach's skirt with one hand and squeezing her butt with the other.

Attached: princesses.jpg (1638x2048, 182.22K)

Requesting arm wrestling

Attached: chaga.jpg (850x980, 130.22K)

Requesting Little Mac showing off his muscles and winking in front of some fans while they take a selfie.

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>>523624608He didn't like it

>>523624239Monika is tops, no denying that, but the other Dokis do have their appeal. If any of them Yuri sort of falls behind the pack a bit, but she has large tits, and I wouldn't begrudge someone from drawing that of they want to.

Requesting Nessa and Bea having a pajama party

Attached: bvc.jpg (745x1024, 81.97K)

Requesting Clothes Buttjob

Attached: blz.jpg (576x1024, 69.36K)

Requesting Beastmaster flashing her tits

Attached: 1597441878797.jpg (764x992, 70.46K)

>>523621893>>523621419Kinda sleepy so not sure if I'm doing another one tonight. Forgot to say ahead of time but these sketches will most likely be shittyfiles.catbox.moe/5a7m5w.png

Attached: b7dee82acad0811af9cad6d7fed5e671.png (292x264, 30.47K)

>>523624665>Yuri sort of falls behind the pack a bit, but she has large tits. I gotta agree with you on, either way both are quite hot.

Requesting cat fairy doing cat things.. drinking milk, eating lasagna, getting high on catnip, being smut, playing with a lesser pointer, etc.

Attached: ly.jpg (900x900, 89.56K)

>>523624993Nice sketch

Requesting Rosalina flashing her star shaped tanlines

Attached: rsl.jpg (819x1024, 100.26K)

>>523624993This looks fairly decent

Requesting Lilith snacking on sweets, worried about packing on pounds in her thighs.

Attached: Lilith.jpg (794x1024, 90.16K)

>>523625368This but she's already packed on the pounds.

Requesting Chaos Emeralds Amy poledancing

Attached: 1596151980538.jpg (692x1024, 118.79K)

Requesting Red Queen using a set of arms to drink a cocktail, another one to hold a cigarette and the last one to hold her chin either looking bored or smug

Attached: Red Queen.jpg (593x1024, 105.6K)

Requesting and outfit swap between Slippy Toad and Mugman

Attached: Slippy3D_2.jpg (1207x853, 200.12K)

Requesting Imp Midna with a hyper-sized ass.

Attached: Midna.jpg (1152x1728, 786.1K)

Requesting Concept Art Lucy Kuo from InFamous 2 faning herself as the summer heat causes parts of her costume to melt away

Attached: L_Kuo_Concept_2.jpg (1000x1455, 75.48K)

Requesting a group of folded soldiers performing the coronation of Olly

Attached: 1599386239314.jpg (2896x2896, 674.61K)


>>523622701Well they are sexy and burglars, just add cat ears.

Requesting this short comic with Crash and Coco, possibly with Coco trying to get Crash to eat his veggies.

Attached: 8963-284XW3W-1.jpg (1183x657, 221.02K)

>>523624446Who's the chick next to Hex Maniac? She's cute

>>523626212Gen 3 Hex Maniac.

Requesting Rainbow Party Blowjob

Attached: pkm.png (687x596, 360.78K)

Requesting lewds of the winner costume

Attached: winner.jpg (1024x576, 83.03K)

>>523625416and her butt is starting cause tears in her tights!

Requesting Warspite doing a blowjob face

Attached: WarspiteKai.png (1600x1357, 1.96M)

Requesting Older Nyakuza Hat Kid as the leader of her own criminal empire.Please include a cat themed irezumi tattoo

Attached: 15655522945980-2.png (1579x2080, 2.58M)

Requesting Goth Lolita Majin 21

Attached: 1598284749147.png (660x1112, 131.91K)

Requesting Draco trying to burn anons face with adorable flames

Attached: 1597468473948.png (355x426, 78.47K)

Requesting Ramlethal preparing sushi with her huge swords

Attached: ram.png (1129x1255, 429.94K)


Requesting Sharena tanning at the beach.

Attached: Sharena_FEH.png (1682x1160, 3.77M)

youtube.com/watch?v=E-MOzwWySaQA drunken Kat threatening some thugs with the same "his head is going up your ass" line from Hancock. And yes, that includes the "you drew the short-straw, so your head is going up MY ass"

Attached: Kat GR1.jpg (442x657, 46.43K)

Requesting Kefka doing the expression in the reference.

Attached: Face.jpg (2553x1418, 266.63K)

Requesting Poison with her short shorts just down enough to flash her anus

Attached: 1594847851918.gif (366x512, 245.03K)

Requesting Momohime in any kind of sexy china dress with a leggy skirt.

Attached: Momohime_Muramasa.jpg (2230x3000, 1006.29K)

Requesting Clair seductively pulling her tights over her legs, or otherwise showing her legs off.

Attached: Clair_Fire_Emblem.png (422x504, 226.07K)

>>523626657I am not sure if this is frightening or erotic...

Requesting Lucy from Metal Slug Attack giving a tonguejob with her mini mecha

Attached: Lucy.png (953x983, 893.82K)

>>523626997A little bit of both

Requesting Ken Marinaris' ass or tiddies in her tight bodysuit (no helmet). For the pose; maybe bending over something and (un)aware of how much she's showing off.You can leave the mechanical parts on her arms out and make her bodysuit a halterneck or something if that makes it more palateable.

Attached: Ken (Zone of the Enders 2).jpg (1983x2428, 392.15K)

Requesting Layer trying Monster Energy for the first time

Attached: 1599119923186.webm (820x820, 1.44M)

Requesting Callie gifting a pair of cool shades like hers to Marina

Attached: notone.gif (600x600, 1.21M)

Requesting Clover (either version is fine) in a Bikini/swimsuit with a magenta leopard-print theme (like her clothes).

Attached: Clover (Nonary Games).png (1693x1917, 2.49M)

Requesting Loba spreading her thick ass for the viewers while, she’s smiling from behinds

Attached: 1597227018157.webm (1080x1080, 911.51K)

>>523623984>>523621925would you guys have any idea how to recreate that exact font if I'd take on one of those?

Requesting Serah Farron in a moogle onesie.

Attached: 1597772802804.png (850x850, 1.19M)

Requesting Laura sunbathing with her tits blocking the sun from user's point of view.

Attached: 1597546160213.webm (356x416, 2.39M)

Requesting Asahi from Shin Megami Tensei Apocalypse getting her pussy or butthole filled with any kind of demon dick.

Attached: Asahi SMT.png (1791x1790, 2.53M)

>>523626997Could be funny, though I guess that doesn't necessarily negate it being one or both of the other things as well.

Requesting Brad with cybernetic arm replacements.

Attached: lisa the painful.jpg (1590x1864, 347.48K)

Requesting Lifeguard Daisy sitting on her lifeguard tower with her legs spread, with prominent cameltoe showing, looking down towards user asking if she can help with anything.

Attached: lgd.jpg (900x1273, 657.42K)

Requesting Annette dressed as a chef or a librarian.

Attached: Timeskip Annette.png (1248x1243, 1.08M)

Requesting Agnes Oblige getting bent over, skirt lifted, and fucked in a doggystyle position.

Attached: 1599354246636[1].png (566x651, 600.38K)

>>523627278Same font? I genuinely don't know but you can check this page for sure similar looking fonts.gitlab.com/raphaelbastide/libre-foundries

Requesting Tanned White Crane with big tanlines on her juicy pale white asscheeks.

Attached: 1598946166022.jpg (514x699, 97.3K)

Requesting Bunyan-chan visiting Yellowstone and taking a bath on its geysers

Attached: bunyan-chan.jpg (675x1024, 88.39K)

>>523627434Yeah honestly it could be pretty hot and funny at the same time.

Requesting Captain Falcon rescuing Hat Kid

Attached: 1599194696304.gif (480x270, 859.67K)

Requesting Mae in sexy workout clothes cooling off after working up a visible sweat.

Attached: Mae FE Echoes.jpg (2576x3597, 1.82M)

>>523626973You're thinking of a kimono

Requesting Selkie paizuri

Attached: Crystal_Chronicles_Selkie.jpg (2398x1609, 672.56K)

Requesting Menat laying down getting a rimjob

Attached: 1593281325288.webm (1920x1080, 2.66M)

>>523624993>Kinda sleepy so not sure if I'm doing another onesadface

Requesting Medusa dyeing her hair

Attached: Uprising_medusa_e3_2011_press_kit.png (732x1163, 896.34K)

Requesting user jerking him off and playing with his tits

Attached: 1597094224791.png (750x950, 289.66K)

Requesting Palutena as a twitch thot

Attached: Palutena.png (1172x1578, 1.75M)

Requesting Maria Renard fucked sideways as her skirt is lifted.

Attached: 1598051610754.jpg (1057x1200, 867.04K)

Requesting Yuzu getting mounted by a Garm.

Attached: Yuzu SMT Devil Survivor.jpg (4000x3336, 2.1M)

>>523628310Bro he already did lots he earned a good rest

Requesting Catleen looking sultry in a fancy dress with plenty of cleavage and fancy jewelry

Attached: yk3.png (270x560, 141.45K)

Requesting Luigi and Mario grilling burgers

>>523628995>>523628997>>523629000nice triple post

Requesting pic related redraw with Altera from FGO

Attached: 1598958512930.png (1199x630, 388.9K)

>>523629041You're obsessed with that shit

>>523629076Stop doing it and I'll stop pointing it out, it's extremely weird

Requesting Hunter getting a new crotch tattoo

Attached: 1599271912264.jpg (842x1024, 140.36K)

>>523628310>>523628995I'm doing the Ankha one if I don't end up falling asleep during.

Requesting Punk Squigly and Leviathan singing death metal next to a graveyard.

Attached: Squigly alt.png (1216x1920, 658.01K)

>>523629113Stop doing what? All I did was to reply to that user thinking drawfag was gone but he is right here >>523629175You're delusional

Requesting art of Angie Thompson with focus put on her legs (and her heels by extension). Legs crossed while she's absorbed in whatever she's reading from her clipboard (possibly unaware of her seductive appearance).References should give a good idea. Either outfit is fine.

Attached: Angie Thompson [Trauma Center].jpg (2688x1970, 423.82K)

Requesting Tesla smashing a punching bag with her metal gauntlet, or doing a Yakuza-style heat move on one.

Attached: Tesla.png (960x720, 556.6K)

>>523629263Yes we know, nothing weird ever happens here, everything's perfectly normal.

Attached: 1425212962868.jpg (479x492, 27.86K)


Attached: 9622ee641b8a3612db2810296cd6a849.png (630x773, 195.89K)

>>523629360Nice selfie homie

>>523629414Now he'll call you samefag

Requesting Alucard learning to suck blood from Dracula himselfyoutu.be/ZgZiBS64sC4

Attached: alucard.jpg (757x1024, 101.63K)

Requesting Velvet poledancing.

Attached: Velvet- Odin Sphere.png (2330x2775, 2.61M)

Give me furry request.

Requesting Banjo wearing the hat on the right, riding on a donkey/beetle's back, or fighting a rat engulfed in flames.

Attached: Banjo cap.png (1002x643, 523.4K)

>>523629514Belladona presenting her ass at a booth and offering to let the viewer kiss it in exchange for some mana or gold

Attached: 1597459889171.gif (360x590, 3.64M)

>>523621875Requesting Renamon putting Carmelita Fox into a full-nelson hold.

Attached: request.png (1864x1268, 2.2M)

Anchor for Millenia paizuri.

Attached: Millenia Grandia II.png (1864x953, 2.45M)

>>523629514Raccoon Ami in a micro bikini

Attached: 1593965950576.jpg (1024x685, 56.25K)

>>523629582And then fucking her

>>523629514My dog barking at the doorbell

Attached: 206px-Th14Kagerou.png (206x325, 55.53K)

>>523629649Well i mean...

Requesting instant-loss with Lyse acting all cocky and fired up about her sparring match with WoL only to get dominated in the next panel.youtube.com/watch?v=dzvs6BxZ6AgAlternatively her taunting a handful of mooks about how she can take all of them on at once only to realize she vastly underestimated them.

Attached: Lyse Hext.jpg (2662x1922, 588.94K)

>>523629514Sticks in a thong that's being devoured by her ass.

Attached: Sticks_artwork.png (311x415, 118.03K)

>>523629514Chibiterasu from Okami doing this with a giant peach

Attached: cheese.gif (500x300, 492.3K)

>>523629572>>523629582>>523629626>>523629708>>523629817I can't believe you fell for that lmao, get blacklisted.

Requesting Elise in her swimsuit riding a guy while jerking/sucking off two others.

Attached: Swimsuit-Elise-fe.jpg (3043x2318, 2.61M)

>>523629958fell for what, faggotnigger?

>>523629958>BlacklistedSame with Pokemon baits, right?

Attached: 1598821450493.gif (346x201, 485.96K)

>>523629958>Second one didn't reply to himNice job

Requesting Rule 63 Hero's Shade

Attached: 1597467357172.png (406x599, 290.57K)

>>523629958>blacklistedboy I wish

Requesting ftm tg

Attached: images - 2020-08-25T153234.118.jpg (156x322, 8.29K)

Requesting Immorta having a comfy night at home wearing pajama and watchinng videos on her phone

Attached: immorta.png (487x600, 201.85K)

Requesting sayu and hatsune miku fused

Requesting Bun reading Watership Down

Attached: 1596242290631.gif (500x523, 245.49K)

>tfw haven't improve at all

Requesting this with Donkey Kong

Attached: 1598820694652.png (494x436, 243.24K)

>>523630840You're a true Chad

Requesting Primm from Secret of Mana in a one piece swimsuit styled after her own outfit. For the pose you could have her run her hands through her hair, though it is just a suggestion.

Attached: Primm.png (1479x1151, 2.03M)

>>523630840stop talking about me when I'm not around.

Requesting Bombchu Lady giving a blowjob under her stand

Attached: MM3D_Treasure_Chest_Shop_Gal_Model.png (403x215, 158.16K)

>>523631381it seems that you forgot your image, here you go.

Attached: 1599315353161.jpg (720x680, 225.3K)

Finally a new gacha

Attached: EhCnHo8U0AErEfn.png (900x508, 546.73K)

Requesting Genny in her short-skirted version of her Outfit, viewed from behind as she feels up her butt lamenting how tight the dress is.Alternatively; lifting up her skirt and showing her butt and cute underwear teasingly, doing a "shh" gesture/expression.

Attached: Genny Concept art.png (649x1051, 733.38K)


Attached: file.png (432x844, 329.48K)

Requesting Cassandra giving a stockinged footjob with a smug expression.

Attached: Cassandra Soul Calibur.jpg (1657x1231, 219.21K)

>>523631725>When DrawChad does Baitfag prompts

Attached: 1584546132433.png (148x268, 80.32K)

>>523631725Not sure if you should catbox this but nice sketch

Requesting Captain Falcon unmasked as Johnny Bravo.

Attached: d2c.jpg (800x450, 69.8K)

>>523631459but I don't catpost.

>>523631725Based. Thanks a lot for the neat sketch.

Attached: 1599195036847.jpg (991x717, 83.44K)

>>523621893>>523631725Sexy. Anchoring.

Requesting Chorizo bitting a bone

Attached: Chorizo.jpg (748x1024, 90.96K)

Requesting coloring for belly dancer Terra.files.catbox.moe/7qboh3.jpg Her outfit is loosely based on her regular getup, so you can freely pick your colors from that. Blond preferred, but green hair is also fine.

Attached: 1598820395571.png (2524x3912, 1004.55K)

>>523621875Requesting Maguro Sasaki from Puyo Puyo getting buttfucked in full nelson position.files.catbox.moe/cwidz6.png

Requesting Min Min playing Mahjong with Captain Falcon

Attached: minn.jpg (567x839, 638.58K)

Requesting Sora dressed as 9S and Kairi dressed as 2B

Attached: kh yorha.jpg (1600x1045, 620.92K)

Requesting Scorn Guy engaging in leisurely activities while he waits for an update (which it's been three months since the last one)

Attached: 12510371_916206375115314_794271782471102055_n.jpg (810x810, 63.25K)

>>523625368>>523625416>>523621893Lilith's ass is as big as her sister's, few come to terms with this

Attached: 104 lm 060920.png (2320x2525, 760.42K)


Attached: file.png (661x868, 367.76K)


>>523633475Wtf is wrong with you user?

>>523627278They both look like very basic fonts that would come packaged in with software. Something similar to Ariel maybe? One has been italicised. Then you’d just need to make it yellow and add a black stroke effect to the text.

Pretty late so I'm sleeping, will continue on Ankha when I wake up. Any feedback on the face though? Not used to this head shape so don't know what I should stress or not, also she's pretty stoic so I'm not sure how much I can get away with her expression while still making it look like her.

Attached: 6873ace8dfef12847f54f67045410ed4.png (734x619, 160.84K)

Requesting Luca Stolas lewds. I have a bunch of ideas so that, hopefully, at least one will be of interest.>Flashing her ass.>Fondling a sillhouette's cock from behind.>Reverse cowgirl.>Edging/orgasm denial.>Armpit sex.>Making fun of you for popping an erection to her flat chest (POV).Remember that you can always choose the alternative outfits for more fun.

Attached: lucarefv6.png (2000x1858, 1.44M)

>>523633475I don't like this.

>>523634337it's a good face, go get some sleep now

>>523622642this pose is dumb

Attached: rider.png (865x1020, 268.6K)

>>523633475This is... kinda depressing.

Any Lusamine requests?

>>523635289requesting her wearing her old school uniform but it's a pretty tight fit

Attached: 5c06181950c.jpg (600x600, 107.92K)

>>523621875Requesting Senua doing one of those "Sword Clashes" with Saber

Attached: 748D571F-32A6-4EE3-8C62-EEE1EBE9D312.png (960x720, 922.67K)

>>523635289Her taken for a walk on all fours along with her daugher files.catbox.moe/vo51fs.png

Attached: lus.png (378x378, 195.89K)

Requesting Eiko taking it up the butt.

Attached: Eiko(FFIX).jpg (1176x1239, 159.34K)

>>523635253it's just scary

>>523635289Wearing a dress that looks like her hair

Requesting Poofy Pants Draco

Attached: 31051.png (458x480, 77.73K)

>>523635289cock worship

Requesting this Miku made into a cumdump toilet files.catbox.moe/5ez3pm.jpeg

Attached: tuct7ft8.jpg (1024x606, 97.13K)

Requesting my MMO character from the videogame "Mabinogi" wearing her Long Battle Maid Outfit, with killing intent and walking directly towards the viewer in a menacing way while holding a sword or a two-handed sword, having one of those serious and souless stares the psycho anime girls have like if she had a deep hatred for her target.If background/color is added, imagine a an empty street/alley/park and really bright blood moon giving a slight shade of red to everything.Blood over the sword and/or the character is optional.No lewd allowed, it will be ignored, instantly rejected and sealed away.Please and thanks.

Attached: 1577909882319m.jpg (1024x449, 100.73K)

>>523635289Naked except for panties with a large viable dildo pressing against the fabric inside them


Attached: mermaid req.png (1000x1650, 42.88K)

Requesting pregnant coco wearing this shirt or the shirt on the right, rubbing her pregnant belly with a smug smile

Attached: untitled (14).jpg (1102x676, 118.21K)


>>52363528969 with Lillie


>>523638060patrish af

>>523637402HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAIt's just straight up mockery at this point, holy shit this is a poetic form of irony. Cocofaggotry has no place here, and neither do the attention whore artists who enable it.

Attached: 20200701_002036.jpg (612x588, 37.88K)

Requesting Kiyoko from Corruption of Champions 2 giving an user a pleasant, motherly hug with his face smooshed between her breasts and tails circling around him protectively.

Attached: Den Mother.png (2946x2100, 2.77M)

Requesting the left image but with muffet undertale

Attached: 67E735AF-5FAD-4DAF-9DB7-9872F56431EA.jpg (1024x758, 107.91K)


>tfw my drawing getting more soulless

>>523638751draw soulless things then, problem solved

>>523638751mfw my art doesn’t improve.

Requesting this page, but with Aradia hugging Candore's boot, calling her "Mistress Candore."

Attached: Mistress.png (1387x1409, 1.73M)

>>523635252I dunno I think it was a nice choice. Thank you, Rider

Requesting Tiffany from Animal Crossing giving herself auto fellatio. files.catbox.moe/hdc7qa.jpg

Attached: b40cb339200235bfe48b067204676665.png (699x1100, 275.49K)

>>523621875Requesting Shelly Harrison from Ion Fury pleasuring herself with the barrel of her revolver.

Attached: 543654564.png (1227x1021, 1.46M)

Requesting Zelda and Paya having a sleepover, with Zelda laughing while Paya is blushing like she just said something embarrassing

Attached: zelda paya.png (566x374, 300.96K)

Requesting Bayonetta and Jeanne dressed as Dirty Pair

Attached: dirty witch pair.jpg (2035x1573, 1.01M)

Requesting a flustered Shauntal, squatting, holding an erotic novel in one hand and playing with herself with the other, like this reference files.catbox.moe/54qssu.jpgWould prefer if she was still clothed, but with ripped pantyhose

Attached: shauntal.png (340x712, 138.77K)

>>523638751Steer away from realism and high fidelity anime girls and the like, head towards expressive and fun

>>523629514What fetishes are you okay with?

>>523638751Leave the drawthreadSoul only comes when you do things you care about and invest inDoesn't exist doing anonymous smut requests

>>523627134Don't know if this works for you user but feel free to re-request

Attached: cute-gal-anon.png (960x960, 696.95K)

Requesting Dorothea from Fire Emblem: Three Houses with a Crest of Gautier womb tattoo. For her outfit it could be something cute like a crop top and short shorts combo that just barely shows off her tattoo, or something simple like a bikini or her school uniform.

Attached: dorothea.jpg (2318x1200, 637.03K)

Requesting any one of these as an oppai loli wearing a microkini, a randoseru, and a leash collar.

Attached: Persona_Links.jpg (1024x541, 91.72K)

>>523633365Cute heavy bottom

>>523641704I see, so this is soul.

Attached: file.png (1000x1590, 368.1K)

>>523633475Not what I had in mind when I made this request but as Rule 34 says, well you know what it says. Thanks drawfag, I appreciate a good monkey paw.

Attached: chuckle.gif (250x250, 1.14M)

Requesting Lucky playing against his older brother Lucas in Smash (it's implied that Lucas is a villain). Optional, but having Lyra behind Lucky and cheering him on would be cool.Alternatively, requesting Lucky in his "smart" outfit playing checkers against Lyra, but he's frustrated because he's losing.

Attached: 20200811_130752.jpg (1920x1920, 1.53M)

>>523643735Lavenzo is fine, but you can burn in Hell for the other two.

>>523626485>yakuza hat kidStop being retarded user, don't thoink the yakuza is some kind of game

Attached: retardfaggot.png (945x736, 314.72K)

>>523638325Requesting Coco Bandicoot cosplaying as Joker (2019)

Attached: joker.jpg (462x435, 178.69K)

>>523644324no, that's cynthia

>>523644324Did you draw that, user?

Requesting layer cake with Kanerah and Kalikke from Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Attached: pfktwins.jpg (1490x1019, 304.61K)


Attached: 1593480351682.gif (346x261, 1.49M)

>>523645005while bring pregnant and wearing the circumsision shirt, smiling smugly at murray

>>523645103I might be retarded but at least I dont suck dick for free user

>>523645134And she's castrating him while doing so

>>523644890Oh no

Attached: 1564471754737.png (897x772, 1.31M)

>>523638038Perfect mix or lewds and humor. Thank you, Rider.

Attached: mhd.png (749x738, 435.73K)

>>523622464this but with the simpcest comic with Palutena for Marge and Viridi for Lisa

Requesting Warrior (left) fucking Shinobi (right).Reference image:files.catbox.moe/jx0jqd.jpg

Attached: Warrior x Shinobi.jpg (1024x759, 87.92K)

Requesting princess Zelda and Great fairy from Hyrule Warriors as in the imgur image situation: i.imgur.com/vmktge2.jpg Zelda as the scared girl/Marge and the Great Fairy Naked (showing breasts and face too)

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1868x712, 305.91K)

Requesting Retrofit Ranger from Azur Lane giving someone a titjob

Attached: 1595978256389.jpg (1200x2000, 410.87K)


Attached: lusamine.png (847x1009, 332.58K)

>>523647881she cute

>>523647881Women in clothing that is too small is an underused gimmick.

Attached: Magical Milf.png (1200x1050, 756.64K)

Requesting Elly from Xenogears wearing a skimpy Xenoblade Chronicles 2 type outfit based on the design of her actual uniform and being embarrassed because of it. Also add a chibi Fei nosebleeding in a corner if you can.

Attached: Elly-XBC2.png (1351x639, 793.09K)

>>523647881good shit scas


>>523633475>tfw no big tiddy paraplegic dog gf

Attached: 1598581812512.gif (220x185, 224.71K)

>>523648541>scasWait what?

>>523648839the feet guy

>>523648890Is that his art? Usually his stuff has different coloring, and very "interpretive" faces.

>>523633365Damn right! OR here thanks for the cute delivery.

Attached: Lilith.gif (1000x720, 1.65M)

>>523633365>>523648479>>523649030>>523649263>giving nazifag a deliveryFor shame.

>>523648032>>523648109thanks!>>523648541>>523648890for the record, this is my first time posting here and probably the last

Attached: lines.png (577x800, 139.87K)

Requesting Io from Granblue Fantasy getting her magic staff shoved up her ass. Really hard if possible. Pointy end first. It needs to be more of a comical interpretation rather than gruesome. Like Kancho but with her staff instead of someone fingers.

Attached: Io.Euclase.full.2451451.png (584x570, 306.79K)

>>523649365noo, I was hoping for some hot mother/daughter action

>>523649365Good work but yes, escape while you can.

>>523649365oh my bad then, good shit in any case

>>523649335If it is him, too bad he can't just post normal requests like that lilith and not act like a faggot

>>523649335>NazifagHe stole my gif a few months ago I actually played Vampire on my old hacked PS1. Don't be paranoid user. Now I think he might be the one who keeps replying to my request but not sure. Anyway dude, relax.

>>523649365Run before it's to late user.

>>523649667>Don't be paranoid user.Fuck off, we know it's you.Why would this >>523648479 then this >>523649030 and then this >>523649263 all happen in rapid succession?


Attached: 1598104541558.gif (272x204, 2.11M)

>>523649667>>523649827>90 seconds apartOh fuck off.

Any 1950's housewife requests?

>>523649874Because that's the shit he does. I posted mine first, I can't read the future and know when he's going to be around to shitpost. I won't keep replying because no matter what I say you already think we are both the same guy. Have a nice day.

Bea from Pokemon getting full-nelsoned and tickle tortured by two Machamps. One Machamp is behind her giving her anal. One pair of its hands is giving her the nelson headlock while the other pair is holding her legs open, forcing her into a spread eagle. The other Machamp is banging away in her pussy with one set of its hands tickling her armpits while the other pair is tickling her ribs. She should have the expression in pic posted as she's on the verge of cumming really hard.

Attached: test.png (150x144, 31.95K)

>>523650038Pauline from Odyssey comes to mind

Attached: SMO_Pauline.png (600x1248, 636.29K)

>>523650220He did??

Requesting a 2-panel comic where an user hits on Lilly and gets tray chopped by her in the next shot.

Attached: BCA0DA3D-686A-4151-96EF-AA98B85DC612.jpg (404x640, 31.81K)

>>523647881cute mommy, thanks you very much

>>523648541>anons can't even recognise what is Scas' art these days>>523647881>>523649365Good shit.>>523649995To be fair nazifag says he doesn't play games and bitches when people mention that, doubt he would try to lie like that>>523650220Hi

>>523635252>Wet crotchBases

>>523650831>To be fair nazifag says he doesn't play games and bitches when people mention that, doubt he would try to lie like thatWe know he lies like that. He had a meltdown about it like a thread or two ago when he got caught and a drawfag stopped drawing something for him.

>>523650943Wasn't that when he was called out for not knowing what game the characters he was requesting were from? If I recall he called Darksiders boomer shit.

>>523651083lmao shit, it really is you

>>523651376I was talking about this one >>523538690>>523651083Fuck off, nazifag.


Attached: F.png (112x112, 19.87K)

>>523651083Hey retard. How about you actually do a little research on the characters you request. Oh wait that's right, you don't care about the 'boomer' crap game they are from and you're just thinking with your micro dick.

>>523631725Those hips are to die for. By the way, your sketch reminds me of Tarakanovich. Do you have a site? I would like to see more of your art

>>523649365>for the record, this is my first time posting here and probably the lastDo you at least have some site to find you on?

>>523650943He didn’t say that he played games though, he never does as his excuses outside of justifying Holla Forumsshit and that’s more on “look licensed crap exists” than him owning it, that blow up is was what he usually does of “don’t believe what these anonymous guys said about how I’m such an autist”. Plus the guy who claimed that he was the OR at least bowed out calmly while the fag is still seething for whatever reason. Post timings could undermine what I’ve said but whatever

>>523651865When it was pointed out the Lilith is Morrigan's sister and not her daughter he flipped his shit and said why should he care about some boomer crap. You can see how retarded he is.

>>523652691Zoom zoom

>>523652691Whatever you say kid. How about you stop thinking with that peanut you call a dick and actually do some basic research on the characters you request.

God who cares about this shit, stop wasting posts with this garbage

>>523653263Requesters that don't care about their requests probably don't care about the deliveries, either.

>>523652912>Vidya>OriginNo matter how you soon it she first debuted in the manga and the anime before the game.>>>/a/

requesting maid kohaku getting her skirt lifted and ass slapped. give her a nice healthy ass and sexy underwear

Attached: 1598281128075.png (1091x1091, 553.27K)

>>523654459Nobody ever said that, nazifag.But thanks for admitting that you never played Persona 3, Darksiders, or Mettalia's game.

Requesting Ann from Persona 5 watching nervously as Ren buys some magnum condoms at the convenience store.

Attached: ann reference.jpg (2585x1080, 1.31M)

>>523655231Based schizo sacrificed himself to cuck him out of a drawing.

>>523655572What a lad!

>>523633365God I wish that were me

>>523621875I hate gays so fucking much

>>523655939Fuck you

Attached: 1599081842833m.jpg (723x1024, 83.65K)

>>523656516>yesterd>infact ban evading, right?More like more than one person hates your shit.

>>523656516>Holla Forums picturesWay to out yourself again, nazifag.

>>523657028He isn't. I have it on good words he's a homo

please be considerate of drawfags and refrain from requesting obscure charactersartfags need recognition and they will not get any with characters nobody knows

>>523657353so draw more Azur Lane?

>>523657472Yeah I think that's what he means

>>523657353>artfags need recognition and they will not get any with characters nobody knowsthis again, why are people so hellbent on killing the thread faster

>>523657353Be considerate of these nuts, bitch!

>>523657741there's a fundamental misunderstanding about these threads, their purpose is to provide artfags with a stable commissioner base and recognition, providing art to randos is tertiary at best

Requesting facial with glasses on

Attached: Princess_Bouquet.png (241x300, 117.92K)

>>523657353shut the fuck up, faggot. artists are just whores with extra talent

>>523633475This is a nice fucking dog, all thicc and stacked. someone should post this on Ubisoft official Twitter page.

Attached: vaz.gif (244x274, 1.81M)


>>523638038She's getting a 'Bad Dragon' tattoo?

Attached: 1598729519612.jpg (433x380, 25.88K)


Attached: 9C4E5E26-272B-418E-995A-1403B526A86A.gif (480x480, 122.84K)



Attached: 2C5000E7-5BAB-4DCD-90D1-45BB92AB8EC2.gif (480x480, 134.51K)

Requesting Party Peppillon from Yo-kai Watch World doing something stylish, or throwing up rainbows.

Attached: Party Peppillon Reference alt.png (1638x1657, 2.76M)


>>523621875Requesting stanley the bugman if he was in a scientist outifit similar to mario’s, Like if he was designed to be the leader of the wooded kingdom.

Attached: 82CA70F7-84A5-41B1-B703-F31A5255B2A4.jpg (4096x3200, 660.95K)

>>523658591Gods shouldn't be doing stupid things like that.

>>5236218932Booties for the last one.

Attached: 7998ED50-0A78-4B53-8BDB-B6F20134512D.gif (480x480, 152.36K)

>>523657353I mostly draw my OCs and that's what I upload to my twitter. I really couldn't give less of a fuck if your character is obscure, all that matters to me is that it looks cool


Attached: E2A04001-A6F5-47C7-B64D-865673C57D55.gif (1000x1000, 394.16K)

>>523622641You basically asking her to be in a joker costume

>>523659016Delicious chibi butts

>>523659362SHE GOES!

>>523621875I need a chibi request as a warm as I haven't drawn in a week and don't feel up to a full bodied character.

Attached: corrin 5.png (508x720, 175.95K)

>>523659520Eating a cinnamon roll or noodles.

Attached: Aradia.png (566x800, 210.4K)

>>523659520mushroom loli releasing spores

Attached: 018.jpg (552x600, 27.33K)

>>523658781She actually made it, thank you!


Attached: DboplJEV0AAvaNJ.jpg (720x779, 67.41K)

>>523659520fried wakisack diving into tar tar sauce

Attached: 019.jpg (837x404, 52.52K)


Attached: AqE2DXr.gif (103x109, 23.16K)

>>523659520riamu being kicked far away like a football

Attached: EhP_0k8WsAA3DdH.jpg (640x480, 216.55K)

>>523659520Kina having some pumpkin soup

Attached: kina ref.png (1193x760, 651.15K)

>>523659520I need more glue-eating dumbos!

Attached: 1597856251835.jpg (708x1000, 125.77K)

Requesting Sam & Max popping out of there graves

Attached: 250px-Sam_&_Max.png (250x309, 110.26K)

lmao @ the most predictable pattern imaginable in the deleted posts


>>523633475Years of "smiledog.jpg" porn prepared me for this moment. I shall fap to those dog tits.

Attached: sicko.jpg (414x279, 10.5K)

>>523659520saber with boobies

Attached: 1461310291471.png (512x724, 183.71K)

>>523660273Now it has been proved THICC Lolith requester wasn't him after all, they just posted request with her.

>>523660589looks like it, yeah

>>523659520Pio obsessing over a big pouch of coins.

Attached: pio outfits.jpg (2435x3035, 990.85K)

Requesting futa Marietta from Labyrinth of Refrain

Attached: 15993586862102087432076413336988.jpg (350x595, 32.66K)

>drawfag's twitter has no followers>retweet something they didI hope more boys see it.

Requesting Taiga from Fate/Extra with her bum in the air wearing tights.

Attached: extra taiga ref.png (1330x1448, 898.9K)

update that booru.

>>523661563>retweet and fav most drawfags posts>they're looking to fill some commission spots>don't retweet or fav that post to all ten of my followers

Attached: 1420087930566.gif (250x255, 2.84M)

/r/ing Master Chief wearing a shirt that says "No Fat Chicks"

>>523662212>put "taking commissions" in my twitter name and description>nobody asks

Attached: 1598511308783.jpg (750x908, 72.65K)

Requesting the Magician (right) asking Mr. Dark (left) to autograph his hat

Attached: Mdark.png (935x602, 507.63K)

This but with Bayonetta.

Attached: unnamed.jpg (512x382, 75.12K)

>>523661563I'm pretty new on here and would like to follow some fellow drawfags - what are your twitter handles/blogs?

>>523663446I'm pretty sure Rider and Dracks are still here, I've colored stuff by them somewhat recently and they were around to comment on them.I don't know if they want me posting their twitters, though.


>>523659617I'll give this one a crack. I seem to have a thing for attempting ruffles.

>>523663869Ah yeah that's cool, I'll ask next time they post something.

>>52365457250k gleamstones first

Requesting Jack of Blades arguing with the red Teletubby, possibly shooting at each other.

Attached: Jack and Po.png (1593x894, 893.34K)

Requesting Lars, Kunimitsu, Raven and Master Raven from Tekken posing together as a kamen rider quartet

Attached: quartet.png (1920x2272, 3.29M)

>>523635252It may look ridiculous but my boner loves it

>>523637392Appreciated this sketch, thanks!

>>523658591Cute Chronoa thanks for doing my suggestion

>>523664635but she's a cheap woman...

Requesting Angel cosplaying as 2B

Attached: __angel_the_king_of_fighters_and_1_more_drawn_by_nona__ca24e1146b05fceb02f7e007aaa9a98c.jpg (900x1600, 356.53K)

draw poison!

Attached: Poison.jpg (1451x1738, 200.18K)

>>523633365She got little in the middle but she got much back

Requesting Afro Daisy sunbathing

Attached: 1598159370785.png (472x496, 114.05K)

Requesting Princess Elincia lying in bed wearing white lingerie. You can also go full lewd with it if you want.

Attached: Princess_Elincia(Fire_Emblem).jpg (3346x2559, 870.31K)